Community Sign
Application must be received not less than two (2) weeks before requested listing.
1. All signs shall be of plywood construction with the following dimensions: 48” x 96” x 1/2”.  No fasteners are required.  The sign will install similar to a storm window.
2. Signs shall be hung for approximately ten (10) days.
3. In all matters involving the administration of the sign, the decision of the CSC (Community Sign Committee) shall be binding on all persons, and no community group, agency, or other person has or shall have any legal right to use of the sign, nor any claim or complaint concerning the administration of it.
4. The Rotary Club shall have no responsibility for the care and/or maintenance of the Sign.  In the event the Sign is not removed at the end of the listing, the CSC shall remove it at a cost of $35.00 and store same without liability.  The applicant shall be responsible for payment of a storage charge.  
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