Saturday, September 26th from 6:30 am - 10:30 am at St Gregory's Catholic Church, 115 Pine St, Zelienople
TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT - Call 1-888-878-5386 September 2nd through September 22nd any time of day to make an appointment.

BE PREPARED TO GIVE...your name, birth date, telephone number, and the name of your physician, or a physician from a list of physicians who have agreed to accept results from this type of program. The results will be sent to him or her. Copies will also be sent to you if you provide a self addressed, stamped envelope on the day of testing. 


Comprehensive Blood Screening is $20
Option 1: PSA is additional $12
Option 2: TSH thyroid screen is an additional $12
Option 3: CRP cardiac risk is an additional $12
Option 4: A1C diabetic screen is an additional $12

Cash or Check payable to: Zelienople Rotary

PREPARATION FOR TESTING...Fast 12 to 14 hours prior to your scheduled test time. (Water may be consumed during this time.)

A/G Ratio, Globulin, WBC Count
Albumin, Glucose, RBC Count 
Alk. Phos., HDL, Hemoglobin
ALT, LDH, Hematocrit
B/C Ratio, Phosphorous, MCH
Calcium, Potassium, MCHC
CO2, Sodium, 5 Cell Diff.
Chloride, T. Bilirubin, % granulocytic
Cholesterol, T. Protein, % lymphopcytic
CPK, Triglycerides, % basophilic
Creatinine , Urea Nitrogen, % monocytic
GGTP, Uric Acid, % eosinophilic,
Platelet Count