Speaker Date Topic
President Alex and Treasurer Colleen Aug 22, 2017
AGM, 2017-18 Budget & Club Business

August 29th will be our Annual General Meeting. Colleen Lister will present the budget for final approval and Directors will discuss club business and projects.

Evening Potluck BBQ Aug 29, 2017
No morning meeting, but an evening potluck BBQ.

Don't show at the Sandman this AM as there is no morning meeting. However, we will be at the Bodden's home for a fun-filled evening potluck BBQ.

Leah Schulting Sep 05, 2017
Penticton Mental Health

Leah is the Executive Director of the Mental Health & Substance Use Services office and programs in Penticton. She will educate us on the services provided by the office, under the umbrella of Interior Health. These services include, but are not limited to, adult assessment & treatment, community residential programs, crisis intervention, addiction counselling, and peer support programs.

No Meeting, but a dinner with DG on the 13th! Sep 12, 2017
Don Gayton Sep 19, 2017
Okanagan Wetland Strategy

Don is an ecologist and author. His books include Landscapes of the Interior, Interwoven Wild: An Ecologist Loose in the Garden, and Kokanee. He has also written many technical papers. He has worked with the BC Ministry of Forests and the Saskatchewan Dept of Agriculture. Currently he is developing an Okanagan Wetlands Strategy for the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

International Exchange Student Sep 26, 2017
Dori's home & family in Hungary.

Our 2017-2018 exchange student is Dori and she's from Hungary. We've given her a month to get acclimated and now she is ready to give a presentation on herself, her family, her home town, and Hungary.

Janelle & Kevin Dunn Oct 03, 2017
Honey Bees

Janelle & Kevin are beekeepers and honey producers. They will discuss their industry, the importance of bees, and the challenges bees face today.

Jasmine Aantjes & Colin Dacre Oct 17, 2017
A Lesson in Social Media & Social Networking

Jasmine is the General Manager & Colin is the News Director at the Penticton office of Castanet.net, an online social media outlet. Jasmine & Colin will review our internet options to market events and expand our networking capacity. 

Lloyd Higgs Nov 07, 2017
Rotary Foundation

Lloyd is our Foundation Director and November is Foundation Month. So Lloyd will provide a program of information on the good things the Foundation does for our club and worldwide.

Dorothy Tinning Nov 14, 2017
The Essential Elements of a Visual Artist

Dorothy is a long-time Penticton resident and former Mayor. She is a full-time artist who's paintings celebrate the uniqueness of our local landforms, while reflecting the beauty and mystery of the Okanagan area. Dorothy was the featured artist at the 2017 Meadowlark Festival, has been a presenter at several workshops, and recently had her own shows at art galleries in Penticton and Kelowna.

Jean Jacobson & President Alex Bodden Nov 21, 2017
Election of Officers & Club Business

A slate of officers for the 2018-2019 executive will be proposed and an election held. President Alex will also hold a club business meeting with reports from various committees.