Rotary Club of West Polk County
                       Noon Monday Meetings
Rotarian Jennifer Gordon Served as the Sergeant of Arms at the regular meeting of the Rotary Club of West Polk County on Monday, February 15.  Jennifer was also charged with inviting a guest speaker for the meeting; a task she met with flying colors.  Jennifer invited Chris Eckles, Volunteer Manager at Blank Park Zoo.  (Chris Eckles and Jennifer Gordon are pictures above/left to right.
Chris shared a lot of information about Blank Park Zoo with those in attendance, including updates on planned improvement projects to the facility.  First, it is important to point out that Blank Park Zoo is the only accredited zoo in Iowa.  This is important, because this accreditation ensures that the animals that they accept are of high quality, because they are often a significant investment.  It also is an indicator of the quality environment that must be maintained at the facility in order to reach an accreditation.  Blank Park Zoo is recognized for being a very well run facility.
Blank Park Zoo is a private non-profit organization.  They had over 424,000 visitors in 2015; people who had the access to around 1,000 varieties of animals, birds, fish, reptiles, etc.   This year, the zoo will begin construction of what they are calling the Africa Barn, which will house the very popular giraffe population.  
Volunteer opportunities are many at the zoo and, in fact, they rely heavily on volunteer support and donations for their many activities and initiatives to tak place.  You can learn more about the many activities put together by Blank Park Zoo and even learn how to get involved by visiting their website at    Thank you to Chris Eckles for sharing her time and helping to educate the members of Rotary about the many great things happening at Blank Park Zoo!