Rotary Club of West Polk County
                       Noon Monday Meetings
Pictured above:  Stephen Quirk and David Applegate.
Stephen Quirk, Chief Executive Officer of Youth Emergency Services & Shelter was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of West Polk County on Monday, October 31st.  He was a guest of Rotarian David Applegate.
The Rotary Club of West Polk County has had a relationship with YESS for several years.  Mr. Quirk has presented to the membership on several occasions.  Although everyone wishes that the report was all positive, the fact of the matter is that YESS knows otherwise.  Stephen shared some of the problems they see on a day to day basis and they aren't pretty.  They deal with children, newborns to seventeen years of age, who have experienced physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, drug use, emotional abuse and all other kinds of trauma.  Often times, these children are the victims of members of their own families.
The organization was started in 1973 and since that time, the community has grown.  While many of these problems are not new to central Iowa, because the region is growing, the number of kids impacted is also growing.  Much information was shared.  It was an enlightening presentation, educational, and to be honest, a bit depressing.  Rotarians are in the business of making our communities better.  We strive to identify and tackle problems.  For that reason, we will keep our eye on the ball and continue our relationship with YESS.  Through service, we will do our part to have a positive impact on an organization that helps so many children in dire need of assistance.
We would like to publicly thank Stephen Quirk, his staff, the many volunteers, and those who give generously to ensure that YESS can continue their important work.