Rotary Club of West Polk County
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Megan Kassmeier, Volunteer and Resource Manager at Freedom for Youth Ministries in Des Moines, Iowa shared a story.  The story was of how one man's vision has turned into a growing non-profit initiative to help children in their community.   That man was Mark Nelson, the founder and CEO of the organization.  He had the opportunity to help a young lady in need and did.  The girl was in a tough spot in life; drugs, homelessness, unemployed, etc.   Mark showed her compassion and gave her a hand up...and it worked.  That young lady is now a woman who has a job and a family and a relationship with Christ.  Mark thought, if it worked with one person, why not help more.  And thus the idea for Freedom for Youth Ministries was born. 


The organization was officially founded in 2003.  Now, 14 years later is has multiple locations and is about to open the largest coffee shop in the Des Moines metro.  This new facility will employ youth from the surrounding area, teaching them important skills so that they can be more prepared to enter the workforce later in life. 


Kassmeier shared that what started out as one man with a dream has now grown into an organization that, chooses not to incur debt, but due to the generosity of those in the community, and the hard work of around 340 volunteers remains successful.  Learn more about Freedom for Youth at their website:


The meeting was Chaired by Ben Chamber (Middendorf Insurance) and our speaker was invited by Dave Applegate (Fellowship of Christian Athletes).   We would like to publicly thank Megan for her time and presentation.