Rotary Club of West Polk County
                       Noon Monday Meetings
The Rotary of West Polk County had the great pleasure of having the Head Coach for Drake Women's Basketball, Jennie Baranczyk, address them and their guests on Monday, September 26th, 2016.  Coach Baranczyk is only the sixth person to hold the title and has been in the position since April 2012.
Coach Baranczyk is proud of what she, the assistant coaches, and the players have accomplished during her time at the University.  She gave a number of examples of early challenges she faced as a new head coach, but she knew early on that she wanted the team to be good at three things: up tempo style, communication, and rebounding.  As of last year, the team was ninth in the nation in scoring and 15th in the nation in rebounding.  And while they have obviously had success, Coach Baranczyk knows that they must continue to strive for more.  She acknowledges that her job is to make players exceed expectations.
Success on the basketball court is an obvious goal, but to truly build a great program, the Drake culture calls for much more than that.  They want to not only talk the talk and walk the walk as it relates to basketball but in all areas of life including classes and in the Des Moines community.  Therefore, to play basketball at Drake, recruits have to have (in addition to talent) three things.  They have to first love the game of basketball.  They have to love to compete.  And finally, they have to love Drake and all that it stands for. 
The presentation wrapped up with questions from the audience, all of which were graciously answered by Coach Baranczyk.  It was an informative and engaging presentation, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.
David Applegate served as Sergeant of Arms, President Mark Watson presided, and there were many guest attendees at the meeting.  A moment of silence was held for one of the founding members of the Rotary Club of West Polk County, Gene Gabus, who passed away after a battle with cancer the prior week.