Our last evening meeting! And it was a good one with 9 year old Teagan Adams and his mother Chantelle speaking to the club about his incredible project to raise money to build a school in Kenya. With his brother and friends, Teagan started The Giving Guys Club after learning about school issues for children. He shared some statistics:

-26% of Kenyan children aged 5 to 14 are working in child labor

-1 in 10 Kenyan children die before they reach their 5th birthday and 1/4 of girls are married before they reach their 15th birthday.

- 30% of all Kenyans live in extreme poverty (under $1 per day)

These facts sparked a need in Teagan to help so the Club began selling lemonade, doing magic shows, bottle returns, a bake sale and they have raised $2200 since last summer! They need $9000 to build and furnish a school. Their next plan is to introduce Early Entrepreneurs Experiments to schools- they will give classes $100 and challenge them to raise $500 through their own creative projects. Teagan's family plans to go over to Kenya and help in the construction.  

We later decided to donate all the proceeds from Happy Bucks to Teagan for the next 3 weeks....$55 was the contribution at this meeting!

Pres Cheryle reminded us that the club will support the Hospice Society by bringing grocery receipts from Buy Low and Family Foods  to future meetings as a fundraiser for them.

A board meeting broke out following the regular meeting.