Jeff commented that our opening Oh Canada was the worst singing in his 14 years of Rotary...hard to argue! Where is Ron Leigh anyway?

Jim King presided over the meeting that clearly improved from there and started with introduction of guests that included Sheila Hawkins, a Rotarian recently moved to Osoyoos in a new business and just may swell our ranks, and Gordon and Liz Daly from Falkirk Scotland. Gordon is a Rotarian and they are in the midst of an incredibly long drive starting in Anchorage and eventually winding up in San Francisco. He shared a little of his home club and exchanged a club banner with Jim.

Our speaker was Ramiro giving a vocational/bio talk. I realize that members always appreciate and enjoy learning more about each other through these presentations and Ramiro's was one of the very best at doing this as he gave us peeks/insights into his life of hard work, family, Rotary, kindness and humour. Highlights included immigrating to Saskatchewan from his birth country (1947) of Chile where he worked in the forest industry. He moved to Whitecourt with the industry and went to school for his millwrights ticket before eventually branching out into the retail sector with antiques and then printing businesses. He met and married Elly in '81, evidently to keep track of all the grandkids names and birthdays! They had sold their businesses and home by 2014 and moved to Osoyoos. Between he and Elly, there has been a long and engaged Rotary history including leading a GSE team to Chile in 2004, club presidencies, RI Foundation contributors and even a DG term by Elly. Also 12 (?) RI Conferences so far! Volunteering hasn't lessened a bit as they are so involved with Project Amigo in Mexico for the winter months now and Ramiro works weekly with the Thrift shop when home. An impressive talk and an impressive member of our club...thank you Ramiro!


Next week is our business luncheon and the focus of that will be the LOTB debrief and Sandi will be looking for input from everyone as to next years event so please try to attend. 


Sandi and Marize left early to initiate this years school backpack program for the Club.


The search for a good outbound student for 2018-19 begins this week at both SOSS and OSS so if you know of appropriate grade 11 or 12 students, make them aware it is happening.


Enjoy this Fall is going to be a good one!