Hello Folks,

John has asked that I do a summary of the Thursday meeting. I will do my best.

The meeting started off with a great O'Canada lead by Cheryl. A great reflection on gratitude was given by our president Lynda.  Lynda also reminded us of the up coming Visioning session on January 20th, at 9:00am at the Best Western. Jim will set up a registration format on Club runner for people to confirm their attendance. Also by about January 8 everyone will have received via email, a questionnaire from the facilitator, who will be doing the visioning session. Also Lynda reminded us of the up coming Christmas Party and induction of new members on December 14th at Campo Marina. The price has not been confirmed but Cherly will send something out, once she has the price.

Lynda then introduced Mike Green from Tumbleweed Distillery to get us into the Christmas "Spirit". Mike and his wife have been living part time on Anarchist Mountain since 2009. They had to decide between Vancouver and Anarchist Mountain. No contest Anachrist won! They looked at several business opportunities and decided to learn more about making spirits. They studied distilling and also worked with a consultant. Their equipment was brought in from Summerland and Barlow, Kentucky. The science of distilling, is a complex process that Mike explained in detail and brought us a sample of the barley. He also donated a bottle of Fireweed (Like Fireball) to the club to be auctions off. The process also requires a daily checking of the product, meaning, tasting it daily is imperative. What a job! Tumbleweed sells about ten different products and the latest release is a grapa made from Merlot and Cab Franc. (I've tried it, great stuff!)  They also have Fire Weed that is cinimion whiskey , Gin, one of their best sellers, Vodka, Moonshine and Maple Whiskey. They had a Cherry Moonshine but it is gone! Watch for it next year. There were several questions from the group and a few people thought they would drop by Tumbleweed to finish their Christmas shopping. 

After lunch Mike B told us that next week's speaker had cancelled and Marisa volunteered to talk to the club about Roots of empathy, at our next meeting. On January 11, 2018, Lynda will talk to us about the results of the questions she had given us last week, at our social.

Lynda and Brian asked that anyone who is going to be helping with hot dogs and hot chocolate during the Christmas parade on Friday night,please be at Mills Office Pro by 5 pm to help set up. Parade starts at 6;30. Hope you can join us. The meeting ended with Jim King winning the 50/50 AGAIN! Looking forward to the talk next week my Marisa.

Well I did it. Hope I didn't miss too much.