We are 2 days into Spring 2018.  So what is with this gray, chilly wetness out there? Good thing there is a cheery, informative Rotary luncheon to attend, eh? Much more preferable than a sunny tee time.

A good meeting. Jim King presided and as there were no guests to introduce (first time that I can recall a meeting in which there were no visitors), he introduced our speaker and one of our newest members, Bruce Hobin. Bruce spoke to us earlier in the year on his vocation as a Professional Agrologist and today, talked about a passion and volunteer as a provincial judge for the BC Communities in Bloom (CIB) program. He challenged us on what CIB signifies and it was apparent that it is impressively more that the 'flower blossoms' that came to most folks minds. 

CIB is a non-profit organization in Canada committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement. It began in 1995 in Canada but has roots before then in the UK, Ireland and France - their motto is "people, plants and pride....growing together". Bruce was a judge in Saskatchewan way back in 2006, then in Ontario between 2008 and 20015. The program consists of communities being evaluated by a  jury of professional judges like Bruce, on the entire community on many criteria some of which are landscape, tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation and of course, floral displays. An evaluation report ensues and while there is a competition involved with the participating communities, there are also ideas and encouragement on ways to move forward and enhance the community. Ratings run from a '1 bloom' to a '5 bloom' community. 

It appears that Osoyoos participated back in 1995 and ran to a '4 bloom' designation in 1999 but did not take part after that. Based on Bruce's well prepared and entertaining presentation, the members all felt this would be a worthy undertaking for Osoyoos and Jim recommended that Bruce present to the Council this fall. Thanks Bruce!

With a few minutes left in the meeting, Shari was just back from a Caribbean cruise on Windstar and shared some of that time just to make us envious. She brought back a banner from the make-up done with the Rotary Club of Barbados.

Reminder that next week's noon meeting will be a board meeting and everyone is encouraged to come and join in. There should be reports updating progress from the visioning committees. 

Easter pancakes are next weekend. The bacon pre-grilling is Thursday and we have great volunteers signed up for that. If you are thinking that you can help with the Saturday pancake event and have not let John know, please do so...still need some numbers/names.

The soup and sandwich buffet was excellent and seems to be a welcome change for our luncheon option?

Our Coyotes are now tied 2-2 with Revelstoke in the 3 round of playoffs so there will be a beer garden role for us on Saturday. Reports are that there are generous tippers attending!

The 50/50 was most appropriately won by Bruce and a quick donation to the Foundation followed.

Think Spring!