A fun meeting on a very hot Thursday...more heat to come according to the forecast but as several referenced during Happy Bucks, no local fires!

Pres Lynda introduced guests Katy Branson, a development officer for the Credit Union from Kelowna, Dr. Larry Demco, our resident Thai Rotarian, and Sylvia Mott, our recently returned exchange student from Summerland via Germany. She also shared a letter of appreciation from the Osoyoos Concert Series Committee for Rotary's support.


While there was no scheduled speaker (last meeting of the month is a business meeting), there was no shortage of willing podium seekers. First up was Katy who gave a lively talk on her role in the Credit Union...we think we talked her into joining a club at home in Kelowna. 

Next was Sylvia who was called on for a full blown presentation of her year in Germany which came as a bit of a surprise to her but no surprise to us, she entertained us all with an informative, humorous and insightful summary of her year. Sylvia only just returned home last Sunday so the excitement and successes were very evident in her talk. I would encourage everyone to go to her blog http://smgermanyexchange.weebly.com and share her year and make sure you include the photos and 'fun facts' segments. She had only one host family (2 host brothers aged 2 and 10 and 1 host sister aged 13 - another older sister was away on her own exchange) and has captured them beautifully in the photos so check them out. I am hopeful that we will see her at a few more meetings before she heads off to university. 

We all agreed that Sylvia and Carlo together epitomized the best of what Rotary youth exchange is all about.


ADG Cheryle asked us to mark the evening of Sept 13th on our calendars for a 'Cluster' (?) meeting in Penticton. This event will replace the traditional meeting that the District Governor has had with each club each year with a multi club session. This year's DG is Bill Jenkins....more information to come, including the possibility of bus transport.


And finally at the podium, our LOTB co-chair Sandi Summers presented an update on the committee's progress on the lobster dinner plans. The tickets have only recently been printed and already 17 of the 35 tables have been sold and as they can only be purchased from Judy, best get on it! Other than looking for gold sponsors, it sounded like they are on task?


The 50/50 ticket was won by Larry and he will direct the funds to his project in Thailand which means a family will have access to potable water. I am looking forward to his presentation to us on August 10 on the same project. 


Next weeks speaker is Carey Bornn, executive director of the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation....should be good so plan to be there!


Keep cool.