A very crisp day for this business meeting in late February...both the lake and the golf course are frozen! But it was warm inside and good fellowship prevailed.

Pres Lynda presided and we all lamented the absence of Greg to lead O'Canada - not our worst but up there somewhere. Lynda shared a discovered guest book dating back to the earlier Osoyoos Rotary Club in 1974 which will be used by our Club to record visitors from now on - there were no guests today!


Lynda led a discussion on recognizing community businesses/organizations and individual supporters of Osoyoos Rotary.  It was decided that we would hold April 26th open with a reception to present cheques to those service organizations to which we are donating and recognition awards to those folks who in turn have supported our service efforts and fundraising. Likely a 5-7 evening with appies and wine at a venue to be determined, either the golf club or Inkameep. Interesting to note the large numbers in both categories.


The balance of the meeting revolved around updates and news and a few calendar items to note:

-Marieze is speaking to the Oliver Rotary at their noon meeting at the Firehall Bistro on March 13....neat if all of us could do a make-up there? 

-Harold is meeting with a Kelowna Rotaract Club on April 4th to talk about ways to support or supplement the South African backpack program. He also advised  that 10 of the packs were 'lost' in transit to SA so we may be re-energizing the project!

-Sandy confirmed that she has taken on the position of Wine Ambassador for Vin Amite. That is like being President! She also recommended the upcoming SOSS performance of Rock of Ages at the Frank Venables Theatre next weekend...Lauren will be performing!

-In other people moves, Dale Cory will be taking on the morning news function for Penticton's EZ Rock radio and Keith Lacey is leaving Osoyoos Times to lead a new Penticton Now news website.

-Easter Pancake Breakfast is early this year...we will be serving on March 31st!

Finally, after an extended badgering/promotion/threats from Gordon that his grand daughter"s 3 piece band 'Bardic Form', was performing at JoJo's this night, several Rotarians acquiesced and were treated to a brilliant, professional and entertaining evening...really a wow!


Next week's meeting is the next step in our Club's visioning process where the 3 working committees will offer recommendations/findings on next steps for our Club. Please try to make this one.


That's it! A fun meeting- Lynda won the 50/50 and in a very Presidential form donated it to Foundation.


Ok..one more. Ron Leigh goes South for the winter - not sure why? He thrives on attending the local Rotary meetings and I suspect is a great ambassador for us at all of these. Here is his latest offering:

Attended the Rotary Club of La Penita Jaltemba this morning.
A great group. Discussion centered around what is called the Bridge of Life. A cable and wooden bridge between The towns if La Penita and Guaybitis. It was built in 2003 because too many people were killed walking on the highway between the 2 towns. It needs some upgrading and the club is considering it. Maybe we can be of assistance?
I have been conducting a study of the attitude of the many seniors spending their winters here.After attending many happy hours and other events and watching how they deal with each other, the music and the libations I have come to the very positive conclusion they are all party animals!