A small but enthusiastic membership attended the last meeting of 2017. Oh Canada was the best of the year led by Greg R. on his alto saxophone...a very talented player and hopefully a permanent song master in 2018?
Our speaker was one of our newest members, Bruce Hobin. Bruce is back in Rotary with us having been a Rotarian in Saskatoon for many years and while he was speaking to us specifically on the profession of agrology, he has a fascinating bio and career that we hope to hear about at a future meeting. 
Agrology is a provincially regulated profession across Canada with origins back in the 1940's. There are some 11,000 registered agrologist in Canada, 1300 in BC, providing expertise in the agriculture, environment, life sciences and food sectors. They are viewed as stewards of modern agriculture, applying science to improve such areas as quantities and efficiencies in agriculture with minimal environmental disruptions. Each P.Ag. has unique expertise in one or more sector and Bruce emphasized what the collective association is doing across Canada as well as the sectors. Who knew?
Bruce had a quiz for us that was successfully designed to demonstrate how little we knew about the industry. For example, who of us knew that a single cow produces some 30 litres of milk a day or that one chicken can lay 305 eggs a year and 6.7 billion eggs a year are laid in Canada? A great presentation Bruce - thanks!
Doug gave an update on the golf tournament, slated for June 10. Thoughts are to restrict players to 15 teams to ease management, time and fun. Stay tuned.
Dale shared that the Oliver Rotary Club will change their meeting dates on the second Tues of each month from their usual evening times to noon at the Firehall Bistro. Good place for a make-up.
Pres Lynda advised that our Festival of Trees entry will be dismantled right after the noon meeting on January 3rd....need volunteers.
Finally, all of the photos taken by Gordon at the Christmas party can be viewed in an album on the home page of Clubrunner. Well done Gordon. Bruce pulled his own winning ticket for the 50/50 draw..somewhat serendipitous - even suspicious.
Reminder that there is no meeting next week....have a very Merry Christmas all!