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Pancake Breakfast April 2019 Jim King 2019-04-22 07:00:00Z 0
Rotary Club of Osoyoos in Canada raised funds to buy good quality rucksacks with water reservoirs for my Field Rangers.
Save the Rhino Harold Cox 2019-03-05 08:00:00Z 0
Jeff Duguid President and Giselle a member of Rotary Club receiving there Paul Harris Award Eve Jeffs wife on the left
2 Paul Harris Awards Jim King 2019-02-28 08:00:00Z 0
2 NEW MEMBER JOIN ROTARY Jim King 2019-02-28 08:00:00Z 0
First Responder Gala 2019-02-02 08:00:00Z 0
First Responders Gala Jim King 2018-12-26 08:00:00Z 0
Oliver and Osoyoos Search and Rescue James King 2018-11-17 08:00:00Z 0
Certificate of Appreciation Jim King 2018-10-04 07:00:00Z 0
Water Quality Board Jim King 2018-09-20 07:00:00Z 0
It may have been hazy outside but inside it was bright and scintillating!
Pres Jeff and ADG Cheryle/Jim were away basking in a resort in Chelan taking in District Assembly….report to follow?
PP Lynda introduced guests Jim and Judy Burns, annual visitors to our club while they take in the Summer Curling Bonspiel,  Lionel from the Oliver Chronical, and our speaker Liesel Reimer. Elly and Teresa got honorable mention in the most frequent visitor category.
Seldom do we get a speaker that can generate such traction with the membership. Some of that was because the subject matter was new to us and some because the speaker was so engaging. Liesel represents the Canadian Mental Health Association as Community Educator for the S Okanagan Similkameen region and her focus was on suicides, and the resources, intervention training and support available through the Penticton based CMHA office.
The belief is that all suicides are preventable.  The goal is to build a suicide safer community through awareness and training. The means are resources, the workshop training and awareness and CMHA provides support for that in terms of courses (online and in class) and 24/7 phone response resources. Be alert for potential suicide events and connect with resources. There is a hotline 1-800-Suicide.
In Osoyoos and playing with expectation numbers, we should expect 1-2 suicides each year. While that does not sound significant, it very clearly is. One life is so important and in suicide, there is an average of 20 people involved in the event that are also heavily impacted. 
Interesting to note that 75% of suicides are male and half of those are in the 40-54 year old segment….hmmmmmm! Youth was the second highest age segment at risk for suicide.
There is a Clubhouse in Penticton for Mental Health member support with meals and activities but the outlying communities need to rely on the outreach programs and services.
There was an excellent question and discussion time that followed and clearly everyone was engaged.
In other news…LOTB was discussed at length and a variety of directions determined. There are 26 tickets remaining and Judy implored those that need tickets to respond to her by next Tuesday as she goes away for 2 weeks of unapproved vacation.
Harold stole Elly’s ticket to win the 50/50…according to Ramiro.
Next week is a scheduled business meeting to work on LOTB and the following week is a social TBA.
Have a great smoking!
Luncheon August 16 John Robertson 2018-08-20 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jul 19, 2018
Welcome to our weekly bulletin. We are still making adjustments and like to hear from you, how we can make it more informative and fun.
Please contact John for your comments, inquiries or future bulletin item suggestions.
Thursday's Meeting
Several guests braved the heat and fire haze to attend today’s meeting and helped make it a fun/informative one. Pres Jeff introduced Lional (Oliver Cronicle) and Jean Jacobsen, Mike Watkins, Barry Reid, Joyce Erickson and Tahira Saeed from the Penticton Sunrise Rotary Club. 
Pres Jeff commended the members who participated in serving dinner to the migrant workers on Saturday at the Baptist Church….evidently it was fun and worthy of supporting again.  He also shared a letter of thanks from the recipient of our Club high school scholarship, Sarah Smiley. Two excellent community contributions!
Tahira was introduced again as our guest speaker and she proceeded to inform and entertain us all in her capacity of Executive Director of SOICS (South Okanagan Immigrant and Community Services).  Tahira was born in Pakistan but actually immigrated to Canada from the US, so well qualified for this role.  SOICS is a non-profit organization providing free services to immigrants, temporary foreign workers, international students and refugees to a large area in the S. Okanagan from a head office in Penticton and a branch office in Oliver. They are funded primarily by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.  She has a staff of 16, speaking 9 languages, delivering an impressive range of services – I believe she said they annually serve over 1500 clients coming from over 80 different countries. My mind boggled at the paperwork that must be involved, such as rules/regulations, cultural diversities and the training they provide. Check out their website at to learn more about the impressive range of services they provide and the difficulties they face.
Tahira also spoke briefly about International projects the Sunrise Club is working on in Bangladesh. I understood two award-winning projects in villages needing sanitation and income generation (sewing machines and cattle) are completed and they are moving ahead on another two. Impressive projects in addition to a very impressive speaker. 
Barry Reid, a PP of the Sunrise Club, shared with us three fundraising events that they are hosting and invited our participation.  The first was the 23rd antique car show on August 4th at Rotary Park on Okanagan Lake; the second was the 35thannual Sandcastle competition at Skaha beach on August 9th; and the 3rd a Scotch Tasting evening on November 3rd at the Penticton Golf club. Entrants are welcome at all three or just come to watch the cars and sandcastles. 
The 50/50 ticket was drawn for Barry Reid and he promptly donated the $35 to Rotary Foundation….good lad!
Next week's Meeting 
will be a business meeting with the focus on the upcoming LOBT.
Lobster on the Beach Ticket are available
Since the announcement on Facebook indicating that tickets are now available, we already received several inquiries.
Please contact Judy at or phone at 250 485 8876 for tickets.
Please share the posts with all your friends.
Rotary Luncheon John Robertson 2018-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
Jeff Duguid our new President of Rotary of Osoyoos with Cheryle King Assistant Govenor of Area 7 ,District 5060
Jeff & Cheryle James King 2018-06-29 07:00:00Z 0
No one wore shorts to the meeting.....ok, enough said about this abysmal weather. The meeting though was fun and very full (3 speakers?) and opened with a very saxy rendition of O Canada thanks to Gregor. It was noted that this is Gregor's last meeting with in this Rotary year as he heads back to Stratford ON next week - we will look forward to his return in the fall. 
Pres Lynda introduced our guests Barry Romanko, Richard McQuire and a later guest Jill Palmer and then Barry again as our keynote speaker. 
Barry has been our Town's Chief Administrative Officer for almost 10 years and from this unique leadership/overseer position gave us highlights  of last years accomplishments and then this years goals. He did say that the role involves a tetch more than sewage, roads and water and then proceeded to identify such a range of issues/projects that cross his desk continuously that it made retirement sound like a worthy option. From business planning to police cost negotiations to Resort Municipality funding and dealing with Counsel members (Jim?) his days are full and as he said, all of this is well documented on the Town website so I won't repeat them but of the 18 projects for this year, several were feasability studies and had public consultations planned, such as the pool and Gyro Park.  He did reference the influential role that he believes Rotary plays in the community and appreciated it. It would be great to have Barry share this overview on an annual basis - enjoyed it.
Jill Palmer then spoke to us representing the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The famous Big Bike comes to Osoyoos on May 9th as a fundraiser for critical heart disease and stroke research and she was suggesting that it would only take 29 Rotarians to ride the 2 kms in support? Last year the Bike appeared in over 200 communities across Canada and raised over $8 million.
Harold also took the podium and shared 3 things with us. Firstly, 8 of the Camelbak Hydration packs had been presented to the Rangers in S. Africa by Henry Tarr and they were evidently gratefully received and will be used as intended to reduce the role of poachers in the Parks.  Harold is still working on replacing the 12 other packs that went missing in transit. He was wearing a Winnipeg Jets jersey in honour of the Humboldt hockey team and was emotional as he told us about those that he knew in that crash and that the jersey itself was a duplicate of the one that had to be cut away some 1541 days ago for AED access on himself. Lastly he also presented 2 tapestries from very early Osoysoo Rotary days with banners from visitors worldwide - he and Audrey made one of those...back in the day!
Shari presented a much newer banner from the Rotary Club of Barbados that she met with earlier this year.
Harold appropriately won the 50/50 and will donate that into the Rotary Scholarship Foundation fund. 
As I said...a good meeting!
Luncheon April 12,2018 John Robertson 2018-04-14 07:00:00Z 0

We are 2 days into Spring 2018.  So what is with this gray, chilly wetness out there? Good thing there is a cheery, informative Rotary luncheon to attend, eh? Much more preferable than a sunny tee time.

A good meeting. Jim King presided and as there were no guests to introduce (first time that I can recall a meeting in which there were no visitors), he introduced our speaker and one of our newest members, Bruce Hobin. Bruce spoke to us earlier in the year on his vocation as a Professional Agrologist and today, talked about a passion and volunteer as a provincial judge for the BC Communities in Bloom (CIB) program. He challenged us on what CIB signifies and it was apparent that it is impressively more that the 'flower blossoms' that came to most folks minds. 

CIB is a non-profit organization in Canada committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement. It began in 1995 in Canada but has roots before then in the UK, Ireland and France - their motto is "people, plants and pride....growing together". Bruce was a judge in Saskatchewan way back in 2006, then in Ontario between 2008 and 20015. The program consists of communities being evaluated by a  jury of professional judges like Bruce, on the entire community on many criteria some of which are landscape, tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation and of course, floral displays. An evaluation report ensues and while there is a competition involved with the participating communities, there are also ideas and encouragement on ways to move forward and enhance the community. Ratings run from a '1 bloom' to a '5 bloom' community. 

It appears that Osoyoos participated back in 1995 and ran to a '4 bloom' designation in 1999 but did not take part after that. Based on Bruce's well prepared and entertaining presentation, the members all felt this would be a worthy undertaking for Osoyoos and Jim recommended that Bruce present to the Council this fall. Thanks Bruce!

With a few minutes left in the meeting, Shari was just back from a Caribbean cruise on Windstar and shared some of that time just to make us envious. She brought back a banner from the make-up done with the Rotary Club of Barbados.

Reminder that next week's noon meeting will be a board meeting and everyone is encouraged to come and join in. There should be reports updating progress from the visioning committees. 

Easter pancakes are next weekend. The bacon pre-grilling is Thursday and we have great volunteers signed up for that. If you are thinking that you can help with the Saturday pancake event and have not let John know, please do so...still need some numbers/names.

The soup and sandwich buffet was excellent and seems to be a welcome change for our luncheon option?

Our Coyotes are now tied 2-2 with Revelstoke in the 3 round of playoffs so there will be a beer garden role for us on Saturday. Reports are that there are generous tippers attending!

The 50/50 was most appropriately won by Bruce and a quick donation to the Foundation followed.

Think Spring!

Luncheon March 22, 2018 John Robertson 2018-03-23 07:00:00Z 0

A very crisp day for this business meeting in late February...both the lake and the golf course are frozen! But it was warm inside and good fellowship prevailed.

Pres Lynda presided and we all lamented the absence of Greg to lead O'Canada - not our worst but up there somewhere. Lynda shared a discovered guest book dating back to the earlier Osoyoos Rotary Club in 1974 which will be used by our Club to record visitors from now on - there were no guests today!


Lynda led a discussion on recognizing community businesses/organizations and individual supporters of Osoyoos Rotary.  It was decided that we would hold April 26th open with a reception to present cheques to those service organizations to which we are donating and recognition awards to those folks who in turn have supported our service efforts and fundraising. Likely a 5-7 evening with appies and wine at a venue to be determined, either the golf club or Inkameep. Interesting to note the large numbers in both categories.


The balance of the meeting revolved around updates and news and a few calendar items to note:

-Marieze is speaking to the Oliver Rotary at their noon meeting at the Firehall Bistro on March 13....neat if all of us could do a make-up there? 

-Harold is meeting with a Kelowna Rotaract Club on April 4th to talk about ways to support or supplement the South African backpack program. He also advised  that 10 of the packs were 'lost' in transit to SA so we may be re-energizing the project!

-Sandy confirmed that she has taken on the position of Wine Ambassador for Vin Amite. That is like being President! She also recommended the upcoming SOSS performance of Rock of Ages at the Frank Venables Theatre next weekend...Lauren will be performing!

-In other people moves, Dale Cory will be taking on the morning news function for Penticton's EZ Rock radio and Keith Lacey is leaving Osoyoos Times to lead a new Penticton Now news website.

-Easter Pancake Breakfast is early this year...we will be serving on March 31st!

Finally, after an extended badgering/promotion/threats from Gordon that his grand daughter"s 3 piece band 'Bardic Form', was performing at JoJo's this night, several Rotarians acquiesced and were treated to a brilliant, professional and entertaining evening...really a wow!


Next week's meeting is the next step in our Club's visioning process where the 3 working committees will offer recommendations/findings on next steps for our Club. Please try to make this one.


That's it! A fun meeting- Lynda won the 50/50 and in a very Presidential form donated it to Foundation. more. Ron Leigh goes South for the winter - not sure why? He thrives on attending the local Rotary meetings and I suspect is a great ambassador for us at all of these. Here is his latest offering:

Attended the Rotary Club of La Penita Jaltemba this morning.
A great group. Discussion centered around what is called the Bridge of Life. A cable and wooden bridge between The towns if La Penita and Guaybitis. It was built in 2003 because too many people were killed walking on the highway between the 2 towns. It needs some upgrading and the club is considering it. Maybe we can be of assistance?
I have been conducting a study of the attitude of the many seniors spending their winters here.After attending many happy hours and other events and watching how they deal with each other, the music and the libations I have come to the very positive conclusion they are all party animals!


Luncheon Feb 22,2018 John Robertson 2018-02-23 08:00:00Z 0
Cheryle visits a breakfast Rotary club in Mexico 2018-02-22 08:00:00Z 0
Jeff Duguid with project amigo in Mexico Jim King 2018-02-14 08:00:00Z 0
Feb 12 Family Skate in osoyoos Jim King 2018-02-12 08:00:00Z 0
This is a open skate and we hope more family's with children will come and have fun
Family Open Skate Jim King 2018-02-05 08:00:00Z 0

First day of February meeting....we are almost there! Only days left until the Golf Course opens, eh?

PE Giselle presided, introducing guests Robert Fisher (Saskatoon Rotarian) and Frederick White and our guest speaker David Adamson. She also referenced the work that would be done this month coming from the Visioning session by the 3 action teams (Membership, Fundraising and PR/Youth). The results will be shared and discussed at the March 1st meeting.

David had spoken to us before at the early stages of the School After School tutoring program, now giving us an update and 'report card' after 3 years of operation. David and several other retired educators responded to a need by students for a some extra help/guidance and by most measures, it has been a tremendous success.  With funding  from Rotary (Brain Rawlings has been instrumental in support) and a facility provided in the Baptist Church, David had 35 students registered in the last semester and expects more in the upcoming one. From a beginning of 2 days a week from 2:30 to 5:00, it is now a full 5 days a week. There were students from Grade 2 all the way to 1 in College but the large majority (29) were Grades 8 to 11 with an equal mix of girls and guys. 

New in this past year was the offering of free online courses, primarily math and 12 students took advantage of that, earning school credit. David has worked with the South Central Interior Distance Education School, SCIDES, to provide the courses. There was some discussion around potential negative impact to OSSS in terms of student funding though. David referenced interest by Grade 12 students for math tutoring but he and the other 3 educators did not have the capacity to take these on and he is working toward a solution to provide the help next year. 

Also new was the move to form a society to direct School after School. One of the things this would enable would be soliciting funding that would allow tax receipts.  Monies raised would be for more computers and drinks/snacks for the students coming directly from a full day in school.

This is all volunteer tutoring by David and his crew - a huge and very worthy commitment!


The 50/50 was won by Ken and wearing his large Rotary hat, he donated the proceeds to School after School.


Nest week's speaker will be Daniel Bibby, GM of the new Hyatt/Spirit Ridge branded resort. 


And for those of you wondering where Ron Leigh is, he is alive and well in Mexico as per this recent message:

Had the pleasure this morning, Jan 24, of attending the Rotary Club of La Penita des Jamhalta.
There were about 40 people attending including 4 guests and my friend Tom Boucher from Sundre, Alta..
The meeting  started at 7.30 am with the Mexican pledge in both Spanish and English followed by the objectives of Rotary read in Spanish. Next meeting they will be done in English. There were several reports brought forward followed by questions in both languages. I sat next to Gordon Herle from The Rotary club of Penticton who is the brother of Wilf Herle of Smitty’s in Osoyoos. Small world.The meeting finished about 9.00 am. Looking forward to the next meeting.

Best to all. Ron


Luncheon Feb 01,2018 John Robertson 2018-02-01 08:00:00Z 0
A small but enthusiastic membership attended the last meeting of 2017. Oh Canada was the best of the year led by Greg R. on his alto saxophone...a very talented player and hopefully a permanent song master in 2018?
Our speaker was one of our newest members, Bruce Hobin. Bruce is back in Rotary with us having been a Rotarian in Saskatoon for many years and while he was speaking to us specifically on the profession of agrology, he has a fascinating bio and career that we hope to hear about at a future meeting. 
Agrology is a provincially regulated profession across Canada with origins back in the 1940's. There are some 11,000 registered agrologist in Canada, 1300 in BC, providing expertise in the agriculture, environment, life sciences and food sectors. They are viewed as stewards of modern agriculture, applying science to improve such areas as quantities and efficiencies in agriculture with minimal environmental disruptions. Each P.Ag. has unique expertise in one or more sector and Bruce emphasized what the collective association is doing across Canada as well as the sectors. Who knew?
Bruce had a quiz for us that was successfully designed to demonstrate how little we knew about the industry. For example, who of us knew that a single cow produces some 30 litres of milk a day or that one chicken can lay 305 eggs a year and 6.7 billion eggs a year are laid in Canada? A great presentation Bruce - thanks!
Doug gave an update on the golf tournament, slated for June 10. Thoughts are to restrict players to 15 teams to ease management, time and fun. Stay tuned.
Dale shared that the Oliver Rotary Club will change their meeting dates on the second Tues of each month from their usual evening times to noon at the Firehall Bistro. Good place for a make-up.
Pres Lynda advised that our Festival of Trees entry will be dismantled right after the noon meeting on January 3rd....need volunteers.
Finally, all of the photos taken by Gordon at the Christmas party can be viewed in an album on the home page of Clubrunner. Well done Gordon. Bruce pulled his own winning ticket for the 50/50 draw..somewhat serendipitous - even suspicious.
Reminder that there is no meeting next week....have a very Merry Christmas all!
Luncheon Dec 21, 2017 John Robertson 2017-12-23 08:00:00Z 0

December 7th - now how did that happen? Lynda is halfway through her Presidency year, the Christmas Season is coming way too fast and Mt Baldy opens Friday. And what happened to Canada's warmest welcome?

On the positive side we do have ongoing Rotary meetings that entertain and inspire us as did today's meeting. Joining us today was Wilfred and Marietha Louw who are from S. Africa and are Marieze's mom and dad. They were recognized by members for their hospitality and support to the team from our club that travelled there earlier this year on a service project.

President Lynda introduced Marieze as our speaker and program, beginning with a presentation of a cheque for $1000 from our Club for the Roots of Empathy program. Marieze has been teaching ROE for 9 years and has spoken to us before on it but it was refreshing to learn more about the successes and growth of this amazing program. It was founded by Mary Gordon in Canada back in 1996 and has expanded to 10 other countries, receiving serious recognition and awards along the way. It is a volunteer program offered to students from K to grade 8 and is intended to reduce levels of aggression (bullying) by raising social and emotional competence and increasing empathy. Data and research demonstrates that it works and Marieze referenced several awards ROE has garnered this year.  The concept is that a local mother and infant visit the classroom every 3 weeks for a year and the students observe and discuss the babies growth and emotions following a curriculum delivered by a volunteer instructor. One piece of data that Marieze shared was that 84% of students tested in grades 4 and 7 showed significantly higher levels of empathy having participated in ROE.

In our school district, SD 53, the focus is on grades 2 and 5 with 13 classes taught each year for 260 students. 

A very worthy local program for our club to support - they need more instructors and this money donated today will go toward the training of new volunteers.

Well done Marize and thank you!

Remember, no meeting next week at noon in favour of the evening Christmas party that evening, Dec 14th at Campo Marina. Cocktails at 6, dinner at 7 at an all in cost of $40. Sign up on Clubrunner....sounds like at least 10 members of the Oliver club will join us - hope they can sing!

Doug absconded with the 50/50 draw.  Evidently arriving late increases your chances of winning? 

Luncheon December 07,2017 John Robertson 2017-12-08 08:00:00Z 0

Hello Folks,

John has asked that I do a summary of the Thursday meeting. I will do my best.

The meeting started off with a great O'Canada lead by Cheryl. A great reflection on gratitude was given by our president Lynda.  Lynda also reminded us of the up coming Visioning session on January 20th, at 9:00am at the Best Western. Jim will set up a registration format on Club runner for people to confirm their attendance. Also by about January 8 everyone will have received via email, a questionnaire from the facilitator, who will be doing the visioning session. Also Lynda reminded us of the up coming Christmas Party and induction of new members on December 14th at Campo Marina. The price has not been confirmed but Cherly will send something out, once she has the price.

Lynda then introduced Mike Green from Tumbleweed Distillery to get us into the Christmas "Spirit". Mike and his wife have been living part time on Anarchist Mountain since 2009. They had to decide between Vancouver and Anarchist Mountain. No contest Anachrist won! They looked at several business opportunities and decided to learn more about making spirits. They studied distilling and also worked with a consultant. Their equipment was brought in from Summerland and Barlow, Kentucky. The science of distilling, is a complex process that Mike explained in detail and brought us a sample of the barley. He also donated a bottle of Fireweed (Like Fireball) to the club to be auctions off. The process also requires a daily checking of the product, meaning, tasting it daily is imperative. What a job! Tumbleweed sells about ten different products and the latest release is a grapa made from Merlot and Cab Franc. (I've tried it, great stuff!)  They also have Fire Weed that is cinimion whiskey , Gin, one of their best sellers, Vodka, Moonshine and Maple Whiskey. They had a Cherry Moonshine but it is gone! Watch for it next year. There were several questions from the group and a few people thought they would drop by Tumbleweed to finish their Christmas shopping. 

After lunch Mike B told us that next week's speaker had cancelled and Marisa volunteered to talk to the club about Roots of empathy, at our next meeting. On January 11, 2018, Lynda will talk to us about the results of the questions she had given us last week, at our social.

Lynda and Brian asked that anyone who is going to be helping with hot dogs and hot chocolate during the Christmas parade on Friday night,please be at Mills Office Pro by 5 pm to help set up. Parade starts at 6;30. Hope you can join us. The meeting ended with Jim King winning the 50/50 AGAIN! Looking forward to the talk next week my Marisa.

Well I did it. Hope I didn't miss too much.

Luncheon November 30,2017 Giselle LeClair 2017-12-02 08:00:00Z 0

The recent dusting of snow was so appropriate given our guest speaker was Andy Foster, GM for the Mt Baldy Ski hill. A good mix of members, spouses and guests came out to hear the presentation. Pres Lynda introduced Tanya Schutz, new member in Penticton Rotary Club and her co-worker Samantha Zeeman; Shari MacFarland, guest of Harold and prospective member and Bruce Hobin, former Rotarian from Niagara on the Lake who may transfer to our Club. She also welcomed back Eva and Audrey and Richard (Times).

Andy Foster was introduced and proceeded to entertain us with a very upbeat update on Mt Baldy. He first spoke of his own background and experience that clearly qualified him to take on the GM role earlier this spring. He started in Zimbabwe (explains his accent!) and travels and education including England and Canada. He has a Tourism degree and a varied work experience and described himself as a detail guy who likes to work in a robust structured system. He has retained most of the staff, commenting that combined they represent more than 60 years of mountain experience. He plans to build on the key differentiators that Baldy possesses which are that it is a local/community hill, no ski line-ups, amazing powder and is family oriented.  

This year under his tenure, they have renovated the Baldy bar, opened up more terrain, improved signage and website and created a positive work environment. Crucial work is to be done on developing the real estate on the mountain as a next step towards making this a 4 season property. 

There will be a grand unveiling of the Baldy bar on Nov 26 (will need to register for this on the new website next week if you plan to attend) and then the first chair festival on Dec 8th, signalling the opening day of skiing. Yay! Hope to have Andy back after his first season and share his successes.

In other news....

There was an auction item of a season of Home Security provided by Quail Security that has been returned to the Club for our use. This is a $500 value that is very appropriate for snowbirds so please think about who might be interested in bidding on this and let Cheryle know. 

We will participate in Festival of Trees again this long as Sandi and Tracy are willing to organize volunteers again.

There will be an AGM for next week's meeting so everyone should make a special attempt to attend this one. The following week, Nov 23rd,  is the fireside/social with spouses at 6pm at the clubhouse at Desert Rose Estate so no noon meeting. This will be a potluck appie event and everyone is asked to let Lynda know appie plans and she will coordinate. Refreshments will be provided compliments of LOTB but if you want wine you should bring it. 

Whew....a very good meeting! 

And the 50/50 winnings were donated to the OSS Scholarship Fund. 

Luncheon Nov. 09,2017 John Robertson 2017-11-11 08:00:00Z 0

If you have not been receiving these meeting summaries for some time, it is not because you have been deleted from any mailing lists...there has not been many! At the most recent Board meeting it was discussed that these were indeed important to the membership and there were even some volunteers to spread the task so your inbox should be fatter in the future!


Pres Lynda introduced the several guests in attendance. MaryClair Massicott and Sherry McFarlane, guests of Cheryle and Harold ( prospective members) and Brad Burns and Scott Tremblay, our speakers and Richard from the Times. She also noted that Sandi, Ken and Chris are coming up to their 1st year anniversary with the pins, just atta persons!


The Rotary Fall District Meetings were held over the weekend at the Watermark with several of our members in attendance. Evidently there were several topics of interest coming out of those sessions and they will be shared as part of the November 16 business meeting. 


The Club Christmas dinner will be held at the Campo Marina restaurant on December 14th (no meeting that day) so please go to the home page on Clubrunner and click on Christmas Party to register. 


Our speakers were Scott Tremblay, Principal of OSS, and Brad Burns, Vice-principal. Both are new to these positions and to the school and obviously bring huge positive energy and commitment with them. Also both have partners who are educators and both have children enrolled in OSS. Scott came most recently from Keremeous and Brad from Kamloops. I think their objectives in speaking to us were to reach out and potentially involve the community and also to share the School Plan which has a very unique schedule. They were very successful in both!

I am sure Richard will print more thoroughly the School Plan in an upcoming Times article and I would encourage you to read that. It involves a very unique school schedule - there are only 10 other BC schools with some form of flex based learning systems. Basically it reduces the number of traditionally taught subject blocks and adds supervised learning centre hours for  more self-directed learning for the students. 

This is a 5 year journey with lots of check points and assessments along the way to let them know if they are truly 'making a difference to our kids' as they define the goal. A very professional presentation by a couple of neat guys who are working excessive hours to make it work...we need to have them back at the end of the school year for an update. 


Mark your calendars for October 23rd for an evening meeting (no luncheon) - this will be a 'social fireside' and will be held at the Clubhouse at Desert Rose Estates, hosted by Jim and Cheryle and Pam. 


Our speaker next week is Andy Foster, Mt Baldy ski area manager - should be good!


Ken won the 50/50 (because he was last in!) and immediately donated it to our school backpack program...thank you!


Store those golf clubs and dust off the skiis!
Luncheon Nov 02,2017 John Robertson 2017-11-03 07:00:00Z 0
National Polo Day October 24,2017 Jim King 2017-10-24 07:00:00Z 0

Jeff commented that our opening Oh Canada was the worst singing in his 14 years of Rotary...hard to argue! Where is Ron Leigh anyway?

Jim King presided over the meeting that clearly improved from there and started with introduction of guests that included Sheila Hawkins, a Rotarian recently moved to Osoyoos in a new business and just may swell our ranks, and Gordon and Liz Daly from Falkirk Scotland. Gordon is a Rotarian and they are in the midst of an incredibly long drive starting in Anchorage and eventually winding up in San Francisco. He shared a little of his home club and exchanged a club banner with Jim.

Our speaker was Ramiro giving a vocational/bio talk. I realize that members always appreciate and enjoy learning more about each other through these presentations and Ramiro's was one of the very best at doing this as he gave us peeks/insights into his life of hard work, family, Rotary, kindness and humour. Highlights included immigrating to Saskatchewan from his birth country (1947) of Chile where he worked in the forest industry. He moved to Whitecourt with the industry and went to school for his millwrights ticket before eventually branching out into the retail sector with antiques and then printing businesses. He met and married Elly in '81, evidently to keep track of all the grandkids names and birthdays! They had sold their businesses and home by 2014 and moved to Osoyoos. Between he and Elly, there has been a long and engaged Rotary history including leading a GSE team to Chile in 2004, club presidencies, RI Foundation contributors and even a DG term by Elly. Also 12 (?) RI Conferences so far! Volunteering hasn't lessened a bit as they are so involved with Project Amigo in Mexico for the winter months now and Ramiro works weekly with the Thrift shop when home. An impressive talk and an impressive member of our club...thank you Ramiro!


Next week is our business luncheon and the focus of that will be the LOTB debrief and Sandi will be looking for input from everyone as to next years event so please try to attend. 


Sandi and Marize left early to initiate this years school backpack program for the Club.


The search for a good outbound student for 2018-19 begins this week at both SOSS and OSS so if you know of appropriate grade 11 or 12 students, make them aware it is happening.


Enjoy this Fall is going to be a good one!

Luncheon September 21,2017 John Robertson 2017-09-23 07:00:00Z 0
Meeting the Governor in Penticton Jim King 2017-09-13 07:00:00Z 0

A well attended, entertaining meeting!

Jim King presided and introduced guests Jim (31 years in Rotary) and Judy Burns from Vernon Rotary, here for summer curling, and regular attending friends Cory and Debbie. Mike then took over and introduced his delightful daughter Megan, our guest speaker and her partner Jeff. 

Megan recently received her MSc from UBC School of Kinesiology and spoke to us on spinal cord injury (SCI) in general, ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries) more specifically and then PARK (Physical Activity Research Centre) where she  is the Operations Coordinator. All of this is located at UBC which is one of two facilities in Canada, the other being in Toronto. Megan led us through SCI and the injuries that leave a person paralized to various degrees according to where in the spinal cord the injury occurs.  She shared that there are some 86,000 Canadians living with SCI now with about 4,300 new cases each year and the cost of traumatic SCI runs at an estimated $3.6 billion per year. Those with injuries are likely to additionally suffer from obesity,  cardio diseases, bone density losses, pain and depression. 

It was evident from her enthusiatic, informative and entertaining presentation that Megan loves her profession from the perspectives of working with the folks with injuries and also all the associated research and innovations.  Megan is also program coordinator at BC Wheelchair Sports Assoc.

Megan brought Jeff into the conversation as he is paraplegic ....paralyzed from the mid chest down. Very upbeat and independent and obviously coping well as he is ranked #2 in wheelchair tennis in Canada and #3 in ping pong....very active with a sports focus. 

With Dad being the program coordinator, we are hoping that he has an 'in' to bring Megan back and speak to us again on SCI and her research...maybe even more Olympic full contact wheelchair rugby videos!

Sandi gave us a short update on LOTB - there are only 47 tickets remaining which is excellent. Next week's meeting will be devoted to planning the event. 

Harold shard that he has 19 Camel Backpacks purchased for the Save the Rhino project and the money for the 20th, which was the goal. Well done! He is now looking for anyone going to South Africa who would be able to take a few with them to ensure they get to the proper destination. Let him know..

Mike needs to know numbers for the August 31st evening social at Kismet Winery so let him know directly or respond to the email he will send out. There will be no noon meeting that day. 

Finally, special recognition to Tracy and Gordon celebrating birthdays today!


Think LOTB!

Luncheon August 17,2017 John Robertson 2017-08-18 07:00:00Z 0

A fun meeting on a very hot Thursday...more heat to come according to the forecast but as several referenced during Happy Bucks, no local fires!

Pres Lynda introduced guests Katy Branson, a development officer for the Credit Union from Kelowna, Dr. Larry Demco, our resident Thai Rotarian, and Sylvia Mott, our recently returned exchange student from Summerland via Germany. She also shared a letter of appreciation from the Osoyoos Concert Series Committee for Rotary's support.


While there was no scheduled speaker (last meeting of the month is a business meeting), there was no shortage of willing podium seekers. First up was Katy who gave a lively talk on her role in the Credit Union...we think we talked her into joining a club at home in Kelowna. 

Next was Sylvia who was called on for a full blown presentation of her year in Germany which came as a bit of a surprise to her but no surprise to us, she entertained us all with an informative, humorous and insightful summary of her year. Sylvia only just returned home last Sunday so the excitement and successes were very evident in her talk. I would encourage everyone to go to her blog and share her year and make sure you include the photos and 'fun facts' segments. She had only one host family (2 host brothers aged 2 and 10 and 1 host sister aged 13 - another older sister was away on her own exchange) and has captured them beautifully in the photos so check them out. I am hopeful that we will see her at a few more meetings before she heads off to university. 

We all agreed that Sylvia and Carlo together epitomized the best of what Rotary youth exchange is all about.


ADG Cheryle asked us to mark the evening of Sept 13th on our calendars for a 'Cluster' (?) meeting in Penticton. This event will replace the traditional meeting that the District Governor has had with each club each year with a multi club session. This year's DG is Bill Jenkins....more information to come, including the possibility of bus transport.


And finally at the podium, our LOTB co-chair Sandi Summers presented an update on the committee's progress on the lobster dinner plans. The tickets have only recently been printed and already 17 of the 35 tables have been sold and as they can only be purchased from Judy, best get on it! Other than looking for gold sponsors, it sounded like they are on task?


The 50/50 ticket was won by Larry and he will direct the funds to his project in Thailand which means a family will have access to potable water. I am looking forward to his presentation to us on August 10 on the same project. 


Next weeks speaker is Carey Bornn, executive director of the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation....should be good so plan to be there!


Keep cool.

Luncheon July 27,2017 John Robertson 2017-07-28 07:00:00Z 0

Smoking hot outside but a very cool first meeting inside for Pres Lynda...goin' to be a good year! 

In addition to regulars Elly and Larry, Lynda introduced guests Elliot, a visiting Rotarian from Prince Albert and his father in law Jerry. Jerry lives in Osoyoos now and Elliot will be moving here in 2 years time which makes him an automatic new member for whoever the President is that follows Giselle...Sandi, do you know what PEN means? 

The guest speakers were from the Community Foundation, South Okanagan/Similkameen, Aaron McRann, Executive Director and Kim English, Regional Development Officer. This foundation started in 1991 in Penticton and includes Osoyoos but we know so little about them. They operate much like our own Rotary Foundation in which the principle in endowed and only the interest earned is distributed to worthy charities, but they represent such an large opportunity for our community. In the 25 years since incorporation, some $11 million has been raised in the foundation and $3.4 million has been distributed throughout the S. Okanagan and Similkameen without touching the principal.  There are some 191 similar foundations across Canada that give back to the community as CFSOS does. Administration costs are a very low 1.5% of earned income. 

There are various means by which it distributes support to the community, several dictated by the donators themselves - Osoyoos has been receiving funds directly even without a substantial local endowment. Aaron and Kim described these opportunities very professionally and caught the interest of many in our Club. Cheryle, Vaughn and I give input from Osoyoos so expect more information as opportunities come up. 

Cheryle gave an update on Rotary clubs in our District that are impacted by the wildfires and will keep us apprised as opportunities are identified in which our club can provide support.

Sandi also updated us on the significant work done already for the Lobster on the Beach event Sept 9th - delegation is her forte as Judy Miller-Bennett is assigned the sole keeper of tickets and Elly was given 2 roles over lunch!

The third update came from Chris who described more completely our fundraising opportunity with the 2017 Super Saver coupon book - easy sell with the AG or Buy Low coupons alone. 

It was noted that Carlo made it safely to his plane home to Trento yesterday - what a year! 

Finally, this was Ramiro's first meeting as a new member of Osoyoos Rotary and he was rewarded with the 50/50 winning ticket. As a side note, it was Angelica's first meeting too but she won is that Fair to All Concerned?


Luncheon July 13,2017 John Robertson 2017-07-14 07:00:00Z 0

This weekend we celebrate Canada's 150th and certainly is a busy time for Osoyoos.  Rotary was equally as active these past few days.

Starting with the Thursday meeting. As PE Lynda pointed out, this was Brian's last meeting to chair as President in the Rotary year. An exceptional year for the club! 

Debbie Dow was our speaker (we know her well from this years S. Africa project) and she presented a water project in Tazania that she lead. I found it to be a particularly fascinating project in many ways but particularly as the idea and need came from a 2014 safari, research and funding followed and 3 years later last month, the vision came to fruition with 2 producing water wells in place to support a local Maasi community in their lifestyle. Completed and sustainable. Debbie listed the support from individuals, organizations and Rotary clubs around Prince George through the process but it was obvious that she was the driver and very emotionally connected. A huge accomplishment and a neat presentation!


Of note from the meeting is the need to respond to Cheryle's email regarding attendance at the annual Installation event next Thursday at 6 at Spirit Ridge. This is a significant Club event at which the new board will be installed along with our new President Lynda and 3 new members will be inducted. There will be no noon meeting next week. 


Gordon gave us an much appreciative  update on Roberta's progress in her cancer trek and we wish her continued progress. We tried to support Gordon by allowing him to win the 50/50!

Vaughn reported out on the Club's Coyote beer garden support of the year and it was a very successful one as the fundraising more than covered our costs for public skating for the year. Vaughn recognized everyone's time and efforts, when really it was his efforts that made it all possible. Thanks Vaughn.


Then there was the Friday make-up meeting at the Pizza Factory where 7 truly dedicated Rotarians (plus one friend) pre-cooked 122 lbs of bacon....hardly any mess at all! Thanks Giselle, Sandi and Lynda supported by Larry, Brian, Jim, John and Mike Spears. 


Next was very early Saturday morning where the now highly skilled Pancake breakfast team of 22 Rotarians and friends/partners cooked and served well over 600 breakfasts to appreciative (and patient) Canada Day celebrators. Wow...went so smoothly - well done to all!

31 Osoyoos Loop Super Saver coupon books were sold at the breakfast as well.


So, a busy week and testimony to service above self!

Luncheon June 29,2017 John Robertson 2017-07-01 07:00:00Z 0

If you are feeling that you are not receiving the newsletters from each meeting, not to worry as you likely has been noted that the author has been AWOL on occasion!

Today was an excellent meeting as they always seem to be when Youth Exchange are involved. Guests Larry, Cory, Rob and Debbie joined members in hearing Carlo give his final presentation of his year in Osoyoos. He was very ably assisted in the visuals by Nina, last year's outbound to France.

Carlo was very relaxed and thorough in his talk, giving evidence to his overall growth over the year. In addition to the hair and facial growth, Carlo recognizes the personal maturing/growth  in himself over the time - an impressive young man!

And what a year. Travel included Vancouver x3, Disneyland, Lethbridge (Banff), a bus tour through our 5060 District and will hit Victoria next weekend, celebrating Canada Day there and the US July 4th day in Roche Harbour. 

His many 'firsts' in Canada included CFL and NHL games, fishing, snowshoeing, hunting and camping/trailering, and golf and squash games. His loved his school year, all in Oliver and we are so very proud that both he and Nina will be fully graduating next week. He is thinking that the whole graduation thing is pretty cool with Prom, Commencement Ceremonies and Dry Grad..and it is!

Performing in front of the school on his violin was clearly a highlight there as well and another would be his 'giving back' project which was fundraising with other local YE students raising $1300 for a Shelterbox. 

But the most memorable and significant component of his year was the time with his 3 host families (Melina Bondorin, Dianna Williams and Charlene and Boyd Turnbull) and all the host brothers and sisters that came with them. Wonderful people/families to live with and share their homes for Carlo and also very much appreciated by our Club for welcoming him into their homes and hearts. 

Well done Carlo!

Reminder that there is no noon meeting on July 6th, instead there will be a dinner at Spirit Ridge at 6:00pm where our new Club executive and Board will be installed. Mark your calendars - this is important!

Also for that calendar, note the pancake breakfast on July 1st at 7:00am for everyone and the bacon pre-cook at same time on June 30th at the Pizza Factory. 

Pam won the 50/50 (again!) and promptly donated it to Rotary Foundation (again!).


Have a great week that summer has just arrived.


Luncheon June 22,2017 John Robertson 2017-06-23 07:00:00Z 0
Todays luncheon was a fun but 'still waiting for spring' meeting. Guests included Marie Angelica, Richard (Times), Dale (Oliver Rotary), our 2 YE students Carlo and Nina and Manine (Marize's daughter)  
Pres. Brian introduced our speaker Sarah Gilchrist from OSS. Sarah teaches Drama and Musical Theatre and English locally in various roles since 2012, having produced 4 musicals over that time, the most recent being Beauty and the Beast. 
Sarah is in the very early stages of tackling improvements to the Osoyoos Community Theatre, located at our Osoyoos Secondary School. She recognizes it as a great space and opportunity but it does need some upgrades. It is now mostly used as a venue for the Concert Series and choral presentations in addition to OSS student theatre.
The upgrades vary from small items, less than $1000 to major expenses like lighting which may run up to $100,000. We encouraged her to engage a theatre consultant to identify and prioritize the needs and then with that, develop an implementation plan. There are grants available and local fundraisers such as 'Adopt a Seat' - perhaps Rotary can get involved once the needs are clarified. 
Sarah was an enthusiastic, engaging speaker and it would be neat to think that we could work with her as plans firm up as it would be a worthy Rotary community project.
The meeting moved on to updates on our major fundraisers, the Golf Tournament and LOTB. Doug shared that the golf is starting to firm up with 60+ players confirmed and good progress on the huge support required for the day itself. The next two meetings will revolve around updates and assignments. Work your contacts for more teams/players and auction items but not to worry about the margarita machine any longer as Tracy donated one!
The vary best news though was Sandy and Tracy stepping up to co-chair the Lobster on the Beach event in September. What true Rotarians! There is still the co-chair position for pancake breakfasts available but batter hurry as there may be a rush!
A good meeting of 20 members and guests!

Luncheon May 18,2017 John Robertson 2017-05-20 07:00:00Z 0

Today's lunch was a business meeting preceded by a Board Meeting so no speaker. Instead lots of discussion and information exchange around our goals and upcoming Rotary events.

Our guests included Mary Bellemare, a 9 year Rotarian from Dauphin, Manitoba. Mary shared an upcoming fundraiser for their Club that raised some $40,000 last year...the Manitoba MudRun. It is a 10km obstacle mud run in August in which we would be more than welcome to participate. Only an 18 hour drive from Osoyoos!

Jim shared that we are 94% there against our Foundation goal of $3000 and looking like we will make our Polio goal as well.  He led a discussion on community projects and the notion of taking on any more park projects would be put on hold until the natural playground is completed. There was strong support for trail projects identified around Osoyoos though, likely 2018/19  before we tackle them. 

Harold updated us on Save the Rhino backpack project with 5 of the 20 backpacks now funded at $300 each. Only 13 to go! He left the meeting to attend the District Conference in Kelowna at which he will man a booth to attract other club's support. The Chris Bromage 'concert' at JoJo's last week raised funds for more than 1 pack, in addition to being an incredibly well received/ entertaining performance.

In YE, the club needs to decide on the exchange program in 2018/19...we will not have an inbound in 2017/18. The process to allow this starts this June so think about whether we want it and how it will be supported and we will make a club decision in the upcoming weeks. 

That led to a discussion about chairs and co-chair volunteers. We need a chairperson for YE, co-chairs for LOTB, golf and pancake breakfasts. Members might want to think about taking on one before Lynda assigns them in her year!

Our Club will be hosting the YE students as they pass through Osoyoos on their week long bus trip through District 5060 and that translates into hosting lunch for them at the Golf Club next Thursday. So, no meeting at noon as we will share the time with the students...a more detailed message will follow.

Vaughn shared that Osoyoos Desert Society is holding a fundraiser for their much needed building project on May 6th. It is a Beer and Burger night at Sage Pub for $20 and will include a silent auction. He had tickets so let him know.

Ken let us know that the Area 27 racetrack has their grand opening on June 2-4th...more information to come.

Doug advised that the June Golf tournament is officially our top priority for the next 6 weeks. Sponsorships, auction items and participants require our attention and he will be emailing needs and updates regularly. Each member is expected to round up a foursome so lets get that one attended to first!

Most folk's happy bucks wished for warmer days - no surprise! Mike won the 50/50 and will assign that massive windfall to Rotary Foundation. 


Have some fun!

Luncheon April 27,2017 John Robertson 2017-04-28 07:00:00Z 0

Better late than never? Especially as the meeting was so good, those who were there would enjoy reliving it and for those not attending, this is what you missed.

Pres Elect Lynda presided over her first Rotary meeting and was outstanding, setting the tone for the many, many more to come.  There were a number of guests, presumably all coming to take in the featured/famous guest speaker and they included Kathy Lee and Regis from Dauphin Man, Kim and Mark from Oroville, Gary from Abbotsford, Richard (Times), Cory (Oliver) and YE Carlo and Nina. 

Ron Leigh was our luncheon entertainer. As unaccustomed as he is to public speaking (!) our own Honorary Rotarian spoke eloquently on his very obvious love and expertise of jazz. April being jazz appreciation month,  Ron led us through some fascinating stories and history of jazz. He is a self professed jazz junkie, having hosted a jazz radio program in Calgary and still plays around with guitar, drums and alto saxophone. He has met many of the famous jazz artists and knows their stories intimately - he shared one large 1958 photograph of 57 notable musicians of players entitled 'Great Day in Harlem' and he could talk about all of them. 

Hope this is an annual April event...well done Ron.

In updates, Dave shared that at the Rotary Million Dollar dinner last Saturday, $2 million was raised that will go to Foundation and primarily to projects in the Okanagan Valley. Very impressive! Elly spoke about the Project Amigo project at which she and Romaro volunteer at and also where Ken Campbell participated as the auction winner at LOTB. She will be presenting at a future luncheon and will introduce a Canadian component to it in which members may want to participate. Stay tuned!

Also Harold reminded us of the performance coming up on April 21st at JoJo's where our own Chris Bromage will play from his album End of Empire. Chris will donate the first $300 to Save a Rhino backpack are limited so hurry. See you there at 6:45.

Under Youth Exchange, Carlo, Nina and I spent this past weekend in Penticton at a gathering of current inbounds and rebound students meeting with next years outbounds and giving them  and their parents coaching and encouragements. There was a new exchange program introduced as a complement to the existing one which will be for a shorter time (one month) and focus on a family-to-family exchange...more to come in September but does sound promising.

Finally there was talk about an upcoming Easter Pancake breakfast. The advantage of a late newsletter is that we can share that it did indeed take place and was an amazing success. It always continues to blow me away how folks flow to what needs to be done, do it so well and make all the breakfast guests make money! We sold 319 breakfasts which was our highest Easter volume and just as the bell chimed at closing time, we served the last cup of coffee and last strip of bacon - perfect. Thanks everyone!

Remember, no noon meeting this Thursday as there will be a fun social at the Golf Club that evening starting at 6.

The 50/50 was drawn by Gary of Abbotsford...he said he needed it!

Luncheon March 13 John Robertson 2017-04-18 07:00:00Z 0

A good pre-spring meeting! 25 members and guests thorougly enjoyed tons of fellowship and a very informative guest presentation by Ernie Dumais and Gail Barriskill from Highway to Healing. 

Pres Brian recognized all guests including Honorary members Roger C. and Ron L. who the latter is just home from snowbirding in Az. As usual Carlo was in attendance and it was noted that his 18th birthday is this Saturday. Harold, can you say '18'?

In updates, our PE Lynda and Oliver's PE Dale spent the previous weekend in Seattle at PETS (president elects training) and reported that the event was superb and welcomed by all the 700 attendees. The training, the speakers, the food (wine?) and networking all worked. Evidently the message that Lynda heard was that Rotary was expecting her to break a few traditional boundaries and do what she damn well wants to do in her upcoming year as President..... bring it on! The core message is to stretch the traditional boundaries in Rotary everywhere ~ a welcome message indeed.

Sandy shared that there was a 'Taste of India' fundraising dinner by the Westbank Rotary April 7th and suggested that we might make an evening of it with an Osoyoos Rotary table and she would organize transportation and coordinate tickets. Let her know if you are interested as it sounds like great fun and of course supports one of our fellow clubs. 

It was also confirmed that the March 16th meeting will be an evening social at which we will get to learn more of the amazing S. African trip, the project, travels and next steps. Mark your calendar for this evening and times and location will come luncheon meeting will be held on that day.  Now on to this day's presentation topic;

Highway to Healing (or H2H) is a charitable organization formed in Oliver in 2013 to compassionately assist families who have a child requiring medical care not available locally. It was initially formed to service the Oliver community but has just this week have expanded the area to include OK Falls and Osoyoos. Gail and Ernie are both directors of the Society - Gail was just recently named as President which is simply serendipitous as her sister will be President of our Rotary Club in June!

The concept grew out of a community vision idea by the Oliver Rotary Club and grew into a separate society in order to gain charitable status. It was modelled after two other successful organizations in BC performing similar functions, in Comox and Nelson. Basically, H2H  provides up to $5000 of funding per child under the age of 19 for travel expenses to obtain medical diagnosis and treatments and also serves to provide information about any other organization whose services can benefit the families in need. 

The list of fundraising events and donors is lengthly and impressive. Ernie and Gail were not openly soliciting financial support (but would not turn a donation down!) but did request that we think about someone who might represent Osoyoos in the newly expanded mandate. 

A good presentation and an organization that is worthy and could use our support.

Coyote hockey returns to Osoyoos with the first game in the 2nd round on Tuesday...Vaughn could always use more volunteers in the beer garden. 

Happy bucks was split between those loving the fact the ski season is still full on and those who were vibrating with news that the golf course opens on Saturday. The 50/50 ticket was drawn for Dale, our frequent guest from Oliver Rotary. 


Continue to think Spring!

Luncheon March 2, 2017 John Robertson 2017-03-03 08:00:00Z 0

Today's meeting saw the return of our South African team and along with several guests they heard a fascinating luncheon speaker on this cloudy, near-spring mid-February day. Team members Marieze, Mike and Anne Marie, Brian and Harold all sported good tans and gave us snippets of their very successful trip to be shared in much more detail at an evening social soon. Carlo, Vaughn, Richard (Times) and a couple visiting from Canmore, Dana and Percy, joined in to make a decent Oh Canada!


Pres Brian introduced our guest speaker Richard Walker. Richard has been a farmer, herbalist and food forester for over 40 years, taking a degraded land site in Grand Forks in 1985 to a the first food forest in Canada. He now lives and practices his art in Osoyoos. He shared his passion about soil health and its link to nutritious, diverse food, human health and sound economics. He has been instrumental in the growth of small and large scale food forests across Canada.

It was fascinating to listen to Richard describe what is possible in our own Town of Osoyoos in the way of planned canopied forests of Chestnuts and Pecans at the top down through several layers of tree nuts and fruits/berries down to ground cover of herbs, vegetables, medicinal plants to even below ground plants. Planned, diverse plantings can be accomplished in small garden lots, boulevards and parks. They can be adapted to taking up CO2,  heavy metals and even tackling invasive species. He sowed his ideas and thoughts to the crowd and judging from the response and questions, found fertile ground and maybe even a Rotary sponsored community project? One immediate takeaway is to investigate including some portion of a food forest in our sponsorship of a natural playground near the elementary school.

Richard has published a small paperback book 'Food Forestry North of the 49th' which I can attest to is a great read. I think we will hear more from him.

Cheryle spoke about the recent passing of Vern Neilson, our current District Governor. He will be honoured at the District Conference April 28-29 in Kelowna.

Carlo is off to Revelstoke Friday for 3 days with all of the other inbounds from 5060...a fun time.

Vaughn spoke to the Coyote's winning ways with the playoffs games starting here on Feb 24th and 25th. Think about coming out to help at the beer garden and watching great hockey.

Harold won the 50/50 and is donating the proceeds to the next S. African project that the team will be presenting.


Think spring!

Luncheon Feb 16,2017 John Robertson 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z 0

A small but mighty attendance on this day following the last snowfall of the season. Arizona (Ron), impassable roads (Jim and Cheryle) and South Africa (5), kept attendance down but the 12 attending had good fun. Guests included Robert Fisher, Richard (Times) and Joan Wilson and Lynn Welsh from Soroptimists. Robert has been a consistent 'snowbird' guest and soon returns to Saskatchewan but he vows he will return next winter!


Jeff presided and within the updates, he shared that DG Vern Neilson has been admitted to hospice...very saddening to all of us.


Jeff introduced our guest speaker, Joan Wilson, who gave a very informative and entertaining talk and visual  presentation on SI Soroptimists, capably assisted by Althea. Soroptimist has  a latin origin "soror" meaning sister and "optima" meaning best and is interpreted as 'the best for women'. Soroptimist International is an organization of some 75,000 members in 133 countries and the Osoyoos chapter dates back to 1986 which suggests that they celebrated their 30th anniversary last year.  They currently have 25 members including 7 charter members, and meet for dinner  on the 3rd Tuesday of each month - their average age is 'retired'.  Joan pointed out the similarities between Soroptimists and Rotary which centered on common values and goals in both the community and internationally. We also share Althea as a member and we meet at the same restaurant! The obvious difference between our clubs is  no guys!

Fundraising efforts include the Rocking Horse Raffle, Spring and Fall Fashion shows, a bottle drive and garage sales, and the list of community services they support is extensive including Desert Sun, Women's Safe House, bursaries, food bank and others. Joan referenced two youth programs they supported that sounded interesting; Save Teens High School Program and a new 'Dream It, Be It'.  All worthy. She challenged Rotary to see it there was a common fundraising venture that we could jointly participate in for common goals. 


It was noted that our S Africa expeditionary force will arrive home over the next week and we wish them safe travels back and look forward to reports. 

Next weeks speaker will be Richard speaking on the Osoyoos Lake Water Quality Society.

Gordon and Althea will be assisting Vaughn and Greg at Saturday's Coyote game...thanks guys.


The 50/50 was won by guest Lynn Welsh.


Safe shovelling everyone and believe that spring is imminent.

Luncheon Feb 09,2017 John Robertson 2017-02-10 08:00:00Z 0

Jeff opened the meeting in Brian's absence and as usual did an excellent job. Our guests were Nina and Carlos our exchange students as well as Dale Cory from Oliver.  Our guest speaker was Sandy Summers giving us a vocational talk which gave us insight into her past. Jeff mentioned that this weekend the exchange students will be in Revelstoke for a fun filled weekend and for the first time all Rotarians are invited.

Global Grants have changed so now we can do construction of shelters and schools.


Jeff introduced Sandy and she proceeded to let us into her past.


Sandy is from St. Catherines, Ontario were she grew up on the old Welland Canal. She has a grown son from her first marriage and beautiful daughter with her husband Rob.

As a single Mom for a few years Sandy needed to find employment so rather than work for someone else she used her entrepreneur skills and started he own coffee bar in the student union building at Brock University. She became the "Java Queen".

She said she was naive about leases and unfortunately her lease was not renewed.

Never a failure, you learn from your experiences is one of her philosophies.


She had the opportunity to meet Donald Ziraldo who started Inniskilin wines and he encouraged her to get into the industry.So Sandy put her resume into wine glasses and went to every winery in the region  and dropped them off.


She got a sales position with Cave Springs Cellars in Jordan, Ontario. Guess who the wine maker was Rob of course.


Rob moved on to Peller Estates and came out to BC on a business trip and while he was here he found out that Hester Creek was in receivership and went back to Ontario and told Sandy he loved the location and vineyards of Hester Creek and that they might be able to make arrangements to buy it. NO, NO, NO was her response so it was forgotten for awhile.

After a few years Hester Creek was under new ownership and up and running again when Rob gets a phone call asking him if he would like to move his family out to BC and become the wine maker. Rob had to sell Sandy on the S OK. and coming from a metropolis to Ososyoos was truly a shock in many areas. Sandy said re-inventing herself at "40" was not in her game plan, so in 2009 Osoyoos became their new home.

Since arriving in Osoyoos Sandy has become very involved in the community through her volunteer work specializing in fundraising and Desert Sun Counseling has had the privilege of having Sandy on their Board for 8 years.


She heard of Rotary out East but never entertained the idea in the big city that she might be interested. She heard of club and saw all the community projects we are involved with and of course a sponsor of Desert Sun and admitted it was intriguing.


She met several Rotarians over the past through years and when Marieze invited her to a meeting she said yes. Obviously the rest is history and now Sandy is a valuable and welcomed member of the Rotary Club of Osoyoos.


See you Thursday for lunch.

Luncheon Jan26,2017 Cheryle King 2017-02-01 08:00:00Z 0

Jeff very capably presided at today's meeting and will for the next 3 weeks while Pres Brian is doing good deeds in S. Africa. He introduced our 3 'frequent visitor' guests Dale, Robert and Richard and YE inbound Carlo to the 15 members attending. What he did not do was even casually reference his curling victory on the weekend in the Osoyoos Mens Curling Bonspiel!

Giselle LeClaire was introduced as our speaker and she proceeded to thoroughly entertain us with a well prepared, informative summary of her trip to India. Giselle and a good friend spent 29 days travelling this incredible country last fall starting out on October 12th. Lots of travel as they maxed 2-3 days in any one spot. A guide and driver was a requirement in all the cities mainly due to the sometimes overwhelming traffic and congestion and noise and then offsetting those times were the wondrous quieter times such as those in the tea plantations and religious sites.

She was energized when talking about the markets, the artisans, shopping, festivals and some of India's history. It was evident to her that India is an ancient country but a very young Democracy, strongly influenced by religion and family ties. Her slides were amazing as were the stories that went with them - apparently Indian beer and wine are very acceptable too. 

Giselle may have prompted more than a few in the room to think about putting India on that bucket list. Well done!

The S. African team should be arriving in Capetown about now and we hope their travels went well...maybe some reports/pictures soon? Ongoing Rotary programs that team members  either initiated or support are in good hands. The Backpack for School (Marize) food program is in Sandy's capable hands with Jim always handy and the Rotary After School (Brian) tutoring program is very successful with 19 students regularly attending - 8 teachers are available to instruct. 

The Coyote beer garden schedule is full for the remainder of January...thanks Doug,, and this is your reminder!

It was eventually discovered that Roger held the winning 50/50 ticket - can only surmise it will go to his Honduran water project!

And the snow is melting!
Luncheon Jan 19,2017 John Robertson 2017-01-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jan 12, 2017

A full, fun 2nd meeting of the New Year. Pres Brian introduced several guests including regulars Gregor Reid and Richard (Times), honorary member Roger Clinton, Dale Cory of Oliver Rotary and Robert Fisher, a snowbird Rotarian from Saskatchewan....if you ever wondered why we have snowbirds in Osoyoos where today it is -10, it was pointed out that it was -40 something in back in Sask!

The meeting was preceded by a Club Board meeting and I see that the notes from that are already distributed  from our secretary...go Jeff! Take note of how the results of almost $30,000 of fundraising efforts is being distributed. 

Our luncheon speaker was Paddy Head, who gave us a delightful and informative update on the Desert Park Exhibition Society. Paddy is the VP of the Society and is obviously a passionate proponent given her love of anything horsey...she was an early entrant into horse racing as a jockey early in the '70's and racing in E Canada and the US until 1990. It sounded like there would be a fascinating book from her life!

Paddy was not sure that there would be racing in Osoyoos this year. Evidently we are the only B circuit track left in BC, which underscores the decline of racing in North America. If we have a 1 or 2 day event this year is dependent on the support from the Hasting's A track and raising the purse money. 

But they will host the Medieval Fair May 20-21. This was a successful event of jousting and Medieval events last year with some 1200 attendees and will be expanded with a feast and Village/entertainment this year,  hoping to attract some 2000 guests, mainly tourists. She is looking to attract vendors, sponsors and volunteers. 

Paddy talked about the horse training facilities and shared that there will be 6 trainers here with some 80 horses, down from the ambitious 158 horses of 2016. She will be running tours of the facilities starting at the end of February for the public which should be interesting. Their immediate issue is an aging tractor to support the stable.

In other news...our South African expeditionary force is heading out next week to view our International project underway (school toilets). There are 11 Rotary/partners going led by Marieze and Garnett and the itinerary sounds exciting for them. They go armed with club funds to support local needs as they see them. Safe travels!

Happy Bucks yielded that it was Harold's significant  b'day tomorrow and he shared his plans to recognize those that came to his aid some 192 days ago at his hockey game in the morning. Neat!

And finally, Jeff won the 50/50 and was very clear that the proceeds would be directed to the Osoyoos Curling Club bar this weekend at the men's curling championships. I am not sure where Service Above Self came into the decision but I applaud this one!


We were golfing in Osoyoos last year in just over 4 weeks away from today so be hopeful!


Stay warm!
Luncheon Jan. 12, 2017 John Robertson 2017-01-13 00:00:00Z 0

The last meeting of 2016, and it was a full, fun one!

Guests included Rotarians Randy and Sheila Graham from Edmonton (looking to relocate here?), Richard from the Times and Vaughn in his first meeting as an Honorary Rotarian.

Pres Brian introduced our exchange student Carlo Geat as our luncheon speaker. I have been heard to say that YE is the best thing that Rotary does and Carlo clearly exemplifies that notion. He is a confident, well spoken, thoughtful young man with a great sense of humour. He is thriving in SOSS, his host families and within his YE cohort in 5060. 

Carlo spoke of his home city of Trento in NE Italy, near the Austrian border, a valley city of some 100m people and of his family there, comprised of 3 doctors and a literature scholar. Carlo's own career interest at this stage is in economics which may lead him into the business sector. 

He compared the two school systems and they appeared to be quite different but he talked to the merits of both. Carlo's outdoor hobbies included hiking/climbing, skiing and sailing but his passion is studying the violin and he is very good at that as demonstrated at our Christmas party. 

Carlo pursued the exchange program on his own initiative and chose Rotary through research and word of mouth from rebound students. We are so pleased he landed in Osoyoos and we look forward to hearing in June about his exchange year.

Remember to include Carlo in your plans in the new year.

Harold spoke about Kim and the ongoing help that he is spearheading with the Club to assist her through the holidays as a single parent with 2 autistic boys. Money has been raised and she will be on the Christmas hamper list but Harold is asking that we help their season with baked goods and any donations can be added to what he has by dropping them off at the Osoyoos Times office before next Thursday. Well done!

Jim reminded everyone so visit our 'most excellent' tree in the Festival of Trees (ours is in the Watermark foyer) and vote for it for $2...the proceeds go to Children's hospital.

The next board meeting will be at 11am on Jan 12th and we will be deciding on our funding for a community project at that time. Information on the choices will be distributed to the membership shortly.

Jim was the high bidder for concert series tickets and that money went to Kim.

Doug was the 50/50 winner....suspect the proceeds will go to his stocking fund!


Next meeting is Jan 5th and Roger will be presenting his Honduran project.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Lucheon Dec 15,2016 John Robertson 2016-12-17 00:00:00Z 0
Christmas fun night 2016 Gordon MacIvor 2016-12-08 00:00:00Z 0
Christmas 2016 Hot Dog Sale Gordon MacIvor 2016-12-06 00:00:00Z 0

Energy! Lots of energy at the Thursday meeting from the opening anthem to the 50/50 draw. Pres Brian recognized 2 Honorary and Charter members in attendance, Roger and Judy. Recognition as well to the Christmas tree decorating team for our best tree ever in the Festival of Trees (Tracy, Sandi, Hilary, Gordon, Jim, Pam).

Reminder of the Christmas Lite-up Friday night where we will be serving hot dogs and hot chocolate in exchange for food bank donations. Sounded like several folks are planning to help out Brian between 5 and 7pm.

Our guest speaker was Kelley Glazer, our new executive director for Destination Osoyoos. She started her new role in early May of this year and spoke to us of her experience for the position and the first 6 months - a very professional and articulate speaker! 

Kelley's background included several senior sales/marketing and recruitment roles in Prince George (17 years) and Victoria (10 years) involving private sector, government and First Nations. She is currently completing a masters program at Royal Roads enroute to a degree in hospitality/tourism.

Kelley has brought on an entirely new team at DO and she is excited about the talent and experience that the new staff brings. In their role as a not-for-profit society, they focus on tourism as the main economic driver in the region but economic development opportunities often go hand in hand so their strategies includes planning for both. They will continue to manage the traditional tourism events in the area and plan to add one new event in May. This is Devour Osoyoos, a festival that focuses on the film industry combined with food and wine - more to come out soon. We will see/hear more on the theme of films and culinary experiences. 

She has a budget of some $600,000 to provide these tourism, economic development initiatives (miracles?) and run the visitor centre. The bulk of that ($400m) comes from the 2% hotel tax (MRDT) with the Town and RDOS granting another ($100m) for tourism and Spirit Ridge adds $50m for directing marketing services. The Town also contracts them for economic development services at $80m. 

A large challenge so will be interesting to have Kelley back in a year for an update...I suspect she will be quite successful and we wish her well. 


Please sign up with Brian for attendance at the Club Christmas Party on Dec 8th at Camp Marina starting at 6:30. There is a rumour that Bach and Rudolf will provide violin serenades!


A very festive meeting on the opening day of Mt Baldy!

Luncheon Dec 1,2016 John Robertson 2016-12-03 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Tree Finished Tracy Doucette 2016-11-27 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Tree at the Watermark Resort 2016 Gordon MacIvor 2016-11-27 00:00:00Z 0

Yet another sunny November day and yet another memorable Rotary meeting!

First of all we had impressive guests. Pres Brian introduced visiting Rotarians Joan Peggs (incoming ADG from Oak Bay); Eunice Maris (charter member of the first all-women Rotary Club in Edmonton some 26 years ago) and returning Rotarian Greg Reid from Strafford ON (very welcome assistant to Vaughn in Coyote beer garden staffing!). Also Roly Chin (a charter member of our Club) attended in support of our guest speaker Dick Sass. 

Giselle was back from a long sojourn to India and while she will share highlights at an upcoming meeting, I would encourage everyone to visit her blog at in the interim....great reading!

Dick Sass then spoke to us as a member of the Arlington Wa. Free Methodist Church and a children's advocate. He has been a long time annual visitor to Haiti and this past year built a school/church there and has been asked to build another next year. He shared pictures of the old school and then the construction of the new building...the site and concrete pad was prepped and laid in advance but after six days the steel framed and concrete block wall building was basically complete....impressive! It will house some 160 students. Dick and his building crew work under the auspices of ICCM (International Child Care Ministries) which is a huge church based support organization for children, currently sponsoring some 20,000 children in 32 countries.

Dick's group works with Haiti children in need and he and his wife have sponsored several kids, starting back in 1997. There are 7100 school children already sponsored there but there are 2160 more waiting for help. Dick had brought several applications from children (pictures/backgrounds etc) just in case anyone at the meeting was interested at a cost of $35 Cdn per month which covers tuition, uniform, school supplies and a daily meal. The first to raise her hand was Pam and she 'adopted' Francesca Jean-Pierre....way to go Pam!

You can find more about Canadian involvement at

There were a couple of updates on two of our Clubs initiatives. The Rotary School-After-School tutoring program is up and running and very successful. This involves free tutoring of students from elementary to high school by accredited volunteers...there are more students than teachers at this time! The Backpack program is in it's third week of providing weekend food/nourishment  for students in need, currently 5 in elementary and 2 high school are is very positive.

Upcoming events include decorating of the Rotary tree at the Festival of Trees (date to be confirmed); December 2nd Light up Parade and the December 8th Christmas party at Campo (details to come, but mark the calendar).


And Gordon won the 50/50 draw and from all that we could tell, it simply went into his pocket - probably pegged for Roberta's Christmas present, eh?


This is the last week for golf...but there is snow on Mt Baldy!

Luncheon Nov 17,2016 John Robertson 2016-11-18 00:00:00Z 0

If you were ever in doubt about what Rotary is about, check in with attendees at today's meeting as they were exposed to the very best that Rotary does. Just to be clear, the singing of O'Canada is not our forte, but stay tuned to what is.

In order, there was first an update on the  Backpack weekend food project by Marieze. The second 7 backpacks of food for the weekend are to be delivered today to the elementary and OSS schools where they will be given to students in need as identified by the staff for weekend nutrition. The Ministry supports morning and noon support for hungry kids and this program will then help them through the weekend with nutritional and easy to prepare food. Our two local grocery outlets and Lakeview Bakery are supporting the program with donations to a menu prepared and distributed by Marieze, Sandi and Jim and paid for by our Club. The first weekend packs were well received by the kids as reported by the schools - this is indented to be a very anonymous program. Hmmmm....

Secondly there was a Rotary Moment shared by Harold. Evidently at the last meeting, Harold told folks seated around him about a woman he had encountered at the Curling club who was obviously struggling with managing an autistic son. He took it on himself to inquire and it turned out that this was a single mom who was dealing with not one, but two autistic sons aged 15 and 17 and appeared to be at her financial and emotional limits. So, Pam donated her 50/50 winnings and several others quietly contributed similarly and Harold found himself with $160 to offer to this mother (Kim) to spend on herself as respite. She was blown away and very grateful. Hmmmmm...

Next was our luncheon speaker. Catrina (Nina) spoke on her outbound year to France last year and clearly demonstrated why some of us believe that Youth Exchange is the best thing that Rotary does. Nina is now a mature, confident young woman who clearly thrived and grew from her exchange abroad. She will finish her secondary school at SOSS this year and has plans to grow her Rotary experience with International Studies and Interact/Rotaract involvement. Nina shared pictorially her host city of Villefranche in South Central France, her host families, host Rotary District and Club and her very extensive travels there which by my count, included 9 different countries! It was not all easy times for her by any means but the trials/tribulations she went through sounded like confidence and character builders. The Rotary friendships she established will last her a lifetime - we are very proud of her! Her friend and our current inbound Carlo adeptly managed the slide presentation!

To complete our Club's YE current experience, there is an wonderful update/letter attached to us from our outbound Sylvia (Heiligenhaus, Germany) which you will certainly enjoy. I know  I have sent her blog address out before but as a reminder it is: http:/ Do read this and contact her with comments/questions. 


Service above self? I think so...well done all!

Pres Brian introduced newest member Sandi Summers....welcome and congrats! Other guests were Manine Tarr and Richard from the Times. 

Jim reminded everyone of the tour of the new prison in Oliver on Nov 23rd - evidently 80+ Rotarians will be participating - suspect they are confusing this as assisted living options?? 

The Christmas party has been set for Dec 8th so set aside the date and details will follow. A fireside for new members (information exchange) will be set for later this month.

Jim won the 50/50 yet one more time! The Foundation will be the recipient!


A good meeting .....Happy Remembrance Day Friday!

Luncheon Nov 10,2016 John Robertson 2016-11-12 00:00:00Z 0

A fun meeting on a sunny November 3rd day. Shouldn't everyone be golfing? Evidently the call of Service Above Self prevailed so we met indoors with a board meeting first and then a regular noon meeting. Choices! 

Guest introductions included honorary member Roger Clinton and newest member Ken Campbell. Roger is not returning to Honduras this year so maybe we will see him at more meetings- he will do a Honduran presentation/update in the New Year. 

As Foundation Chair, Jim presented an update on Rotary Foundation in this 100th Year anniversary of the founding of the fund. Back in 1917, the first donation of $26.50 was made in Atlanta GA. to what became the Rotary Foundation, an endowment fund dedicated to 'doing good in the world'. It is one of the world's leading humanitarian foundations and has funded thousands of Rotary projects worldwide, the most noteworthy being the eradication of polio. November is recognized as Foundation month. 

As a sidenote, I benefited myself, with grants from the Foundation, to establish a refuge for 360 tribal children in Northern Thailand over a 5 year period for which I will always be thankful. 

Jim asked that each Rotarian think about what the Foundation has done and will continue to do and support it by giving at least the original $26.50, but give something. The expectation of EREY (Every Rotarian, Every Year) is $100 US. It is so easy to do online through and MY ROTARY but if anyone has any difficulties, Jim is available to walk you through the process. Easy peasy!

Did you note that the 2017 Rotary Convention June 10-14 is in Atlanta? Coincidence? I think not!

The District leadership training was successfully held in Osoyoos over the weekend with 9 attending from our Club. Pres Brian summarized the 3 District goals of Foundation, Rotary Image and membership - we will address all 3 in our Club. 

Under dates to note and remember, the noon meeting on Dec 8th will be our annual general meeting and we will have our Christmas celebrations that evening....details to follow.  Also Osoyoos Xmas light-up will be on Dec 2nd and the Club will be serving hot chocolate and hot dogs - volunteers will be needed so please contact Brian if you can help out -proceeds will go to the food bank.

Pres Brian also asked for input for a community project for this Rotary year - the club has the funds and is looking for a worthy project. Considerations so far include developing a hiking trail, expanding facilities at the splash park and a new playground at the elementary school. 

The tour of the new prison in Oliver for the Club is well subscribed and we will leave by bus from the Arena at 3:00pm on November 23rd. Those who have not given to Foundation by then will NOT be required to remain at the venue!

Pam won the 50/50 and somehow got the notion that it should be donated to the girl!

And the best news of the day? Lynda has done some deep thinking and with only one (or two) minor hurdles left to work through will be our President Elect....yay!

The speaker for next week is Nina! She will share her experiences from a fantastic year in YE in France last year. 



Luncheon Nov 03,2016 John Robertson 2016-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Lunch October 21,2016 Gordon MacIvor 2016-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
A cool mid-October meeting... foreshadowing the great ski season ahead?
Pres Brian introduced guests Ken Campbell, Chris Bromage and partner Janine,  Romaro (all of whom are prospective members) and Cory of Oliver Chronicle News/Oliver Rotary. Our YE student Carlo cut classes from SOSS to attend as well!
In announcements, volunteers (4) are needed to assist at the Harvest Dance next Saturday (Oct 22nd) at the Sonora Centre in support of the Osoyoos Child Care Centre. Let Brian know if you can help out. Also the Rotary Development Weekend is here in Osoyoos on Oct 28/29th at Spirit Ridge and everyone, especially new members, are encouraged to attend....the Club pays the attendance fee. Seriously, the Saturday is a fun, full day of Rotary information and several of our members are signed up - let me know if you need help in registering.
The luncheon speakers were our own Elly and Ramiro, speaking on Rotary's International Conventions, specifically the upcoming one June 10-14 in Atlanta, GA. They will be attending (along with other club members) and this will be their 11th Convention! These are held annually all over the world and usually attract some 30-40,000 like minded Rotarians. This one celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation, where it began. I have attended only 2 but can readily support Elly and Ramiro's claim that the hospitality and entertainment, information and learning, and fellowship is outstanding and world class. Read  about it at and think about participating....if you cannot make this one, the next one in 2018 is in Toronto.
It should be noted that Elly has been a speaker/panelist at past RI Conventions AND just  celebrated her 36th wedding anniversary...with Ramiro. 
An excellent presentation! 
Our District Governor will be featured at next weeks meeting and the message he brings is truly inspirational and you will enjoy...please make a special effort to attend and bring your spouses. Lunch will be served at 12.
Remember that we are staffing the beer garden for every home Coyote hockey game and could use volunteers for future games. It is fun and Coyotes are having another winning season! We are ok for Friday's game but need help for next Friday.
John won the 50/50 (popular win) donating it to our scholarship fund.
Enjoy a windy/safe weekend!
Luncheon Sept 23 John Robertson 2016-10-19 00:00:00Z 0

What a perfect day for a Rotary Meeting...ok, a perfect day as well for a lot of things other than saving the world through Rotary with the sun, warmth and at last, no wind.

Even Pres Brian took the time to recharge from the Lobster event so Jim King capably presided. He introduced our 2 guests Ken Campbell (guest of Gordon and prospective member) and Dale Cory (Rotarian with Oliver but now living in Osoyoos).


The meeting was primarily a recap/debrief from the hugely successful Lobster on the Beach event on Saturday. Accolades to the co-chairs Judy and Cheryl - what a job well done. This was by far the best of the 4 years as it ran so smoothly and the responses from the guests were uniformly and exuberantly positive, especially around the food and dancing. 

AND according to Jim we made double the money over last year. Once the expenses are all in, it looks like we will make in excess of $15,000. So many Rotarians and supporters to thank for it! There were suggestions for next year for improvements and approaches but the thought was that if we were to start selling tickets tomorrow, we would be sold out again in short order. Check out Clubrunner as there are pictures of the evening taken by Gordon and posted by Jim - check them out. 


Gordon reminded us of our social in 2 weeks (September 29th). There will not be a noon meeting and replacing that will be a gathering at the Owl Pub for drinks and appies between 4:30 and 5:00 followed later by coffee and a tour at the nearby Osoyoos Museum. Spouses and friends are encouraged to participate.


There was also a discussion around the Club supporting a elementary school program that would provide food for a young student in need over the weekend as the school/system provides something during the week. Something in the order of only $20/wk. It was unanimously supported that Marieze would present details at the next board meeting.


Vaughn has sent out a schedule for staffing the Coyote Beer Garden and everyone is encouraged to sign up. The games are predominately on the weekends so easy to make and they are fun to attend. Please sign up for a few games.


In youth exchange, it was reported that Carlo thrived  the Orientation Weekend in Penticton and is doing really well in his Oliver host family and school environment. He and Nina will attend a meeting soon. 


Marieze gave an update on the S. Africa trip that included more home hosting events side trips...sounding pretty wonderful.


Finally, Lynda won the 50/50 and promptly donated it to the S Africa project.


And Giselle was released to go golfing!

Lubcheon Sept 15, 2016 John Robertson 2016-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Lobster on the Beach
Lobster on the beach is finally here.
It happens this time every year.
Rotarians celebrate the sea
And it's the only place to be.
Osoyoos has... Lobster on the Beach!
Osoyoos is a desert town.
No lobster can be really found.
But that won't stop the Rotary
They've found a way to bring the sea
To Osoyoos..... Lobster on the Beach.
First the planning will be done.
And it's really kind of fun.
They'll seach PEI for the very best.
And get them ready  for a Lobster fest.
We're having... Lobster on the Beach.
From East to West the Lobster fly
In first class seats across the sky.
They are a feast for all our eyes.
So unfortunate to be their demise.
We're flying... Lobster to the Beach.
The tents begin to take their shapes.
So much work it really takes.
The white peaks outline the stage.
And chandaliers are all the rage.
We're festive for... Lobster on the Beach.
Once the cooking is all done.
Now it's time for cracking fun.
We organize our eating tools.
And try hard not to look like fools.
We're eating at... Lobster on the Beach.
When we've finally had our fill.
Mark begins the auction drill.
We have learned it's fun to give.
Being charitable is how we live.
We are giving at... Lobster on the Beach.
So the music begins to play.
And of course it makes our day.
We kick up our heels and start to dance.
How lucky are we to get this chance.
To let loose... at Lobster on the Beach.
As our friends and family collide.
We talk about our Rotarian pride.
A caring group of people who volunteer each year.
For Lobster on the Beach... let's give a cheer!
Terrilyn Mandalik 2016
Lobster o the Beach Poem Terrilyn Mandalik 2016-09-15 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Lobster on the Beach Jim King 2016-09-10 00:00:00Z 0
Guess Who 2016-08-30 00:00:00Z 0
Moonlight Movie Night Jim King 2016-08-06 00:00:00Z 0

A great day in Osoyoos for a Rotary meeting and apparently also for the masses of tourists soaking up the sun and desperately in need of driving lessons!

Jim King presided (good job!) introducing guest Rotarian Bea from Penticton, Richard from the Times and our guest speaker Richard Cannings, NDP MP for S Okanagan-W Kootenay. Richard did an impression job of sharing experiences of his first term in Ottawa and updating us on the issues facing our region from the Federal position. 

As a member of the NDP Caucus, he is Critic for Post-Secondary Education and also Critic for Natural Resources, both of which fit nicely into his background as a well published natural historian, bird expert and UBC instructor. 

We all enjoyed his easy manner in describing his role in Ottawa and it was neat to hear that he is thoroughly enjoying the exposure he has to current information and 'experts' as part of the standing committees and also that he has an opportunity to influence direction and decisions. He did sound a tad frustrated at the lack of real progress by the government with only 2 bills passed in the last 6 month session....very slow pace! He is hoping for more process on the climate change and electoral reform issues coming up the the next session starting mid September. 

He touched on the 3 issues that the Feds are working on that affect us and was well versed on all 3; the Softwood Lumber Agreement dispute with the US, the Columbia River Treaty renegotiation again with the US and the National Park controversy. 

There was a good question and answer session and overall a very positive reception by the members...he agreed to come back with updates on a future break.

Lynda reminded us to mark the August 15th Moonlight Movie Madness night on calendars. This is the Interior Savings sponsored outdoor movie presentation of Zootopia. Rotary will receive the proceeds so bring chairs/blankets and kids to the upper field behind the elementary school starting at 7pm with movie at dusk. 

Next weeks meeting will feature our YE outbound student Sylvia Mott who will give us her presentation that she will be giving to her host Rotary Club in Germany. Fun! Our outbound student Nina just back from her year in France may also attend. Our inbound this year Carlo Geat from Italy arrives in just 3 weeks so lots going on to finalize host families both here and in Oliver. 

LOTB updates were worked as the dinner is coming up fast. It is a sold out event! Harold will head up the lobster cooking crew and nailed down the volunteers for that. Please hand in the ticket stubs/money soon as there is a waiting list.

Somehow Althea won the 50/50 many others were not expecting that!


Have a safe and fun week!

Lucheon Aug 4, 2016 John Robertson 2016-08-05 00:00:00Z 0

This second meeting for Pres Brian was well attended on a fine, sunny July day. He introduced todays speaker Althea Raum, one of our new members who did double duty today presenting on Boundaries and Commitments and then as Chair of the Lobster on the Beach event in September.
Althea's resume is extensive and varied. She is a certified personal trainer, nutrition and wellness specialist, hypnotherapist, power weight lifter,  and IT manager among other things. Drawing on her professional experience, Althea shared her views on processes for making personal Commitments and then setting Boundaries. A true commitment contains specific timelines, financial resources, and energy in the form of what action in going to take place and all of this in a legally binding way. It needs to be achievable.

Althea laid out a 3 step process for Boundary Setting which all of us can use. It starts with the request that comes to each of us in time, money and energy and then asks us to question whether we have capacity to give it, are willing to give it and then think about under what circumstances are we willing to give it. Finally, the process states we negotiate to ensure we get what we want. 

Althea then moved on to about commitments! We worked through various pieces of the evening and the work that remains. Althea will define roles for the various Captains of activities needed and then will be looking for either Rotarian or non-Rotarian volunteers or where we need to hire outside folks for those roles. Marieze, Judy, Mike and Brian are already in as Captains...stay tuned, as there will be weekly meetings, likely early on Wednesdays.

Out of Happy Bucks, Matt had 2 announcements. The first was good in that he will be a new dad next February but the second was not so good as he feels he needs to resign from the Club and Rotary. He will be missed.

The 50/50 was won by Marieze and it was immediately donated to the S. Africa project. 

Next weeks speaker is hearing specialist Bryan Kawer.

Following the close of the noon meeting, another session was help for those planning on travelling to S. Africa to view our international project.


Luncheon July 14,2016 John Robertson 2016-07-18 00:00:00Z 0
Pancake Breakfast 2016 Gordon MacIvor 2016-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Awards 2015-16 Gordon MacIvor 2016-06-29 00:00:00Z 0
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Rotary Golf Tournament 2016 Jim King 2016-06-13 00:00:00Z 0

Today's meeting was primarily a working session in preparation for Saturday's golf tournament but there was some business to cover as well. President Marieze had two member announcements. The first was that Brian Rawlings and Karen Hewett will be switching roles in next years executive with Brian assuming the Presidency at the upcoming installation on June 27th and Karen will continue as President Elect for the 2016-17 Rotary year. The second was that Vaughn Denis has resigned from the Club and this just after a hugely successful Cactus Jalopy event that he managed so well. Vaughn has been a good friend of Rotary and to many of us as members and we will miss him as an integral Rotarian in our Club. 

And speaking of Cactus Jalopy, Brian reported early numbers indicate a profit of some $2400 to the Club....really great effort by Vaughn and most of the Club volunteers.

Marieze shared the OSS students who will be receiving our scholarships (one of $500 and one of $1000) on June 26th. There was also a letter from the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation acknowledging our $5000 contribution, the first piece of our $30,000 total commitment.

Jim shared that the Club is 75% toward our Foundation goal and encouraged anyone/everyone to take advantage of the few days remaining in which they sign in to and make their contribution. Easy peasy he says!

Doug in his role as chair of the golf tournament, then lead us in updates with only 2 days to go. It appears we are on task for a very successful one. All the volunteers are set, there are 22 teams for golf (88 players) with 120 signed up for the dinner/auction. Hole sponsorship alone stands at $5700...and incredible overall effort by Doug and his committees.

Marieze won the 50/50 and donated it to the 'Camille' fund!

A good meeting.

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A great meeting today, so pay attention as there is a lot here to take in!

President Marieze introduced guests/near members Tracy and Elly, and speakers Ken Clarke and Tracy McFadden and Richard McGuire, following a riveting Oh Canada.

First of all, an update on our Fort McMurray donations. Last week Marieze passed a box around and the members present contributed $700 for the fire victims. Any additional donations this week will be added and the total will be matched by the club and forwarded to their Rotary District for distribution with matching grants. Well done!

Marieze also updated us on South Africa, both the project underway now and the visit by members next January. There are really good pictures on the Rotary Club of Franschhoek Valley Facebook. Check out the good progress on construction of the pre-school building (creche) on which we will be providing the toilet facilities. The first 3 toilets have been ordered and our club has sent the money.

In other undates, we are looking for host families for inbound YE student Carlo Geat - let Marieze or I know if you have interest or questions, and the VTT (Vocational Training Team) from Australia arrives next Friday for the weekend...there will be an opportunity for us to meet them at an informal social on the Saturday evening so mark your calendars and more information will follow.

Marieze also presented a Paul Harris pin and award to Bill Lawrence. This is his third! In his acceptance Bill confirmed that he and Lenore will be leaving Osoyoos soon to take up residence in Penticton to be closer to their 2 daughters and health resources. They both will be missed. 

Harold then shared highlights of this past weekend at the Rotary District Conference in Yakima. He attended with Audrey and 500 other Rotarians to hear great motivational and humorous speakers, participate in fellowship events and watch a moving Youth Exchange presentation by all the inbounds, highlighted by a video presentation prepared by our own Camille. He also brought back a plaque and award given to one Rotarian in each club in District 5060....our humble and honoured recipient member was very appreciative! 

An excellent speaker presentation followed. Tracy McFadden, Executive Director of the Desert Valley Hospice Society and Ken Clarke, President of the Board of Directors tag teamed an impressive and informative talk. Ken noted that the values of DVHS and Rotary have a good deal in common with health, activity and engagement being essential. DVHS provides hospice palliative or end-of-life care for those in need in Osoyoos and Oliver within Interior Health. Based in a supportive care centre in Osoyoos, the Society educates and trains some 35 volunteers in delivering care and programs to those on life ending journeys, their caregivers and the communities in which they live. They offer many programs such as advance care planning facilitation, bereavement and grief support. 

Like most non profit groups, DVHS could use financial support from Rotary but Ken also suggested that there were other ways in which our 2 organizations could join to service the community...a worthy challenge to the club.

A good round of happy bucks and Elly won the 50/50, donating it to Fire victims. 

For your calendar then:

May 27 Social for Ramiro's birthday 

May 28 Social for the VTT

June 4 Cactus Jalopy Beer Garden

June 11 Rotary Golf Tournament

June 27 Club Installation of Executive 

July 1 Canada Day Pancake Breakfast


Pres Marieze ended with the quote "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless" from Mother Teresa. Actually these were the close to the previous meeting but worth repeating!

May 19,2016 John Robertson 2016-05-21 00:00:00Z 0

The first May meeting was a good one...even if the singing of Oh Canada was abysmal! Pres Marieze introduced our guests which included our speaker Laurie Myres, 'near members' Giselle and Althea and our youth exchange was well represented with past outbound student Tiana Smith and of course Camille. 

Laurie is the Support and Education Coordinator for the S. Okanagan/Similkameen (Summerland to Rock Creek) for the Alzheimer Society of BC. She is an excellent speaker and obviously very invested in her role as evidenced by the member interest and number of questions. Laurie first defined the scale of disease in BC, currently at 70,000 that are known with another 30,000 that are not diagnosed or identified and while we think of Alzheimers as an 'old' persons disease, 10,000 of those are under 65. Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia, which is an overall term for symptoms caused by brain disorders and it is irreversible, destroying brain cells and causing cognitive abilities and memory to deteriorate. 

She stressed that at the earliest signs of potential dementia, seek medical help to both define what the disease is and if appropriate start a drug program (one of 4 available) that could help in slowing down its progression.  People can be very high functioning in the early stages.

Laurie suggested that all of us can initiate a brain health program They include protecting the brain (helmets etc), challenging it (doing things differently), monitoring heath as in knowing your numbers ( blood, sugars etc) and exercising, staying social. Sounds like Rotary...except for the helmets.

We should have her back...note to the new Program Chair (Mike) and in the meantime check our their website at

One final note of interest is that the countries with the lowest incident rates of alzheimers are India and Pakistan and the notion is that there is a relationship with diet, so bulk up on your tumeric and cumin!

Tiana updated us on her time since Finland 4 year ago. She just completed her 3rd year at UVIC in kenisiology and has some upcoming decisions on specialization in her field. Great to see her back. Camille reported some prowess in soccer with 2 goals in the past week and then a goal in hockey...and she does not play either!

Linda won the 50/50 and yet again donated it to the S. African project. And speaking of that project, 3 toilets (of the 20) that we are sponsoring are being installed this month. 

Following the meeting Marieze led an initial planning session for members thinking of travelling to S.Africa to inspect our international project. Looking very positive with 13 members/friends considering it, leaving later in January next year for 3 weeks. 


Dates to note:

June 4th - Cactus Jalopies

June 11th - Rotary Golf Tournament

June 27th - Installation

July 1st - Pancake breakfast

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A great meeting and one of the first in Osoyoos history in which we did not have at least one guest! I am not suggesting anything around our guests but the 'Oh Canada' was better than the norm. 

On notices, this Saturday night is the Oliver Club fundraising dinner and there are a few tickets left - we have at least 2 members attending. Also, the Cancer Daffodil Dash fundraiser is on this upcoming Sunday and are looking for volunteers - contact Eileen McGinn if you can spare a few hours. Also, our District has designated local food banks as a priority and we agreed to support the notion and bring donations to both the meeting next week and the social which follows...stay tuned!

Our scheduled speaker bailed so we were fortunate to call on Mike Brousseau to give his vocational talk...very short notice but job really well done. Mike is our newest member. Despite his good looks and demeanor he admitted he was an Ontario boy...northern originally. Sports played a large part of his life with; basketball, both as a player and coach in which he excelled, wind surfing in which he was very proficient, golf in which he shows strong promise, and squash in which he sucks.  If pancake flipping ever gets to be an Olympic sport, we have a contender!

Mike was a teacher, primarily in PE until the AID's issue arose in the 80's where, after an teaching exchange for a year in Australia, he became the poster child for health and sex education, developing and delivering a curriculum to a needy teacher audience. Some fun stories. He retired to Osoyoos with Anne Marie (but really to ski with Harold and I ) and to enjoy his 3 kids who also chose BC as more desirable to live in than....

Welcome Mike!

So, now pay attention to next week's schedule. There is a noon meeting with guest speaker NDP Education critic Rob Flemming PLUS an evening social at the Osoyoos Yaught Club at 5:00 at which Marize will present our first $5000 to Janice Perrino of the SOS Medical Foundation for the new Patient Care Tower in Penticton. This is our major community project for the next 5 years so a good start. 

So, plan to attend both but only bring a salad/desert to the evening would help if you let you Marieze know what you are bringing so we don't duplicate. Brian will bring the BBQ protein and Mike is coordinating the venue. Some prep and cleanup is requested.

There was an update on this past weekends Youth Exchange event in Chelan where our club's outbound student Sylvia and our inbound Camille (plus sister Albane) participated. All 3 did great! It was noted that our Rotary District is the largest and strongest participant in YE in North and successful exchanges. Sylvia is heading to Heiligenhaus in Germany in August. AND, our inbound student for next year is Carlo Geat from Trento Italy. His bio sounds fantastic so think about home hosting? Note also that Camille will be 17 this Saturday...we will celebrate at the BBQ!

Lynda won the 50/50 and promptly donated it to the SA project (Marieze will be sending out a meeting announcement for those thinking of participating in January).

Marieze closed with the quote 'nothing can dim the light from within'. Worthy!


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Easter Jim King 2016-03-28 00:00:00Z 0

A sunny St Patricks Day! There was no Guinness in sight but a good meeting nonetheless. Pres Marieze introduced several guests including Knowles McGill (Rotary Sioux Lookout), Carole Byrd (guest speaker), Heather (Rotarian from Grande Prairie), Richard (the Times) and the very note able Gregor Read from St Catherine's who has been with us all winter, becoming a good friend attending many meetings and volunteering at most of our Coyote beer garden events. Safe travels Greg and look forward to seeing you back home in the fall. 

Mike and Gisele are our newest members and both present.

Pres Marieze shared 2 upcoming events. April 9th is Osoyoos 15th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon and Judy volunteered to coordinate that for the Club and May 27-29th is the visit to Osoyoos of the 5 member Vocational Training Team from Australia and Brian volunteered to coordinate their visit so will be looking for help with visits to local agricultural sites as their focus is farming. 

Marieze introduced our guest speaker Carole Bird. Carole is a recent Osoyoos resident having retired from a 27 year career with the RCMP, most recently in Ottawa as Inspector in Charge for the NCMPUR which of course is the National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains. Everyone knows that one? A very confident and enjoyable speaker and presentation. Carole shared information new to us about Missing Persons (MP) and Missing Children (MC) with the distinction being MP's are adults, persons over 18 years of age. People over 18 can go 'missing' if they choose to as their choice but children cannot. There are on average 21 thousand MPs per year and 41 thousand MCs per year reported. Of the MCs, 43% are 14 or 15 year olds. 

NCMPUR is not an investigative agency but more a national repository for data and support for the regional policing authorities. They share best practices, train the local police and provide a database for Canadian, and International, investigations. The direction is for them to standardize the approach to MPs, understand root causes, create a National DNA database and understand the roles of NGO's such as Amber Alert EU, Missing Children of Canada (of which Carole is a Director) and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. 

Of special interest was the potential add to the Amber Alert which is the Silver Alert which should be of interest to our Club and especially to Ron Leigh....where is he?  Everyone appreciated the presentation. 

Under upcoming events to think about are the Pancake Breakfast on March 26th and our exchange student Camille needing hosting and activities for herself and sister April 10 to 23. 

David won the 50/50 (again!) claiming that the proceeds are going to his ongoing charity of supplies to Mexican children....bring pictures!

A board meeting broke out following the regular meeting....stay tuned for the minutes!

Yay spring!

Luncheon March 17, 2016 John Robertson 2016-03-18 00:00:00Z 0

Pres: Marieze opened today's first March spring meeting welcoming guests Richard (Times) and Rotarian snowbird Lyle and spouses Audrey, Hilary and Leahanne. Ron was also welomed home from his winter exile in California. As Marieze was also our luncheon speaker, she led right into her presentation on our Clubs International Project which has become much clearer from her recent trip to S. Africa.

The overarching project is called the Bhadhathane (meaning 'change') Project and is a vision/plan for education in the Franschhoek Valley, a popular tourist area about 40 minutes outside Cape Town. While much of the Valley is prosperous (agriculture,wine, tourism) there is also a significant issue with poverty in squatter camps and the associated lack of access to schools and education. One particular problem is early childhood access where facilities may not be certified and therefore not funded by the Government and are simply appalling according to Marieze on inspection. These facilities, Early Childhood Development Centers have to be brought up to standards in order to be funded and absorbed into the education system and that is where the Franschhoek Valley Rotary Club comes in. Marieze met with the Club and the DG and learned of their work under the Bhadhathane banner to provide 24 mobile schools (rooms of 30-45sq m each) at a cost of $11,000 each. Marieze learned that there are no toilets included for the 40 children each would hold and it was suggested that  we could provide that component. The suggested solution is a neat waterless toilet system (google Ecosan). Each site would require 4 toilets at a cost of $800 per unit, so $3200 for each school the FVRC builds. 

Harold captured our thoughts best in saying that our club has been searching for years for an international project to participate in and this looks worthy and we should damn well get on with it! Children, literacy and sanitation all in one project and the Club has $20,000 budgeted already! There is an friendship exchange component with the FVRC and maybe an opportunity for some hands-on work which still needs to be worked out. The pilot unit will be constructed this fall in the Groendal community and we agreed that Marieze should reconnect with FVRC and support toilets for that first one at least. Any members thinking about visiting the project should set aside time in January of 2017...there may be a stampede!

Excellent presentation Marieze...hope this is an accurate enough summary.


PE Karen and ADG Cheryle had attended the PETS training (too many acronyms!) last weekend in Seattle with 798 other energetic Rotarians and insisted it was well run and informative with amazing speakers...and not just another Rotary party!


Matt won the 50/50 and split the proceeds between the Scholarship Foundation and a future pitcher of beer....a true Rotarian!


Next weeks speaker is Kevin Harrisson (Ret) on the RCMP.


Bring this spring on!

Luncheon March 3,2016 John Robertson 2016-03-06 00:00:00Z 0
A bright sunny day (finally!) for today's luncheon and ensuing Board meetings. Pres Marieze introduced guests Richard  (the Osoyoos Times),  Greg Sol (General Mgr OCU) and Rotarian Marilyn who is returning to Kamloops after 3 mos in Osoyoos  - a regular attendee at our meetings. 
Marieze also introduced our guest speaker Janice Perrino, Executive Director of SOSMF (South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation). Janice is a frequent and popular presenter and did not disappoint today, even though she always seem to be soliciting our money! The Foundation has committed to raise $20 million for the new Patient Care Tower at the Penticton Hospital. The Regional Health District is contributing $122 million and the BC Government the remaining $183 of the total $325 million. The SOSMF has half of the commitment already raised in cash or pledges. 
The first phase consisting of the new tower construction breaks ground this spring and will be completed in 2019. Phase 2 follows with renovations of the existing facility to allow for emergency services.  The existing infrastructure was built in 1953 when the population being serviced was 10,00 as opposed the the 91,000 supported now so Janice stressed this project is critically needed and about time! Attracting the 190 doctors and 80 specialists needed has already begun. She shared many more interesting facts and information in her entertaining style, one new one being that there will only be a net gain of 15-20 beds and that seemingly low number a result of the fact that 80% of surgeries are day surgeries. 
Janice appealed for individuals and businesses to think about making financial commitments and for our Club to join other Rotary Clubs in participating.  We had already committed to $20,000 over 4 years and by the end of this presentation and discussions by the Board, Pres Marieze will be asking for membership approval for a $30,000 support level over 6 years. 
Very doable!
Other updates included attendance by Marieze and Cheryle at the grant writing seminar in Omak on the weekend and also PE Karen and ADG Cheryle at PETS in Seattle this weekend. Also Cheryle and I presented trophies to Coyote players for scholastic and community achievement on the weekend. The Rotary beer garden was alive and well for the opening 2 games of the playoffs Tues/Wed, both won by the Coyotes. Stay tuned for more opportunities next week.
Jeff won the 50/50 and will use that (and more) to host Camille at Big White. 
Next week's meeting will feature Marieze speaking on the International Project/Exchange in South Africa next January...advanced seating recommended!
A good meeting!
Lucheon February 25 John 2016-02-26 00:00:00Z 0

Pres Marieze presided this grey February noon over a meeting that turned out to provide lively/fun and good fellowship. First was a couple of notices; Marize and Cheryle are attending a grant writing seminar in Omak this weekend and would welcome anyone to join them, and the Club has been invited to participate in the Atom Fiesta hockey tournament to be held here on March 11-13 and manage a beer garden...more information to come. 

Marieze introduced our guest speaker Mike Harrison. Mike is the Osoyoos Golf Course Superintendent, joining the club in 1989 as Assistant Super when it was an 18 hole course. He became Superintendent in 1991 and oversaw the grown to 27 holes in 1994 and then to 36 holes in 2006. Todays golf clubhouse was added in 2000. Mike was thrilled to see the course open early this year, February12th, in such great condition.  The winter was good to us! Mike has a staff of 3 year round employees which grows to 24 in the golf season. He shared that one of his larger challenges is managing the water supply from the effluent ponds with its significant salt component. Regular flushing of the grass areas and salt tolerant vegetation are just 2 solutions. Mike also shared good stories on the management of the marmot, seagull and geese populations. An entertaining and informative talk and I can attest to the great job of greens keeping Mike and the crew provide to us golf enthusiasts ...hackers!

Still on golf, Doug advised that our Club tournament will be on June 11 on the Desert Course. Matt has taken on the lead for golfing registry and teams.

And while you are marking that calendar, include:

-April 23rd, if you are able to attend the Oliver Club dinner/auction annual fundraiser

-February 25th, luncheon speakers from the Penticton Hospital Medical Foundation 
-March 3rd luncheon presentation by Marieze on our S. African project next January

-May 12-15 District Conference in Yakima

-Sept 10th evening of LOTB (Lobster on the Beach- you probably have that noted already)


Also reminders of the Board meeting following next Thursday's  meeting and safe travels to Karen and Cheryle as they head to PETS in Seattle next weekend. 

David raked in the 50/50 and intends to use that money to add to the supply of school supplies he will be taking to kids in Mexico. 


And that was the meeting...apart from Matt showing off his newest girl Molly, a sweet  chocolate lab pup.

Luncheon February 18 John Robertson 2016-02-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jan 31, 2016

Being the fourth Thursday in the month, today's meeting format was a business update and speaker. In spite of that, PE Karen led a fast paced, informative fun meeting starting with one of the best O Canada's ever!  Guests included Trevor, Giselle, Marilyn, and Mike. 

Jim reported that we are 63% towards our club Foundation goal, approximately $1800 so far. EVEY...every Rotarian, every year something. He also reported that the Town fire-hall is on time and on budget but we have no idea what committee that came from. 

Lynda shared that attendance continues a club strength, in excess of 80% YTD.

ADG Cheryle had several updates. This weekend she will be attending Pre-Pets with PE Karen with the full PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) coming up at the end of Feb. The District Grand Mgmt. Seminar will be help in Omak on Feb 20 and while she and Jim will attend, anyone interested is encouraged to join them. The District Conference is May 12-15 in Yakima and there will be a bus available and the special news is that the cost of the conference will be converted to Cdn at par! 

Cheryle also shared that the LOTB (lobster on the beach) dinner on Sept. 10th will once again brag Mark Madryga as master of ceremonies. Well done!

Secretary Doug is ordering replacement name tags so let him know if you need one. He also talked about the golf tournament which will be June 11th or 25th. He needs help for our biggest fundraiser and needs a response to his recent email, either way so please email him. 

Brian gave a very positive Treasurers update with $30m in the bank and $20m set aside for our 2 major projects. 

Under Youth Exchange,  both our inbound Camille and outbound Sylvia students are off to Revelstoke the weekend after next for a fun Weekend in the Mountains event. This is the first meeting for all the outbounds together with our current students so will be a hoot. Camille is spending this next week in Whistler as a guest of Rotarians from Quincey....c'est une chance!

In other news, Trevor gave us a summary of the very successful SOAP play just concluded in Oliver...Noices Off, in which he acted (I can attest to a very fun play and an excellent lead role for him) and also shared that he is starting acting classes for both kids (10 to 14) and adults (15 to 105). There are limited spots so check out next weeks Times for more information.

There will be a SOS (Save our School) meeting on Feb 9th at the Sonora Center....lots of emotional fodder in this topic!

And that was it! Good meeting....except that Doug won the 50/50, but it will wind up in Foundation so all was good.


2 weeks to golf season!

Luncheon January 28.2016 John Robertson 2016-02-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jan 21, 2016

PE Karen presided over a full house of 21 members and guests. All were appreciating the mild week of weather and first sun in some time. 

Karen introduced our 3 guest speakers from Special Olympics BC (SOBC) representing the South Okanagan. Reanne Holden spoke first in her capacity of Manager of Community Development in the Okanagan. She shared that SOBC's goal for the past 30 years has been to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and in turn, the lives of their families, friends and everyone they've touched. SOBC provides sports programs and competitions to more than 4300 SO athletes, year round, in 57 communities in BC. The amazing statistic though is that there are 3300 volunteers in support of them! The organization is international and totally athlete centered.

Lee Chic spoke next as the local volunteer/coordinator for SOBC. There are some 50 disabled athletes in the Osoyoos/Oliver corridor (only 2 in Osoyoos!) and they participate in 4 of the 18 sports played internationally; swimming, bowling, bocce and curling. Their ages range from 7 to 74. Lee introduced Alberto Holt as a Special Olympian from Osoyoos and he spoke proudly of his successes in swimming and bowling, even sharing a couple of his medals. All three were obviously and vocally proud and passionate about the program, exemplified by the story of Alberto having to actually fall down each time he bowls a ball and still loves the competition, without complaint. 

The presentation was to create awareness and ask for interested volunteers for the program and specifically for the local competitions. The next one here is a 2 day bocce tournament June 11 and 12. As the date approaches, Karen will remind us and coordinate volunteers. Quite different from the Para Olympics that we are more familiar with, but just as worthy.

Remember that you read this here first...Richard McGuire, eat your heart out!

No speaker next week as it is our business/social meeting. 

Giselle won the 50/ she will be back! 

Great job Karen.


"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt" .....SO Athlete's Oath.


Luncheon January 21 John Robertson 2016-01-22 00:00:00Z 0
Pres Marieze introduced 2 guests of Gail, Benjamin Guth and Jeniffer Bussman,  Eva Duguid (current host mom of Camille), Marilyn from the Kamloops West Club and our guest speaker PDG Roger Perry. 
Roger is the Rotary Foundation Chair for District 5060. At the best of times, anyone charged with trying to make Foundation sound scintillating is doomed.  First of all,  you are asking for more money from each of us annually and then you have to describe where it all goes, which apparently is a bottomless pit of acronyms! But Roger did a very credible job, even if he had to share the news that beginning in 2016, only 95% of donations will go to Foundation and 5% will need to be allocated to operating expenses. 
In the 2013-14 Rotary year, some $400m was raised in our District for Foundation. That money goes into trust until 2016-17, earning interest for the 3 years. 50% of that will then go to the World Fund (Global Grants, scholarships etc) and 50% will go to District Designated Funds ( mostly local and international projects). We can access these funds for qualified projects as we have done in the past and plan to do again this year with the South African project. The real advantage lies in the various grants and matching funds that can conceivably start with $10m of our club money and grow to $65m from Rotary funding plus Canadian Govt matching funds (6.5 : 1). But it all starts with EREY...every Rotarian, every year. There is no minimum amount but all Rotarians are asked to donate something to Foundation...this is how we fund all the good that Rotary does around the world.  There are lots of easy ways to given and Jim King, our Club Foundation Chair can show you how easy it is!
Over lunch, we had an interesting presentation from Benjamin Guth, Program Manager for a Toronto employment company, Mobilize. Their mission is to provide Canadian sourced workers between 18-30 on a rotational placement basis to employers in the tourism, hospitality and food services businesses. They provide the recruitment, payroll and admin components of the hire but not the housing. This is a fairly new approach replacing a formerly internationally sourced workforce with a Canadian one. They placed some 200 workers in their first year and are expecting significant growth this year...they are a preferred vendor partner with TOTA (Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association). A neat talk and a worthy idea.
Next weeks speaker is Lee Chic, Local Cordinator for SOBC (Special Olympics BC).
Pres Marieze is off today to S. Africa on holiday and while there will investigate the international project for the travels! PE Karen will step in to run the next 3 meetings.
Good meeting!

Luncheon January 7,2016 John Robertson 2016-01-19 00:00:00Z 0


A sunny crisp Osoyoos day outside and equally bright inside....someone had sprinkled a generous dose of the spirit of giving over the meeting!

PR Karen presided and introduced our guest speaker Michael Ryan who is spearheading the arrival and sponsorhip of a Syrian refugee family to Osoyoos. He spoke to the tremendous need to respond to this tragedy, the greatest human displacement since WW2. This family would come under the private sponsorship piece of the 25,000 refugees that the Cdn goverment has committed to. A steering committee of 14 is working the logistics, having raised just over half of the $30,000 they view is needed in the first year. A house is rented and there have been so many donations given that the more immediate needs are financial. He does not know much about the family coming other than there are four with 2 children aged 5 and 8 and they will arrive before February and hopefully by year's end. Support was immediately offered by individuals in the club and Michael was recognized for this worthy project.

ADG Cheryle then spoke on some of her learnings from her District role over the past 6 mos (she will share more in a future meeting), encouraging all of us to reflect on the reasons why we joined Rotary and ensure our actions and behaviors are consistent with the 4-way test.

Lynda updated us on the Christmas 'Adopt a Family' program that our club is supporting...this year it is a family of 5 with 3 girls aged 5, 7 and 11. She will distribute a list of needs and we can respond directly to her...of course there was lots of support from members! There is a fairly short time frame allowed for collection so please respond promptly.

We have been approached by the District to consider taking on an outbound student from the  Summerland Club as they had 2 outstanding applicants and could only support one. They recognized that we were not successful in finding a student locally and of course we need an outbound to receive an inbound next fall. The response from the club was immediate and strongly very gratifying! The upshot is that we have a super excited Sylvia Mott now knowing she will be on exchange next year and is looking forward to meeting the club at the December 10th meeting. Well done!

Harold has taken the lead on our Festival of Trees decoration following the meeting at Inkameep...there was promise of 'bubbly' for those helping to decorate! The is part of some $60m that the Festival has contributed to Children's Hospital over the past 5 years.

Pam outbid everyone for the awesome Rotary licence plate holders that PE Karen auctioned! Lucky girl, and then Harold promised to mount them for her!

See what I mean by spirit of giving?

Remember no noon meeting next week, replaced by our Christmas function that evening at the Golf Club. 


Luncheon Nov 26,2015 John Robertson 2015-11-30 00:00:00Z 0

President Marieze welcomed the 16 members/guests to this Nov 12th meeting.....little did we know, the date was significant separating Remembrance Day and the horrific Paris and Beirut terrorist atrocities. 

Our guest speaker was Denise Blashko, executive Director of the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce. Denise took over the role in early September, coming from a Community Futures position in Penticton and a range of regional economic development roles in BC and Alta.  She came at a busy time with the Festival of the Grape event upcoming and the strategic planning time of year at hand. She has an affinity and passion for making a difference in rural communities and small towns so will meld in nicely here!

Denise led us though the many roles that the Chamber plays in Osoyoos, Oliver and OK Falls and there is a bunch of them! Included were the business walks, the AGM and Awards evening, promotion of business nights (9 so far this year), benefit plans for small businesses to access, production and distribution of business maps (20,000 this year), and the Harvesting Diversity event recently hosted. 

It was noted that membership in the Chamber by business is only at about 30% of total businesses here and in Oliver, slightly higher in OK Falls. More members in general and new board members would be welcomed! Also noted was that profit dollars from events goes back to members in the form of training, promotion and advertising. 

The next Business to Business meeting is next Wednesday, Nov 18, at the Osoyoos Museum and everyone is welcome.

A good presentation and message from a comfortable and talented speaker...we would hope to see Denise at many more of our meetings. 

In other updates, it was announced our club will not be hosting and inbound youth exchange student next year  as we could not find an appropriate outbound student from OSS. We will try again next year!

Food bank donations were received at the meeting and it was discussed and decided that all members would be asked to donate $10 at the next meeting to help the food bank out for the holiday season. Also Linda will investigate taking on a family for Christmas as we have done before. 

Dates to note are the Board meeting Nov 26th following the noon meeting and the Christmas Party on Dec 4th to be celebrated with the Oliver Club. 


Have a great week!


And if I could have put the French Tricolor overlay on this in honor of Paris, I would have.

Lubcheon Nov 12,2015 John Robertson 2015-11-16 00:00:00Z 0
Leadership in Osoyoos 2015-11-02 00:00:00Z 0

Thursday's noon meeting on a spectacularly warm, sunny October day.


Pres Marieze introduced our speaker Ted Osborne, who gave us a very professional and entertaining talk in his capacity as a director in the South Okanagan Amateur Players Society (SOAP).  In his work life, Ted was a drama teacher which led him to a love of community theater. He pointed out the significant contribution it brings to towns like Oliver and Osoyoos in the form of building a sense of community and civic pride on top of just plain good entertainment. Soap has performed 50 plays and musicals over the last 45 years which is quite amazing. Ted has directed 9 of those plays over the last 15 seasons and will also be directing the next play, Noises Off,  in the New Year on Jan 21, 22 and 23. SOAP is unique in that most performances are given in both Osoyoos and Oliver but Noices Off will only be in the Venables Theater in Oliver due to the complexity of the set. 

Noises Off is a great comedy so mark those dates on your calender now with the bonus being  one of the leads will be played by our own thespian Trevor Leigh!

Ted also announced that SOAP is hosting a festival of theater groups bringing 5 plays over one week again at the Venables Theater at a date in the spring yet to be set. They are looking for volunteers and sponsors to help out with staging, admin etc...might be fun?

Camille gave us an quick update on her first 2 months (almost) here. In school she is taking History, English and Law and is active in both the drama club and volleyball. She has been to Vancouver once and would love to go there again (anyone going?). She is still with Marieze with Karen on deck as next host family. 

Thursday was Credit Union Day...yay! In recognition of that, Interior Savings held their 'Day of Difference' in which all 21 branches locked up early and each chose on area of service to perform. Lynda and her staff chose to work with Rotary and help with our highway cleanup project so with 6 1/2 Rotarians and 6 Int Savings volunteers, designated sections of hwy 3 and 97 were cleansed later that afternoon. Great job!

Neat week will see 2 members (Eileen and Ron?) give their vocational talks. 

Our President closed the meeting noting that in order to thrive in life, it requires 3 bones....the wish, back and funny bones! 

Have a great week! 

Luncheon Oct 15, 2015 John Robertson 2015-10-18 00:00:00Z 0
Lobster fest Sept 12,2015 Jim King 2015-09-18 00:00:00Z 0
luncheon Sept 10 Jim King 2015-09-17 00:00:00Z 0

The last meeting in August was held indoors 'cause the fire smoke outside is becoming tiresome! But we had fun. Former Rotarian Bobi Emblum and Richard McQuire joined us as guests to hear luncheon speaker Greg Luring, our District Governor address the club. Greg was joined by his wife Jan, both are Rotarians from the Yakima, WA. club.

DG Greg had met with our board before the meeting and shared goals and updates from the District as Pres Marieze did in return about our goals and plans. 

Cheryle ably introduced DG Greg in her capacity as ADG and was later recognized in his talk for the strong role she is playing in assisting him in his year. Neat!

Greg and Jan were Ohio State Buckeyes in the '57 class and talked about the next 13 years in nuclear subs in the US Navy, the MacDonalds organizations where they own 13 franchises and now Rotary. He used his exposure to all three large organziations to talk about leadership and specifically where work actually gets done....the naval ships, the MacDonalds outlets and then in Rotary, the individual clubs like Osoyoos. He is a great proponent of bending the rules, asking for forgiveness in lieu of permission and just moving forward. He used our success in spousal membership as an example of that...thought we were legal! Not a surprise then was his focus on membership. He shared that the #1 reason for joining Rotary is for friendship, the #2 being for local impact. 

The DG then showed a cute video promoting next years District Conference in Yakima having the theme 'Footsteps, Fellowship and Fun'. 

Greg and Jan will be back in Osoyoos for the District Training on Halloween...I think they enjoyed their visit to our club!

Karen S gave an encouraging update on the Lobster on the Beach which is going well with only 23 tickets remaining. She will be looking for volunteer sign-ups for the evening soon. 

The Challenge Penticton Triathlon bike stations that we will be manning is on track for this Sunday and exciting blue T-shirts were distributed to those volunteering. In now looks like we will have sufficient folks to hand water/nutrients to the 220 riders. Thanks everyone!

Other updates included confirmation that our inbound exchange student Camille will arrive Sept 1 and spend her first stay with Pres Marieze. Our outbound Nina arrived in France on Wednesday and you can follow her year on her blog at It is good!

ADG Cheryle talked about the plight of the fires, specifically in the Rock Creek community and the support  that some clubs are doing to assist them. 

The 50/50 was won by Bobi who donated it immediately to the fire victims. 

Next week's speaker is Sgt Randy Bosch with the RCMP.

Luncheon Aug 28,2015 John Robertson 2015-08-29 00:00:00Z 0
Today was a typically informative, full and fun summer meeting. Guests included Rotarians Tim Cawdell (Quesnel) and John Oldham (Spruce Grove), Kendi from Work BC and guest of Donelda. Also of note was the return of Elly and Ramiros to their Osoyoos home (and our club!) who came directly to this meeting even before seeing their dedicated is that?
Announcements included the arrival date of our inbound student Camille in the evening of Sept 1st. More details to come for those that may want to greet her at the airport. Also for those attending the MacLean golf tournament, there is a $50 discount for us as the lobster event that night means we would miss dinner. 
Pres Marieze shared information on new Federal Government matching funding support announced for Rotary Polio and International projects...very postitive for our South African project next year!
Our speaker was Steve DiCastri who gave an excellent update on the Okanagan Correction Center (OCC) in his capacity as Warden. Steve is a 30 year veteran of correction centers and this posting may well lead into retirement and we gain a permanent resident. OCC is a maximum security designation and will be the largest correction facility in BC. It will have 378 cells and will hold inmates who have been sentenced or in reman for maximum 2 years less a day as felons with longer sentences are sent to Federal prisons. There will be a staff of 300 and Steve estimated that 50% of those will be hired and trained and the rest will come from within the corrections system. Only the 3 Deputy Wardens have been hired so far. 
Steve talked about the education or skills/tools building component of an inmates time. In addition to the potential of gaining a skill for a job, participation in programs shortens time spent inside and a full 70% of inmates will be assigned to programs. Most are inside and include  wood and metal shops, greenhouses, kitchens and sewing/tayloring facilities and some are outside where low risk offenders can aid in trail building, snow removal, fire fighting support type projects. 
There was a good question session in which 'some' members wished it to be noted that only 20 of the cells are designated to female offenders and also that an increasing number of guards are female because of inherent and superior empathy, listening and verbal skills! Hmmmm....Also of note was the fact that property offenses and personal assault were the top two sources of convictions for these inmates.
Steve promised to come back and will be a welcome speaker again as the center becomes closer to opening in Jan of 2017. 
Pres Marieze clarified the noon program change starting in Oct which will see the 4th meeting in the month become more of an opportunity for fellowship with no speakers scheduled and short business updates and perhaps a vocational/bio talk by Rotarians. 
Virtually everyone signed up for helping at the bike aid station for the Pentiction Challenge Triathlon on Sunday August 30, 7am to 11am, and John will send out an email with sign up instructions...soon! 
Happybucks broke out and then Pam won the 50/50! A good meeting!

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$10,000 hole in one winners Jim King 2015-08-06 00:00:00Z 0
Lobster Fest Sept 12, 2015 Jim King 2015-07-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cheryle King on Jul 27, 2015
Rotary Club of Osoyoos
July 23, 2015
President Marieze called the meeting to order with 12 members and 4 guests in attendance. Brian and his son Edward from Maple Ridge, Eileen Holland from Nelson and Bill  from Penticton representing Area 27. He is the President of South OK Motor Sports Corporation.
Bill   has been interested in car racing since he was a kid in school in Penticton. He left high school and went to Shannonville, Ont. In 1986 where he started out by working around the tracks and  then engines so he could get a chance racing cars for payment. Jacque Villenue was a huge influence and several other drivers at that time. David King (no relation) of Intrawest fame has become one of the founding and premier investors. His family is from Penticton and owns Grant Kings Men’s Wear.
Formula car racing used to have huge sponsorship from the tobacco companies until 2003, Rothmans gained $300,000,000 in revenue the first year they stopped sponsoring Formula racing.
Today’s cars are so fast they saw the need to have a track the owners could race on safely. Bill came up with the idea in 2012 and approached the OIB to see if the land above La Vieux Pin Winery on Black Sage was available. In 2013 Chris Scott , Business Development and Chief Louie of the OIB gave Bill a letter of intent and the concept for Area 27 as formed.
There are over 100 paid members each paying $30,000, over 1/3 of the membership base is already there. Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren Canada are part of the members.
They plan on developing a Country Club atmosphere for the Rich and Famous to race their cars, hold company events such as launching new cars, racing teams and management training. They hope to hold these events in the shoulder season which would fill the resorts. Ferrari NA Challenge is planning a corporate retreat. They hope to hold at least 3 – 4 public events a year.
They are forming a Not- for – Profit and plan on bringing a new style of tourism to our area.
The track is 4.9 miles per lap. They are in the final stages of the lease and plan on opening the first phase in May of next year .Local businesses should benefit from Area 27. Area 27 Desert Indy 500.
Aug.30th is the Valley First, Penticton Challenge and we will be having to aid stations on Hwy.3 so John is looking for volunteers. (fun,fun,fun)
McLarens Golf Tournament is on and Sept.12, same day as LOTB, so Doug is checking to see if we participate they might offer a reduction if we don’t have the dinner.
Luncheon July 23, 2015 Cheryle King 2015-07-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jul 11, 2015

The first meeting of the new Rotary Year under President Marieze was a good one...a harbinger of another great year for this club! Marieze commented on the District 5060 Rotary Foundation achievement of $157 per member and how that can be directed to the amazing work that it does.

Our guest speaker was Dr Malcom Patterson, current President of the Penticton Okanagan Rotary Club but speaking to us on his field of expertise of cancer research as a molecular oncologist. He is retired now but has an impressive resume of  40 years of research in 5 countries across 3 continents, authoring 168 scientific articles and he came across to us as a very credible scientist.  His message and concern today was around the proliferation of radio frequency devices (wireless) in our lives and the potential harm to our health that it presents now and even more over time as the number of devices will increase 7 fold in 5 years. He presented as fact that RF heats body tissue, impacts adult brain tumors, Alzheimers, sleep disturbances, memory, autism, dementia, male infertility and childhood learning. Children are more vulnerable than adults. While any wireless device emits RF, he specifically dealt with the topical smart metres as representing high impact and risk. These meters are powerful emitters with a range of up to 3.5kms so in a community there is a multiplier effect as they overlap. 

Also of interest is the claim that built in these new meters is a capacity to operate any and all of the wireless devices in your house if turned on. This lead to an interesting discussion of 'Big Brother is Watching' scenarios. 

Health Canada is the government agency that sets safe levels for this type of risk and is the authority referenced by our electricity providers proving the meters are safe. Dr Patterson showed that the levels set are some of the lowest in the world and are totally unrealistic and unsafe.

Certainly a stimulating and new learning for all of us in attendance and while he was not advocating any particular action or response, I assume he hopes the awareness will benefit us in decisions down the road. He closed with a reference to a 'Tsunamic scale impact on our health care system'.

Pres Marieze spoke to the results of our extremely busy month of June in which there were 3 fundraising events for the club. The golf tournament raised $14,000, the Canada Day pancake breakfast raised $2400 and the Cactus Jalopy breakfast and beer garden raised some $3000. That is a bunch of volunteering!

Our guest presenter Malcolm spoke to his Rotary Club's recent installation and gave accolades and thanks to our ADG Cheryle for her leadership role in their ceremony. 

Finally, the 50/50 draw was won by Harold and as a true Rotary guy, rather than put it towards the cost of his recent 10,000kms road trip, he donated it to the student scholarship fund.

Next weeks speaker is George Fraser, a long time Osoyoos Resident.

A good meeting/start to the year!

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July 1,2015 Jim King 2015-07-02 00:00:00Z 0
Isadora Bastos Jim King 2015-06-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jun 13, 2015
A very full and scintillating meeting for the 18 members and 7 guests. Pres. Judy asked Jeff to introduce our much anticipated guest speaker, Jack Newton. Jack is an accomplished and decorated astronomy expert living with his wife Alice on Anarchist. Their house is a B&B as well as housing one of his telescopes, the others being in Arizona which are remotely operated. Jack talked about the astronomical world with passion, humour and amazing knowledge. He was recognized by his peers by having an asteroid named after him...the JackAlice asteroid. He shared some of his photographs including the Northern Lights, the sun's surface and various lightning shots (some members were fascinated to learn that 50% of lighting is initiated from the ground and shoot up to the sky so if you are golfing and feel electricity in the air...lie down!). Jack talked about outer space and used numbers for size and distance that boggled our minds. For example, our sun burns 600 million tons of hydrogen every second. Another was that one tiny empty space in our sky was recently examined and with new technology revealed over 2000 entire galaxies could be seen through it. Telescopes today are looking at stars that are 100 to 300 million light years away and there are over 100 billion galaxies out there, including many that have habitable environments. Fascinating talk...we need to have Jack back before too many moons pass!
Guests were introduced and included Barbara Propp (extraodinary bacon server at Saturday's pancake event), Richard from the Times, Lenore Lawrence, and 6 Rotarians from the Penticton Okanagan Club. They were here to promote their Ribfest taking place in Okanagan Park July 3-5. They were inviting us as visitors and/or as volunteers so check out if you can attend or participate.
There was a quick review of the Cactus Jalopy event last Saturday in which we served our pancake breakfast to 140 guests and manned a beer garden afterwards. Early numbers indicate we will exceed $3000 for the day to be used for our projects. Vaughn applauded the strong member turnout that made it successful.
Next was an update on the 2015 Golf Tournament coming up this Saturday and what a positive report it was. Doug, Jeff and Brian and their committees have done an extraordinary job as it is completely sold out with 86 golfers and 36 more attending the dinner and auction. Lots of volunteers are signed up so it should be a huge success and as Brian pointed out, he has over $12,000 in silent and live auction items donated already! Lots of work to get this far- well done!
Finally a boisterous happy buck session from which we learned that one year ago today, Gordon attended his first meeting and then Vaughn scored the 50/50 with $50...we haven't heard where that is going as yet.
A great 3rd to last meeting for President Judy's year!
Luncheon June 11, 2015 John Robertson 2015-06-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jun 04, 2015
Standing room only.....18 members and 6 guests on this first day ahead of a long stretch of forecasted sunny days. Pres Judy introduced guests including speaker Mike Safek, Richard of the Times, Glen and Susan Sorko, and Richard and Barb Propp (guests of Eileen). Pres Judy recognized Pam's birthday today and a couple of notable anniversaries, Bill and Lenore are celebrating their 60th while Ron and Lorraine must be younger as they are only at 50! Wow! Congratulations!
Harold introduced Mike Safek, Principal of Osoyoos Senior Secondary, noting that he and Mike shared a common recent history - both survived serious heart attacks, Harold's in a hockey rink and Mike's in a lake. He also commended Mike on the strong working relationship Osoyoos Rotary has enjoyed with OSS with scholarships ($23m this year from the Foundation), youth exchange, student travel and Interact. We all then thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Mike's update and information sharing on the strengths and successes of OSS. He has been Principal for the past 2 years but had earlier tenures as both Principal and VP at this school. There are 240 students this year (looking like a few less next year) and obviously Mike is very proud of them all. In academics, our students in grades 10-12 did exceptionally well in Provincial exams in February placing ahead of the District as well as the whole Province in several courses. In sports both the girls and boys had Provincial successes in soccer and basketball and as Mike shared the extensive list of extra-curricular programs offered, we could readily hear his pride in the efforts of the staff as well as the students. He was especially chuffed with the range of alternative courses offered to students challenged with social/family issues that engaged them sufficiently to allow them to graduate. These included online and apprenticeship options. 
I suspect one of Mike's objectives in speaking to us was to build and connect the school and community and in this presentation, he was very successful! 
Other updates included Cheryle reporting that the  trust fund for Deb Peach (recent fire victim) has reached $2100; District Conference is in Kelowna June 18-21 - we have 6 registered so room for more!; Summerland Rotary is holding their Golf Tournament July 10th and Penticton Rotary has their Ribfest July 3-5 and would appreciate participants and volunteers. Updates to the Golf Tournament (looking good!) and Cactus Jalopy were given and will be emailed separately.
The Board approved 2 roadside cleanups this year so stay tuned for fun garbage collection dates.
Karen H. won the huge 50/50 draw and because she is such a model Rotarian, she donated it immediately to the Rotary Scholarship Foundation fund. 
A good meeting, eh?
Luncheon June 04, 2015 John Robertson 2015-06-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on May 28, 2015
A sunny day for a Rotary meeting and Pres Judy opened this one to 13 members and 2 guests. Rotarian Grace Wagner from Sherwood Park joined us as did Kendi Clearwater as a guest of Donelda. This was a business meeting given the several fundraising events looming in the next few weeks and maybe explains the absenteeism! 
Pres Judy announced that we are within a nudge of meeting the Club goal of $2500 for Foundation donations by members....likely would be there this week so well done everyone! Also, it is Trevor Leigh's birthday!
First up for discussion was the Cactus Jalopy event on June 6th in which Rotary will be serving breakfast to an expected 300 visitors until 11:00 am and then serving beer/wine until sometime in the evening. Volunteers for serving the breakfast looks good but a few more for pre-cooking the bacon on Friday and then later on Saturday in the Beer Garden would help. Please let Vaughn know if you or friends are available...the more the merrier! 
Next up was the Golf Tournament on June 13. Brian pointed out that this is our largest fundraising budget item and we are at risk in supporting all of our worthy causes if we fall short so we are in the stretch run now. Refer silent and live action items to Brian but the focus is going to be on attracting golfers over the next two weeks so put your sales face on and let Doug know when and who you can add to the list. Still need more volunteers to help during the day of the tournament so let Doug know those as well.
Carol Youngberg dropped in on the meeting to promote the Desert Park fundraiser this Saturday at the evening of dinner, wine, auctions and horse racing! She has 20 tickets left. 
The Rotarian magazine is out this week and a good read. A reminder to bring it to any noon meeting when done for redistribution by Pres Judy. 
The speaker next week is Mike Safek, Principal of OSS. 
Bill won the 50/50 and redistributed that to Roger's Honduran project. 
Have a great weekend everyone!
Luncheon May 28, 2015 John Robertson 2015-05-29 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Golf Tournament Jim King 2015-04-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Apr 24, 2015
President Judy introduced our guest for this April 23rd meeting, Keith Lacey of the Times and recognized Jeff and Roger for their 12th anniversary with Rotary....they were both charter members of this club in 2003. Great to see Elly and Ramiro back with us. She also shared the award given to our Club as the Outstanding Community Group Award by Osoyoos Council...well done!
John gave an update on youth exchange, spending the weekend in Chelan with our outbound student Nina and 45+ other inbounds/outbounds and was reminded why this program is so successful and worthy. Also our inbound coming in August, Camille Buisson, was confirmed so we are now in touch with her and setting up the host families. 
Brian commented on how well the large auction item at last year's golf tournament was received by the successful bidder, was the Grey Cup tickets and accommodation supplied by David Perehudoff who really went over the top to make it so great. 
Our speaker was CJ Rhodes who spoke to us in his capacity as a succcessful 3rd term Osoyoos Town Councillor. His stated vision in his role is to maintain and improve the quality of life locally through leadership and he described how he approaches this with principles of transparency and clarity, collaboration in decision making and conscious sustainability planning. 
CJ brought us up to date on 3 current issues which were the future of the airport, the retaining of the Home Hardware Bldg business through 2019 and finally the National Park, of which he is a huge proponent. A good presentation!
Roger is recently returned from Honduras and gave a positive update us on the school project. He will speak at a future meeting but when he left, the school was 75% completed and fully funded for the balance.  
The Chamber of Commerce Business to Business session that replaced last week's meeting was a huge success. McKia's appetizers were great, as was the wine supplied by Maverick. The Times has a good story on that in this weeks edition.
Finally, add July 2nd to your calendar of a busy May/June for Rotary events as it is the Installation dinner for the new executive. 
Enjoy the sunshine!
Luncheon April 23, 2015 John Robertson 2015-04-25 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary wins Community Award from the Town of Osoyoos 2015-04-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Apr 03, 2015
Our Easter Meeting in honor of bunnies and pancakes everywhere! Even our Pres Judy was in the spirit with the cutest wabbit ears! 
First on the agenda was a welcome to 3 new members, Donelda Wood, Jean Velyan and Eileen McGinn. Yay! Our guest speaker was Tamara Aspell and 'regular' guest Richard McGuire who received positive reviews from members on his coverage of last week's speaker Chief Louie. 
A reminder that the club is hosting the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce Business-to-business event on Wednesday April 16 at 5:30, in lieu of Thursday's noon meeting. 
Tamara Aspell talks to us annually but this is the first in her new position of Executive Director of Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center. Our club has supporting the center with funding for some time as well as some programs directly and Tamara's talk confirmed that we clearly should continue that support. She manages directly and indirectly 13 community programs from a safehome for women and children, to counselling for women, men and children, to the Better at Home program. Funding is a huge part of these programs and Tamara's job and despite the constant cutbacks, she presents a very positive, upbeat attitude and somehow makes it all work. Amazing! She is currently working towards her BA in Child Youth Care at UVIC. She has 3 kids, the oldest of which is Teagan, Osoyoos Royalty Queen and will be a strong applicant for our outbound YE student next year. Tamara is a good friend of Rotary!
April is Cancer Awareness Month and Jeff is leading the local effort for fundraising with sales of Daffodil Pins. They will be readily available at most local businesses so Jeff is giving fair warning that pins must be visible at this months meetings...or dire consequenses!
Also the Daffodil Dash is on April 26th starting at 10am from Lions Park and is a 1km walk, 5km and 10km run for individuals and teams. Check their website for more details.
Finally, the Easter pancake breakfast is evidently on task for an 8am serving time on Saturday. Special thanks to Ron and Cherle for extra volunteering in getting the grills and coffee there early...may be a 'crispy' temerature at the start. Also Karen H for juice donations from Buy Low and then volunteering to refrigerate the cooked bacon....if only her attendance were better she would be a shoe in for Rotarian of the Year, eh?
The 50/50 was won by Eileen...hope she doesn't get the impression that Rotary is an income source!
Happy Easter!
Luncheon April 2, 2015 John Robertson 2015-04-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Apr 03, 2015
Our Easter Meeting in honor of bunnies and pancakes everywhere! Even our Pres Judy was in the spirit with the cutest wabbit ears! 
First on the agenda was a welcome to 3 new members, Donelda Wood, Jean Velyan and Eileen McGinn. Yay! Our guest speaker was Tamara Aspell and 'regular' guest Richard McGuire who received positive reviews from members on his coverage of last week's speaker Chief Louie. 
A reminder that the club is hosting the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce Business-to-business event on Wednesday April 16 at 5:30, in lieu of Thursday's noon meeting. 
Tamara Aspell talks to us annually but this is the first in her new position of Executive Director of Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center. Our club has supporting the center with funding for some time as well as some programs directly and Tamara's talk confirmed that we clearly should continue that support. She manages directly and indirectly 13 community programs from a safehome for women and children, to counselling for women, men and children, to the Better at Home program. Funding is a huge part of these programs and Tamara's job and despite the constant cutbacks, she presents a very positive, upbeat attitude and somehow makes it all work. Amazing! She is currently working towards her BA in Child Youth Care at UVIC. She has 3 kids, the oldest of which is Teagan, Osoyoos Royalty Queen and will be a strong applicant for our outbound YE student next year. Tamara is a good friend of Rotary!
April is Cancer Awareness Month and Jeff is leading the local effort for fundraising with sales of Daffodil Pins. They will be readily available at most local businesses so Jeff is giving fair warning that pins must be visible at this months meetings...or dire consequenses!
Also the Daffodil Dash is on April 26th starting at 10am from Lions Park and is a 1km walk, 5km and 10km run for individuals and teams. Check their website for more details.
Finally, the Easter pancake breakfast is evidently on task for an 8am serving time on Saturday. Special thanks to Ron and Cherle for extra volunteering in getting the grills and coffee there early...may be a 'crispy' temerature at the start. Also Karen H for juice donations from Buy Low and then volunteering to refrigerate the cooked bacon....if only her attendance were better she would be a shoe in for Rotarian of the Year, eh?
The 50/50 was won by Eileen...hope she doesn't get the impression that Rotary is an income source!
Happy Easter!
Luncheon April 2, 2015 John Robertson 2015-04-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim King on Mar 04, 2015
Town of Osoyoos Mayor Sue McKortoff was the guest speaker at the Osoyoos Rotary Club’s weekly luncheon last week. McKortoff spoke about key concerns facing town council in the coming months, including the Osoyoos Airport, Desert Park and the proposed large cellphone tower application by Rogers. McKortoff is seen here with Rotary Club president elect Marieze Tarr. (Keith Lacey photo and Story
Luncheon Feb 26, 2015 Jim King 2015-03-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cheryle King (Richardson) on Feb 18, 2015
Rotary Meeting Feb. 19, 2015
President Elect Marieze conducted the meeting with 13 Rotarians in attendance and 2 guests including Councillor Mike Campol our guest speaker, Eva Duguid, as well as Keith Lacey from the Osoyoos Times.
Marieze introduced Councillor Campol and told us he hails from Ontario and has been in Osoyoos for almost 4 years.
Mike told us he came out on a 4 month contract in 2011 to help out at Spirit Ridge but after 2 months he fell in love with Osoyoos and told his wife Becky to put their house up for sale in Ontario and they were moving here. Mike became General Manager at Spirit Ridge for three years and left their employment the fall of 2014. He has since become the Manager for the Owner’s Association for all the Owners’ in the hotel pool at Spirit Ridge. In Nov. Mike got elected to Town Council.
Mike started Spirit of the Game which is a Not for Profit that helps young people who can’t afford to play organized sports with a hands up. They have $30,000 in the bank and have helped 19 kids to play sports.
Mike is Council’s representative on Destination Osoyoos (DO) and reports to the Council on their progress. He also gave us an update on Area 27, Jacque Villeneuve’s development for professional car racers. It is at the end of the Black Sage Rd. on OIB land. It is an initiative that started 2 yrs. ago and now has 150 members. It will have a retail component and eventually condos owned by race enthusiast. This project will be privately owned but have a few public events yearly.
Mike would like Osoyoos to have training for the Hospitality Industry locally which is our bread and butter as well as see the future of Osoyoos embrace sustainable businesses that will entice families to move here on a year round basis.
Marieze offered a deck of Osoyoos Coyotes playing cards and Councillor Mike Campol double the offer with an autographed deck. Let the bidding begin, Eva Duguid and Karen Hawitt had quite the rivalry going and Karen had the winning bid of $30. Eva ended winning the 50 -50.
Next week our guest speaker will be Mayor Sue McKortoff see you then.
Your‘s in Rotary,
Luncheon Feb 19,2015 Cheryle King (Richardson) 2015-02-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Feb 15, 2015
PastPastPres Cheryle opened the meeting with introductions, welcoming 9 guests: Sam Samaddar, GM Kelowna Airport (YLW), Fabio and Birgit Santana, owner/operators of Let's Go Transportation, Norm Lecavalier, Chair Greater Westside Board of Trade, Ellen Walker-Mathews, Market Specialist TOTA, Jack and Dawn, Enderby snowbird Rotarians, Keith Lacey from the Times and Ron Stevens, guest. Whew!
First off was an update by Gail on the Cactus Jalopy Society meetings and plans for the June 5-7 event.There is now an event coordinator for the Friday (wine tour), Saturday (pancake breakfast, car show, beer/wine garden) and Sunday (races). Rotary is to put on the breakfast and host the beer garden so save those dates!
The speaker topic was around the linkage between air travel, ground transportation and hospitality for S Okanagan residents and tourists. Sam led the presentation with the air flight component in his capacity as GM with YLW for the past 7 years. He was an excellent speaker, referencing a wealth of data and statistics to show that YLW is a key economic engine for the entire valley. They have experienced a 75% growth over the period of their 2005 master plan and continue to be the lowest cost airport in Canada. There are 10 air carriers flying 1.6mm passengers annually to 20 scheduled destinations. His detailed data shows where travelers start from and where their eventual destinations are, allowing for planning new flight routes and attracting customers. He works closely with marketing associations like TOTA and the Board of Trade and the ground transportation partners to make it easier for travellers to choose local airport services, like YLW. 
Fabio and Brigit Santana then spoke to the connectivity they provide to the traveller with a shuttle service to the airport called Let's Go Transportation, operating from Salmon Arm to Osoyoos. They both spoke from extensive experience in the transportation and hotel management sectors, founding Let's Go in 2010 and expanding it to include Osoyoos in 2013.
Their initial business model, based on a scheduled service, did not work - very limited ridership. They then moved to an on-demand service where travelers would call for pick up at home in time for departures and this has caught on and they are experiencing better growth. The cost from Ooyoos is high for 1 person at $174 but decreases to $65 with more riders. Actually very cost effective when the drive, hotel and times are considered. Let's Go has 18 employees, new shuttle vehicles and offers tours and destinations other that just YLW. A young and engaged couple!
This weekend is the Revelstoke event for our outbound exchange student, Nina - she will have fun!
For the second week in a row, the 50/50 was won by a guest, in this case Ron - we were pulling for Jim K as he claims he has never one...but is it the Truth?
Next week's speaker is rookie Councilor Mike Campo.

Luncheon Feb 12,2015 John Robertson 2015-02-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Feb 05, 2015
For the snowbirds reading this, you will be pleased to hear that today's meeting weather was low cloud, grey, +3 and rain in the forecast so enjoy your sunshine wherever you are. Our perverse pleasure is the 80.4 Cdn dollar!
President Judy introduced our guests. Jack and Dawn Erickson from Enderby Rotary (in Osoyoos for February as snowbirds!), Audrey Cox, Keith from Osoyoos Times, and our guest speaker Carol Youngberg. Judy also noted it was Matt's birthday and her 3rd year anniversary in Rotary. 
First up was a report by Cheryle on the Cactus Jalopy meeting yesterday. The Cactus Jalopy Society, DO, OOWA (Oliver Osoyoos Wine Association) and now Rotary are moving forward with plans for an expanded, annual event. In addition to the Rotary Beer Garden, we are to put on a pancake breakfast on the Saturday (note that Gordon and Brian have volunteered to lead...yay!). The Golf Tournament is going ahead for June 13 in a modified format so mark your calendars for June with these two events plus the Canada Day breakfast. While you are at your calendars, mark Friday March 20 for a curling social, March 26th for Chief Clarence Louie as the luncheon speaker. Somewhere in there in June Karen H marries Trevor but obviously she will be too exhausted from Rotary functions to participate! Finally, Jim announced that Spirit Ridge had asked Rotary to help out with some volunteers for their Mardi Gras event on Valentines Day evening in return for an evening of fun and a stipend for the club. Pam volunteered to help them out. 
Brian introduced Carol Youngberg as our speaker in her capacity as newly elected councillor in the Town of Osoyoos. Carol has an very extensive background in this community going back 37 years with a long list of successful business, real estate and volunteer contributions. She had spoken to us at a previous meeting as the Chair of the Desert Park Exhibition Society that brought horse racing back to Osoyoos in each of the past two years. While she has stepped down from Desert Park, she shared some of the planning underway and her belief that it will always be an economic driver and factor in this community. She then shared some of her learnings and experiences gained in the first few months as Town Councillor. The learning curve has been steep, a larger job than she had thought and the huge volume of mail/information that flows to each of the Council members from staff, vested interest groups, committees etc is staggering. Her concerns and interests continue to center around housing, childcare, the youth and the library. In spite of all this, she continues to learn and be excited about the next four years!  Carol's real claim to fame though is that she was a charter member of this club!
The 50/50 was won by our guest Jack, which was appropriate as it was his birthday too!
A good meeting!
Luncheon Feb 4,2015 John Robertson 2015-02-06 00:00:00Z 0
Our third meeting of 2015...the year is flying by! Karen introduced our speaker Shannon Jolley, Team Lead, Annual Giving for the S. Interior Region of the Canadian Cancer Society. Working out of Kelowna, Shannon leads a staff of 3 and 1500 volunteers with an annual fundraising success of $1.5MM. She brought 16 years of marketing to her current role and was here to remind us of the work the Cancer Society does, their current strategies, the synergies with Rotary and the upcoming fundraising campaign. She was a very articulate, knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. 
She shared overall cancer survival gains since the Society began in the 1950's where they were 28% compared to the 63% of today. The short term goal is 80% with the longer term being eradication similar to our polio objective. The strategies to get there include research (consumes 1/3 of the spending), prevention (belief is that 50% of cancers are preventable) and earlier detection of the 200 different types of cancer. Shannon spent more time on the prevention component of the Society's work which is growing with a new cancer prevention center and overall increased funding. An interesting piece of this was the fact that it takes 17 years to get a new treatment/drug from discovery to the patient - they are working to shorten this dramatically!
In fundraising, some $35MM is raised in BC, $2MM in the S.I. and $60-$70M in Osoyoos. April is the big focus with pins and fresh daffodils and she was looking for help with both this year - Jeff stepped up and volunteered himself and his company to look after the pin campaign for, eh? 
There will not be a Relay for Life this year per se. There will be a 'Daffodil Dash' instead which will be a 1 or 5km walk with similar teams and sponsor sign up sheets...stay tuned!
Reminder that there is no meeting at noon next week - it is replaced by the fellowship evening at Marieze's on Friday evening. There is a board meeting on Thursday at 4 at McKia's, everyone welcome. 
The meeting ended with Karen winning the 50/50, claiming that it will not be used to offset the cost of her purchase of a ski cabin on Mt Baldy this week but instead will eventually go to purchase some daffodils in please!
Luncheon January 22, 2015 John Robertson 2015-01-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson
A positive meeting to start 2015 as we met and heard from the new owner of our Mt Baldy Ski Resort, Fred Johnston. Myers introduced Fred, President of Baldy Capital Corp, giving us an insight into his very broad based, successful background that included software businesses, commercial real estate and a digital diagnostic center, primarily based in Calgary. Although he knew the previous owners of the resort from separate business dealings in Idaho, Fred did not seriously look at Baldy until August and wound up making an offer in October (he claims there was heavy duty arm twisting!). The purchase won't be completed until the property clears the bankruptcy process, likely sometime in April but in the interim, look for a portion of the hill to open tomorrow to start the process of reestablishing Mt Baldy as a viable ski resort.
He shared an interesting skier statistic that dates back to 1977 where there were 44,000 visits to Baldy, biggest year ever, and that skier visit number fell to only 7500 in 2012. The economy, real estate market and skihill competition all factored into that change but Fred is planning on a reversal of the trend and a return to close to 1977 numbers in his 5 year business plan. He noted that returning staff make up 80% of the employees and he has had very positive support and input from local businesses. 
A ski resort needs both a successful ski operation and real estate revenues to be successful and he plans on a good balance of the two. He has 2 partners in support and it sounded like Fred is expecting to have some fun reestablishing Baldy! A thorough, thoughtful presentation and we wish him all the best in bringing Baldy back.
Pres Judy recognized Marieze as returning School Board Chair and Brian announced he has a date of March 11 to donate one of his kidneys to a local recipient....the transplant process originally started with his volunteering a kidney to Judy Sloan and the matching process led to this date - well done Brian!
Reminders of upcoming events included the Board meeting on Jan 29th at McKia's at 4pm and the social hosted by Marieze on Jan 30th. Our program for next week is a speaker from the Cancer Society.
A good meeting!
Luncheon Jan 15, 2015 John Robertson 2015-01-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Dec 14, 2014
President Judy introduced today's 3 guests, Bill Lawrence's wife Lenore, Gregor and David, although Greg and David are as clearly 'near-members'! The program was special in that 2 members were inducted and a Paul Harris was awarded. 
Pam Cann and Gail Scott are our newest members and before the induction, each gave a brief bio/vocational presentation. Pam has been a Prairie girl most of her life, born in Lethbridge but spending most of her years in Calgary. She has 2 daughters still in Calgary where she and husband Gord started several businesses. Pam earned her degree in Business Administration which obviously supported the successful companies. She suffered a stroke in '07 and retired to Osoyoos in '09. A year later Gord died but she has stayed with us clipping dividends from her Calgary company called Third Hand Caretaking Inc which is now managed by her daughter Natalie. 
Gail is our Managing Director of Destination Osoyoos and has been a self diagnosed workaholic through a career of economic and community development roles within various levels of government. She has her B of Admin Management from Uof C and more recently Certificate of Community Development. She is a mother of Reid and Laura who she raised as a single parent, which is where her volunteering and fundraising expertise originated. She has moved 17 times in 30 years and has the energy and creativity to add to Rotary and the business community in Osoyoos.
Judy performed the induction, including Cheryle and herself as the sponsors. Huge welcome to Pam and Gail!
A suprise Paul Harris award followed and it was to Lenore Lawrence! Bill had made the contributions and designated the recognition and award to Lenore who did not know it was coming and was thrilled and honored to recieve it. Well done sneaky Bill!
In other news:
-There will be a board meeting at 4:00 on Thursday, Dec 18th.
-Elly Contreras and Ramiro arrived safely in Manzanillo and wanted to remind us of the special E-Club meeting on Jan 5 with RI President Gary Huang. Even if you do not need a make-up, this would be a neat meeting - register for it at
-Gregor and John hold the new record for tips at the Coyote Beer Garden...challenge?
-Gail won the 50/50 and donated it accordingly!
-there will be a Christmas Social with Pres Judy and Myers on Saturday at 6:30 at unit 54 in the Casitas del Sol.
-no meetings until Jan 8th!
Have a great and safe  Holiday Season and Happy New Year!
Luncheon Dec 11, 2014 John Robertson 2014-12-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cheryle King (Richardson) on Dec 08, 2014
Dear Rotarians,
Rotary Meeting Dec.4th.2014
President Judy conducted the meeting with 13 Rotarians in attendance and 5 guest including Sue Whitaker our guest speaker, Bobi Emblem a past member, Dave & Leann as well as Richard McGuire from the Osoyoos Times.
President Judy reminded us of the Light up this weekend where we will be serving hot dogs and hot chocolate. Please let Judy know if you plan on going to her house on Dec. 13th for a Christmas get together.
Vaughn introduced our guest speaker Sue Whitaker who sits on the Arts council board and is well noted in Osoyoos for her painting. She has also become well known for her Lantern Making, thanks to Moon Curser who asked her to teach lantern making at their lantern festival.
Sue conveyed the thank you’s from the Art Council for Rotary’s continued support and contribution to the community. She also thanked Rotarian Jim King for writing a grant that enabled the Art Gallery a badly needed face lift.
We were enlightened to the contribution that the Arts council gives to Osoyoos.
  1. Increases awareness in cultural activities in the area and promotes them
  2. Awareness that the sculpture in town square was a donation by Don & Aimee Dixon
  3.  The old mural that used to be on the packing house is being restored at the museum
  4. They sponsor the Osoyoos Concert Series
  5. Studio 89 is upstairs at the Art Gallery and that is where a lot of the artists do their work
  6. Cultural Heritage is fostered by the Arts Council
The Arts Council gives back to Osoyoos through several donations. They provide art classes to children through Sonora Centre on Thurs. afternoons. Sue’s daughter Jennifer was a youth exchange student to Mexico. She now lives in Australia and works for Price Waterhouse.
Sue said the Arts Council is looking for Board members if anyone is interested.
Neil and Elaine from Island View RV who bid on the tickets to the Grey Cup at Lobster on the Beach sent a letter saying what a great time they had and how well they were treated.
Next week we are having new member installation and awards. Mathew mentioned they are looking at Jan 30th for curling with it being a stick curling event for safety measures, (some of us can’t get down on the ice). Marieze is planning a get together at her house the 5th Thur. in January
 Gord was lenient on fines and Leann won the 50/50 and donated it to Honduras.
Judy asked all of us to consider what awards we will challenge our club to strive for this year.
Hope to see all of you for the induction of our new members on Thursday.
Luncheon Dec 4,2014 Cheryle King (Richardson) 2014-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Nov 20, 2014
Lots of good news and dates to remember from a busy meeting so pay attention!
Pres Judy introduced guests Gary Doi, todays speaker, Geri Harker, Roger's wife and Keith Lacey of the Times. She then introduced Gary and he eloquently entertained us with a success story of his hopes and his passions. His talk today was on what has transpired since he retired 4 years ago from the public school system as Superintendent for 18 years out of Penticton. It started with his blog which was intended to build/promote hope and inspiration and became very popular (80,000 visitors) and led to his publishing two books of stories written by contributors of that blog. They are all around 'hope' as Gary defines it which is the belief and aspiration to be better. Hope gets you through life challenges and gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. The first book he compiled was 'Inspiring Hope', a compilation of 74 stories published in 2013 and the second is 'Fly Like an Eagle' which is what he shared with us today. The 28 stories are of real life from contributors around the world and Gary's hope is that enough readers will enjoy and be inspired to spread 'hope'...not like Matt's pyramid schemes (!) but exponentially all the same!
Gary was a Rotarian for 12 years and recognizes the analogy of the intent of these books to Rotary's Service above Self and suggested that members could use the books for recognition, clients and give-aways. They cost $20 each and the proceeds of the second book all go toward SORCO (South Okanagan Rehabilitation Center for Owls). It is a beautiful book and obviously appealed to several members. There will be a third book!
And speaking of Hope, Lynda brought us up to date on Judy S who now has her new kidney (Kenny?). She is recuperating well and will be test driving it for the next 6 mos in Vancouver. Absolutely the best news!
Lynda also let us know more about the Adopt a Family for Christmas in which our club will do just that with food and gifts once we know the number, ages and gender of a will all be anonymous and we all can participate. 
Gail announced she is recruiting for an Ambassadors Team for Destination Osoyoos. Volunteers will work for DO in projects, events and activities as hosts and ambassadors ...should be easy and fun! Let Gail know if you are interested.
Roger and Geri advised us of their last fundraising event for the school in Honduras. It will be an open house at the Rustic Roots Winery in Cawston this Saturday from 10 to 5 and everyone welcome. They will be selling 'building bricks' at $10 each to reach the $15m goal (they now have some $11m towards that). 
Reminder that the Festival of Trees is this Saturday at Spirit Ridge at 10 am...a tad early for wine but Bailey's and coffee work!
Harold updated the membership on the Scholarship Foundation for OSS students of which Rotary is a partner. Scholarships are being given, it is growing and we currently have over $3m in the bank. 
Another reminder for the Olive/Osoyoos Hospice fundraiser at Frank Venables Theater in Oliver on Saturday at 7pm...Cheryle has tickets. 
Lynda won the 50/50 AGAIN and also again, donated it to the S. African project. 
A good meeting!
Luncheon Nov 20, 2014 John Robertson 2014-11-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Nov 14, 2014
Dear Rotarians,
Rotary Meeting Nov.13/14
Brian opened today’s meeting and introduced Tara Burton, manager of the Osoyoos Museum and Richard McQuire from the newspaper as our guests today.
It was interesting to find out that Tara was a Rotary exchange student to Africa when our club and Oliver were one in the late 90’s.
Tara explained that they would be taking over the Home Hardware building in “2016” and hopefully be open in “2017”. Tara is the only paid employee so being a Not for Profit they look for outside sources for funding. They get funding from BC Gaming, Arts Council and donations .The Museum is looking for a matching grant that could be 1 ½ million. They are very proud of their Military Collection which has a lot of local artifacts that have been donated. They have commissioned 7 local artists to depict the history of  Osoyoos and area. The main floor is the only display area planned at this time. A multipurpose room and archives for downstairs.
The art students from the high school are creating a Mom & Pop Fruit stand which was so popular back in the history of this area. Our own Gord McIvor is a volunteer at the Museum. The United Church and the Curling Club are having milestone anniversaries this year and they have the Museum searching their archives for information and pictures.
Matt gave a report on a possible curling fun night and Gord mentioned to Roger that the federal gov’t has 1 ½ million targeted for Honduras that Roger might be able to tap into for the school.
Cheryle mentioned the Caring Hands, wine & cheese fundraiser next Sat.Nov.22, .at the Frank Venables Theatre in Oliver for the Desert Valley Hospice. The Rotary Club of Oliver is their biggest supporter and it would be nice if a few of us bought tickets and showed up to by some incredible gifts for Christmas presents. The wine available for the live auction and silent auction are some great vintages. I have tickets.
A count was taken for the attendance at the Christmas Party and it looked very sparse so the board was to discuss cancelling it at the meeting this afternoon.
John Robertson won the 50/50 today and generously donated it to the scholarship fund.
Take care,
Luncheon Nov 13, 2014 2014-11-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Nov 06, 2014
There was a theme through Happy Bucks around folks being grateful for the sun and warmth outside...unlike 'anywhere else' - except for maybe Panama and Palm Springs! Guests today were Richard McQuire of the Times and Randy Bedard, owner of the Coyotes. Pam Conn was there in her first meeting as a member and Gregor Reed will be foreafter treated as a member in his snowbird status. 
Brian introduced Randy to give us his annual update on the Coyotes. Timely that the team is on a 16-3-1 start to the season, just 3 months into its 3rd year of operation. Randy reminded us that this is the 6th attempt at junior hockey here in the past 18 years and looking good! The KIJHL, in which they play, is a junior B league made up of 4 divisions of 5 teams each, a total of 20, playing 52 games in their regular season. The players come from all over NA, housed locally for 6-7 months, hoping to move up to Junior A or receive scholarships to colleges/universities - usually 8-9 players attend OSS for the grade 12 year. 
There are 120 season ticket holders and the attendance ranges between 325 and 350 per game. A very affordable event ticket, not just a game! Randy reminded us that the Coyotes is a business and is run accordingly and there are spin off dollars that come to the community, and in that vane, there are 170 corporate sponsors supporting the team in some way...quite impressive.
Randy recognized what Rotary contributes with the Scholastic Achievement Award we give each year to a Coyote player and the beer garden staffing for each game..well done Vaughn! He left several pairs of tickets to be given/auctioned at our Christmas function.
In other Rotary business, Pres Judy asked us to bring in our read Rotarian Magazines for local re-distribution. Note your calendars for:
Christmas Party Dec 13
Light Up Dec 5th - we will provide hot dogs/chocolate and maybe collect food bank
Tree Decorating Nov 22nd at Spirit Ridge at 1:00pm. 
Board Meeting Nov 13th at 4:00 at McKia's
​Well dones to Judy and Brian for preparing appies for the Rotary Training Conference on the weekend...13 from our club attended the Friday events.
John passed on a cheque for $850 from the Challenge Penticton Triathalon for which we mangaged 2 bike aid stations in August. 
Linda won the 50/50 which was quickly deposited into the African project fund.
Luncheon Nov 6 2014 John Robertson 2014-11-07 00:00:00Z 0
A sunny October 23rd lunch meeting! Introduced guests were Rotarians Elly and Ramiro (e-club of Canada one), Trevor Leigh and guest speaker Paul McCavour and partner Julie Turner. Event reminders were of the District Training at Spirit Ridge Oct 31-Nov 2, our board meeting at 4:00 and that tomorrow is World Polio Day (everyone can join a Rotary Livestream Polio event at 4:30 tomorrow at
Karen H. introduced speaker Paul McCavour to talk on solar energy, although some might remember Paul as the local leader on the HST protest. He spoke enthusiastically about the solar opportunity for individuals, hoping to inspire us to dot the local landscape with solar panels and help ourselves and the environment. Paul identified the environmentally damaging impacts of the alternative energy options of coal and oil and even natural gas that are absent with solar energy. Canada is way behind developed countries in conversion to solar energy and it makes $$$ sense to do so, even to consider abandoning the Site C hydro project in favor of solar! He stressed it is easy to install on our own homes and there is local expertise to connect it to Fortis (Argon Electric in Penticton will supply the panels and do as much of the installation as you need). The cost is $6-800 per panel and you can start with a few panels and add as you need/want so depending on your house design, you can spend between $10 to $20,000. The payback is in the savings on your power bill plus the option to sell unused electricity  from your panels back to Fortis, with payback time being 6-8 years. It was a thought provoking talk, worthy of our individual consideration.
Happy Bucks broke out with the best good news coming from Brian that he and Judy have found matches and sometime in the next 6 mos in Montreal, he will give a kidney and Judy will receive good is that?
Remember, no lunch meeting next week in lieu of a fellowship evening of bowling...details to follow. The speaker the following week (Nov 6th) is Randy Bedard of the Coyotes. 
Also, when you are doing an online make-up, there is now a link on the website directing you to the Rotary E-Club on Canada one or use This is Elly and Ramiro's club and we will be making a contribution to them soon.
The District Development weekend is at Spirit Ridge next weekend and while we have several members and partners registered, more would be merrier, even if just for the dinner/social on Friday night. 
Have a great fall weekend everyone!

Luncheon Oct 23 John Robertson 2014-10-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson
A full Oct 9th meeting! Pres Judy introduced the many guests starting with our DG Bruce Falkins and Donna and ADG Dennis Jacobsen and Jean, guest Cindy Doucette then visiting Rotarians Elly and Ramiro from E Club Canada (next weeks speaker!), Joan Peggs from Oak Bay and Gregor Read who is returning to us for the winter from way back east! Also introduced for the first time as our newest member was Pam Cann!
ADG Dennis introduced DG Bruce from Kelowna...both had met with our Board earlier in the morning in a great session of information exchange. The District Governor visits each of the 59 Rotary clubs in the district at least once a year and this visit was the 58th on his tour - something about the best for last?  Interesting that the membership range of clubs varies from 9 to 315 so no surprise that one of his focus areas was attracting and retaining members. Bruce talked to polio plus, now in its 3rd decade, and stressed that while it is not yet completed (3 countries remain at risk) the effort must be continued and with the Gates Foundation still matching Rotary funds at 3:1, it will be and must be as more the 11% of our children are no longer immunized so are at risk to the new viruses. 
Bruce asked for our club and individual support for the upcoming RLI event here in Osoyoos Oct 30th and then the District Conference June 18-21 next June in Kelowna at the UBC campus. He also recognized Pres Judy and Cheryle with awards for their great efforts in bringing in new members. 
A fun session of fines and happy bucks followed with Cindy winning the 50/50.
On a follow up to last week's meeting notes where Roger spoke to the Honduran school projects and his need to raise a further $6000, he received a check for $4000 of that from one of our Rotarians...he was thrilled!
Next week Elly will speak on her E Canada Rotary Club...she and Ramiro moved permanently to Osoyoos just last week!
A good meeting! Have a great weekend!
Have a great weekend
Luncheon Oct 9, 2014 John Robertson 2014-10-12 00:00:00Z 0
Luncheon Oct 02,2014
Our speaker this week was Roger Clinton along with his lovely partner Gerry (Roger is one of only 2 remaining active charter members of our club back in 2003!)  They spoke to us about their exciting and fulfilling Kindergarten School project in Honduras. Honduras is a rather corrupt country with a robust drug trade and shady banking system. Many of the locals cannot afford the cost of $500 for a home, so are left living in shacks with several families communally sharing space without a roof.   Please take a look at the pictures on this facebook page.  
First thing was to build a road into the community of Esperancita. They were able to bring in a  cat in which helped save weeks of work. Then came hydro electricit for the village. $500 worth of food was brought in, which fed 35 families for 2 months. Amazing… The kindergarten has now been completed and 26 students attend the school. It has running water, proper toilets and concrete walls and floors. The children all look very happy and well taken care of. 
The next project for Gerry and Roger will be a school for children from grades 1-10, expected enrolment will be 40 children, in a  2 room school building. 
So far, the cost for the kindergarten was $8,000 which was all donated by Roger and Gerry. The high school is expected to cost $15,000. They have already raised $6,000 with the $9,000 yet to be raised. Rotary is collecting donations for the project. Bill kindly donated $100 today, and Ron donated his 50/50 towards the project. Yes Ron won yet again… 
Anyone interested in helping out in Honduras is very welcome. Roger leaves December 5th and will be working on the school until April. Very inspiring. 
Brian took over today as fine master, and fined those who have not yet registered for the conference at spirit ridge the 30 and 31 of October. Please remember to register for the event. The club will pay up to $50 for each attendee at the conference. No excuses guys, it will be a great seminar. 
Karen Summerset has kindly offered to make rotary business cards for each club member. 
Karen Hawitt spoke about the Child Care centres fundraising event Harvest Dance November 8th, asking if the rotary will volunteer again managing the security. Ideally 6 members helping out that evening. 
Have a great week guys. 
Luncheon Oct 2, 2014 Karen Hawitt 2014-10-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Sep 26, 2014
Pres Judy opened this first week of fall meeting by introduced guests Stacey Gagno (Oliver Rotary), Heather O'Coin, Richard MaQuire (Osoyoos Times), Gail Scott (DO), Blake Somersett, Dinelda Wood and our speaker Grant Stevely which was followed by a 'decent' rendering of O'Canada...dubious but best yet!
Jeff introduced Grant Stevely from the Dubh Glas Distillery and he proceeded to give us an entertaining/informative talk on his new venture in Gallagher Lake. He will be craft distilling several spirits but kept this presentation on scotch whisky which has consumed (?) a good deal of his time. He is owner/operator of the business presently under construction and while he is planning a grand opening next June, he hopes to be open for business in 4-6 weeks. 
The ingredients for scotch are water, barley and yeast....the water locally is excellent (Dubh Glas means 'from the deep water') as is the barley from Armstrong - we sampled malt barley and peat barley (smoked). The yeast, distilling equipment, fermentation and maturation processes all impact the flavor and quality of the spirit and Grant believes that the art of distilling can produce the highest quality of scotch in 3 1/2 years, rather that the  traditional 20 years or longer. He will distill in smaller barrels of 100 liters which shortens the time and increases the flavor...the barrels were previously used to make bourbon. 
Obviously, there will not be scotch available for some time, so the business plan calls for the distilling of other products that do not require the same time to mature and the first will be his Noteworthy Gin, again made from barley with some 'local' flavorings. You can also invest now in a barrel of scotch for only $2000 which is expected to give you product plus a return on your investment!
Look for his opening and drop in for a visit....good guy and excellent presentation. Ron thanked Grant for the talk, promising to be his best customer!
The 50/50 was won by Heather.
Next week's speaker will be Roger Clinton talking on the Honduras project
Luncheon Sept 25 2014-09-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson
Pres Judy opened today's meeting introducing Rotarian guests Bill and Barb from Calgary and reviewing the hugely successful Lobster event on Saturday - the revenue from that could approach $10,000! Judy reminded us to note October 31 on our calendars as that is the District Rotary Development  event to be held at Spirit Ridge which is Friday afternoon and Saturday. At a minimum, please think about attending the Friday evening dinner session as there is an incredible speaker/entertainer that is really worthwhile - you can register online on the 5060 website and if you need help in doing that, let me know. 
The luncheon speakers were 2 Rotarians new to our club giving their bios/vocational talks, Karen Somerset and Gordon MacIvor. In the short time with Osoyoos Rotary, both have committed significant volunteer time (with their partners!) and added huge capacity and fellowship and are very welcome additions. Highlights from Karen included her marriage to Blake for 28 years, 2 sons, and a successful 35  year career with Exxon in the Alberta petroleum industry, most recently developing apps for the heavy oil component that are in use worldwide today. Karen is broadly active in the community with one volunteer function in support of FAS (Foreign Accent Syndrome) which is a rare medical condition resulting from strokes, affecting speech...she shared that she has FAS herself. 
Gordon's bio was also fascinating to hear. He has been married to Roberta for 45 years, 3 sons, a banking career (RBC and HSBC) that spanned the world (21 different homes?), a past Club President (Ft McLeod), and retired last year from as Economic Development Officer for Ft McLeod. Whew! He is a history buff and like Karen, has a long history in leadership in Scouting. Gordon is our club Sergeant at Arms - potentially a very annoying finemaster!
Matt gave a summary of his wedding at the consummate on Saturday - well done! - and is off to consummate it in Hawaii tomorrow.
Roger won the 50/50 and off it went to the Honduras project.
Good week is the Distillery guy!
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Posted on Sep 12, 2014
9/11, now 13 years ago...sobering!
Today's meeting was focused on the Lobster on the Beach event just 3 days away! Before turning over the meeting to the Lobster committee, Pres Judy had Dave Perehudoff introduce his guest Adam and then reminded us of the need to think about attending the District Rotary Leadership weekend Oct 31st here in Osoyoos at Spirit Ridge. Our club should be well represented (it is our backyard!) and the agenda is packed with good fun and information so please think about it.
Cheryle then brought us up to speed on Saturday night's spectacular lobster event! It is sold out! And then some, as she is expecting 256 guests to attend. Cheryle and her committee (Judy/Karen) have done an incredible job pulling this together and we are ready to go despite some significant 'hiccups' along the way that she has managed in her very capable way! Cheryle laid out the program for the evening that starts late morning and ends at 1:30am and will be emailing Rotarians their assignments for the day/evening.  Cheryle recognized the many donors of service and product from the community and was excited to get the 3rd live auction item from Dave (2 tickets to the Grey Cup with accommodations at the Rosewood @Georgia Hotel). 
Should be a quite a party!
And huge thanks to Roger for volunteering to pick up the live lobster early on Saturday morning off an inbound flight in Kelowna. 
If attaching the picture works, it is Ron, Brian and Vaughn performing impressive clean up services at our Rotary Boardroom at Lions Park...well done guys!
A good meeting...even if it cost us $$$ in fines for not knowing there are 1.2mm active Rotarians around the world!
Enjoy the party!
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Posted by Cheryle King (Richardson) on Sep 02, 2014

Aug. 28,2014


Luncheon 16 members and 3 guests
Guest ,Pam Conn, Ramiro and Elly from Edmonton area, both are Past Presidents and Elly was a Dist. Govenour.

 John talked about the Challenge Cup and how great it was that we had such great participation from our club members.

Coyotes schedule is out and we are looking for volunteers for the beer garden . Vaughn said some members have responded to their availability but there are still lots of dates open.

Next week Brian Highley from the Okanagan Sun will be our guest speaker.

Cheryle talked about the Lobster Festival on September 13, tickets are going fast and would like all tickets paid for by next Thurs. Sept.4. About two hundred have been sold or committed to.

John introduced our guest speaker Karen Hawitt,he was as witty and charming as ever
Karen is a head hunter for the oil & gas industry as well as the
Karen is getting married in June 2015 to Trevor Leigh , Ron's son.
Karen & Trevor started a property management company in the last 2 weeks.They have 2 Laba Doodle dogs, Traveled Europe in a camper this past Summer with their daughter Zoe. Karen is on the board  of the Child Care Centre here in Osoyoos.

Elly talked about Email membership and that if you are going to be traveling a lot that you might like to join this chapter of Rotary so that you can have perfect attendance instead of taking a leave of absence or worrying about make-ups.

Harold Cox won the 50/50 and Harold and Audrey celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary .


Board meeting  Oct 9,-10:30 am meeting with our new District Governor and he will be our guest speaker that day.

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Lobster Fest September 13 Jim King 2014-08-31 00:00:00Z 0
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Posted on Jul 03, 2014
 Thursday July 3rd 2014
Fellow Rotarians
Our first meeting of the Rotary year was conducted by our new President Judy Miller-Bennett
And she kept us all on track. With 12 members and two quests, Dave and Gordon we had a business meeting.
Pancake Breakfast:
Served almost 800 breakfasts, kudos to John and the committee for a job well done and all the Rotarians with their friends and family who pitched in? Members suggested we put a thank you ad in the paper to the Community partners who helped us make our first Canada Day Breakfast a huge success.
Pizza Factory, JoJo’s, Buy Low, Mckia’s and Balogh Electric
 Roughly $13,000 was made this year, our golfers were down but Auction was up. There will be a post mortem to make suggestions for improvements in certain areas. Great turnout from club members for the Cactus Jalopy, the golf tournament and the Pancake breakfast we truly performed
“Service above Self”
Lobster on the Beach:
 Saturday September 13, 2014. Tickets $60 including wine on the table. Every Rotarian has committed to a pair of tickets and selling a pair. This will guarantee that we cover our costs.
We have raised over $180,000 over the last 10 years that has been given back to the community and surrounding community projects in the South Okanagan and Internationally.
See you next Thursday. July 10th 
New Presidents first meeting Cheryle King (Richardson) 2014-07-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Aug 15, 2013
Pres Brian introduced our 2 guests, Bill's son Bob and Tahn Towns, today's speaker to the 11 members in attendance. Reminders and updates followed on Lobster on the Beach (bring in ticket money) and upcoming meetings: next week is club day where we will hear reports from all the committees and generally share club information and the following week, August 29th is the club social. This one is at the Desert Center starting at 5:30, tour at 6 and dinner at 7. The District Govenor and Assistant DG will be there for their annual meeting with us and Ron and Brian are working on making this a fun event so plan to come. There will be a board meeting at noon that day in lieu of the normal lunch meeting - everyone is welcome to attend that one as well. 
Reminder that next week in the club reports we will be deciding on whether we will take in an exchange student in 2014 and that will be dependant on whether we have Rotary home hosting volunteers. If you think you can do some hosting of the student but won't be at the meeting, please let John, Marieze or Harold know as with no potential hosts, we will not commit to taking on an inbound. 
You may be on the recieving end phone calls from Bill....if you have caller ID, please accept the calls anyway as he is our phone committee!
Chris and Erik have been approved as potential new members so they will be approached this week to see if they will join us.
Ron introduced our guest speaker Tahn Towns. She is an 8 year resident here with a varied background covering veterinary work, carpentry, massage and holistic therapy but her topic today was her current work in helping horses through the use of Probiotics. A good speaker, Tahn explained what probiotics were, where they come from naturally and as a supplement primarily for the digestive tract of horses. Basically, they live in the horses system and support enzyme growth there that stabilizes and supports several basic animal functions. The fact of the day was that the digestive track of a horse is 95 feet long and in volume is the equivalent of a 45 gallon drum! Who knew?
The club will be helping man an aid station for the Penticton Classic Triathalon on Sunday August 25th. It will be at the Osoyoos airport and John will be sending more details for volunteers on the weekend but mark the date on your calendars now...may need as many as 30 volunteers!
Happy bucks followed and Pres Brian won the 50/50.
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Rotary Meeting July 12th, 2013 John Robertson 2013-07-12 00:00:00Z 0
We had an interesting guest speaker and topic today. Zena Ryder is the Assistant Branch Manager of the Kelowna branch of the Canadian Centre for Inquiry, which is an educational charity with a mission to question and combat the harms of superstition, pseudoscience and religion through education, activism and community. Whew!
Definitely secular in their views but they do claim to apply scientific and reasoned thinking to unseat 'truths' proposed by psychics, homeopaths and religious extremists. They do offer an option to AA through their Secular Sobriety Group that provides support without the religious element and do programs with kids that focuses on science and skeptical topics.  I am not sure how large the organization is but they have 10 branches in Canada and a good website and media presentation. If you are a natural skeptical person, CFI may be for you!
Remember no luncheon next week as it is the Istallation dinner in the evening. There are likely to be 48 persons attending including political dignitaries and many of the past presidents of this club as it is our 10th anniversary. Dennis's last hurrah and the start to Brian's year. Should be fun.
It was noted that the Splash Park construction has begun and should be in operation by early August. Need more ticket sales!
The golf tournament on the weekend was a great success - it looks like $11,500 will be the final number and that is a huge credit to Brian and all the committee, considering all the alternative venues that were out there. 
Vaughan organized the 50/50 draw and...won it himself! Surprise!!
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Rotary Meeting May 2nd, 2013 John Robertson 2013-05-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Apr 24, 2013

We were treated today with a presentation on the SOCC (South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce) by the President, our own Holly Plante! Holly gave us a really great presentation on a portion of all that the SOCC does to promote and support businesses in Osoyoos, Oliver and Okanagan Falls. The SOCC is a non-profit business association made up of 9 directors, 3 from each community, representing over 300 members. Holly shared stats with us that showed that 82% of residents believe that the COC does help the economy so a high level of credibility exists. 
Priorities for 2013 include reaching out to the media; calling on businesses (each director will visit 25 member and 10 non-member businesses) to take a 'health check' and input; they will meet with all 3 Town Councils in support of economic development; build community ties between the 3 communities, promote a shuttle system, work to avoid protectionism while facilitating all stakeholders. They will also continue to support local events, such as the Slow Food Festival this weekend, including outlying communities like Keremeos and the Similkameen. 
2013 will also see the SOCC raising awareness for a more 'open for business' policy for new businesses; promote the National Park and hosting and sponsoring a long list of events that bring prosperity such as the Festival of the Grape, Oyster Festival, business excellence awards, 10 annual B2B mixers, all candidates forum (last week) and business planning seminars. Whew....good thing they have such a talented, energetic President! 
Other Rotary news included Cheryle announcing a wine sponsor for the Lobster Fest and a committee meeting for next Wednesday at 1 at the golf club; golf and Cactus Jalopy updates and a Board Meeting for May 1 at 5:00. 
Craig and Janice are both members of the Oliver/Osoyoos Search and Rescue and Craig announced that there is a great fundraising dinner and auction at the Watermark on June 14, and we can get the tickets ($60) from them. Craig won the 50/50 so only needs to buy one more!
Finally, a reminder that our Isadora is starring in the school's musical performance on Friday and Saturday nights at the mini-theater and invites everyone to attend....admission by donation to the drama club. 

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Posted by Holly Plante on Apr 17, 2013

Today we were pleased to have Joan Chambers and Mary Kiviste with us from the Literacy Outreach Centre and Okanagan College. These ladies shared a frightening statistic with us that 42% of Canadians have challenges with reading. In order to support children with literacy issues these ladies go above and beyond to bring programs through Literacy Now to the South Okanagan and Similkameen. This is a partnership program with School District 53 offering key programs such as one on one reading to children who need additional support reading, tutoring, and also community bookshelves. Funding has been cut for this program and they are in need of $4600 in sponsorship funding to keep this program alive. Several Rotarians have stepped forward to volunteer which will be a tremendous help.

Marketing for the Golf Tournament is almost all printed so if you haven't picked up your sponsorship forms, posters, and brochures yet please do so at the next lunch meeting.

Rotary Meeting, April 18 Holly Plante 2013-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Apr 11, 2013

Pres Dennis welcomed the 12 members and 3 guests to the meeting with special welcome to Honorary member Judy. Updates were given for the golf tourney, Lobster Fest and Cactus Jalopy, all moving forward under very capable leadership!! Jim introduced the $50 Splash Park tickets that will be available through Vaughn - we are expected to sell 40 tickets at a minimum as a club. 

Brian introduced a return guest speaker, Nancy Katerenchuk, who is the President of the Osoyoos Festival Society. Nancy is in her 3rd year as President and she read us an update on the past year. This is a non-profit society of 16 members who sponsor 3 seasonal events in Osoyoos; the Easter Eggstravaganza (19th year), the Cherry Festival (65th year) and the Christmas Light Up parade (25th year). Obviously a tremendous amount of volunteer time has been donated for an amazing number of years. The focus of all events is on children and their participation is encouraged. They have a budget of $24m and have various sources of revenue including most service clubs in Osoyoos...except Rotary, evidently! 

Isadora described her weekend in Naramata with all the inbound and outbound youth exchange students. Why do these all sound the same over the years when it comes to sleeping habits? They never sleep! There was swimming (yes, she did...I have pictures), games, social and the proverbial tears. She had fun! The picture included is of Isa and those members who wore anything resembling the Brazilian national colors of gold and green. Obviously not a wardrobe fav color of members!

In case you miss the Firemen's Oyster Fest Saturday, think about attending the Chamber of Commerce Osyster Brewfest April 19 at Spirit Ridge....$25. 

Thanks for all you do in Rotary!


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Posted by John Robertson on Apr 03, 2013

ImagePres Dennis opened this 1st April meeting with some reminders and updates.  The District Conference is one month away, May 2-5 in Kamloops. The 2nd golf committee meeting yielded an impressive poster that everyone is encouraged to display and registration forms are now meeting is next Thursday at 5 in Doug's office. The Lobster on the Beach committee met for the first time this week, confirming the Sept 7th date, same price of $65....Cheryle will advise us when the next meeting is. Jim will have the $50 tickets for the Splash Park at next week's meeting...oh yay! 

A new notice from Isadora was for the OSS Musical Review taking place April 26/27 at 7pm at the Mini Theatre. Isa has a prominent role, is practising hard and feeling like it will be a very entertaining presentation. There is no charge but donations to the Drama Club would be appreciated. I'm going!

Brian introduced Lee Sappach, GM of the Osoyoos Golf Club, to give us a history and overview of the club. Lee's own golf history began in Prince George playing and working at the course until he turned pro there in 1986. 7 years later he took on the head pro job at Osoyoos and ran the pro shop until moving into the GM role in 2011. Over that time he saw the club move to 18 holes in 1994, 27 holes the next year and to a full 36 holes in 2000. The present club house was also added in 2000. In 2008, membership was over 800 at the peak - then the recession hit and golf everywhere suffered financially. Current membership is now only just over 500 but with dues increases and better green fee revenues, the club could show a minor profit. Lee shared a few other fascinating facts, such as there were 63,000 rounds played last year, they employ 85 full and part time employees at peak times, 1.4 million gallons of water (effluent!) are needed for one days watering, and the club can support 440 rounds of fun in one day! 

Brazilian colors are gold and green....Dennis would like to see lots of gold/green at next meeting!

Marieze held the winning 50/50 ticket and thoughtfully donated it to the Osoyoos Scholarship Foundation.

Rotary Meeting April 4, 2013 John Robertson 2013-04-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Mar 27, 2013

EREY-EN-cIt will always be a good meeting when we get to welcome a new member and this was the case today when President Dennis inducted Chris Lown. Linda is Chris's sponsor but as she had to miss the meeting, Brian represented her well ....we now have 21 members! Chris has already been very active in the club and will be a tremendous addition. Welcome Chris!

There was no formal speaker but unaccustomed as he is in public presentations (!), Ron stepped up and gave an interactive and informative update on how a snowbird keeps a perfect attendance record. Ron has been 100% in the six years with this club while spending a portion of the winters in either Mexico or California. Most of the make-ups are done with clubs local to where he was, often spreading the attendance around to various Rotary Clubs but this past year in Hemmit, he favoured one club, San Jacinto, and then when necessary Ron would access the online option for make-ups preferring E-Club 1100. Either way, Ron maintains the effort is totally worth it, enhancing his overall Rotary experience. 

The balance of the meeting centered around notes from the Board Meeting minutes distributed earlier. Harold clarified the scholarship issue reminding us that the $1000 scholarship that our club gives each year goes directly to the receiving student on proof of attending post secondary school and while it can go through the Osoyoos Secondary Scholarship Foundation, it does not need to. Other donations to the foundation such as those given from individuals and the 50/50, go to the Rotary Club of Osoyoos account within the Foundation and is held there until we decide how to distribute it, and tax receipts are given for those donations.  The next club social will be May 30 with an evening of BBQ and pool at Jim and Cheryle's complex. June 27th is the Club's new executive installation at Walnut Beach so mark your calendars. 2013 is the 10th anniversary year of our club and Ron is planning huge WOW celebrations for that night. Other reminders included the District Conference in May, a lobster dinner organizing meeting next Wednesday at 1:30 at Wildfire Grill and the Osoyoos and Oliver combined Mayors Breakfast April 19 at 0730 at Valley Congregational Church.

Very appropriately, Chris won the 50/50 ..... and donated it to the splash park fund. 

Next week's meeting speaker is Lee Sapach from the Osoyoos Golf Club.

Rotary Meeting March 28, 2013 John Robertson 2013-03-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Mar 20, 2013

Pres Dennis opened this 2nd day of spring meeting with some business items. The Cactus Jalopy event needed a Co-Chair to shadow Cheryle and Linda beat the volunteer rush and took it on.  The $100 Foundation donation expected of every Rotarian is due by the end of March....please? A sample of the Splash Park tickets were shared - these are the $50 tickets that we are managing in partnership with the SP Committee as a fundraiser for the park. Our obligation is to sell 40 of the 400 tickets and manage all the sales/receipts. A draft of the golf tournament poster was introduced for approval and input - it was well done!  We were reminded of the district conference May 2-5 in Kamloops and the Rotary Club of Oliver's auction dinner and fundraiser on April 13. 

Brian introduced our guest speaker Pastor Phil Johnson. Phil has lead the Baptist church in Osoyoos for the past 4 years, a Pastor for over 9 years and a former Rotarian. He gave us an update on the community activities that they manage and support. The meals-on-wheels program involves 16-18 volunteers and is delivering 130-150 meals per mo. The food bank operates once a month and delivers food supplies that last 4-5 days to families in need, 104 in February and over 1800 in 2012. The church manages the BC Transit operations and needs in Osoyoos. Ridership is up 17% and they are working towards the goal of a regular Osoyoos to Enderby transit capability. Phil also referenced a partnership with the Abbotsford Church to feed immigrant workers - they fed 6-700 workers dinner during one week last summer. He acknowledged the significant 'difficult attitudes' they encountered with the workers and will try to figure out how to reach them with the kindness that everyone deserves this next summer. 

Phil had his 55th birthday yesterday. It was celebrated with a 'kindness intervention' which involved friends and family members gathering to give him direct feedback on all his good deeds and acts of kindness that they had witnessed - Phil challenged us to do the same with our members and friends. Great concept and something for us to 'remember'. 

Happy Bucks included an invitation from 'just returned' snowbird Ron to participate in his Jazz Appreciation course beginning April 9th for 4 weeks ....see Ron for details but i can attest it is excellent!

Linda won the 50/50 - she is on a roll! It was donated to the splash park. 

Rotary Meeting March 21, 2013 John Robertson 2013-03-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Mar 14, 2013

Gem for media page
This Spring meeting had 13 members and 3 guests hear a very compelling, articulate Gem Munroe share with us an amazing humanitarian story. Gem, an author and school teacher, is the founder of the Amarok Society along with his wife and 2 children and they have lived in Bangladesh since 2005. There are 175 million people in Bangladesh living in an area 1/6 the size of BC, and it is home to some of the worlds worst poverty and slums. The Amarok Society brings a revolutionary solution to the chronic issues of illiteracy, poverty, and health in these slums by teaching the mothers how to read and write in their local language, English and math, and also life skills such as health, nutrition, child care, conflict resolution and more recently as the result of support from Canada, sanitation and water purification skills. The mothers, many of whom have never before even held a pencil, attend school every day for 2 hours. They in turn, teach their own children and those of neighbours....the vision is 'Teach a Mother, Change the World'. 

Gem is back in Canada for 4 months on a tour to raise awareness (and money!) through the sale of his books and talking to organizations like Rotary....if Rotary can take on Polio, perhaps this project is just as worthy and doable? Prior to founding the Amarok Society Gem worked with families and communities in Canada's North. 

In other business, it was noted that the Coyotes won their series against Kelowna with a victory in double OT ....record beer sales and tips! They now face the North Okanagan team with 2 away games, returning home for Monday and Tuesday Games. The Lobster Fest (Sept 14) and Cactus Jalopy (June) events were confirmed with Cheryle chairing both. And while we are on a Cheryle theme, she won the 50/50 draw!

Rotary Meeting March 14, 2013 John Robertson 2013-03-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Mar 13, 2013

Moi moi, 

The weather is constantly changing.  When I go to school in the morning, there’s actually light in the sky!  The days are getting longer and it feels like spring is not far away.  There can be cold days, with the morning being below -10, or a huge fall of snow, or long sunny days. 

School gets easier now that I understand more.  I am hanging out with my Finnish friends more, whether it’s at cafes, or a museum or a movie.  Also during PE class we have done skating, ringette, running and volleyball.  We are planning to do some sort of dances lessons, Finnish baseball, laser tag and different kinds of sports.  The teacher is so energetic, and I always look forward to the classes. 
There was a winter day with Rotary, where we went skiing or snowboarding with the exchange students in the district, and the host families were also welcome to come.  Before Finland I hadn’t skied for 5 years, and now I am remembering the joy of it, but I think this is the last skiing for the year. 
And Easter is coming!  There are Easter candies on sale now, like Angry Birds chocolate eggs (like a Kinder Surprise, but Bird style!), and Fazer Mignons.  Fazer is an old Finnish chocolate brand and the Mignon is a real eggshell with chocolate nougat filling.  I was so astounded when my friends told me about it!  And another, more traditional Finnish Easter food is mämmi.  It is a rye thing…if you look it up, and as I’ve been told, it doesn’t look that appetizing, but with cream and sugar it is supposed to be good.  I always want to try new foods, so bring it on!
There are 2 Australians in Turku, one of whom, Elliot, is in my school.  It is so strange to be an oldie, and I don’t quite know how to be one.  These 7 months in Finland have been so great, I have learned so much about myself and the world, there have been the great points, and the low points, sadness, joy, confusion.  I can be on top of the world, but then I might feel like it’s my first month here.  I want to share all of these feelings and knowledge, but I know that the newbies have to experience all these things for themselves.  And their exchange is so much different than mine, everyone’s is different.  Thank you for allowing me this extraordinary opportunity.  Some people say that exchange is the best year of your life, and I somewhat agree.  Right now, this year has been the best, but it’s taught me how to live life more fully so that next year can be the best, and then the year after that.  
I hope everyone is doing well!
From Russia Finland with love

Tianna's March Madness John Robertson 2013-03-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Mar 06, 2013

President Dennis opened this first March meeting of 12 members and 3 guests with some reminders; District Conference May 3-5, Cactus Jalopy beer garden confirmed for June 8th, the National Slow Foods Festival is April 25-28 for volunteers/donars and our board meeting is 5pm March 14. 

Brian introduced our speaker Al Sismey, the Regional Crime Stoppers Coordinator, based out of Princeton. A good part of Al's role is to liaise with communities like ours to improve the awareness of how Crimestoppers works and he did just that! CS has been in the South Okanagan since 1992 and over the 21 years, has received 6,133 tips which led to 784 arrests and over $13 million in recovered property or drugs. Al stressed that they are not part of the police force but are a tested and confirmed anonymous conduit in which the public can supply information on a crime. And they can receive up to $2000 in cash awards for that information. It was noted that in fact, most tipsters (almost 80%) do not ask or receive monetary rewards but do value the anonymity. Al is the only paid employee in the organization and reports to a volunteer Board of Directors. It was interesting that tips can be given via phone, website, texting and even a smart phone app with all being safe and secure technology.

During Happy Bucks, Doug proudly announced the arrival of newest grandson, Allan Lesley Ferguson...might want to remember this for next meeting - something about testing who reads these newsletters!

Rotary Meeting March 7, 2013 John Robertson 2013-03-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Feb 27, 2013

Pres Dennis opened this last February meeting before spring happens next week! We ignored the wet, cool noon and wished all those members in warmer southern climes our very very best wishes! At least Judy finally returned from extended weeks in Cabo San Lucas with good stories and a great tan!

Our speakers were from the OSS Global Awareness Club. Natasha Schroeter, a sponsoring teacher and two students Kayla Turnbull  and Shelby Schroeter spoke on the club and their activities. The club has 15 members and has been active for 5 years in the school... their mantra is to 'Think Globally-Live Locally'.  They were so close to finalizing plans to go to Cuba to observe rural schools and the environmental and social issues they are facing but unfortunately their plans did not materialize. Fundraising is through Halloween for Hunger (they collect tinned food instead of treats), penny drives and an interesting dinner taking place April 8 where 100 guests representing the world's population attend and in reflecting that, 5 of them are drawn receive a 1st class dinner, 12 eat a 2nd class dinner and the remaining 83 representing the poor sit on mats and eat a rice and lentil dinner. The club addresses issues like bullying and diversity and fair trade and promote themselves in several multi-cultural days. Their current project takes place around Mother's Day and focuses on the micro wave issues. A good presentation and separately, Shelby identified herself as an eager candidate for our outbound exchange program next year!

The Coyotes are on a 3-1 role over Princeton but if they lose tonight away, we will need to staff the beer garden tomorrow night...Brian will let us know. 

Brian won the 50/50....always suspect when the organizer wins but we are patient!

Rotary Meeting Feb 28th, 2013 John Robertson 2013-02-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Feb 23, 2013

Hello hello everyone,

Well now is the Hiihtoloma, the skiing holiday.  I am staying with a temporary host family for a week and a half, and we went to the mökki, the cottage for a few days.  I went cross-country skiing and long-bladed skating for the first time!  I did around 10 kilometres for both.  And then I also did regular downhill skiing.  We had sauna, and since most cottages are located next to a lake, it makes it really easy to have a hole in the ice to dip into.  And it was cold!  We went to sauna each night for the 4 days we were there and I went to the avanto every time.  It’s so refreshing, and all the Finns are so amazed that I went so many times.  But really, the first time is the worst; it gets easier and more enjoyable the greater number of times you go in a night.  We also went to Tampere, where I saw the cityscape from the big tower, ate mustamakkara (black sausage made with blood! But it was actually pretty decent), played Angry Birds, and went to a hockey museum!

Before the holiday was the Wanhojen Tanssit, which went pretty well!  Everyone looked so amazing in their dresses!  Well except the guys, they just wore tuxes, because the dance is all about the girls.  We performed once for the parents and twice the next day for the junior high and high school.  Also on the day of the dance was the Abi Penkkarit, a celebration for the 3rd years who are leaving the school.  We had this formal coffee and cake party, where teachers got presents from the students, then the Abi’s dressed up in costumes and drove around the town in trucks throwing candy to people.  

The classes have changed again at school, now I am taking Art, Music, French, Psychology, English and History.  My schedule does seem to be the same all the time…But in Art we are doing charcoal sketches of Greek or Roman statues while in Music we sing and learn about old Finnish music.  I actually took a French exam, and I think it went pretty well.  I will find out my mark next week for sure.  Psychology is really interesting.  We are learning about the brain and how people think.  Even though it’s in Finnish, I can understand around half of the notes, mainly because we did the brain in Biology in Canada.  But my Finnish is okay, I have classes where we are speaking more, and I’m trying to say things in Finnish with my friends. 

I have been in Finland for 6 months.  It has passed by quickly it seems, but I look back at the things I’ve done and I’m so glad to be in Finland.  I know the time will pass by even quicker now, and June doesn’t seem that far away…

Just to end on a happy note, as any exchange student will tell you, they gain weight on exchange (this isn’t the happy part).  From the different foods, to the host families who stuff you, and the favourite candy or chocolate in your host country, it is inevitable.  But a word of advice: Eat whatever you want, and if someone tries to lecture you about your weight, eat them too.
I hope everyone is doing well; spring is coming sooner or later!  Regards, Tianna
Tianna Talks Turku or February in Finland! John Robertson 2013-02-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Feb 13, 2013


Valentines Day! Pres Dennis introduced several guests including Ian Sesson from Penticton Rotary and Maureen Doerr from Oliver Rotary who attended enroute to Seattle with Brian to attend the 3 day Presidents Elect Training (PETS). 

Upcoming commitments included volunteers for serving morning muffins to both the elementary and senior schools next week. Marieze is coordinating. Also the One to One reading program is moving ahead with Dennis and John to shadow Marieze in the elementary school over the next two weeks. 

Our guest speaker was Bob Etienne, cultural leader, historian and Holy Man with the Osoyoos Indian Band. Bob is employed at the Desert Cultural Center where he gives the interpretive desert tours and leads the desert animal presentations, including the rattlesnake showing. He has worked with rattlesnakes for many years and trained others to work with them but still retains a great deal of respect for them! Bob brought us up to date on some OIB news including the 2012 revenue number of $40mm, the expansion of the RV park to 450 sites and peak employment in excess of 50 people and described a new environmental focus at the Cultural Center. Bob also talked at length about our common responsibility to respect and protect the land, for everyone.

It is Rotary Week all next week. Osoyoos Council has proclaimed it as such so must be! To recognize that and our 10 year anniversary of our Club, the noon meeting is cancelled in lieu of a social starting at 5pm for members, spouses, and several guests. Wine and appetizers will be served and several presentations to the community will be made. The intent is to have fun and generally raise awareness of Rotary in the community.

Linda won the Valentines 50/50 (how appropriate!) and then a board meeting broke out!

Rotary Meeting February 14, 2013 John Robertson 2013-02-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Feb 06, 2013

Today we had our club assembly with a small but mighty group of Rotarians.

We brainstormed ideas for what we could do for Rotary week February 18-24. Some ideas tossed around were:

  • Serving breakfast at the highschool (Marieze will follow up)
  • Small booth area at an Osoyoos Coyotes game (Jo will follow up with Randy)

Other items for discussion were:

  • Peace through Service - Press Release and how this relates to our initiatives
  • Splash Park - Well water testing is taking place and grant opportunities are being explored
  • Photo op for Cheque Presentation with Shannon Miller

Committee Reports

  • Cactus Jalopy - Early June
  • Golf Tournament - Brian, June 15. Brian distributed Action Items for all of us to review and update
  • Lobsterfest - Cheryle is heading it up again - Sept 15
  • Curling - Matthew and Holly - Fall




Osoyoos Rotary Club - February 7, 2013 Holly Plante 2013-02-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jan 30, 2013

Desert Sun Counselling

The last day/meeting in January! Evidently there are not a few of our members already in the sunshine somewhere and a few more have intentions of joining them, so not a large turnout but a 'mighty one'!

Only 3 more Coyote home games needing volunteers and Marieze and Greg will take the next one. Marieze updated us on the One to One Reading Program....a literacy program for elementary school children who will benefit from extra reading help. The Club is wanting to give support so 3 members volunteered to take the training February 8 (next Friday)  from 9 to noon. If anyone else is interested, contact Marieze and she will provide the details. 

Our guest speaker was the amazing Tamara from Desert Sun Counselling who updated us on changes over the past year since she talked to us last. The club budgets funds in support of all the programs Desert Sun offers to individuals and families and the community, all free of charge and confidential. Tamara noted that 223 women from the S. Okanagan at risk from violence utilized the Safe Home. She also advised us that last year's support from the club went towards the Men's Counselling Programs. Tamara suggested that this year's funding could go toward a new high school peer led program 'Media, Culture and Healthy Relationships' which is intended to help youths build awareness of media's influence by developing critical thinking and evaluation skills, informed choices and recognizing relationship abuses. We were impressed with the program, to be introduced to all 3 high schools in the area. 

Pres Dennis advised there will be a Board Meeting following next week's meeting. 

Greg shared 3 of his best Rotary moments with us, Janice won the 50/50 and John took the Concert Series tickets!

Rotary Meeting January 31, 2012 John Robertson 2013-01-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jan 23, 2013

Today our guest speaker was Chris Wyse with Burrowing Owl Estate Winery. Chris has always been a entrepreneur at heart which fit in so well with his family's long term vision for Burrowing Owl. The concept for BOEW came from visits to Australia to create a full experience in wine tourism. When they first purchased their vineyard in it was abandoned but was full of opportunities and at one point was 370 acres of vineyard. They sold a portion to Sandhill vineyards and also developed a tasting room, guest house, and the Sonora Room Restaurant They are the 4th largest vineyard in BC with 180 acres. They sell wines across Canada and are now getting into other International markets like the US. Part of their vision was to also give back and be mindful of the environment. The facility uses solar energy, geothermal heating and cooling, and all tasting fees goes towards a fund/society to protect the Burrowing Owl which is an endangered species in our area. To date they have raised over $400,000 for this society and SORCO

Chris gave us samples of a new line of wine they have launched called Calliope which are grapes from other locations.

Osoyoos Rotary Club - January 24, 2013 Holly Plante 2013-01-24 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jan 16, 2013

Great news! The Town of Osoyoos has proclaimed the week of February 18-23 - Rotary Week! Rotarians will be asked to participate in a photo up for a Media Release in the Osoyoos Times.

Nina Kleissen was our guest speaker today from Oliver and Osoyoos Search and Rescue which is a volunteer based organization which covers to the US Border, Grand Forks, Keremeous, and Okanagan Falls. This is one of the largest Search and Rescue areas in BC. They group varies from ages 16 to 73. They train every Thursday at the Community Services building in Oliver at 7:00. Deal with ropes, flat ice, swift water, ground searching...they have several trackers. They are hoping to get a dog to train for Search and Rescue as well. Everyone receives basic training which is Ground Search and Rescue. There are 9 new members ready for training. Avalanche awareness is huge this year, Mount Baldy has a ton of snow and there has already been 2 calls and a couple of people have gone missing. There are currently 35 active members and 14 that are involved every week. Nina encouraged us all to consider volunteers or aiding with fundraising projects.

Osoyoos Rotary Club - January 17, 2013 Holly Plante 2013-01-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jan 10, 2013
Hyvää Uutta Vuotta Kaikille!
It is crazy to think that I have been in Finland for 5 months now.  I say this all the time, but I am having the best time of my life.  Christmas and New Years was spent with my friends and family (most of the time in our pajamas).  The inevitable weight gain has happened, but the more pressing issue is how am I going to bring back all the stuff I've gotten here!  This month everything is changing.  My oldie Australians are leaving, new ones will be coming at the end of the month, and I am leaving my family.  I am caught between 2 minds, first, I want everything to stay the way it is now: the loving family I'm part of, the quirky Aussies, but then also I want the sense of adventure, of something new.  And, it's just really hard to say goodbye to people I love.  
At the beginning of December was the Lapland trip.  So 15 hours on a bus to get to Muonio, where we arrived at 11 am and went directly to the skiing slope.  For many of the people it was their first time snowboarding and skiing.  I stayed around a fire and sculpted an ice throne, and you can now refer to me as Tianna the Majestic, or just Tianna.  Whatever you wish.  We also fed reindeer, learned how to lasso one, went for a sleigh ride with them and even saw them on the side of the road.  In Lapland, reindeer aren't wild, but they can wander around on their own.  We also went for a husky ride!  My sled had a crazy driver so we nearly ran off the track a couple times, but it was so fun.  Then, we performed at a public school event, well each country did something.  Us Canadians sang 'The Hockey Song' by Stompin Tom, yes typical, while the Brazilians and Mexicans danced.  We were in a gym hall, and there were some Finnish people there, and also some bands played and a church group performed.  We went to sauna one night, and of course rolled in the snow.  Which is one of the best things ever!  When you go back into the sauna you can feel the blood pumping through your body.  Unfortunately there was only a river nearby, which we couldn't go in, so no swimming in a freezing lake for us...
Since Muonio is right on the border between Finland and Sweden, on one of our trips from the hotel, we stopped by the border and walked across a bridge, so for a short while we were 'in' Sweden.  Then we went to see Santa Claus!  He lives in Rovaniemi, which is a 4 hour drive from Muonio.  So we got pictures with Santa, saw Santa Claus Village and the Arctic Circle.  We also had a Sami sing to us!  The Sami are the indigenous people of Lapland, not just Finland, but also Sweden and Norway.  Their singing is called 'joik' which is very similar to the Aboriginal singing.  Lapland is incredibly beautiful, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go.  
The day after coming back to Turku was Itsenäisyyspäiva, Finnish Independence Day.  Which consisted of watching part of 'The Unknown Soldier', a movie about WWII based on a book, and also the President's Ball.  And the President's Ball was just watching him and his wife greet the important people of Finland: politicians, sportspersons, entertainers, previous presidents and many others.  Then we went to Högsåra and Farmor's Cafe, where we prepared for Christmas by making cards, meringues, muesli and many other gifts.  I have changed classes, so now I am taking media arts, dance, French and English.  The dance course is practicing for the Vanhojen Tanssit, which is 'old dance'.  There is tango, a princess dance, a Russian dance, Square dance and many others which I can't remember.  Me and a German exchange student are in the class, but the teacher just speaks Finnish, so we have no idea what's happening.  Which actually isn't that different from the Finnish students, because a lot of them have no idea either.  We learn the steps slowly, and everyone thinks 'Well great, I can do this!' Then the teacher puts on music...which is ridiculously fast so it doesn't work.  But we're getting the hang of the dances!
Then Christmas time!  Lounging around eating gingerbread and delicious food in our pajamas. Excellent. We watched many different movies over the break, romantic comedies, a really good Eastern Finnish film, a slightly strange french film, British movie.  Then for New Years we went to Högsåra again, where we had tons of tasty food, with games, fireworks and rain!  There were Swedes and Swedish Finns, everyone is so welcoming and the atmosphere wonderful.  
I went skating and played ringette with friends from Chile, Mexico, Italy, Germany, and some other countries.  It was really fun to teach the ones who hadn't skated before, and they did really well! 
Just before school was out for winter break, there was a Christmas party there.  We had some traditional Finnish Christmas food - piparkakku (gingerbread), ham, glögi (a really good hot drink, perfect for cold nights with friends and family), vegetable casseroles and Christmas bread.  There is also riisipurro, rice porridge, at school and at home.  With sugar and cinnamon it is so good!  Then the 3rd year students, who are graduating this year, they organized a show, mostly just making fun of the teachers and general Finnish pop culture references.  I didn't understand most of it, but I was mainly there to watch the Poro Tanssit, the Reindeer Dance.  So the 3rd year guys work out for months in advance, and then dance around in their underwear, best thing of the year!  
There seems to be so much happening, yet at the same time, it feels like nothing is happening.  I'm just living in Finland, and I just feel happy.
So Happy New Year, I wish everyone good food, family and friends!  Not work though, who needs that?
Until next time!
Happy New Year from Tianna! John Robertson 2013-01-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jan 02, 2013
Randy Bedard was our speaker today the owner of the Osoyoos Coyotes. The cost to run the team is over $300,000 and the benefit for our community is substantial as a major recreational opportunity for families and businesses to come watch as well the athletes and families support our local schools and businesses. This is Randy's third year with the Coyotes and Rotary's third year running the beverage garden. He and coach Ken Law work hard to recruit players from all over North America who are billeted with host families. Ken mentioned this years group of players is the nicest group of guys. They are on the ice every day + helping out in the community. At any given night there will be 5-6 scouts at a game representing other teams. Ken has been coaching for 36 years and has been fortunate to have many guys he has coached make it to the NHL. Randy is confident that the team is peaking at the right time this year. The Coyotes are holding a remote camp in Terrace BC which is a great opportunity to attract new recruits and well as a camp happening in Osoyoos in April. The KIJHL has 20 teams and it is an excellent entry level for Junior Hockey. Osoyoos has an opportunity to host the Cyclone Provincial Event in the coming years. There are about 150 season ticket holders and the Coyotes are one of the top teams for spectators, volunteers and business support. The Coyotes also has one of the best facilities in the league. Randy presented a cheque to Rotary today for $500 to the club with more to come later in the year.
January 3, 2013 - Osoyoos Rotary Club Holly Plante 2013-01-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Dec 19, 2012

Today we had a light agenda. We kicked the meeting off with Lynda Waynes giving us her bio and some more information about her. She was born in Montreal where she lived until she was 14. French was being forced on the English in the 60's so Linda's family moved to Calgary and then Linda later moved to Oliver on an orchard. After High School Linda got married and had children, the oldest being 38. Linda is engaged to Wade (we all know the story about how Peter tried to marry Linda and Wade on the spot at the Xmas party) who has 4 children. She is currently the Branch Manager for Interior Savings and has worked for the Credit Union for almost 30 years . Her and Wade love to travel and are off to Italy in September 2013. She looks forward to retiring in 5 years and doing even more travelling.

Our club has had a great year of contributions! Some of our accomplishments to date:

Lobster on the Beach, Curling Event, 3rd Year Partnership with the Osoyoos Coyotes, 3rd Year Festival of the Trees, Coyotes Bursary for an athlete, Shelterbox, Concert Series Donation, Poppy Fund to the legion, and Youth Exchange (Tianna and Isa).

We all shared our Christmas plans which was entertaining and great to hear everyone is excited to spend time with family and celebrate.

Osoyoos Rotary Club - December 20, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-12-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Dec 12, 2012

Kim Shur was our speaker today representing the Air Cadets for Oliver and Osoyoos. The Cadet Core has been around for 70 years. Every year they host an annual parade but they are looking to do more in Osoyoos. As part of the program students end up getting credits for leadership to work towards the education system. Right now the Air Cadets are headquartered at the Oliver Hanger. Components are air, army and navy. You are able to get your pilots license through the program. Similar to girl guides and scouts the kids get the opportunity to do weekend training involving camping and the outdoors. Kids must be 12 people to join and there is currently about 23 kids enrolled.


Osoyoos Rotary Club - December 13, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-12-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Nov 28, 2012

Hello all,

During the autumn break near the end of October, I moved to the island of Hirvensalo for a week, because my host family at the time and my family now were away.  The woman I stayed with, Ulla, her daughter is in Canada right now, in Barrie, Ont.  I didn't stay with her longer because she is travelling lots due to her job.  She was actually in New Orleans and she found out that alligators love marshmallows!  Ulla arranged a party where she invited some Swedish speaking Finns over and we cooked food from around the world.  There was like 16 of us, children (young adults really, there were 5 in university and just one in highschool, then me) and adults cooking up a storm!  We made Kraft Dinner (the various reactions to the ‘cheese’ were hilarious), ravioli, delicious chocolate cake that might have been French, a Russian dish, Jamie Oliver’s amazing satay sauce (aptly named) with chicken skewers, many others including a guest appearance by blueberry pancakes. 
There was also a Rotary Camp in a town called Laitila, about an hour away from Turku.  Basically most of the students in the district hung out, ate food, didn’t sleep and went to sauna.  Jumping in the lake after a sauna is one of the best and most horrifying things ever.  Let me paint the scene: it’s a dark, beautiful night, when suddenly, screams puncture the peaceful countryside as unwitting exchange students subject themselves to the icy clutches of the lake in a daring show of Finnish sisu.  As they clamber from the dock onto solid land, they start running back to the warm comfort of the sauna, heedless of any sharp debris littering the ground.  Are they laughing or crying as a wave of muggy air envelops them as they open the door?  Actually, I’m just kidding, it was great!  I think in Lapland there will either be a hole in the ice to jump in the lake or just rolling in the snow.  There will be snowboarding, cross-country or downhill skiing (or in my case, neither, for health reasons).  I am so excited for Lapland, despite the forecasted temperatures of -20 degrees, seeing all the other exchange students will be a blast!
I absolutely love my family now.  Everyone has their own schedule, but we’re all pretty laid back.  When Famu (Dad’s mom) comes over, then I really have to speak Finnish!  Some of the time we don’t quite get our messages across, but she is so patient and such a sweetie.  We watch Swedish, Finnish, British shows, with a little sneak at Osoyoos. 
I have taken up Zumba and running, due to my sister and dad respectively.  I persevere through the last kilometres with my mantra of ‘ravioli and a nap, ravioli and a nap,’ neither of which I do after the run, but it helps enormously. 
I went to Helsinki with my Dad and it was amazing to see the capital.  I wandered around the centre, saw some really cool churches and buildings and I went to an island fortress, Suomenlinna.  I still prefer Turku though! =) 
School is well, school.  I have fun making really horrible art (a statue recognizing Remembrance Day and a self-portrait as a chair.  And they were horrible because of my lack of painting and statuing (of course it’s a word) ability, visiting museums, listening to the History teacher talk about funny things I can’t understand, and making up nonsensical stories in English.
And the Christmas season is upon us!  There’s Christmas songs in the stores (or so I’ve been told, since I don’t recognize any of them), there are beautiful stars, a Christmas market on the weekends showcasing all the crafts and foods available, with a light dusting of snow to finish it off.
I can hardly believe that I have been in Finland for almost 4 months now.  Some of the changes I have accepted – sauna and cheese slicers (seriously the best things ever!) are very evident, but I won’t fully realize how much this year and the culture of Finland has affected me until I come back to Canada.  Although I do realize I try to fancy up my words to hide the fact that I sometimes can’t remember basics English words, like noon.
Picture is of my Halloween Rotary Party!  Guess who I was?
Best wishes,

Tianna's November Update John Robertson 2012-11-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Nov 21, 2012

Today Isa our exchange student from Brazil was our speaker. Her confidence and passion for life is infectuous! She recently celebrated her 16th birthday. Here is a recap of her presentation on Brazil.

Food: Everyone eats rice and beans everday

Weather: Right now it is the end of spring in Brazil and about +40. In the summer the weather goes up to +50. Winter is about +11

Culture: Brazil is a lot like Canada in the way that they have a blend of many different cultures

National Passions: Soccer (best soccer teams and fans), Carnaval (biggest festival in the world)

She is grateful for this experience for the following reasons: friends, more independent, will try new things, she can make a difference, and speaking English well.

She is really excited to see the snow at Silver Star and learn to ski in December and is currently taking archery lessons, drama, and music. Isa has totally embraced Canadian culture! She is also volunteering at Mariposa with the seniors.

Osoyoos Rotary Club - November 22, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-11-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Nov 14, 2012

Jennifer G. Strong, DTCM (Alta), DAc (NCCAOM), MAc&OM, RAc

Strong has practiced acupuncture and Oriental medicine since 1996, after completing her medical training at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland,, where she earned a graduate degree, Masters of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MAc&OM), following an undergraduate degree earned at Mills University near San Francisco (BA). Upon successful completion of the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine's three exams, she earned a DAc designation. Strong completed additional training in  advanced acupuncture theory and methods, has studied and taught Sheng Zhen chi gong and currently practice and is certified to teach Kundalini Yoga.

Serving the public and her profession, Strong worked as president of the Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Society of Alberta, chair of the government’s Acupuncture Committee and Acupuncture Program Review Committee, on the government’s Board of Examiners and was a working member of the government’s Acupuncture Transition Steering Committee.

Strong is registered with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of British Columbia, and has been a member of the National Sports Acupuncture Association, the National Qi Gong Association, the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, the Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Society of Alberta, and the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute.

Jennifer enlightened us on why acupuncture is effective for numerous conditions but also for sustaining a healthy body and reducing the chance of illness.

Strong taught in the acupuncture program at MacEwan University and currently teaches weekend workshops for professionals in her field.

Strong enjoys writing and has had articles printed in several prominent publications including Canadian Living Magazine.  Strong also enjoys public speaking for various community groups and has appeared on local ACCESS TV programs, broadcast nationally.

Rotary Club Osoyoos - November 15, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-11-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Nov 07, 2012

Today we two Rotarian guests all the way from Straftford, Ontario, Greg Read and Ian MacLean...Ian was even Justin Bieber's dentist!

Everyone is reminded to bring a Christmas gift to the Christmas Party and ensure the gift is gender neutral.

Councillor CJ Rhodes was our guest speaker today. CJ is married to life partner Lisa and the father of four children. He owns R&R Rentals and is a two term town councillor. He is currently the alternate director at the RDOS, chair of the Waterfront Steering Committee, a supporter of all projects that involve landfill diversion, advocate of shop local policies and projects and, proud to call Osoyoos his home. CJ filled us in on the plans for the effluent diversion system which is sensitive to the communities preferences. The boat and trailer storage lot has been very well received and also the dog park and dog swimming area. The recent charete for the Waterfront Master Plan was a huge success with attention to family, sports, and environmental impact. The trails along the new marina are a work on progress with additional park area. Councillor Rhodes congratulated our Rotary Club for our fundraising efforts for the new splash park. There is an excellent buzz in our community with a number of people and businesses looking to contribute.

CJ emphasized the importance of shopping local for our local economy and sustainability for local businesses and residents. It also generates more jobs and small businesses contribute 1/3 of the GDP in Canada. 80% of all new hiring is done by local and independent governments which is why business retention is so important. He is 140 days of shopping local which takes great discipline but he wants to set the example.

Rotary Club November 8, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-11-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Oct 31, 2012

A full house....26 members and guests! President Dennis introduced District Governor Doug Everett and his wife Jackie from the Chase Club and ADG Dennis Jacobsen and his wife Jean from Penticton. Pres Dennis reminded us of upcoming dates including the Christmas Party on Dec 6, fireside on Nov 29th and to join him in the wreath laying ceremony Nov 11, Remembrance Day. 

ADG Dennis introduced DG Doug who spoke to us as he does to all 59 clubs in 5060 this impressive task! DG Doug is from Chase where he retired as school principal, having also served as Chamber of Commerce President. His talk focussed on the Power of Partnerships, a theme that will extend into the District Conference May 2-3 next year in Kamloops. He cited the partnerships that led us to where we are in the successful fight to eradicate polio, the partnerships with that led to Rotaract being successful with 8400 clubs in 74 countries in suggesting that only successful partnerships will enable us to succeed in the Peace Through Service objectives of RI President Tanaka.  He challenged us to avoid 'fixed mindsets', to keep a progressive culture and to continually renew our visioning process. 

DG Doug also was also asked to participate in the presentation of two popular awards. The first was a Paul Harris award to Past Pres Cheryle in recognition of all of her tremendous contributions in leading our club to such a positive year in 2011-12. The second was to accept Judy Sloan as an Honorary Member, joining Peter Steele and Jason Bartsch, for all that she has contributed since being a charter member back in 2003 in championing so many fundraising and service projects. Well done to you both! Neat!

Isadora tried to help us in pronouncing  the first of the Four Way Test in Portugese, 'Is it the Truth' ....'E a Verdada'...ok, you try to find the 's' and z's' in that! We will work on that and the ensuing Three Tests and she will work on O Canada. Cheryle very appropriately won the 50/50 and donated it to offset Isa's piano lessons. 

An great evening Board Meeting broke out later over dinner with our guests. 

Rotary Meeting November 1, 2012 John Robertson 2012-11-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Oct 24, 2012

The Curling Fellowship event on Saturday was a huge success! There are many people that want to put more teams in for next year as it is great practice for Ladies and Mens Curling for the season kickoff.


The Walk for the Eradication of Polio was also a great success with all 100 handouts being taken. 7 Rotarians met at the Osoyoos Elementary School and next walked down main street to raise awareness.

Today's speaker was Eric Van Maren the developer for Osoyoos Cottages. Eric and his brother Bernie own the Van Maren Group of Companies, which has been active in all aspects of the real estate industry since 1973.  They have been involved in the design, construction and development of over 20,000 homes in BC, Ontario, Washington State and California. Since 2004 Van Maren has completed 3 residential projects with a total of 460 homes on reserve land, and are currently building The Cottages on Osoyoos Lake, a 284 home development on 70 Acres of Osoyoos Indian Band land.  All homes in the lower level will have easy access to the beach and the hillside homes will have exceptional views. Eric and his wife, Marion, have 6 children and live in Chilliwack.

Osoyoos Rotary Club - October 25, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-10-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Oct 17, 2012

Jim King gave us an update that the Osoyoos Splash Park is a guaranteed go from the Town of Osoyoos. A company has been selected to build the park and the committee is thrilled to be putting the Park Plan into action.

Today our speaker is Chris Purton his bio is as follows:

Chris Purton, is professional astronomer at the Observatory at White Lake. Received training at the University of Toronto and at Cambridge University in England, coming to the Okanagan as a graduate student from England in 1964 when eldest daughter was three weeks old (the Professor in England chose me to come and work on the project in Canada "because I spoke the language"). Returned to work full time at the Observatory in 1981, had a three year interlude when I was seconded to work at the radio telescope in Hawaii, and retired in 1998 although still actively involved with the Observatory.

During that time he was also an active member of the community, with a particular concern for the future of the region.

When the National Park was proposed in 2003 he joined the South Okanagan-Similkameen National Park Network, a loose organisation of people who support the Park and actively promote the idea, with a focus on getting out information about the proposal that is as accurate as possible.

Chris gave us a summary of the following update regarding the National Park status:

The process of working toward a National Park stalled several years ago, largely because First Nations withdrew. They have since re-engaged, and seem to be serious about working with Parks Canada toward mutually beneficial protection of the area.

This aspect is looking good, and is a major step forward. The ranching community, as represented by their associations, have been mostly negative in the past, but now are interested in more dialogue as a result of a) revisions to the park concept and b) a willingness on the part of Parks Canada to meet their concerns. This aspect is looking better.

At present the Province of British Columbia is the main obstacle. In February the Minister of the Environment, Terry Lake, announced that the Province would no longer support the idea of the proposed park, at least “not at this time”. Support from the Province is essential. Out of respect for the Province’s position, Parks Canada cannot do anything public about the park.

The Province has since been besieged by local organisations insisting the Province must re-engage in the process. This includes First Nations, the Regional District, Town Councils, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism Associations, local businesses, and conservation groups . . . a very strong local push forward.

There remains a local group dedicated to opposing the park, a small group with loud voices.The Feasibility Study, resulting from years of study and huge effort on the part of many organisations, was submitted to the Province in early 2011, and recently made public in response to a Freedom of Information request. It found the park to be feasible and recommended continuing the process of working toward it, backing up the recommendation with much data. The park concept has changed significantly since the draft of 2006, for example in being less than half the size and in meeting the concerns expressed previously. Overall, it is difficult to understand the Province’s action in light of this document.

Osoyoos Rotary Club - October 18, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-10-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Oct 10, 2012

Some of the things that I have been up to: hockey games (when I say Finns are shy, I do not mean in hockey, there is always a section that is cheering the whole game and this guy is always there with a drum).  I have been to many different museums – modern art, famous Finnish artists, historic museum with old buildings from the 1700’s, a ship museum and to Turun Linna (Turku Castle).  I don’t have photos because 1. They won’t let you take photos of the art and 2. My camera decided to take a plunge into the sea.  I tried sending it home, but it can’t go through the post because of the lithium battery.  
I went to a rehearsal of the musical ‘HAIR.’  I tell you that I wasn't expecting much and didn't even know what it was about, but it was so awesome!  The dances and singing and 60’s costumes were superb (now I’m sounding like an art critic from being to so many museums) but the only thing was…it was sung in Swedish (because it was at the Åbo Svenska Theatre, the Swedish theatre).  Despite not understanding a word (I kinda got the story) I wanted to see the whole show. 
So it is definitely autumn here, this weekend has been great weather, crisp and sunny, with the leaves in brilliant colours, but last week there was so much rain.  The rain isn’t so bad (despite not being used to it) because it’s usually not that windy or too cold.  Most Finns have a summer cottage and my host family took me to theirs on Sunday.  It was amazing, so peaceful and beautiful.  I can see being a kid and spending the whole summers there (like my host family did) while sailing on the lake, growing vegetables and exploring in the forest and finding many different kinds of mushrooms.  The summer cottage is about an hour away driving through Finnish countryside and seeing the villages.
The school system is a bit different; there are 5 periods/semesters per year, so that means 5 sets of different classes.  Each period is 5 weeks with a week of exams after.  Last week, the exam week, I went to different levels of English classes and gave a presentation about Canada and Osoyoos.  I spoke to Grade 7 and 8s (12 and 13 year olds), and also to 3-6 Graders, (from 10 to 13) in my host mother’s school.  All of the children really liked the pictures of Osoyoos and Spotted Lake that I showed them.  I also spent time with 1st and 2nd graders, and since their English was limited, I played games with them or asked their favourite colours. 
My new classes are: Arts 1 (I’ve heard there is a self-portrait as a chair painting), History (again, but this time it’s about Finland’s history), English, and Physics 1.  Next period is dance practice for this Vanhojen Tanssit, which is like prom, except people are waaay crazier about it.  It is in February, so 5 months away, but everyone is talking about getting a dance partner and dress already!  I’m not too worried about the date, because if you don’t have one, then you get a sailor to go with!  Hopefully I can rent a dress for cheap or borrow one from somebody. 
I think it is the Y chromosome or something because none of the guys will talk to the exchange students, but if you are put together in English class as a speed dating exercise, then they are willing to talk.
I will be switching host families when the autumn break comes up on October 18-21, which will be interesting to see a different family and home.  I absolutely love living basically in the center of the city and being able to walk to downtown and school.  But I also want to see different parts of the city too.
Here is a picture of my school with my host sister and I, then a picture in front of a summer cottage (a different one than the one I went to on Sunday.  This one is their grandfather's I think and it's on an island, Hirvensalo just a 15 minute drive away.) Cheers...until next time!

Tianna's October Update John Robertson 2012-10-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Oct 03, 2012
Today we welcomed Myers Bennett as our newest member. Ron Leigh introduced Jonathan Smith. He has many years experience retail and hotel management. He is currently the proud new owner of Wine Kitz. His wife Gail is a chef by profession but is a key partner in Wine Kitz. Currently Wine Kitz is one of the largest and most well respected wine producers in the world under the Peller Estates umbrella. His winemaker is based on niagara and is sourcing the best grapes and juices. Production of wine is done is St.Catherines, Ontario and then shipped throughout Canada. Each kit purchased at Wine Kitz provides the right tools to produce the wine. The kits range from 4-8 weeks for various varietals. The wine making stage at every process is carefully monitored. They offer a wine of the month promotion where wines are offered at 15% off.

Roger also presented us with an excellent tip sheet on the signs of a stroke. In his case he was lucky enough to get to the hospital in time. It is essential to get treatment within 3 hours. He was able to walk out the hospital without any paralysis or long term damage. Thank goodness!

October is Polio Awareness month. On October 24 we will be doing our Polio walk with signs.

October 4th Rotary Club Meeting Holly Plante 2012-10-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Sep 26, 2012
Yet another warm sunny day in Osoyoos for today's meeting! President Dennis presided and opened with the disheartening news that Roger had a stroke on Monday. He is recovering well though in the Penticton hospital. October is a very full month with the curling event Oct 7, District Training sessions, Rotary Development weekend and Polio awareness week Oct 21 to 27. Ron introduced Chris Stodola as our guest speaker....Chris, a native son, is the Publisher/owner of the Osoyoos Times, founded 65 years ago by his parents in the same building the Times is in today! 1947 was the year and with the finishing of the Hope Princeton highway then, Osoyoos was just beginning to become a town. Chris is a believer in the ongoing need for hardcopy community newspapers even in this electronic era. He shared with us just what a community newspaper is and what it is not. He emphasized the local focus of content and readership and the need to be so selective in the stories covered. Interesting that the newspaper has been fed into Princeton or Wenatchee for printing for some time. He was thanked by members for the support and coverage that the Times has provided for the club recently. 
It was announced that Isadora is almost on her way here, arriving on Sunday after 2 long days of travel. Anyone wanting to greet her arrival should be there for her 5:16 flight. Also, be sure to read Tianna's message in this newsletter. 
Bill Lawrence won the 50/50 draw for the second week in a row! He made amends by donating it to Isadora.
A debrief of the Lobster on the Beach event broke out following the meeting. Good constructive input into next years fest was noted.
Rotary Meeting Sept 27, 2012 John Robertson 2012-09-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Sep 19, 2012
Today was our Club Assembly Meeting.
We made a motion to send 2-3 local students to jr RYLA in West Kelowna the weekend of October 11.
The Osoyoos Coyotes 2012/2013 Season Kicked Off last Saturday. All Rotarians are reminded that we will each need to work 2-3 games in the Beer Gardens. Please contact Brian with your availability.
Membership Report: Congrats last month we accomplished 94% attendance last month and our year average is 86%, 14/20 members are at 100% attendance. Doug reminded us that there are many ways of doing a making up. We are all working hard to invite new members to Rotary.
Treasurers Report: Vaughn shared that both of our accounts are doing great and we will net way more than we expected from the Lobster on the Beach event.
Programs Report: Booked right up to the end of December, Brian will take over for Ron while he is away
New Generations: Isadoro is still working on getting her Visa's sorted out but should be here soon and we should have an update from Tiana soon regarding Finland.
The Rotary District also sent medical supplies to Uganda and next areas in need are Armenia and the Phillipines.
We finished the meeting with our happy buck session and all members were exceptionally happy with how well the Lobster on the Beach event went. Big thanks again to Cheryle, Jim and Jo!!! Way to go team!

Osoyoos Rotary Club - September 20, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-09-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Sep 12, 2012
Today we welcomed 4 new members! Bill Lawrence, Linda Waynes, Craig and Janice Tucker. Also Natalie Lymbery was here visiting us. She was our inbound exchange student in 2007.

October 26 and 27 we will be having Rotary Conference at Spirit Ridge! Right in our back yard. We tried really hard to get this conference so it would be much appreciated if our club supported.

Our meeting today was dedicated to Lobster on the Beach planning.
The Game Plan:
10:00 or 11:00 set up and corn shucking - Jeff, Jim, Judy MB, Marieze, Brian, Cheryle, Ron, Craig, Janice, Ryan, Roger and Bill
5:00 Cooks - Ryan, Harold, Dennis, and Mike Plante
Check ins - Danielle, Cheryle, Myers, Judy MB, Dennis
Bar 6:00 pm - Brian and Diane, 9:00 Ron, 10:00 Jeff, 11:00 Doug
Ticket sales - Vaughn 6:00, Roger 7:00, Holly 8:00, Jim 9:00, Cheryle 10:00
Wine Bar - Jo and Jennifer Busman
6:00 - 7:30 all Rotarians not doing another shift will be serving food

Big thank you to Dan from the Penticton Joey's! Go see him at the restaurant and thank him.
Osoyoos Rotary Club Meeting - September 13, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Aug 29, 2012
2012ThemeLogoPresident Denis opened this last meeting in August with reminders about 2 upcoming Club events. Cheryle has Lobster on the Beach sign up sheets for various duties but the one duty that everyone will do is serve the lobster at 7. Please wear Osoyoos Rotary shirts for this portion of the evening. Ticket sales are going well so let her know soon if you need more. Jeff, Harold and Matt reported on the the Oct 20 curling fellowship event and it is looking like a real fun event so make sure you mark your calendars and plan to attend. Then there is the Oct 26-27 District Rotary Development weekend to be held right here in Osoyoos and we are required to have 2 delegates attend in order to access District funding money. We do have Brian and Jim attending but it would be great if others wanted to participate.
Jim reported on the Splash Park project. We have been successful in acquiring a $1500 grant already. The water testing has been very positive on quantity and quality of water and next steps will follow a Council presentation Oct 17. The park is planned to open on July 1st next year!
Ron introduced our speaker, Ryan Sidorchuk. Ryan works for Interior Health, working in the area of patient safety for the past 8 years. He gave us some unsettling statistics on the risks we are exposed to in our healthcare system .....20 thousand patients a year in Canada die from preventable issues in hospitals, that is 2 per hour!  Entering the healthcare system there is a 1 in 13 chance that you will have an issue, from infections to human fallibility. His job is to investigate all of these instances and recommend changes or improvements to reduce or eliminate them. His message to us was that we must take some of that responsibility for our own safety and do not necessarily accept what we are subjected to but question, question, question. Don't be adverse to conflict in accepting assertive and protect yourself!
Jeff gave the Rotary moment, giving a past history of fundraising....great ones, good ones and ones to avoid!
Happy bucks followed and then a popular win on 50/50 ....myself! Harold immediately confiscated it for Rotary Scholarships!
Rotary Meeting August 29 John Robertson 2012-08-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Aug 22, 2012
Today our guest speaker was Kevin schur from the Osoyoos RCMP Area Commander. He provided us with an overview of priorities of Osoyoos and area. These included:
-Traffic Safety
-Community Police Enforcement Group (create a new one that involves all community members - businesses, youth, senior volunteers)
-Illegal Drugs (drug prevention, D.A.R.E., drug enforcement)
-Border Control (smuggling issues, organized crime)
-Transient Issues (The Town of Osoyoos agreed to give the RCMP more money for overtime and within a day there was an extra policing dedicated to beach patrol. Important to note that this means that the local officers are putting in a considerable amount of extra time to deal with these issues)
-Gang Issues (RCMP works with local hotels to give a heads up when gangs and Hells Angels are in town)

August 23, 2012 - Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2012-08-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Aug 08, 2012
Reminder! There is a board meeting next Thursday instead of our regular meeting. Instead Cheryle and Jim are having us over for a pool party at 5:00 with dinner to follow at 6:00pm. Everyone please bring a salad. Parking on the road is best.

Brian taught us how to say hello, good day in portuguese which is Ola, bom dia so that we understand some of the language for our incoming exchange student.

Today's speaker is Jack Newton who is a retired Marks and Spencer store manager. He has always had a passion for astronomy and built the Observatory Bed and Breakfast which is deemed to be some of the best star gazing areas in the world. He has over 90 supernova discoveries, 6 books that have been published and has received numerous awards including having an asteroid named after him and his wife called JackAlice (3080). He shared some interesting facts with us around the Big Bang Theory which was 13.64 Billion years ago when the universe was created. Also that there is a likely possibilty that there are multiple universes and over 60 planets in our galaxy. He can see 300 stars even in the daytime with his high tech telescope.

Check out some more of Jack's pictures at
August 9, 2012 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2012-08-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jul 25, 2012
Today our speaker was not able to attend so we had a casual meeting. We had Abigail visiting from the Sunrise Club in Vancouver, Jim Kings nephew Jeff visiting from Vancouver and Gail Husel, Holly's mom visiting from Edmonton.

We had an update on all of our wonderful events planned for the remainder of the year. Some of the highlights for the Osoyoos Celebrate were shared by Jo. The dinner is going to be a red carpet event at Spirit Ridge with lobster and wine on the Saturday night. The sabering event will be a morning event with sparkling wine and is not to be missed. The whole package will be sold for $150 which is excellent value! More infomation will be available next week along with ticket sales on

Watch Facebook for updates on the Osoyoos Funspiel coming up this fall!

Abigail shared with us some of the fundraising her Rotary club is doing for East Vancouver. One of the poorest zip codes in Canada. They have sent a Christmas event for seniors and also a basketball/sports scholarship for youth. They also funded a school in Mexico to support children to produce marketable products which are mops.

Eva and Jeff are doing the Warrier Dash together at Mt. Seymor. Check out the website to see what challenges await them

Ryan is heading to a family reunion with his doggy Charlie to Clear Prairie, Alberta.

July 26, 2012 - Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2012-07-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jul 18, 2012
Corina our German exchange student from 2010 and 2011 came to our club as a guest! So great to see her and to hear about her latest adventures in Germany. She plans on going to University and taking NeuroScience. She was inspired by the work ethics of Canadians and noted that this is likely because of Canadian kids having to pay for their post secondary education whereas in Germany post secondary is paid for by the government. When Corina went back to Germany she worked at a bakery and next worked in a bar to save enough money to come back to Canada to travel for 6 weeks in the Okanagan, Vancouver, and Victoria. She recently visited another exchange student Marietta in France. She has also recently travelled to Spain and Holland. Her family hosted an Austrailian exchange student and loved being back connected to the exchange program. She missed the friendliness and openness of the people in Canada. Corina is looking for a ride August long weekend to Vancouver. Anyone able to make that happen?

Matthew gave us update for our Curling Funspiel. We would be looking at a maximum of 20 teams so 80 people and cost range would be between $20 to $25 per person. The proposed dates would be October 19th and 20th.  If each Rotarian is able to find a team and introduce some new people to curling and Rotary this will be a win/win for Rotary awareness and awareness for the Curling Club.

On August 16 we will be having a fellowship BBQ at Cheryle and Jim's place. Mark your calendars and bring your swimsuits and families.

Updates on the Splash Park - 3 quotes have come in with the intention to bring the best quote in front of Council in September to seal the deal.

Our speaker today Patrick Turner the newly elected President of the SOAP, the South Okanagan Amateurs Players. He has been an Osoyoos redisident for 27 years but became involved with SOAP 4 years ago. The first drama group for Oliver and Osoyoos started in 1941. To promote and foster interest and skill in the South Okanagan by public presentation and public involvement in community theatre and productions. They put on two productions per year. They are currently in rehersal for a new performance in October and are already thinking about next springs project. Productions range from Dramas to Comedies to Action. Costs can range from $15,000 or more with at least a 3 month waiting process to get the rights to performances like the Sound of Music. They perform and practice at the school theatres in Osoyoos and Oliver and are excited for the new theatre to be built in Oliver.  The current facility in Osoyoos at the secondary school is not ideal due to inadequate bathrooms, soundproofing etc. SOAP is excited for the new Oliver theatre which will serve as a much better venue with the ability to have larger productions with 400 seats.
July 19, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-07-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jul 12, 2012

Pres Dennis opened the meeting on this very warm/hot Thursday to 19 members and guests plus Tianna and 
Alessandra. He reminded us of two upcoming dates to remember....August 16 for an evening fellowship at Cheryle and Jims which will be a BBQ/potluck/swim and Sept 15 for the Lobster on the Beach event we are sponsoring with DO. 
There was also an update on the water park with positive results on the water testing at Jack Shaw park and it is on the Town Council meeting agenda Mid Sept.
Our guest speaker was Carol Youngberg, speaking to us a president of the Desert Park Exhibition Society. Carol has been a long time resident and active in the community (PP of Osoyoos Chamber of Commerce, and Citizen of the Year in 1994, plus being a charter member of our club in 2003). She led the society to become a non profit which led to the town granting them a 5 year renewable lease which includes all but the center field and grandstand buildings. There are 11 RV sites generating $400/mo.
She laid out their 5 year plan in which this is year 1 and the biggest test involving work on barns, power, water and a new office. There is also a huge effort required to bring the track surface up to standard. The 120 horses occupying the stalls imply this is a success already. Year 2 is planned to have races as a B track along with Princeton and Heritage Park (both Vernon and Kamloops have withdrawn from future racing) plus the construction of a multi venue building to house the betting machines and various functions. Years 3, 4 and 5 are growth and development plans. Ambitious but very doable according to Carol and a large benefit to Osoyoos. Several members signed up to the society.
Judy won the 50/50 draw for an incredible 78th time.....and once again donated the proceeds to the OSS Scholarship fund! She also let us know in Happy Bucks that she was promoted to head all 3 Credit Union branches...congrats!
The picture included is of course Alessandra as she headed back to Italy Sunday morning. A very self confident, lovely girl who had a perfect exchange year... and claims she will return! 
Rotary Meeting July 13, 2012 John Robertson 2012-07-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jul 06, 2012


President Dennis begins his year! 19 attended, including 4 guests, and a club assemblybroke out! A good start to the year with an update and review on the various functions and activities of the club. Pres Dennis opened with comments from RI International President Tanaka on his goals for peace through service.
Vaughan gave his treasurers report, stating that we have in excess of $14m in the bank which is positive but needs additional fundraisers in order to reach our annual goals and budget. He couldn't help himself and reminded us that our annual dues are payable!
Doug will be assuming the Secretaries role soon from Jason...he reported that 8 members had perfect attendance in this past Rotary Year and overall attendance exceeded 80%.There are 18 active and 2 honorary members in the club with several prospective members in the process. 
One component of the high attendance is the high quality programs that Ron manages for our meetings. He reported that he has speakers lined up for meetings through September and was looking for a volunteer to look after the bookings when he morphed into a snowbird for the winter months.
Brian reported on the golf tournament and what a huge success that was. The committee did an exceptional job delivering a fun and profitable venue with net proceeds at $15,700. 
The Youth Exchange program is in good and active times....Alessandra returns home to Italy July 14, Tianna will be in Finland by the first week in August and Isadora will be arriving for her year by the end of August. There was discussion about the program for the 2013-2014 student given the annual costs and home hosting families and the club will need to decide on that by early September.
PE Brian asked us to note August 16 on our calendars as being the next fellowship event, likely an evening social in lieu of a noon meeting but details to follow.
Cheryle reported that the Aug 4 beer garden fundraiser has been cancelled but the Lobster on the Beach dinner is set for Saturday, Sept 15. Jim and Brian are investigating how the club might provide dispensing at future beer gardens.
Matthew introduced a fun curling bonspiel which will take place in October that we will participate in...more information to come from next weeks meeting.
Doug won the 50/50 .....again! 
Rotary Meeting July 5, 2012 John Robertson 2012-07-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jun 20, 2012
Today we had Mari-Ann the Nordic Goddess come and speak to us about her vision to position the Town of Osoyoos as an international health mecca. She represented Team Canada in 2007 in Greece and came in 4th place in the World for Body Building. She grew up in Scandanavia where it wasn't unusual for a 2 year old to go on skis for an adventure. She stressed the importance of adults leading by example moving away from processed foods and genetically motified foods which is one of the leading caused of illness. Her programs are open for people all ages and feels that age is just a number. She feels passionate about teaching people how to eat healthy and heal their own bodies. Thank goodness McKia's served salad today for lunch! Mary Anne offers boot camps but offers many value added elements like healthy nutrition and a fitness plan. For more information please visit

Congrats to the Golf Committee for planning our most successful golf tournament in years!
June 21, 2012 - Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2012-06-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jun 13, 2012
Unfortunately our speaker for the day CJ Rhodes was not able to attend due to a family emergency so we took the liberty to have a "fireside" style meeting. We shared some last minute ideas and details about the golf tournament. Currently we have 93 golfers and 130 people for meals. Cheryle also mentioned that the ToO has offered to have Rotary work the Beer Gardens for all ToO events for the rest of the year. The Elks made $24,000 every year at the Cherry Fiesta so the thought it that there is potential for Rotary to make more money at the August 4th Artisan in the Park event. The club has a vote based on who could volunteer for this event. Moved the Red and White dinner for Lobsterfest is now Saturday, September 15. John gave us an update on Tianna who is having her knee surgery today. Our Brazilian student is really excited to come and she is working on getting her visa.
Rotary - June 14, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-06-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 30, 2012
Today's speaker was Mayor Stu Wells with the Town of Osoyoos. He spoke to us about how pleased he is to work with such an enthusiastic new council who have already launched and completed numerous projects this year such as the new traffic light at cottonwood, upgrades to 62nd Ave, and the Marina. He explained about the 2% tax and how it is matched by the Federal Government for Town Improvements which is where a lot of the funding for the Marina. This funding has been renewed for 5 years which is great news. The goal is to get the 2% tax to 3% return like other communities such as Golden are receiving. He also gave us an update on the signage by-law which has caused a lot of controversy with local businesses. The Town of Osoyoos is working with local businesses to come up with a by-law that is a win/win for the Town and local businesses with a comfortable transition period. Stu wrapped up sharing that he feels such a positive energy from our town and that things are going in such a great direction.
Rotary Meeting - May 31, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-05-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on May 24, 2012

Put on your list to bring next meeting....all your hoarded penny collection (to be donated at the District Conference to Azur Lake, which I think is a youth camp) and still those Buy Low grocery receipts that go to support Desert Sun Counselling.

Councilman Michael Ryan was the program this Thursday and he updated us on council changes since he last addressed us a year ago. He began with a thanks to Rotary for all that we do in the community. He stressed the positive working relationship in council and believed it to be open and transparent environment and sited all the consultative task forces with the community as examples. Sounded like one more is coming with engaging the public on the waterfront development. 
His own priorities included recruiting and forming a non-profit housing society to address affordable housing and looking at how the Chamber of Commerce and be more involved with the Town in growing business and the community. 
Good discussion followed around the affordable housing issues and the loss of camping capacity in the area.

The golf committee met following the meeting and you will have received a list of reminders from them but the urgent, urgent need is for all members to bring in their foursomes .....we need golfers!

Rotary Meeting May 24, 2012 John Robertson 2012-05-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 09, 2012

Kim Kirkham joined us today from the World Financial Continental Cup Penticton – North America versus the world. This will be 24 of North America’s best curlers against 24 of the best curlers in the world. Organizers are predicting that this event will help put Penticton on the map and will attract over 30,000 people to the area and 9 million viewers. The event is in need of 250 volunteers and would ask our members to consider volunteering. Big name curlers like Martin, Howard, and Jones will be at the Cup.  For tickets visit or call 250.276.2144. To volunteer please contact Kim at 250.488.5215 or email .

Tianna also attended our meeting and shared with us some of the Finish she is learning. She is yet to hear which city or town she will be leaving in. Unfortunately Tianna tore her ACL so she is waiting to have surgery and then will need to go to physio for several months. On a happier note - she received her Rotary Blazer with all of her pins which she wore to our meeting.

Rotary Meeting - May 10, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-05-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Apr 25, 2012

District conference is scheduled for the last weekend in May – please consider registering!

Our curling bonspiel is back on the table for October and Matthew is in conversations with the Curling Club to get more details.


Today we had a follow up to our visioning session led by our very own Jim King. We have already has such great wins such as leading the fundraising for the new splash park, new events like lobsterfest, and increasing our membership from 20 to 24 members.

He reminded us as to why we did the visioning session and recapped on the 7 categories we worked on.  Some action items:

·         Bobbi can get more business cards printed

·         Holly will look into Welcome Wagon program to work in conjunction with business attraction

·         Possible alliance partnership with the OIB to integrate a Rotary Kids Camp with the Spirit Ridge Kids Camp

·         Marieze to look into scholarship program for Trades

Rotary Meeting - April 26, 2012 Holly Plante 2012-04-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Apr 11, 2012
Today we had a packed meeting! We welcomed guests Tiana, Alessandera, Blaine from (Oliver Rotary), Keith Lacey (Osoyoos Times), Honourable Dick Harris and his wife Annie, John Slater, CJ Rhodes, and Sue McKortoff.

Cheryle introduced Dick as our speaker. Over the past 17 years Dick has served in a number of parliamentary positions. He proudly refers to himself as the constituency focused MP and ever year hosts the Dick Harris Golf Tournament and to date has raised over $500,000 through this event. He was pleased to join us to day to explain that he plans on retiring in Osoyoos so he always looks forward to spending time in our town. Back in Ottawa he makes a point of telling everyone how Osoyoos really is paradise. He is currently on a tour of Canada heading back to Ottawa in a week.  One of his major focuses has it been to eliminate the pine beetle infestation and fortunately these beetles were stranded in the North East section of BC and tempuratures we -35 and as a result there was a 95% kill.
He provided us with an update with regards to the recession and how he that we are in great shape in comparison to other countries in the world. We are fortunate to have had a really strong financial foundation in Canada and have managed to build on that and have come out really strong. We have had some substantial job losses but are admist the third stage of our ecomonic action plan which has helped reduce the unemployment rate. Since 2009 there has been over 600,000 new jobs recorded. Being in the 3rd part of the Action Plan we will begin paying off debt and it is forecasted this debt will be paid off by 2015.
April 12, 2012 - Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2012-04-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Apr 04, 2012

President Cheryle opened the meeting on this very sunny Thursday to 13 members. She introduced Ron Leigh as our speaker and he gave a humorous account of his experiences as a snowbird both as a Rotarian and tourist. Ron is serious about the 100% attendance so does make ups wherever he is and if he can't find a local Rotary meeting, uses the online e-meeting alternative. He believes that these make ups truly enhances his travel experiences....where else would he have found the new rules of golf according to 91 year old Rotarian Leo?
Ron led us through the process for doing a make up online, which can be done 2 wks before and following a missed meeting. The link is on our home page and there was a reminder that our club donates $100 to e-meetings so that when we are asked online to contribute, there is no need. 
Teagan Adams then joined us to receive a check for $265 raised from Happy Bucks for his Giving Guys fund to build a school in Kenya. Teagan had spoken to us some time ago about his intent to raise $9000 for a new school that he and his family would help build and he let us know that he now has $7,700 raised so is well on his way. A neat project to support!
Mark April 28th on your calendar as our Community At Work project day. Members will meet at 1:30 in the Destination Osoyoos parking lot and we will do our highway cleanup task, followed by a BBQ at Cheryle and Jim's. Many hands make light work!
Reminders for the Oliver Club fundraiser auction next Saturday...would be great if our members could make up a table for a fun night, recognizing that they support our Golf Tournament event.
Also the Desert Hospice Society which is supported by our Club is holding a Hike for Hospice event on May 6 starting at 1:00 in the Oliver Lions Park. 
Next week has MP Dick Harris speaking and it sounds like there will be good representation from our local politicians attending....a great meeting to bring a guest! 
Jeff's ticket was drawn for the 50/50.....again!
Rotary Meeting April 5, 2012 John Robertson 2012-04-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Mar 28, 2012
Today we had the Oliver Rotary Club join us. We started the meeting by doing introductions and reminding our club that the Oliver Rotary Club is having their Auction on April 14th at the Oliver Community Centre. Gail Erickson spoke and gave us a history update that she has been in Rotary for 21 years; and has been a member in Oliver since 1998. She also told us about the original club which was Osoyoos and Orville which was started in 1974. She she presented Cheryle with our club records to keep during our meeting. This club began with 24 members and the cost was $10 to join. What a deal! Our club has 24 members now with two pending. After Gail's presentation we spent the rest of the meeting visiting and networking.
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Posted by Holly Plante on Mar 14, 2012

This week we had a packed Agenda!

Dennis announced our President nominee will be Brian! A big thanks to Brian for stepping up to the plate to follow Cheryle and Dennis.

Brock Jackson from Astral Media and EZ Rock was our speaker for the day. He does the morning show for EZ Rock/Sun FM and manages sales and marketing for the area. He has worked for Astral Media since 2003. Astral has about 80 radio stations across the country.

He has lived in Osoyoos for several years now and has had a chance to build key relationships and has received a lot of support from the local community.

Radio has evolved so much through the years to integrate web sites and social media. This makes communication with the audience more interactive. For example listeners can tune into SUN FM at which links directly to the live radio and also gives the ability to watch videos to compliment the music played.

Cheryle also inducted Jo Knight, Judy Miller-Bennett to our Rotary Club. Welcome ladies! Judy shared that she is really excited to be a part of our projects and club. Jo Knight thanked us for the opportunity to be the first corporate sponsorship membership. From her days as a scout she scared a beautiful poem with us.

Bill his daughter shared and Irish Blessing with the Club.

Dennis also gave us an update on PETS. He talked about the rewarding feeling Rotarians shared being involved in projects abroad when families are so gracious and appreciative of Rotary's support. He also learned more about programs to bring in more membership so that we can take on bigger projects. He challenges all of us to do a little bit more this year and to stick to our services above self motto.

Cheryle wrapped up the meeting by with an update on our projects and events.

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Posted by Holly Plante on Mar 07, 2012

Today our committees did their reports. Everyone is encouraged to check their emails for informations on businesses to contact for door prizes for the golf tournament.

March is literacy month in Rotary and they engaged Dolly Parton to be an advocate.

Will be planning an event for April/May for fellowship since the curling event is cancelled.

Year to date our attendance is over 80% and we are hoping to improve our percentage even more.
Year to date we have 9 members maintaining perfect attendance. Nice work!

Treasurer's Report - All is good and we are on side. Dennis and Vaughn will go through the budget for next year.

Foundation Report - It is difficult to make a donations online so we have shared this concern with the powers that be so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Upcoming events:
Show and Shine - June 9
Golf Tournament - June 16
Installation Dinner - June 28 (tentative)
Red and White Dinner - Annual Lobster Fest - September 14 (tentative)

See you all next week!

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Posted by Holly Plante on Feb 29, 2012

Today was our club assembly

Reports: Judy and Cheryle creating a committee for the Splash Park. First meeting is on March 13, 2012 will find out what the town’s commitment is and what Rotary’s role is. Astral will give us free advertising for all of our fundraising initiatives for the Splash Park.  We will need to put together a Press Release for the Splash Park once we have more details.

Not going ahead with the Curling Bonspiel but will do it in 2013

Lobster Fest on September 14, 2012 – Destination Osoyoos have offered to do all the promotions and advertising for us and we keep all the profits for Rotary. Will be at Gyro Park. Cheryle and Bobbi are coordinating.

Kite Committee – Harold and John

Golf Committee update – Want to create a theme to make it more attractive more golfers. Will look at doing more marketing for 2013. There will be a silent auction again and prizes will be donated. Prices won’t be on registration. Would like to increase the amount of registration prizes like (golf balls, snacks, bags). Hole sponsors are $100/hole and look at having signage done professionally. Title Sponsor will be $1500 this year to make it more accessible for businesses.

Also today was the last day for Happy Bucks for Teagan and our club raised over $300!!!

March 1, 2012 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2012-03-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Feb 22, 2012

Janice Perrino from Summerland was our speaker today to talk to us about the brand new High Acuity Response Team – HART Program. HART is like a portable ICU unit because we don’t have an emergency trauma unit. Making health care more accessible for rural areas like Osoyoos. This program is based out of Penticton and is transported out as needed and works in coordination with ambulance service. HART will act like a Dr and nurse to stabilize so Drs and nurses don’t get removed from hospitals

Other updates: Happy Bucks $168 to date will continue until March for Teagan
Rotary Leadership Training in Kelowna – 3 separate Saturdays, March 17, March 31, and April 14District Conference – In Penticton, May 31-June 3 – Still time to sign up.

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Posted by John Robertson on Feb 09, 2012
PE Dennis presided ......a good meeting with the best O Canada ever! There were updates and a few business items to start the meeting. First, a reminder to bring in grocery receipts from Buy Low and Family Foods as a fundraiser for the Hospice Society. Then Harold volunteered to lead the kite building committee for the district conference (with some help from John and volunteers yet to be named)! The lists of past golf tournament sponsors will come out soon and members will be asked to follow up in contacting them for this year's prizes. 
Jim brought in a check for $1000 that he and Cheryle received on Saturday as a result of the Shelterbox display at the Coyote game. Mal Turner was the donor and the amount covers the cost of 1 shelterbox. 
After 3 meetings with happy bucks going to Teagan Adams, the contribution stands at $168.25. Jeff won the 50/50 and contributed that to the fund....the next two happy bucks will also go to grow the fund.
Shelly reminded us that next Friday is the start of the playoffs for the Coyotes and we will need to staff the bar once we know the schedule. She is kinda proud of her 'Yotes finishing first in their division!
The program was our newest member Judy Bennett sharing her vocational experiences. She did bring her husband Myers for support - he is a Rotarian with the Penticton club. The listing of companies, hotels, marinas that Judy owned or was involved with was exhaustive both before and after retirement. A successful and busy career! She spoke of the life changes that came from Dale Carnegie exposure and the work that she and Myers do with triathalons - Myers is a long standing rules official. 
The attached picture is of the Weekend in the Mountains last weekend attended by Alessandra and Tianna. Can you find them?

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Posted by Holly Plante on Jan 25, 2012

Avery came to our meeting to offer his apologizes for what happened in Thailand and being sent home early. He said he had th best 5 months for his life and made long lasting friendships. He offered Tianna our new outgoing student headed to Finland advice to  Tianna to learn from his mistakes in order for the full experience. Avery is taking a job in Penticton with Peters Bros paving.

Our very own John Robertson presented on New Generations: the fifth avenue of service to Rotary. The other four avenues being: Club, Community, International and Vocational. New Generations brings the focus onto youth with emphasis on leadership within Rotary and outside. What is does is it takes existing programs and brings them into the new generations umbrella. Interact (14-18) 10 in our district with an opportunity to start one in Osoyoos, Rotartact (19-30 university based our district has 4), RYLA May 18 to 20 in Narramata (19-30) around $200-$300, Jr RYLA (Pilot Program within district in October, we sent 3 both years, Bobbi is District Coordinator) and Rotary Youth Exchange. Our club is proud to recognize that we have sent an exchange student abroad every year since starting the club in 2003 and we look forward to beefing up our participation with New Generations.

January 26, 2012 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2012-01-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jan 18, 2012

Last week we had Nancy the President of the Osoyoos Festival Society as our speaker. She has been living in Osoyoos for over 4 years now and loves heading up the three major events put on by the Society. These events include: Easter Eggstravaganza, Cherry Fiesta (Canada Day), Christmas Lite-up. The Society raises funds for these events by selling Lucky Draw Tickets, Volunteering at Elks Bingo, and through Town of Osoyoos Grants. There is always a need for more funding as these events grow every year with parades, activities, and entertainment costs. We should all be proud to live in a community where we have had: 17 years of Easter Eggstravaganza, 24 years of Christmas Lite-up, and 64 years of Cherry Fiesta.  

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Posted by Holly Plante on Jan 11, 2012

Here is a Press Release we submitted to the Osoyoos Times


Rotary International is a Major Player in the Eradication of Polio in India

Osoyoos Helps End Polio in India


For Immediate Release


January 12, 2012


Today marks a special day in global history. India, until recently an epicenter of the wild poliovirus, has gone one full year without recording a new case of the crippling, sometimes fatal, disease.


Rotary has been the leading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative since 1988, along with WHO, UNICEF, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is an enormous contributor to this Initiative by matching every dollar raised. 


On a local level the Osoyoos Rotary Club raises thousands of dollars every year for Rotary International to help support the overarching goal to raise over 200 Million dollars to end Polio in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria which are the remaining three countries worldwide which desperately need to put an end to this disease.  


Non-endemic countries remain at risk for cases crossing over from endemic countries, and therefore immunizations in India and other endemic and at-risk countries must continue. Neighboring Pakistan, which has reported 189 cases so far for 2011, is a major threat to India’s continued polio-free status. Last year, an outbreak in China, which had been polio-free for a decade, was traced to Pakistan.


Cheryle Richardson, President of the Osoyoos Rotary Club comments “We are pleased to be a part of the success of the Eradication of Polio in India but there is still much work to be done and money to be raised to ensure we reach our 2015 target to eliminate Polio worldwide”. The Osoyoos Rotary Club is involved in a number of fundraising initiatives throughout the year such as the Rotary Golf Tournament. These events raise thousands of dollars for local causes and International causes like the End Polio Now Campaign.


For more information please visit

To get involved please contact Cheryle Richardson at 250.495.7751.

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Posted by John Robertson on Jan 07, 2012


First meeting of 2011! And Alessandra's birthday! An evening meeting (being the first Thursday of the month), Cheryle first welcomed Jo Knight as our newest member and advised that Judy Bennett also been approved. There was a brief discussion around continuing this evening meeting and we will have further reviews with the membership at upcoming noon sessions so give it some thought.

The program was committee reports and updates. Dennis reviewed next years executive and only needs volunteers for Sargeant At Arms and Phone Committee to fill his slate. Dennis reported that we are still well solvent (money in the bank!) but suggested we need to make progress on getting our name out in front of the public in the form of a project and another fundraiser in addition to the golf tournament. Work is proceeding on both fronts with meetings scheduled for the splashdown water park and the bandshell as projects and either a lobsterfest or curling bonspeil as fundraisers. 

Pres Cheryle gave an update on the District Conference to be held May 31 to June 3rd. While it is in Penticton, we are part of the hosting clubs so will need to be involved with the meetings and home hosting event.  She is expecting to see a large number of members register as the site is open now. Also, a volunteer to head up the kite building committee is needed. Anyone? In Youth Exchange, it was announced that Avry was sent home just before Christmas from Thailand. Also the Weekend in the Mountains event for Ale and Tianna is coming up in early February. Pres Cheryle also encouraged every member to bring a guest to next Thursday's noon meeting to hear Alan Cunningham speak on the waterfront re-development. 

There is the dismantling of the Christmas tree Jan 9 at 4:00 followed by a reception. 


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Posted by Holly Plante on Dec 07, 2011

Today welcomed Charlie and Omak rotarian as our speaker. Charlie was a past president and is currently the District Annual Giving Chair. He shared with us he definiion of annual giving which is giving a minimum of $100 which works out to less than $3 per week. It is very simple to get set up to give annually on the website and all Rotarians are encouraged to consider this option.  

The Rotary Foundation is the cement that binds everyone together. The Foundation was established in 1917 with a simple do good in the world. We are proud to acknowledge the Foundation donates $100 million dollars a year world wide for the eleviation of poverty. To making the money stretch further many grants applied to fund. Half of the money is invested for 3 years so earnings pay for admin and half goes back to district to programs like exchange and scholarships. The other 50% goes to causes like:
$100 mosquito netting for 35 homes to prevent malaria
$1000 deep well in India clean water for 300 people (Did you know - 1.5 million children die a year due to poor water or dehydration)

If anyone has any questions regarding the Rotary Foundation please visit

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Posted by John Robertson on Dec 01, 2011

 The Dec 1st (can you believe it!) meeting was the monthly evening meeting - 4 guests joined the 10 members for an entertaining meeting. 

Bev Grant was introduced as our guest speaker representing the Therapy Dog Visitation Program, a St John's Ambulance volunteer program that provides the benefits of pet companionship to those who are hospitalized or residing in long term care facilities. Bev lives in Osoyoos and provides the dog evaluation and training to the volunteer teams. There are 34 teams in the S. Okanagan but Bev is the only local provider so if anyone is interested in volunteering with their dog, Bev would love to hear from you. The dogs must be at least 2 and have up to date veterinarian papers. She shared several cute stories on the interaction between dogs and seniors.

Our outbound student, Tianna Smith was introduced, giving a summary of her District interviews on the weekend. Obviously she did well and was confirmed as our next years outbound, hoping for a country selection of Norway, Finland or Sweden.  She should know which one within 2 weeks. 

New member! Pres Cheryle inducted Brian Rawlings into the club .... Doug Matthews is the sponsor. Welcome Brian! Look forward to hearing Brian's bio/vocational talk to learn more but I can share that he does like his wine and plays a mean game of squash so he will obviously fit in well! His 50/50 ticket was drawn by Tianna and they split the $100.

P Cheryle reminded all that the Christmas Party is on Dec 15th at Walnut Beach, is $25 and the Oliver Club will join us. There will be entertainment and one gift/per couple under $20 is required for a gift exchange. 

A board meeting broke out after the regular meeting with much needed refreshments provided by Jason. 





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Posted by John Robertson on Nov 24, 2011


At Thursday's meeting Pres Cheryle presented Judy with her first Paul Harris certificate and pin. Judy becomes our first female fellow?? Congratulations and well done Judy!

Judy has been contributing since joining the club in 2003 so nice to see it finally come to pass. She looked pretty chuffed with the certificate and the pin looked good on her! Our club now has several PH Fellows including 3 multiple recipients. 

As November is Foundation month, it was very timely and appropriate that Judy receive the award now as a large portion of the funding for all the good that Foundation does is from Paul Harris donations. 

Thanks Judy! 

Judy's New Fellow!! John Robertson 2011-11-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Nov 24, 2011

 On this US Thanksgiving Day we enjoyed an excellent presentation by Robert Linttell. Robert is a Penticton Rotarian of 25 years, a land developer with an impressive resume that includes the SOCC and he spoke to us very passionately about the Osoyoos Airport Expansion Opportunity. 

Robert began by pointing out the tough economic issues we are experiencing in Oliver and Osoyoos as resort municipalities. He also identified the tremendous growth being experienced in Northern BC and Alberta and the need to take advantage of that growth here if possible. He is currently actively supporting a notion that with appropriate air infrastructure, workers in the oil, natural gas, mining and hydro developments could 'live in heaven and work like (in?) hell' anywhere in the north....heaven is of course Osoyoos! The idea came from Osoyoos resident and expert Tom McHale who owns a business in Edmonton that does just that. He runs charter flights directly to the places of work and believes that if the existing aiport in Osoyoos could be upgraded to handle charter aircraft, families could locate here and commute. Does make sense.

The idea is being pursued and it appears there are no 'insurmountables' as yet. The Oliver airport is not an option due to airstrip restrictions. 

Robert asked for our support in letters to the Osoyoos Council - he left support letters if anyone not at the meeting wanted to send.

In Happy Bucks, Doug announced Nicole accepted his proposal!

Good meeting! 



Rotary Meeting Nov 24 John Robertson 2011-11-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Nov 20, 2011

Last Thursday after our meeting several Rotarians went to Nk'Mip Resort to decorate our Rotary Christmas tree for the Second Annual Festival of Trees. There is no better way to get into the Christmas Spirit this year then to head to the resort to vote on your favourite tree out of 40! In order to vote you can donate $2 which goes to the BC Children's Hosptial Foundation. Last year over $10,000 was raised. Let's see if we can raise over $10,000 this year.

Cheryle also confirmed our Christmas Party on December 15th at 6:00. Dinner will be at Walnut Beach and the cost will be $25. The group voted that Rotarians will each bring a gift for $25 or less to be put under the tree.



Time to get Festive!!! Holly Plante 2011-11-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Nov 18, 2011


 Jaxson congratulated mom Amy and Dad Jason on providing him his first sibling. Blaine Alexander Bartsch arrived November 8, weighing in at 6 lbs 11 oz at the Penticton Regional Hospital. 

Everyone is doing great at home.

Congratulations Jaxson! 

Jaxson has a new Brother!! John Robertson 2011-11-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Nov 16, 2011

Last week our guest speaker was Larry Boan from the Osoyoos Citizen's Patrol. Larry joined the RCMP 1960 and spent 30 years before retiring in 1990 in Osoyoos. Soon after moving to Osoyoos he initiated Citizens on Patrol which is sanctioned under the RCMP. When on patrol most duties involve observation such as vandalism and break-ins. Often the Patrol gives a heads up to the RCMP regarding suspicious activity and tickets to issue. This is a volunteer based program operating from April to October with lots of action in the summertime. Volunteers have radios in the car to call the RCMP. Right now their biggest challenge is getting volunteers. Currently Citizens Patrol advertises in the Osoyoos Times and through word of mouth. Normally they have around 22 people but currently only 13. Anyone can join from age 16 and up. They really enjoy getting the youth from the high school because they have excellent information on offenders.

Roger also gave us an update on the Rotary International Foundation. Of the money we donate 90% goes to projects which are a high percentage. All  donations can be done online.  The easiest way in monthly contributions $10 to $15 per month.


Rotary Meeting Nov 17 Holly Plante 2011-11-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Nov 09, 2011

Mike from the Royal Canadian Legion was our speaker and gave us some excellent background information about the Legion. In 1949 Mike started off as an Airport Electronics Technician. He spent an impressive 32 years in uniform. Mike was able to shed some light for us on how important the Legion is in supporting Veterans in need, raising money on Remembrance Day, and creating over 4500 housing units for Seniors in BC. 

Membership is open to all Canadian Citizens providing they pay $5 to join and $40 annually.

Mike is also known as Santa in our community this time of year. 

Peter Steele was also honored as 4th year Paul Harris donor. Way to go Peter!  

November 10, 2011 Meeting Holly Plante 2011-11-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Nov 04, 2011

 As it was the first Thursday of November, this meeting was a dinner meeting followed by the board meeting. Pres Cheryle introduced Marieze as the program..... she gave an excellent and entertaining update on her role as a 10 year survivor as our School Trustee.

Marieze is obviously passionate about learning, both in her own life and those of children as evidenced by her 4 terms as Trustee and her leadership in the Roots of Empathy program. 

We learned of the funding process by the Government that supports our local schools and the changes that are being contemplated. She also reviewed the options that were/are considered by the board to address the $750m shortfall in annual funding. She stressed that the one option of closing OSS would have a huge demographic impact but the current enrollment of 276 students appeared to be stable and can sustain the schools ongoing viability. Marieze concluded with the notion that our community needs to work together to attract young families with the necessary employment opportunties and affordable housing that goes along with that.

It was also noted that Marieze is now the host family for Alessandra. 

Our Pres drew the 50/50 draw ticket but somehow missed the joker!

The board meeting followed ...even though the Canucks were playing! 


Rotary Meeting Nov 3 John Robertson 2011-11-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dennis Smithers on Oct 29, 2011


PresElect Dennis presided at this meeting, welcoming 9 members and 6 guests. Guests included Bill Lawrence, Brian Rawlings, Ale and 3 from Penticton Okanagan Club (Bea Smith, Pat Evans and Mike Watkins). Banners were exchanged.

It was noted that Bobi and John were attending jrRYLA in Naramata.

The meeting highlight was the recognition and presentation of a Paul Harris award to Jeff. Well done JD! Timely, in that November is Foundation Month and an important source of funding for all the great work that Foundation does are Paul Harris donations.  One of Pres Cheryle's goals this year is to have every member of our club enroll is recurring giving, which goes toward a PH fellow award. (Please turn your screen on it's side to view the photo....sorry Jeff!)

The program was a review of committee reports.

Bea Smith won the $100 pot and generously donated $50 back to our club to be used on a project of our choice. 



Rotary Meeting Oct 27 Dennis Smithers 2011-10-30 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Meeting Oct 20, 2011 Holly Plante 2011-10-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Oct 13, 2011


Pres Cheryle welcomed guests Bill Lawrence, Ale and Chris and Brian Rothwell (home hosts later in the year and pictured here with Ale)  plus 13 members.  

Alessandra gave us a very confident, informative talk and slide presentation on herself, her family and home town of Thiesi, Italy. Thiesi is a small inland town in Northwest Sardinia, a little smaller than Osoyoos. Apparently cheese is the major product of the area and Ale's family owns one of the cheese factories. Sounds like  some samples are in our future? Ale shared several of the areas traditions and architecture and we enjoyed pictures of her parents, three sisters and brother. 

Ale loves her reading and volleyball. She plays on a district team at home, so no wonder she is the star of the school team here. She is in the academic program at a high school outside of Thiesi so buses every day....11 subjects! There is one year left when she returns (equivalent to our grade 13) and then on to University She loved her first Thanksgiving here (apart from the b. sprouts!) which she spent in Vancouver with her host family, Stan and Wendy. 

A very well done program Ale. We look forward to your end of  year presentation. 

Judy was recognized for all the great work done on the signage for all service clubs which are now up on all the entrances to Osoyoos. This weekend is the District Leadership conference in Penticton and Pres Cheryle and Jim, Bobi and Dennis are attending. Interviews for our outbound YE student also take place.  

Finally, Vaughn's ticket was drawn and with only 3 cards left for the $100 ....he missed the joker! 2 cards next week! 

Rotary Meeting Oct 13, 2011 John Robertson 2011-10-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Oct 08, 2011

 Being the first Thursday of the month, this was a evening dinner meeting, followed by the club Board Meeting. 

Pres Cheryle presented a $500 cheque to Tamara Aspell of Desert Sun Counselling on behalf of the club. Tamara spoke to the various programs and needs of the organization and will direct these funds to either the Safe Home or the Men's or Women's counselling programs. 

In lieu of  a formal program, there were brief updates on club activities and following dinner, we moved on to the Board Meeting. The major and local projects continue to be defined and more information is being gathered. The major projects continue to be the pool, water park and the assembly area (formerly known as the bandshell but needs a more fitting name!). 

The Coyotes beer garden license is currently month to month so Shelley took volunteers and has emailed a volunteer list.  

The information session for this years YE outbound student was held the previous evening and was well received ....3 girls and parents came to learn about the program and were encouraged to apply. The applications need to be in soon as the interviews are on Oct 15. Ale is off to Vancouver with Stan and Wendy this weekend ....have fun!

Jason's ticket was drawn but alas, no joker!

 Happy Thanksgiving! 


Rotary Meeting Oct 6, 2011 John Robertson 2011-10-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Sep 28, 2011

Ron presented a $1000 cheque to Tina for the Osoyoos Concert Series which was a great help towards the last concert. The Osoyoos Concert Series plans 4 concerts over the course of the year.

Carl Tim joined us from the Penticton Rotary Club. He was a past District Governor and encouraged our club to attend the District Conference in Penticton on May 31 - June 3, 2012.

I also did my member presentation and did my best not to put everyone to sleep. Here are the coles notes on me:

At the ripe age of 23 I started a marketing agency called Freckle Creative. Marketing has always been a huge passion for me...I tend to think in strategy. In 2010 when I was expecting my daughter Hope, an agency I had been working with for a few years called Pulse Group offered to buy me out. I took the buy out option. Now I do contract work or a few agencies like Pulse Group, Niche Media and also do local contracts for Destination Osoyoos, the Town of Osoyoos, South Okanagan Modular Homes, and many others.

In March 2010  I gave birth to my mischieviously brilliant daugther, Hope Alexander Plante. She is wild just like her father and keeps us all on our toes. Most of you have met Hope at Rotary events and you all know Hope's two favorite babysitters...John Robertson and Jim King.

In my spare time I am a Board Member for the South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Osoyoos Community Sustainability Action Team, a member of the Oliver/Osoyoos Marketing Consortium, Campaign Manager for my hubby Mike Plante (running for Council) play soccer, and of course I am a Rotarian.

Something you all don't know about me...I a notorious for talking in my sleep and sleep walking. Are you still awake? Haha

Reminder: Tomorrow's meeting is a dinner meeting!  



September 29 - Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2011-09-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Sep 21, 2011

Rick Jones from the Osoyoos Fire Department came to visit our club. He was able to share some interesting statisics with us. Over the last year there has been 196 calls which consist of false alarms, lifts, motor vehicle accidents, possible gas leaks or CO2, and fires. 

It was a busy spring for the fire department with two house fires and the main street fire. In April, the Osoyoos Fire Department planned and hosted the annual Oyster Feed selling 400 tickets this year and raising $28,000 for charities such as the Burn Ward at the Vancouver Hospital, Oliver Hosptital, and Penticton Hospital.

 A construction proposal has gone out to tender for the new fire hall being built on Highway 97 and 74th.

 Currently there are only 20 volunteer firefighters and 32 is ideal. Anyone interested in joining can pick up an application form at town hall. Applicants must have good endurance, strength, cardio and their place of work must be supportive of the volunteer firefighting program. All volunteers carry pagers and are on call 24/7. Volunteers are paid $18/hour for calls and training. Training is every Wednesday night from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm. Please spread the word if you know of anyone who might be interested.

Rotary Meeting - September 22nd Holly Plante 2011-09-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Sep 10, 2011

When you click on the embedded photo you will see 35 YE students together for the first time in Kelowna at their orientation this past weekend. Alessandra thoroughly enjoyed it! This is where they get to introduce themselves to the district with the their clubs and learn about the upcoming year complete with expectations and lots of rules! Evidently there are 6 'D's to avoid now. 

Ale is with Wendy and Stan Coutu for Sept and Oct but is looking forward to days, evenings or trips out with our Club Members so don't forget to include her in your plans. She can be reached at or at Wendy's 250-485-7149.

We begin the search for next year's outbound student this week at OSS. The successful candidate must be selected by Oct 23.  

 It is sounding like our outbound Avry is thriving in Thailand. His latest note follows:

Things in Thailand are becoming easier as I start to pick up the language and venture out more and more. Already the things that seemed so alien to me are becoming normal. As I just finish my first month here the Homesickness is weaning and I'm becoming more and more open to new things, except the blood and guts soup...that just seems a bit too much right now. I've updated my blog and made it easier to read the new posts. I've been doing video blogs of my adventures in Thailand and they can be found at this address:

I apologize in advance for the few curses in some of the videos. They really are only meant to be seen by my friends who wouldn't care, so viewer discretion is advised. But there will be a new video up sometime this week of me doing a tour of my house here and maybe some of my family members. You can see I've made some friends and I'm having a blast over here. Hope everything is going for yourself and our club back home.


Rotary Youth Exchange - Sept 2011 John Robertson 2011-09-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Sep 09, 2011

Nine members, one guest and YE Alessandra braved the heat to attend. The scheduled speaker for the meeting was unable to make it so Pres Cheryle led a club assembly with the committee chairs reporting out to the club on activities. So this will be a true newsletter, giving a brief summary of those reports.  

There are currently four projects being considered for the major club project. The community swimming pool, a Rotary bandshell for Gyro Park, a water park for the same area and water slides. All need much more data and studying before Judy and her committee can bring them to the club but she is hopeful that will be soon. 

The 2011/12 budget was presented and voted on, msc. Vaughn has copies if anyone needs one.  

The Christmas Party will be on December 15th at the Walnut Beach Resort so mark your calendars.  

The fundraising events are again primarily the golf and Coyote beer gardens. The Coyote games start this weekend and Shelly will be sending out a schedule for volunteers. Club signage is progressing ....just have to reign those Elks in!

Membership is looking good with July at 82% and August at 86%! 

An active time for Youth Exchange with Alessandra now in her second week and and we begin to seek out next year's outbound student. Alessandra heads to Kelowna this weekend for her Orientation with the other 34 students in District 5060.

Guest Bill Lawrence drew the lucky ticket but no joker ....he donated the $5 won to Ale!


Rotary Meeting Sept 8, 2011 John Robertson 2011-09-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Aug 18, 2011

 Pres Cheryle opened the meeting with presentation to Bobi ....her name tag at last! Click on picture attached to verify!

The speaker was unable to make the meeting so Dennis was tagged to share his whirlwind trip to Japan with us in which he and Darlene saw their first  3 month old grandson Noah.  Toes and fingers added up and Noah was healthy/happy. There were several fascinating customs  to observe  and participate in for Japan and in particular to the Shinto religion the 100 day ceremony to introduce Noah to solid food, and shoes and hankies and dogs! The impacts of the Tsunami on power usage were evident. Thanks Dennis and congratulations!

Information sharing followed. One of the outcomes was notice that there will be a meeting of the Project Committee following next weeks noon meeting. Open to everyone, it will initiate the decision process on the major project that the Club will undertake so any and all that can take the time should attend and provide input.  Reminders for the first evening meeting Sept 1 at 6 pm with board meeting to follow at 7 and the highway cleanup on Aug 26 at 3:45 at the Visitors Center with a BBQ to follow at Cheryle and Jim's place at 6.


Rotary Meeting of Aug 18, 2011 John Robertson 2011-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jason Bartsch on Aug 17, 2011
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Facebook Integration Jason Bartsch 2011-08-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Aug 13, 2011

 Past Past Pres Ron presided (was in fine form!) and introduced the program which was vocational/bio talks by 3 of our club members. These talks are always entertaining and made so fascinating by the recognition that all our members are so well travelled, broadly experienced, dedicated and fun! Bobi was first up (yes Bobi, your nametag will arrive soon!) She is currently managing the guests and the guesthouse at Burrowing Owl which is consistent with her background in Hospitality Management. She has lived in Western Canada from Vancouver Island to Gimely Manitoba and all points in between. The latter city was where she was President of the local Rotary club. Lots of volunteering throughout her career and was even nominated as Woman of the Year in Kelowna. 

Judy gave a vivacious tour of her background which started in Singapore and Bombay, then Vancouver and finally landing in Osoyoos in '93. Judy is a charter member of our club which started out as a morning club in '03. She has a financial background where she started with Interior Savings in Osoyoos, then moved in 2006 to manage the OK Falls branch before returning here as Manager. I think Judy is on 46 committees in our club alone!

Jim was the closer which was appropriate as he was the last of 7 siblings. Vancouver was his base where he thrived in the Carnival business which must have been successful as he retired from it when he was a pup of 42.  A series of volunteering followed that included Chamber of Commerce and Crime Fighters and so many other interests that he was named Citizen of the Year for Surrey in 2008. He continues with that strong sense of community involvement here in Osoyoos......could there be a Councilman in our midst soon?

Bobi is missing from the speaker photo .....evidently off searching for her name tag! 

Rotary Meeting Aug 11 John Robertson 2011-08-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jason Bartsch on Aug 03, 2011

I have updated the link which will redirect you to the "e-club" locator page on RI.  Simply select which country's e-club you wish to attend and you're off to the races.

E-Club link Updated Jason Bartsch 2011-08-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Aug 03, 2011

Pres Cheryle opened the meeting with perfect attendance pin awards to Bobi, Ron, Dennis and John. Lots of make-ups in that group....well done!

Matthew Tolley was introduced as our club's newest member ....welcome Matthew! 

Our outbound student Avry then spoke on his Thailand exchange plans. He leaves Aug 9th for his host city of Udon Thani in the Northeast region. He is (relatively) near the Laos and Viet Nam borders so we hope he gets to tour them both. Maybe even Cambodia! Have a great year Avry. He will let us know his progress and how to access his journal or blog.
Most members brought their laptops or notebooks so we spend the rest of the meeting touring the website and especially demonstrating where to go for a make-up e-meeting so that everyone gets 100% attendance pins next year! Not everyone was able to sign on to the restaurants network so there was some work-around. Fun!
Pres Cheryle announced our first evening meeting will be Sept 1 running from  6:00 to 7:00 followed by the board meeting. This is a trial of evening meetings on the first Thursday of each month and is intended to expand our membership to include Corporate Memberships and those that find it difficult to make noon meetings. At Makia's of course....dinner at same price as lunch.
Ron announced the highway cleanup is on Aug 26. We are to meet at the Visitor Information and he will have the tools for us to clean up our assigned roadsides in both directions. After the work there will be playtime at Pres Cheryle and Jim's place with a BBQ and perhaps a swim?
Ryan pulled the joker and for the second week in row the $100 was paid out!

Rotary Meeting Aug 4 John Robertson 2011-08-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jul 28, 2011


PP Ryan presided and introduced speakers Barb and Gary from the Penticton Rotary Club who spoke on their International project in Nothern Thailand.

They are supporting the Akha Hilltribe children with money and a hands-on construction of a school at the refuge site. There are 320 children at the site and while there is a public school system, it cannot handle all the kids in the way that they need to be taught. Education is the key to survival there and without it, the children are subjected to all kinds of abuses including child labor and sexual slavery. The school cost is $12,000 and their club will provide that and the labor to build it. They have 9 members committed and 9 others yet to decide and will head over there in mid-January for a week to help construct it. Barb suggested that our Club might want to be involved either with financial support or even some of our members might want to participate. They pay $27/day while there for food and board. Coincidentally, this is the same refuge at which I spent volunteer time over 5 years so it was neat to see that the kids were still being looked after.

In the picture are Barb and Gary and Sarah ....this was the last meeting for her as she flies home next Thursday. 

Jeff's ticket was the lucky draw and he then proceeded to pick the joker and win the $100! He is on holidays and suspects he will find a use for it!

Next week is Clubrunner awareness day so bring your notebooks, laptops, ipads etc. Also outbound Avry Coutu will speak on his Thailand plans. 


Rotary Meeting July 28 John Robertson 2011-07-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jul 20, 2011

During our meeting we also honored Phil Johnson and Ron Leigh with Paul Harris Fellowship Awards. Very few people are honoured with this award and it is given only to those who live the highest example of "service above self".

Current Rotarian Ron Leigh has been been an essential ingredient in the success of the Osoyoos Rotary Club. He has been our past president, has served on numerous committees and is currently our Sergent at Arms. Ron was also the President of the Osoyoos Toastmaster's Club in 2005/2006, helps run the Osoyoos Concert Series and is is involved in numerous other activities. Congrats and thank you Ron!

Past Rotarian Phil Johnson was also honoured with this esteemed award during our meeting. Since 2003 Phil has been a Pastor at the Osoyoos Baptist Church. Some of Phil's amazing contributions to our community include: Running the Foodbank, Meals on Wheels, helping the homeless, launching the South Okanagan Transit Society, assisting families from abroad, opening up his home to those in need, Annual Christmas dinner, 4 day event for Picker's, winter emergency housing, and initiating the affordable housing strategy. Phil is the perfect example of someone who walks the walk when it comes to "services above self". Congrats and thank yo Phil! 

Paul Harris Awards Holly Plante 2011-07-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jul 20, 2011
Sara kicked off our meeting by giving us an excellent presentation of her adventures in the Okanagan. She gave us an overview of life with her 3 gracious host families and highlights of her year in Canada. Some of these highlights include: learning to snowboard at Mount Baldy, learning to golf, playing on the volleyball team and raising money with the team to play in Hawaii, discovering hockey at the Osoyoos Coyote games, graduation, and prom. Sara's vibrant and outgoing personality enabled her to make life long friends here in the Okanagan. We will all miss Sara tons and wish her well back in Belgium next month.
July 21 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2011-07-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jason Bartsch on Jul 13, 2011
Clear and defined steps to Proposing a New Member
New Members Jason Bartsch 2011-07-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jul 13, 2011

 President Cheryle introduced guests Itala Charur and Wayne Holoboff. Itala was our club's first Exchange Student in the inaugural year 2003 from Mexico and Wayne was a charter member then and a host family to Itala. She gave a summary of what has gone on in her life, finishing school this year, and was delighted to be back in Osoyoos.  Sarah was off to Yellowstone with Marieze and Garnett so missed her.

This was a club business meeting with Club Committees as the main discussion. Cheryle reviewed the Committees, the chairs and who had volunteered to each so far. They are Fundraising, Gifting/Granting, Service Projects, Public Relations and Youth Exchange - if you haven't indicated your preference as yet, you might want to do so in the next week before you are assigned to one. A list will then be published by the end of the month. 

 There was some discussion on Fundraising with the outcome that we will take on the Golf Tournament ($13,000+ last year), Coyote beer concession  ($1000),  the Cactus Jalopy beer garden ($1200) and the Desert Half-Iron ($500) over this year.

 Harold shared pictures of his antique car entry in the Canada Day parade emblazoned with flags and the Rotary emblem. He and Audrey  looked very spiffy dressed in period costumes ... well done Harold!

There were 7 volunteers from our club helping out with the Osoyoos Desert Half-Iron event on the weekend.  Good fun, although chief cheerleader Harold is to work on Vaughan's enthusiasm! This was a shared staffing with Oliver - all ours next year!

Itala drew Jim's ticket but alas....... 

 Board meeting is next Thursday at 6:00 at McKia's....everyone welcome.  


Rotary Meeting July 14 John Robertson 2011-07-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jul 06, 2011

President Cheryle's first meeting! Somehow past El Presidente Ryan appeared to enjoy it?

Prior to the meeting, District Governor Garry Hollingshead and his wife Marion met with Cheryle and the 2011-12 board.  He reviewed the club's past year and the plans for this year. He appeared comfortable with our current status and future plans and offered counsel and several areas of support from the District.

President Cheryle introduced Garry  as the program and his first duty was to present a 'Pin of Gold' to the silent heroes of the club as identified by Cheryle.  Dennis, Jim and Jeff deservedly received the award - well done guys!

DG Garry then brought a message from RI President Kalyan Banerjee who urged all Rotarians to embrace humanitarianism, community and change. He emphasized support for the youth, introducing Rotary's 5th avenue of service which is to be named Future Generations - Youth Exchange will fall under this umbrella. This change should be considered as a catalyst to world peace. Poverty and safe water will continue as focus areas. Garry concluded with the message to 'reach inside and find the spirit and then reach out to embrace humanity'.  He set Oct 24 as Polio Awareness Day.

Dennis won the draw but not the $$$$.  Aaaaaaah! Next week's meeting will be a club assembly with the committees being laid out and assigned.

A great first meeting Pres Cheryle!


Rotary Meeting Jul 7 John Robertson 2011-07-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jul 05, 2011

Our club and guests had a wonderful evening at Walnut Beach for Cheryle's installation dinner on June 30th. Ryan gave a great speech acknowledging how much he has learned and grown over the past year. Our new Board was also introduced. Such a great team! Cheryle also gave an excellent speech sharing her enthusiasm and dedication to our club. It was nice to see Rotarians from other regions in the room also showing their support and we were honored to have District Governor - Garry Hollingshead and wife Marion also in attendance. We have many exciting things ahead for the Osoyoos Rotary Club.

President Cheryle's Installation June 30 Holly Plante 2011-07-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cheryle King (Richardson) on Jun 22, 2011

This years Golf Tournament is over and all things considered we had 
great success.  Great weather and a good job by the OGCC staff helped.

Thank you, to all the members who entered a golf team 
and encouraged others to golf. We were short golfers at 57 but we were able 
to bring in an extra guests 20 for dinner.
A huge Thank You to Jim,  Judy, Shelly, Bobi, Jocelyn and Doug for all 
your help and hard work. Without your help there would not have been a
Special thanks to Ron and Vaughan for all the silent auction items you 
brought in and Harold, Roger and Geri for looking after our Hole-In-One 

We had 20 out of 22 Rotarians participate which means when we need to 
work together for a common goal we do.

2011 Golf Tournament! Cheryle King (Richardson) 2011-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Ron Leigh on Jun 22, 2011

Rebbeca from Summerland spoke to us about her GSE trip to Bangladesh. She was overseas for 5 weeks including travel time. She stayed with Rotarians who also acted as her guide travelling the country by bus and train.Rotary has been in Bangladesh since 1937 and have over the years supported many schools and hospitals.

PE Cheryle was out of town and PED (ok that is President Elect Designate) Dennis chaired the meeting. The 50/50 number was won by Jeff Duigud. The $100 will be waiting for a winner next week. 

June 23 Rotary Meeting Ron Leigh 2011-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jun 15, 2011

Randy Bedard from the Osoyoos Coyotes came to our luncheon to present us with a cheque for almost $1000 from alcohol sales at the Coyotes hockey games. Over the year the Osoyoos Rotary Club raised approximately $2000 at the games. Special thanks again goes out to all of the volunteers from our club who worked shifts and especially Shelley!

Also 16/22 of our members volunteered to sling beers the Cactus Jalopy's beer garden. Special thanks to everyone who helped! 

We also had an update from our visioning session. Bobi took the initiative to get business cards made for us with our new mission statement on the back. Ryan reiterated some of our objectives such as:

-create a more diverse group of osoyoos rotarians (ethnicity, gender, and age)

-Cheryle set forward a great challenge for all members. Each member is to recruit new rotarian every 6 months. 

-We also need to decide on our legacy project

For a full list of the result from our visioning exercise please review the newsletter archives or review your email Jim sent with the summary.

More updates coming from our Golf Tournament next week. 



Rotary Meeting - June 16 Holly Plante 2011-06-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jun 10, 2011
 June 11th was a huge day for our exchange students. Their graduation ceremonies were held at the school and Sarah Benali and Avry Coutu received their diplomas in a very moving ceremony. Avry, our outbound selection for this year going to Thailand, was the co-validictorian speaker with Marina, who was our other nomination, and they did a great speach. President Ryan presented our Rotary Scholarship Award for $1000 to Brock Anderson. Marize gave awards on behalf of the School District and another host mom for Sarah, Charlene Fernandes was there to give awards as well so a large Rotary presence in our school. We should be very proud of both Sarah and Avry!
Exchange Students Graduate! John Robertson 2011-06-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jun 08, 2011

 President Ryan introduced Ray Renault as the luncheon speaker. Ray is the Chorus Director of the Desert Airs Men's Chorus and he led off with a marvelous video of the world winners of men's chorus groups. The Desert Airs are a local group originating 5 years ago now having 20 singers coming from Osoyoos, Oliver, OK Falls, Naramata and Penticton. They meet once a week in Osoyoos or Oliver to work on singing techniques, music instruction and practice repertoires to be performed in various local venues such as Senior Centers, Canada Day celebrations, and clubs .....perhaps even at Rotary Installation dinners? While singing is the main focus, there is also fun and the camaraderie of men singing music together in harmony. Our own Ron Leigh is a member of the chorus!   There were 13 members and 3 guests to enjoy the presentation. Cheryle, Jim and Sarah gave rave reviews of the District Conference last week in Ellensburg and implored all to plan to attend next year's in Penticton. Holly drew the winning ticket and then the joker! She generously donated the winnings.

Rotary Meeting June 9 Desert Airs John Robertson 2011-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on Jun 01, 2011
We had the pleasure of having Richard Walker as our guest speaker. Richard is a Food Forester, Designer, Herbalist and Organic Farmer. He walked as through some amazing plants, herbs, and fruits that he has grown in a self sustaining forest garden. Some examples include echinecea, ginseng, ginkgo, and schizandra. We all left the meeting surprised to know how many plants and herbs can be grown right here in our climate.
Rotary Meeting June 2 Richard Walker Holly Plante 2011-06-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson on Jun 01, 2011
 Hi John,
This will be my last report home for the year. As of today I have 19 days left of my exchange. Sorry that the emails have become a bit more sporradic over the past two months. Things have gotten incredibly busy. The family that I live with now is treating me really well and I love staying at their house. We travel all the time to Manila because my three host siblings go to school there and we've been busy getting ready for the new school year. We've all been on vacation since march and school will start again this June. If I'm not in Manila or travelling then I'm at our giant house situated near the irreputedly most beautiful volcano in the country. Since the other rotex started going home on the 16th of May there have been lots of trips planned for us to go to eachother's cities to get in some last minute visits. Currently there are only 3 of the original 5 left and the next will leave June 1st. My life here is so set now that I can't imagine going back to Canada. Everything will be completely different. I won't eat with the same cutlery, shower the same way, cross the street the same way, everything. Over the past 10 months I've learned to be completely different in everything I do, from my actions to my thinking. I know that when I chose to come to the Philippines I was hoping for an experience that would be completely different from anything I had ever seen before. Nothing could have been truer. My world has been turned upside down and rebuilt from the ground up and I'm a better person for it. I'm excited to come home but at the same time worried to leave my life. I feel like I'm about to start an exchange all over again. Thank you all for allowing me the chance to have this experince. I'll be able to properly thank you all back home but nothing truly can ever express how great this exchange was. 
Diyos mabalos po sa gabos at ingat po kamo pirmi.
Thank you for everything and take care all of you, 

Sacha's May Update John Robertson 2011-06-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 25, 2011

This week Denise Eastlick came to speak to us from the Desert Society with some new updates.

In summary here is what the Desert Society is all about

·         Workshops, lectures, and special events

·         Habitat restoration

·         Promote native plant landscaping

·         Conduct research projects

·         Educational programs for schools

·         Partner with other conservation organizations

·         Operate Osoyoos Desert Centre

o   67 Acres

o   1.5 km boardwalk

o   Guided and self-tours

o   Interpretive Centre, Native Plant Garden, and Bluebird Trail

Last year Rotary donated $3200 to go towards protecting an endangered amphibian and creating a viewing deck.  This deck has now become the most popular spot for guests to stop.


May 26, 2011 - Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2011-05-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 18, 2011
Darlene and Dennis opened up their amazing home to all of us Rotarians and the GSE team. What a view from their home! We got to test our skills with darts, horse shoes, slow bike racing, hula hooping, and trivia. We all had a lovely meal and a great time visiting and getting to the know GSE team. Thanks again to our wonderful hosts Dennis and Darlene.
GSE Team BBQ at Casa Smithers Holly Plante 2011-05-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 18, 2011
Today we welcomed the GSE team from Bangladesh which consisted of a team of 4. Shohid Ahmed Chowdhury is the GSE team leader who has been a Rotarian for 22 years. He owns a Furniture Manufacturing company and is the proud father of two daughters. Next, Ms Ishrat Akhond who is a Human Resources and Leadership Consultant, Md. Shariful Islam who at the young age of 25 is a successful Occupational Therapist, and Md. Ishrat Ibne Ismail who teaches in the Department of English at Shahjalal University. Each of the team members prepared an informative presentation about their families, jobs, and they also gave us an overview of Bangladesh. We are all encouraged to watch Beautiful Bangladesh
May 19, 2011 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2011-05-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 11, 2011

Ryan welcomed Bobi Emblim and Jocelyn Doucette as new members. These two ladies will be an excellent addition to our club! Welcome!

This week’s program was John Cooper who spoke to us on wills and estate planning. A will is your way of deciding how your assets are allocated once you pass.  He gave us an overview of different legislation in BC such as the Wills Variation Act. He told us how it is important for people to think long-term when it comes to writing a will. John also explained to us the importance of having an Executor of your Will and also a Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney (medical treatment and personal care).

Also a quick reminder  about the BBQ tonight at casa Dennis. The BBQ will start around 5PM on the 19th (this is when the GSE team will probably arrive)  We have a few games in mind to start with to loosen everyone up.  Again Western theme so wear your jeans and COWBOY UP.  We will start the BBQ around 7PM and the event should wrap up around 9PM.

110 Chapman Road is the address.  Pull over at the Best Western and check your odometer.  We are approx 10.2 km's up highway 3.  Once you past Observatory B&B you are close, make sure you are in the left hand lane as it goes into the passing lane and put on your left turn signal to turn left onto Chapman Road.  We are the 1st property on the left (Fenced) and Dennis wll put out a couple of directional signs. 

You can Google 110 Chapman Road Osoyoos and a map will come up with a Street View.

See you at lunch today and at the BBQ tonight:) 


May 12, 2011 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2011-05-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 06, 2011

 We were pleased to see 17 Rotarians come out for our visioning session. Patricia began the session by sharing the process for the visioning exercise. We had an open discussion about our goals for the next 5 years. These goals were categorized into different sections and as with any democracy we all had the chance to vote with stickers in each section for what goals we felt were most important.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the results:

-Our mission for the Osoyoos Rotary Club is to make a difference locally and internationally with the needs of children being a specific focus 

-Our goal for 2016 is to have 50 members

-We would like to see the overall attributes of our club to include a more diverse range of members (ethnicity, age, gender) and we would like to achieve and maintain 90%+ member participation

-Other goals include creating/updating a strategy to recruit and mentor new members 

-Encourage 75%+ meeting attendance

-We would like to increase school scholarships to 5+ and also increase student awareness of Rotary

-We would like to create an effective Business Attraction Strategy to help attract younger families and new businesses/industry to the area 

-In 5 years we see our club completing our Legacy Project

-We would like to continue to keep our Youth Exchange Program going strong and adopt a community elsewhere in the world in need and be extremely hands on with support

-Our annual golf tournament is to be well maintained and grown and we would also like to explore the possibility of co-championing a community pool project

-Over the next few years we see more of our funding going towards local initiatives such as the Legacy Project but in 5 years we would like a 50/50 split between local and international projects

-We would like to sustain 100% of our members

-We would like to increase the profile and awareness of our club and our initiatives by doing a montly newspaper article, social media, and storefront Rotary window stickers 

Thanks so to everyone for their excellent ideas and participation. 

Visioning Session Holly Plante 2011-05-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 04, 2011
This week welcomed the Osoyoos Royalty which consistented of Kathy (leader), Shelby (Ambassador), Harmen (Princess), and Brianne (Princess). All four spoke to us about the importance of the program and the extra time spent travelling to other communities. They highlighted their involvement in Toastmasters which they all disliked and the start but grew to love towards the end. They have asked our club to contibute $100 for each of the 3 girls to participate in the Royalty Speech Competition
May 5 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2011-05-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Holly Plante on May 03, 2011

Marieze spoke to us about Roots of Empathy which is an organization dedicated to helping children understand how their actions affect other students. The program has been a success across Canada since 1996 in classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The results of this program are life changing for children! Children receive increased emotional knowledge, better social understanding, learn "pro" social behaviours, reduce agression with peers and reduce bullying. The program involves bringing a baby aged 2-4 months into the classroom for regular visits and sessions. Currently this program is run 100% by volunteers and funding has been substantially cut. Local Roots of Empathy in Osoyoos is looking for Rotary's support by contributing$1000 towards the program to ensure Roots of Empathy can continue in our local schools. For more information please visit


April 28, 2011 Rotary Meeting Holly Plante 2011-05-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by John Robertson

President Dennis led todays meeting off with reminders about upcoming events and what members need to do about them. First was the Curling Funspiel on Oct 20 - remember this is a fun event for all levels of curlers, especially beginners. There are 6 teams already and we are looking to have up to 20 so register yourselves and guests with Matthew. Next was the Rotary Development Weekend here in Osoyoos Oct 26 to 27. Members planning to attend need to register online and let Vaughn know so he can cut a chegue to cover the costs. Finally, Oct 24 is Polio Awareness day and we will be gathering at the elementary school with Polio signage at 0800.

Ron introduced Ken Favrholdt, Curator of the Osoyoos and District Museum for the past 3 years, as our guest speaker.  Ken spoke on the War of 1812, on the 200th anniversary, and how it impacted the west. In 1812, the USA declared war on Great Britain and at that time, most of BC, Washington and Oregon were all included as part of the Oregon Territory and was managed by various fur trading companies with the largest center being Fort Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River. The Territory changed hands between the Canadians and the US until the end of the war at the Treaty of Ghent in 1814 without a shot being fired. The major impact of the war on the West then occurred in the 1846 when all this came together in the Oregon Treaty when the 49th parallel became the border between Canada and the US. And we all agreed that Canada won the War of 1812!!

This was the first meeting or our new exchange student, Isadora Bastos. She was enthusiastically welcomed and spoke about her first week here - she is excited about the year and is working hard at school and making good friends. Isa is hosted by Marieze until early January.
The 50/50 was won by Judy and she generously donated the winnings to Bill and Ron before her!
Rotary Meeting Oct 11, 2012 John Robertson 0
Posted by John Robertson

What everyone says about the Finns is true: they are so shy!  They won't come up and talk to you, so I go and introduce myself, but they won't respond unless I ask a direct question.  Despite this, I have made some great friends!  I am taking a Finnish course every Monday and Wednesday evening and I can understand a surprising amount of what I read, as long as it's about vocab or everyday things.  When people speak to me though, I haveno idea what they're saying, because everyone speaks really fast....
School here is different from Canada and it's so great.  Next week I will have new courses, therefore new people for me to meet.  There are also free school lunches, potatoes, meat, salad, a guaranteed warm meal every day!  I am of course taking English courses, but also Photography (so fun, we made our own cameras!), Music (playing the guitar and bass for the first time!), French (I can't believe how much I've forgotten since last January) and History (We are studying the World Wars and the Cold War, but I have no idea what the teacher says, even when she talks about Star Wars and Han Solo in the middle of class.  Or about her 3 boyfriends all named Mike in the 80s...).
I have been to many different events with my host family, hockey games, historical museums, art museums.  I saw the King and Queen of Sweden!  It was for an event of the Scouts, of which the King is a member or someone high up. 
My Rotary club here is very supportive and the Rotex are very active, we plan to do something each month.  I thankfully got my residence permit, it was so easy to go to the Police Station here, and a week later it arrived in the mail. 
Yes, I have heard that it is very warm and nice there.  Here, it is now officially autumn.  It's dark when I wake up in the morning!  I will have to start searching for winter boots soon.
I do have a blog, but I don't update it, but I will send you emails.
I have met so many amazing people here and had many great memories!
Best regards! (I would say warm, but you've got that covered),
Tianna's September Update John Robertson 0
Posted by John Robertson

President Denis opened todays meeting introducing our guest speaker, Brock Paton, past exchange student Corina (2009-10) and outbound Tianna Smith who leaves Saturday for her year in Turku, Finland. 
Reminder that the August 16 noon meeting is cancelled in favor of the BBQ social at Cheryle and Jim's place. The Board will meet at noon instead with Denis having to promise Judy it will only be one hour! Also keep that Sept 15 date open for the Lobster Fest. Cheryle will need some volunteers and will be sending sign up sheets for the cooking and bar. 
Brock then gave us an entertaining, enthusiastic and professional presentation on the Osoyoos Traditional Archery School. This is a non profit organization that held their first class May 3 of this year at the Rod and Gun Club facility. They started with 8 members and have grown to 49 in their first 3 months, ranging in age from 5 to 77!  Brock came from a very successful culinary background on the coast to Osoyoos in 1987 for health reasons and has thrived here. He gave a history of the long bow with interesting stories of wars and hunting going back centuries, stressing that this is not the modern compound bow commonly used today for hunting and competitions but the traditional long bow, and he shared 3 of his own bows with us.  He has represented Canada in many meets but is not alone in the club with medals....Shelly has drunk the cool aid and is an avid archer along her 2 sons and is acquiring a trophy case of her own! Brock has a goal of introducing this individual sport to the schools, teaching not only the shooting skills but making the arrows themselves. They have evening classes twice a week and new archers are very welcome.
The keeper of the monies, Vaughn, won the 50/50 to shouts of 'fix, fix'. 

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Posted by John Robertson

Today's meeting was presided over by PE Dennis - guests included Allan from Grande Prairie and Brian and Chris Rothwell, Alessandra's host parents.   
John introduced Ale as the luncheon program - our 9th consecutive exchange student, suggesting it took too long for us to get to Italy as our source! Ale did a wonderful presentation of her year in Osoyoos...only one month left. It was a heartfelt review by a confident young lady in excellent English. She reviewed and thanked her 3 host families and the club. Her year was a full one, beginning with the volleyball team play and travels and included all the trips with the other 5060 exchange students and Seattle (twice), Victoria and Vancouver. She will come back!
The District Conference this past weekend was deemed a huge success....excellent speakers and programs. Our club was represented by Cheryle and Jim, Dennis, Harold (and Audrey), Bobi, Brian (and Diane) and John. Captain Kite Harold was rewarded for his kite building expertise by taking second place! Well done! Thanks to all those who home hosted the visiting 23 Rotarians ....the guests, and hosts, had an incredible evening!
Then there were the reminders for the upcoming club events:
-Saturday is the Show and Shine beer garden event. Fencing needs to be picked up Friday and set up Saturday morning. Let Dennis know if you can help. Then the 2 shifts on serving the beer: noon to 4 has Vaughn, Jo, Brian, Jim and Cheryl and then 4 to 8 shift has John, Judy, Marieze, Ron, Shelly and Jim/Cheryle. Should be fun.
-Golf Tourny next Saturday. 84 golfers to date and while we need more, we need to get folks out who may not want to golf but can attend the dinner and auction. 
-June 28 is the installation of the new executive for the Rotary year at the Walnut Beach at 0600. 
Finally, Ryan spoke to us about his current circumstances and address stories and concerns anyone might have. Bottom line is that he is proud to be a Rotarian, adheres to the 4-way test and has no litigation issues. While he needs to work through personal issues, he looks forward to being in Rotary and continuing to contribute to our club. 

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Pres Cheryle opened the meeting of 11 members plus 2 guests with a request that Rotarians submit their annual Foundation support and it was intimated that this may add to potential club citations in addition to the one of 100% retention of members. There was also a reminder to register online for the District Conference which is local (Penticton) and always fun.
Councillor Mike Plante was our guest speaker and he did an a great job of bringing us up to date on Council activities in general and his areas of focus in particular. Evidently there is an orientation venue made available to new electorates (?) in Western Canada as an introduction into the new world of 'politics' which Mike participated in and after exposure to Osoyoos processes and procedures, he is ready! Mike brought us up to date on the very current capital projects and then commented on his areas of focus on Council this year. Those are Child and Youth Committee (chair), Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC ....Jason also serves on this one) and the Pedestrian and Traffic Safety committee. 
There was good discussion and updates on the Splash Park. Mike is a champion of this and appreciates the Rotary commitment, letting us know that there is $10m in this year's budget for planning and promotion and then the $94m in the reserve for construction next year. Other questions and discussion centered on the National Park which has positive direction generally and Mike is optimistic and supportive. 
Sounds like we can look forward to frequent updates to the club....we know how to reach him! 

Ron's ticket was drawn for the 50/50 ....a coincidence? Hmmmm...

A golf committee meeting broke out once the meeting ended!
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Our last evening meeting! And it was a good one with 9 year old Teagan Adams and his mother Chantelle speaking to the club about his incredible project to raise money to build a school in Kenya. With his brother and friends, Teagan started The Giving Guys Club after learning about school issues for children. He shared some statistics:

-26% of Kenyan children aged 5 to 14 are working in child labor

-1 in 10 Kenyan children die before they reach their 5th birthday and 1/4 of girls are married before they reach their 15th birthday.

- 30% of all Kenyans live in extreme poverty (under $1 per day)

These facts sparked a need in Teagan to help so the Club began selling lemonade, doing magic shows, bottle returns, a bake sale and they have raised $2200 since last summer! They need $9000 to build and furnish a school. Their next plan is to introduce Early Entrepreneurs Experiments to schools- they will give classes $100 and challenge them to raise $500 through their own creative projects. Teagan's family plans to go over to Kenya and help in the construction.  

We later decided to donate all the proceeds from Happy Bucks to Teagan for the next 3 weeks....$55 was the contribution at this meeting!

Pres Cheryle reminded us that the club will support the Hospice Society by bringing grocery receipts from Buy Low and Family Foods  to future meetings as a fundraiser for them.

A board meeting broke out following the regular meeting.  

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