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Dec 21, 2017
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Dec 28, 2017
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December 7th - now how did that happen? Lynda is halfway through her Presidency year, the Christmas Season is coming way too fast and Mt Baldy opens Friday. And what happened to Canada's warmest welcome?

On the positive side we do have ongoing Rotary meetings that entertain and inspire us as did today's meeting. Joining us today was Wilfred and Marietha Louw who are from S. Africa and are Marieze's mom and dad. They were recognized by members for their hospitality and support to the team from our club that travelled there earlier this year on a service project.

President Lynda introduced Marieze as our speaker and program, beginning with a presentation of a cheque for $1000 from our Club for the Roots of Empathy program. Marieze has been teaching ROE for 9 years and has spoken to us before on it but it was refreshing to learn more about the successes and growth of this amazing program. It was founded by Mary Gordon in Canada back in 1996 and has expanded to 10 other countries, receiving serious recognition and awards along the way. It is a volunteer program offered to students from K to grade 8 and is intended to reduce levels of aggression (bullying) by raising social and emotional competence and increasing empathy. Data and research demonstrates that it works and Marieze referenced several awards ROE has garnered this year.  The concept is that a local mother and infant visit the classroom every 3 weeks for a year and the students observe and discuss the babies growth and emotions following a curriculum delivered by a volunteer instructor. One piece of data that Marieze shared was that 84% of students tested in grades 4 and 7 showed significantly higher levels of empathy having participated in ROE.

In our school district, SD 53, the focus is on grades 2 and 5 with 13 classes taught each year for 260 students. 

A very worthy local program for our club to support - they need more instructors and this money donated today will go toward the training of new volunteers.

Well done Marize and thank you!

Remember, no meeting next week at noon in favour of the evening Christmas party that evening, Dec 14th at Campo Marina. Cocktails at 6, dinner at 7 at an all in cost of $40. Sign up on Clubrunner....sounds like at least 10 members of the Oliver club will join us - hope they can sing!

Doug absconded with the 50/50 draw.  Evidently arriving late increases your chances of winning? 

Hello Folks,

John has asked that I do a summary of the Thursday meeting. I will do my best.

The meeting started off with a great O'Canada lead by Cheryl. A great reflection on gratitude was given by our president Lynda.  Lynda also reminded us of the up coming Visioning session on January 20th, at 9:00am at the Best Western. Jim will set up a registration format on Club runner for people to confirm their attendance. Also by about January 8 everyone will have received via email, a questionnaire from the facilitator, who will be doing the visioning session. Also Lynda reminded us of the up coming Christmas Party and induction of new members on December 14th at Campo Marina. The price has not been confirmed but Cherly will send something out, once she has the price.

Lynda then introduced Mike Green from Tumbleweed Distillery to get us into the Christmas "Spirit". Mike and his wife have been living part time on Anarchist Mountain since 2009. They had to decide between Vancouver and Anarchist Mountain. No contest Anachrist won! They looked at several business opportunities and decided to learn more about making spirits. They studied distilling and also worked with a consultant. Their equipment was brought in from Summerland and Barlow, Kentucky. The science of distilling, is a complex process that Mike explained in detail and brought us a sample of the barley. He also donated a bottle of Fireweed (Like Fireball) to the club to be auctions off. The process also requires a daily checking of the product, meaning, tasting it daily is imperative. What a job! Tumbleweed sells about ten different products and the latest release is a grapa made from Merlot and Cab Franc. (I've tried it, great stuff!)  They also have Fire Weed that is cinimion whiskey , Gin, one of their best sellers, Vodka, Moonshine and Maple Whiskey. They had a Cherry Moonshine but it is gone! Watch for it next year. There were several questions from the group and a few people thought they would drop by Tumbleweed to finish their Christmas shopping. 

After lunch Mike B told us that next week's speaker had cancelled and Marisa volunteered to talk to the club about Roots of empathy, at our next meeting. On January 11, 2018, Lynda will talk to us about the results of the questions she had given us last week, at our social.

Lynda and Brian asked that anyone who is going to be helping with hot dogs and hot chocolate during the Christmas parade on Friday night,please be at Mills Office Pro by 5 pm to help set up. Parade starts at 6;30. Hope you can join us. The meeting ended with Jim King winning the 50/50 AGAIN! Looking forward to the talk next week my Marisa.

Well I did it. Hope I didn't miss too much.

The recent dusting of snow was so appropriate given our guest speaker was Andy Foster, GM for the Mt Baldy Ski hill. A good mix of members, spouses and guests came out to hear the presentation. Pres Lynda introduced Tanya Schutz, new member in Penticton Rotary Club and her co-worker Samantha Zeeman; Shari MacFarland, guest of Harold and prospective member and Bruce Hobin, former Rotarian from Niagara on the Lake who may transfer to our Club. She also welcomed back Eva and Audrey and Richard (Times).

Andy Foster was introduced and proceeded to entertain us with a very upbeat update on Mt Baldy. He first spoke of his own background and experience that clearly qualified him to take on the GM role earlier this spring. He started in Zimbabwe (explains his accent!) and travels and education including England and Canada. He has a Tourism degree and a varied work experience and described himself as a detail guy who likes to work in a robust structured system. He has retained most of the staff, commenting that combined they represent more than 60 years of mountain experience. He plans to build on the key differentiators that Baldy possesses which are that it is a local/community hill, no ski line-ups, amazing powder and is family oriented.  

This year under his tenure, they have renovated the Baldy bar, opened up more terrain, improved signage and website and created a positive work environment. Crucial work is to be done on developing the real estate on the mountain as a next step towards making this a 4 season property. 

There will be a grand unveiling of the Baldy bar on Nov 26 (will need to register for this on the new website next week if you plan to attend) and then the first chair festival on Dec 8th, signalling the opening day of skiing. Yay! Hope to have Andy back after his first season and share his successes.

In other news....

There was an auction item of a season of Home Security provided by Quail Security that has been returned to the Club for our use. This is a $500 value that is very appropriate for snowbirds so please think about who might be interested in bidding on this and let Cheryle know. 

We will participate in Festival of Trees again this year...as long as Sandi and Tracy are willing to organize volunteers again.

There will be an AGM for next week's meeting so everyone should make a special attempt to attend this one. The following week, Nov 23rd,  is the fireside/social with spouses at 6pm at the clubhouse at Desert Rose Estate so no noon meeting. This will be a potluck appie event and everyone is asked to let Lynda know appie plans and she will coordinate. Refreshments will be provided compliments of LOTB but if you want wine you should bring it. 

Whew....a very good meeting! 

And the 50/50 winnings were donated to the OSS Scholarship Fund. 

If you have not been receiving these meeting summaries for some time, it is not because you have been deleted from any mailing lists...there has not been many! At the most recent Board meeting it was discussed that these were indeed important to the membership and there were even some volunteers to spread the task so your inbox should be fatter in the future!


Pres Lynda introduced the several guests in attendance. MaryClair Massicott and Sherry McFarlane, guests of Cheryle and Harold ( prospective members) and Brad Burns and Scott Tremblay, our speakers and Richard from the Times. She also noted that Sandi, Ken and Chris are coming up to their 1st year anniversary with the club...no pins, just atta persons!


The Rotary Fall District Meetings were held over the weekend at the Watermark with several of our members in attendance. Evidently there were several topics of interest coming out of those sessions and they will be shared as part of the November 16 business meeting. 


The Club Christmas dinner will be held at the Campo Marina restaurant on December 14th (no meeting that day) so please go to the home page on Clubrunner and click on Christmas Party to register. 


Our speakers were Scott Tremblay, Principal of OSS, and Brad Burns, Vice-principal. Both are new to these positions and to the school and obviously bring huge positive energy and commitment with them. Also both have partners who are educators and both have children enrolled in OSS. Scott came most recently from Keremeous and Brad from Kamloops. I think their objectives in speaking to us were to reach out and potentially involve the community and also to share the School Plan which has a very unique schedule. They were very successful in both!

I am sure Richard will print more thoroughly the School Plan in an upcoming Times article and I would encourage you to read that. It involves a very unique school schedule - there are only 10 other BC schools with some form of flex based learning systems. Basically it reduces the number of traditionally taught subject blocks and adds supervised learning centre hours for  more self-directed learning for the students. 

This is a 5 year journey with lots of check points and assessments along the way to let them know if they are truly 'making a difference to our kids' as they define the goal. A very professional presentation by a couple of neat guys who are working excessive hours to make it work...we need to have them back at the end of the school year for an update. 


Mark your calendars for October 23rd for an evening meeting (no luncheon) - this will be a 'social fireside' and will be held at the Clubhouse at Desert Rose Estates, hosted by Jim and Cheryle and Pam. 


Our speaker next week is Andy Foster, Mt Baldy ski area manager - should be good!


Ken won the 50/50 (because he was last in!) and immediately donated it to our school backpack program...thank you!


Store those golf clubs and dust off the skiis!
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