Regular Meeting
United States of America

Our Rotary International President is selected each year by a Nominating Committee.

If more than one eligible Rotarian from our Zone wishes to serve on that Nominating Committee, we have to choose which one.

Therefore, at our May 7 Meeting, we will take a brief ballot vote of the two candidates:

DONALD L. MEBUS   Rotary classification: Insurance- Fire and Casualty Rotary Club of Arlington, Texas, USA Has been a Rotarian since 1974 District Governor, 1994-95 Director, RI, 2006-08

JOSÉ ANTONIO SALAZAR-CRUZ Rotary classification: Civil Law, Consultant Rotary Club of Bogotá Occidente, Colombia Has been a Rotarian since 1980 District Governor, 1988-89 Director, RI, 2002-04

Handouts of their biographies will be available at the Meeting; you may also view the biographies by selecting the "Candidate Biographies" link.