Posted on Oct 03, 2019
The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise is seeking applications from eligible organizations, groups or individuals. 
Applications can be found at
Scroll down on the left side to Home Page download files.
or use the link below:
Please send all required information to:
Your application must meet the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Funding guidelines to be considered for Gaming or Community grants.
Guide to Applications: These guidelines are intended to help you understand how we make decisions about how we allocate money to deserving causes.
These areas are generally NOT ELIGIBLE to receive funding:
 • Retroactive funding i.e. you’ve spent the money already
• Paying off your debts i.e. debt retirement, reserves and mortgage pay-downs
• Activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership or direct religious purposes
• School construction, including playground equipment
• Annual fund drives Improvements or additions to land and property which might revert back to private ownership or be sold
• Private vehicles
• Multi-year grants
ELIGIBLE AREAS:  Our main focus is on the following areas:
• New activities or special projects which meet the priorities below
• Activities which benefit
          • Youth
          • Elderly
          • Disabled
          • Disadvantaged
• Activities which benefit an individual with a corresponding benefit to the community
Community Gaming Funding
Conditions for a Community Gaming Funding (2019): sports-recreation-arts-and-culture/gambling/grants/cond-cgg.pdf