Posted by Ed Kolybaba on Aug 04, 2018
Ten years ago, two Rotary of Kelowna Sunrise Rotarians, Angela Burnell and Jane Fletcher, started ‘Bats for a Cause,’ an event to raise funds for the BC Children’s Hospital.  In that first year, the organization raised $11,000.  Ten years later, during the weekend of July 27-29th, ‘Bats for a Cause’ raised $142,000.  Over the ten year period, the event has raised over $627,000 which has provided funding for the BC Children’s Hospital.
The current Core organizing committee for ‘Bats for a Cause,’ Sunrise Rotarians Angela Burnell, Huck Parfeniuk, Max Mosley and Sarah Mosley, with the lead taken on Angela Burnell, organized an event involving 28 teams and over 420 participants during the July 27-29th weekend.  Eleven volunteers, mostly from the Kelowna Sunrise Rotary Club, were there to assist in providing the manpower necessary.