The Rotary Club of Albury North recently celebrated 50 years since being chartered. Arch McLeish was an original club member and is still a very active member of the club. His story and the story of the club is below. Also a detailed document on the 50 year history of the club is available in the "Downloads" section on this website.


THE Rotary Club of Albury North was 50 years old on May 1st, this year — and still had one original charter member, former mayor Arch McLeish.

Mr McLeish said in half-a-century the club had raised millions of dollars.

It continues to raise for more charities and good causes through its market conducted on alternate Sundays with the Rotary Club of Belvoir Wodonga.

The retired transport operator has seen his fair share of community projects since the club was founded and he had worked on most of them.

Among the first “bricks and mortar” projects the fledgling club took on was the Manual Activities Centre in Lavington, which won community awards from The Sydney Morning Herald and the NSW government and now operates as a council facility.

“It was a fairly well publicised building in the mid 1970s and there’s pictures of me having jumped up on the roof,” Mr McLeish, a former club past president, said.

Club member Gary Saliba said the building housed metal work, woodwork and a meeting room had been ahead of its time.

“It was quite a pioneering, forward-looking project like (today’s) Men’s Sheds,” he said.

“Our role as a club is to generate the funds and create the projects — which become a perpetual gift to the community, funded through the community.”

The club received its charter on May 1, 1963.

On Saturday it will mark the anniversary with a dinner at the SS&A Club.

There are more than 249 past members while the club has 67 members, including president Mark Smith.

It is one of the largest in the district, though not the oldest — the Rotary Club of Albury began in 1927.

Albury North and Belvoir Wodonga clubs jointly raise $150,000 a year from the markets.

The Albury North club has been was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of the Hilltop carer’s accommodation centre.

Next week the region’s youth will be catered for with its Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment, where school students head to Howmans Gap for a weekend of confidence-building activities.