Club History- The Beginning

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A detailed 50 year history of the club is available on this website in the "Download" section.

A short summary of the beginning is as follows;

Our Beginning

On the fifteenth anniversary of the chartering of the Rotary Club of Albury North, Charter President, Peter Carrick, recalled the Club’s beginnings:

"Initially five business and professional men were invited to form a nucleus committee, which then requested a further twenty men in the North Albury area to discuss Rotary at an inaugural meeting. As a result of this meeting a request was made to the Rotary Club of Albury to seek permission from Rotary International to form a Club in North Albury. The nucleus committee consisted of Bert Aylward, Stan Gogoll, Vic Prendergast, Trevor Viney and myself".

The request was granted and under the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Albury the new Club was chartered on 1st May 1963. Horrie Harrison and George Roxborough, from the Albury Club, were the Club’s mentors in those early years. They attended numerous meetings of the Club and held positions on the first Board.

A further two members of the Rotary Club of Albury, Doug Delarue and Ned Griffith, actually became members of Albury North. Doug served as our second President and later became District Governor.

The Club’s Charter Dinner was held at the Tudor Hall, Bonegilla on 15th June 1963 and the then District Governor, Ern Grainger, presented the Club’s Charter. The Rotary International President at that time was Natish Laharry from the Rotary Club of Calcutta in India and his theme for the year was "Kindle the Spark Within"- The Power that Lights the Service".

A detailed 50 year history of the club is available on this website in the "Downloads" section.