McCarron Bequest
Our Club administers the McCarron Bequest.
Lillian McCarron was aged 100 when she passed away on 6th July 2001. In her will she directed that the trustee of her estate (the NSW Public Trustee) pay the annual income from the residue of her estate, plus $5,000 of the corpus, to the Rotary Club of Albury North.
The Club is obliged to use these funds to: 
"provide for the welfare and happiness of those persons who may be suffering from a disability and for elderly persons who may be in financial need”.
Because of the specific terms of the bequest, the Club has formed a committee to manage these monies. The money has been expended in a number of ways over the years, some of which include:
  • a storage shed was bought for Riding for the Disabled;
  • two wheelchairs purchased: one for an older lady who, largely because of her age and the manner in which she sustained her injury, was outside the scope of government assistance, and the other for a 15-year-old boy suffering spina bifida;
  • an insulin pump purchased for a 23-year-old with diabetes mellitus;
  • lifters for a child;
  • touch screens for Wewak Street School;
  • funds for parcels provided by RuralCare Link Jindera for elderly people on the land;
  • funding a music therapist for Wewak Street School;
  • contribution to purchase a fridge and television for a C2 quadriplegic (he has no movement from the neck down and has to breathe with a ventilator following an accident at home). He is the sole breadwinner and at the time had 5 children under 16.
  • A young man who suffers a disability and is separated from his family was assisted by the Club, meeting the cost of equipping a home provided by The Department of Housing;
  • contribution to the acquisition of a vehicle and fitting of a lifter for a young woman suffering muscular dystrophy;
  • contribution to the cost of schooling of four children suffering with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Meeting the cost of materials for a secure shed for storage of sailing equipment for the disabled.
If you or someone you know fits the criteria of the bequest, and you or they, have a need that could be met by it, contact us via the Contact Us tab.