Rotary International has recognised the potential for Rotary clubs meeting in an online environment and has supported the setting up of a number of eClubs around the world.
While the idea of an eClub may seem new to most Rotarians, RI recognized the potential for Rotarians meeting in an online environment quite some time ago; 2002 to be exact, when Rotary International launched a proof-of-concept pilot project including 14 pilot clubs. After more than an hour of debate, district representatives at the 2010 Council on Legislation voted to make e clubs a permanent part of Rotary International. The measure was by passed by an overwhelming 430 to 85 vote. Another important outcome of the 2010 Council on Legislation was the decision to allow not one, but two e clubs per district. This way districts have the ability to offer both internationally and locally based e clubs. Or, they can decide to form eClubs that satisfy the passions and skills of different age groups. With over 500 Districts worldwide the potential to connect, inspire and retain Rotarians through successful eClubs is seemingly infinite.
Out of the study emerged the two most successful e club formats: “pure” and “hybrid.” RI defines a pure eClub as one that conducts 100% of its business online. This format is typically adopted by e clubs seeking geographically boundless reach. E Club One, based in Colorado, is an excellent example of a pure Rotary eClub. Its members span the globe from Italy to the USA. Service projects are performed on an individual basis and through member collaboration all over the world.
Rotary eClubs that choose to operate as a hybrid meet primarily online, but incorporate a face-to-face meeting once a month. This format is ideal for eClubs whose members are resident within a close geographic region. An example is the Rotary E-Club of Singapore. Both formats have clear advantages that any forming eClub should give full consideration.
North East Wisconsin eClub is a hybrid Rotary Club. Its program meets the busy schedule of many, balancing family, work and social commitments. All meeting dates and how to attend live or via the web are in the Calendar.  Meetings can take a number of forms:
•    a  Live Streaming Speaker; a link for live participation is in the Calendar on the Club’s webpage. The Live Streaming Meeting is recorded to allow members to participate when they can OR can be used as a make-up meeting for any Rotarian.
•    a Facebook Discussion Group as a Club Business meeting, the Discussion Group is open all week 24 hours a day allowing maximum flexibility to participate.
•    a Face-to-Face meeting. This is a time for fellowship and networking for Club members as well as a great way to do a make-up meeting for any Rotarian.
•    a Facebook Discussion Group open to the public. Topics will be related to Rotary, the community or service projects.
•    a quick, hands-on service project.