Up to the present day, the planned approach for the new 9705 website has been to create a totally new site,  build it up with the new organizational structure,  replicate the committee webpages and transfer all archived committee data from the 9700 website database to the 9705  website.  This approach had an appeal in that it was new and did not favor either of the two districts.  However it was and is considerably more work in the rebuild and replication activities. 


Leo suggested that it would be easier to use the existing populated 9700 database and import the 9710 members data into it.  That would bring along all the archives and supporting downloadable documents stored over the seven years of use.  It was agreed that rebadging 9700 to 9710 was the most practical and time savings approach.  Paul suggested we discuss this with ClubRunner to confirm that we can duplicate 9700 for non RI Synchronized training and then at the changeover do a name change from 9700 to 9705.


Action item : Paul to talk with CR on 9700 becoming 9705