Posted by Mac Whyte on Jul 29, 2019

Overview of current projects is presented below, with a link to the project details.

Project # 0720171: Union Soccer Ajijic. Click to Access
Build towards having a girls league in the Chapala league
Encourage girls 14-16-year-old girls to become involved in the program.
Provide education for coaches ( 1-4) who are qualified for FIFA certification
Secure Funding for balls, cones, practice uniforms, medical supplies, ball bags
Project # 0720172: Chapala & Mezcala Preparatorio Individual Scholarships 
The goal of this project is to annually provide scholarships to 27 students
Project # 20190305B-Salvati AC Training and Internship for Physical Therapists seeking the Lymphedema certificate course.  Click to access.  
Providing Training & Internship for a Physical Therapist with a cáncer specialty 
Having At least one therapist with the specialization annually
Secure funding for training & internship of  a therapist annually
Treating of 100 patients annually.  Note that annually Salvati AC provides services to 500+ patients.
Project # 20190305B-Rising Stars Scholarship Project  Click to access   This is an expansion of the existing program.  
The goal of the Rising Stars Scholarship Project is to expand the existing scholarship program.
To secure funding to meet the basic costs, tuition, books/supplies and uniforms of students in primary, secondary and advanced schools of education.  The selection of these students is based on need, academic performance and motivation to excel through higher education and personal success. 

Project #20190305A-Teaching of the “Guardians of the Planet.” An Anti Violence Curriculum to Students in Grades 3 through 5, Ages 7-11.   Click for project details. 

The goal of this program is to expand the opportunities of students and schools in providing instruction that promotes safe personal behaviors and decisions that contribute to a safe and healthy classroom and school.
Project #0720173 : San Juan Cosala Choir.   Click to access
Project Goals:  
To use music as a means for social improvement.
To provide access to cultural activities for low-income students. 
To ensure the equal right of access for a student who lives in the areas that lack basic necessities.