Scholarship Program for Chapala & Mescala Jalisco Mexico Preparatoria Students
The Rotary Club of Ajijic's Scholarship Committee is primarily interested in giving students from low income families and opportunity to complete a high school education and, for some, the opportunity to attend university. It is a known fact that a huge number of children here in Mexico, cannot attend preparatoria because their families can't afford the cost of tuition, books, school supplies and uniforms.  Only 45 percent of Mexican children finish secundaria (9th grade) opposed to 75 percent of US students who graduate from high school.  This is very limiting on what employment opportunities they will have.
The Rotary Club of Ajijic's scholarship committee pays for the expenses for the aforementioned cost, but it does not include transportation or meals. Currently, an average cost per year for a student in "prepa" is $200. US (approximately 3,100 pesos).  Preparatoria is a three year program.
At present, the committee manages scholarships for twenty five students who have been selected by the school administration as being from families of need who cannot support the cost involved and the student is motivated to succeed.  Grades are monitored and a minimum of 80 percent grade average is required or the student is replaced with a more deserving applicant. 
The program this last year 2015-2016 saw 27 students graduate .  The distressing  fact though is that there are so many students that need help and we do not have funds to support them.  Our Committee is asking for YOUR support of this program so you can help sponsor one or more student scholarships.  A donation of $500 to $1500 US will allow us to increase the number of students we can help.  
The Scholarship Committee has recently set up a Les Strong Scholarship Fund in honor of Les's commitment to the advancement of education  for the prepartorias for those students who would of otherwise not been able to attend the prepartoria.  
You can  contact our scholarship committee chair, Doug Lyle at