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It's traditional that the first Rotarian magazine of the Rotary year carries a profile of the incoming RI president and his or her family. I've always read those profiles with interest, never giving much thought to the possibility that one day, I might be the one bringing a writer from the magazine to my Rotary club meeting! I have never liked a lot of attention, and the idea of having my picture on the magazine cover made me a bit uncomfortable. But when I saw the photo the editors chose, I smiled. Because the star of that picture definitely isn't me, or even my wife, Esther. It's the flock of flamingos, none of which could care less about Rotary, all strutting past us in the same direction. All of them — except one.
I couldn't think of a more appropriate image to reflect the message I want to convey to Rotarians. That one flamingo, going the other way, represents so much of what we need to do in Rotary. That flamingo knows everyone's going one way. She sees it. But she also sees that maybe the path they're on isn't the best path. Maybe, just maybe, there's a better path over there, and she wants to get a good look before she goes marching on with her friends. And if, when she does stop and look, that new path does seem better, she'll call the rest of the crew to come over and check it out with her. And maybe, just maybe, they'll all choose that better path together.
On November 27, 2018, Detective William Woolf III of JustAsk (501-c3 non-profit) gave a presentation on human trafficking prevention. We were made aware that Jalisco has a higher than average human trafficking occurrence than most locations in
Mexico; Guadalajara, Chapala and Puerto Vallarta being at the top of the list.
Woolfs organization is focusing on prevention of trafficking through education and information. Most victims are females between the ages of 14-17.
Rotary international is committed to ending human trafficking in the world. This topic is seldom spoken about and is a growing problem. 
This event was held at Club Hacienda San Miguel in Guadalajara. Carole and Bill Wolff and Magda Silva attended this presentation hosted by Rotary of Guadalajara. 
If you are interested in knowing more about this topic please contact our Club President. Dr. Santi Hernandez Martinez at chapalamed@gmail.com.
JustAsk contact information: www.justaskprevention.org
On November 24, 2018, 4 members of the Ajijic Rotary Club attended the Rotary Legislative forum in Guadalajara. The event was held at the San Pedro Tlaquepaque Rotary Club house.
The event focused on the review of the Rotary Policy and Procedures, Constitutional documents and code of policies. Topics included the number of members needed to create/maintain a healthy club, how many club members can be from the same business sector and review/audit of financials to maintain fiscal integrity. 
These documents are open to all rotary members and can be found at www.myrotary.org.  We encourage all members to review these documents. 
In attendance at the forum was Carole and Bill Wolff, Magda Silva and our President, Santiago Hernandez. 
Are you interested in joining Rotary Club Ajijic?  Ask me how!  Dr. Cherry:  chapalameddra.cherry@gmail.com .
On Nov 20, 2018, Gerardo Fabian Pantoja Ramirez, director of Tech MM campus of Chapala presented information regarding the local community college. This institution opened its doors to 72 local students in the year 2000, to date they serve over 1,000 students. The institute offers courses in various computer science subjects and recently started a gastronomy course. In addition to students learning these skills; language courses and soft skills are also part of the curriculum.

The director shared how graduates are able to help their struggling families with basic needs once they become wage earners. One student was able to build the first bathroom for her family home.


The presentation concluded with an invitation from Director Pantija Ramirez to consider scholarships for a Tech MM students. The approximate tuition per semester is $2,500 pesos, some courses require an additional $500 pesos per semester.  Rotarians and friends interested in sponsoring a student or students contact Chuck Doucet :  charlespdoucet@gmail.com .

Are you interested in joining Rotary Club Ajijic? Ask me how!  Dr. Cherry:  chapalameddra.cherry@gmail.com .

On Tuesday, November 6th, with a packed house, Barbara Wilson spoke to our club about the efforts of Rotary International to eradicate polio, worldwide.  She described her trip to Ghana and the team of Rotarians who traveled to the remote village of Oblogo to ensure that all children, under the age of 5, were immunized.  Rotary has worked since 1985 to eradicate polio.  A that time 350,000 children contracted polio annually. With partners, Rotary has immunized more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries.  Only 26 cases, in two countries, have been found this year.  We are in the “end game” of eliminating this disease.
Rotary Club of Ajijic A.C. general meeting on November 6 with a packed house!  Barbara Wilson from the Sunrise Club did a fantastic presentation on the Polio Plus Rotary Foundation. Are you interested in donating to Polio Plus?  Please contact Chuck Doucet:  charlespdoucet@gmail.com .
Are you interested in joining Rotary Club Ajijic?  Ask me how!  Dr. Cherry:  chapalameddra.cherry@gmail.com .

The Rotary Club of Ajijic Board at their October meeting agreed to become the host club for a global grant project presented by Butterflies en Mexico.   Bernadine Janzen, Rotary E Club of One World and Mac Whyte, member of RCA, have been developing the project with input from the RCA Board and Service Projects Director Gary Pidcock since November of 2017.

Bernadine and Mac were the project managers for the first global grant done by the club, “Providing Teacher Training to Create Safe and Healthy Schools & Communities in Jalisco, Mexico” that was conducted from January 2016-August 2017.  

The purpose of the of the new project."Vocational Training in Hacienda de la labor-A forgotten village in Mexico " is to provide vocational training for youth and their families to expand their knowledge in a specific area of work and develop employability skills that are essential for economic development that will contribute to the growth of a healthy and sustainable community.

The USA/Mexico Friendship Conference in late October is a project fair sponsored by District 4185 from Mexico and District 5495, Az that has been taking place for 15+ years.  This year it was held in Acapulco. 

Bernadine and Mac had the opportunity to present the project with the purpose being to acquire funding support from participating Rotary Clubs with host club Rotary Club of Ajijic.  It was time well spent as these clubs/district committed to funding the project:

Catalina, Tucson, Az

Prescott Frontier, Az

Prescott Sun Up, Az

District 5495


We are also seeking an International Host Club and additional funding sources.  Click read more to understand the background on the Global Project.  

     A beautiful Sunday morning at the French Bakery to complete our Social for November.  The Goats will have to wait .  
     Are you interested in joining Rotary Club Ajijic? Ask me how!  Dr. Cherry:  chapalameddra.cherry@gmail.com .
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