A community is ultimately only as strong as the commitment of its residents and businesses to making this a better place to live and work. Our Rotary would love to have you consider being involved.
  • Socialize with neighbors and network with other local professionals
  • Be an agent of change in your community
  • Enjoy weekly meetings with dynamic guest speakers
  • Make a difference both locally and globally
About Our Club
  • We are part of the global network of Rotary International, one of the world’s premiere non-profits.
  • The Rotary of Great Falls currently has about 50 members.
  • Our club partners with our non-profit Rotary Club Foundation, our high school Interact Club of around 45 members, and our new Rotaract Club, geared to serving 18 to 30-year olds.
  • Members’ passions help develop our service projects. Currently, we are spearheading efforts to confront human trafficking and opioid addiction, to aid to the homeless, to provide veteran recognitions and refugee assistance...and much more.
About Rotary International
A Global Network of 1.2 Million Members Addressing the Challenges Affecting our Community, our Country, and our World
  • With 1.2 million Rotarians in 34,000 clubs in 187 countries, Rotary has a unique network in place to identify and administer service projects, at home and across the globe.
  • Most people have no idea about the major global projects like Polio Plus that they support when they join Rotary. People should be proud to be associated with that initiative. We are on the brink, for only the second time in history, of eradicating a disease that has claimed millions. We're down to about 20 cases!
  • So many good causes out there to choose from. But probably none of them enable a donation to be increased 5-10 fold.
  • Rotary International is the only non-profit that has been a partner to the United Nations since the latter’s inception. Rotary International now partners with Toastmasters International.
  • Someone said that you are known by the company you keep. We are in great company! There are ordinary people doing extraordinary things out there. Imagine going into a Boko Haram camp or the tribal provinces of Afghanistan and Pakistan in order to give polio vaccinations!
Imagine reinvigorating a local economy In Sint Maarten after a devastating hurricane, when the government couldn’t do it! That defines Rotarians---people helping people.
Once your application has been received, a five-day review letter goes out to the club’s membership, after which you will receive a letter from us. That will be shortly followed by an invoice including a one-time initiation fee of $200. Upon payment, you will be entered in the club’s roster and a date assigned for your official installment as a Rotarian.
We hope that if you become a member you never leave; however, should you be invited to join Rotary and one day decide to leave, you will be expected to inform the club president in writing of your resignation request.  This allows us to ensure that dues, which are matched to incurred and planned costs, are paid in full before parting ways. As a point of information, Rotary International’s rules are to not grant one admittance to another Rotary club if dues show in arrears.
 Thanks You.