Mar 11, 2021 7:30 AM
Kelvin Pierce
My Story of Hate and Redemption

Kelvin was raised to be a hard core racist.  His father was Dr. William Pierce, a world renowned founder and leader of the National Alliance, one of the most well-known hate groups in the world.  Kelvin’s father was labeled as the most dangerous and influential Neo-Nazi or White Nationalist in North America by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League for over a 30 year period.  In 1978 Kelvin’s father wrote the novel The Turner Diaries, which Timothy McVeigh acknowledged was his inspiration for his bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building.  The Turner Diaries has been labeled “the bible of the racist right” and tells the story about a race war that culminated in the violent overthrow of the US government.  Scenes in that book include hanging Jews and Blacks and Interracial couples from light poles on the city streets.  In one chapter a federal building is blown up with a bomb almost identical to the one McVeigh used.

Kelvin was profoundly influenced by his father while growing up and tells his story of rampant abuse, mental illness and eventual recovery.

Today, Kelvin is Co-Owner of Commonwealth Home Design, Inc., a Virginia based Residential Design/Build Remodeling Firm.  He is former President of the Rotary Club of Vienna.  And a founder of the 501(c)(3 )charitable fundation the Divine Child Foundation.