May 04, 2023 6:00 PM
Jeanne Franklin
Professional Mediation

Jeanne Franklin is a certified mediator in Virginia, and has been a practicing attorney since 1971, with special concentration on employment issues, a wide range of healthcare delivery issues, disputes, and policy, and previously, American Indian law. When serving her clients, she has been able to put to work useful knowledge and skills gained from her study in the field of Organization Development. Her work experiences, as well as substantive knowledge from her fields of practice, have taught much about what helps people and groups identify objectives, and find productive ways to achieve them. She has sometimes been called upon to help clients develop large scale projects and programs as the positive development flowing from the resolution of the underlying disputes.

In addition to certification as a mediator, Ms. Franklin serves on the Dispute Resolution Service Council of the American Health Lawyers Association, where she is a mediator panelist. She is chair-elect of the Virginia Joint Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution, and is a panelist with Alexandria Community Mediation Service. Ms. Franklin works collaboratively with other professionals in the ADR community in response to specific project needs. She has been recognized by Virginia Business, in its Legal Elite ADR listing, since 2005. She has written, presented and conducted trainings about various health law issues and uses of early and appropriate dispute resolution methods in evolving healthcare systems and conflicts.