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Edward McGinnis Sep 24, 2020 7:30 AM
Protecting Nuclear Assets
Protecting Nuclear Assets

Ed McGinnis is the former founding Senior Director for the Secretary of Energy’s Nuclear and Radiological Threat Reduction Task Force and the Office of Global Radiological Threat Reduction where he managed global operations involving the search, recovery, security and disposal of high-risk radiological and nuclear sources in cooperation with over 40 countries.  He will talk about his work to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and materials that could be used by terrorists and other malevolent actors to build an improvised nuclear device or "dirty bomb".  Most of this work took place during the 90s when Russia was in economic collapse and was not able to pay for security of it's nuclear assets.  It's not well know that the United States helped to secure and protect these sites on Russian soil.  This will be a fascinating topic so don't miss out!

Ed currently serves as the Executive Director of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) within the Office of Science and Technology at The White House. PCAST is an advisory group of the nation’s leading scientists and engineers, appointed by the President to augment the science and technology advice available to him from inside the White House and from cabinet departments and other federal agencies.

From 2017-2019, Mr. McGinnis served as the U.S. Department of Energy’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy and for a period of time Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy, where he led the Department’s nuclear energy R&D activities, spearheaded multiple science and technology-based nuclear energy initiatives to support the revitalization of the US nuclear energy sector, and served as the steward of the Department’s lead civil nuclear energy laboratory – Idaho National Laboratory.

From 2007-2017, Mr. McGinnis led the U.S. Department of Energy’s international nuclear energy cooperation, including R&D collaboration with over a dozen countries, served as founding chair of a 60+ nation international nuclear energy organization (International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation), and served as Vice Chair of the Generation IV International Forum which focused on next generation nuclear reactor designs. Prior to this, he served in numerous positions within the Department of Energy’s national nuclear security programs. 

He holds a master’s degree from The American University, an undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University, and two executive education certificates from Harvard University.

Brian Hennighausen Oct 01, 2020 6:00 PM
Beer Tasting Event: The beers of Oktoberfest
Beer Tasting Event:  The beers of Oktoberfest
Brian Hennighausen will conduct a virtual beer tasting event focused on typical beers seen at Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.  He will discuss Oktoberfest in general and then we will taste five beers and compare notes on style, taste, food pairings, and similar offerings from other breweries.  He will also talk about beer tasting in general and how it is similar and different from structured wine tasting.  So plant yourself in a cozy chair, get your beers ready, and join us for this virtual Oktoberfest tasting event!
Brian is a Certified Cicerone and a full member of the International Guild of Beer Sommeliers and the North American Guild of Beer Writers. He is an advisor and brand ambassador to several craft breweries in the Washington DC area. He is also a freelance writer and frequent social media poster on all things related to beer and the brewing industry and has been featured in a variety of publications.  Check out his web site at www.brewscapes.com.
Brian lives in Great Falls, Va. with his wife Tiffany and their two Saint Bernard dogs.
Karl Pierson Oct 08, 2020 7:30 AM
The 8 Fs -- Retirement Tips to Help You Reach Age 82 and Beyond
The 8 Fs -- Retirement Tips to Help You Reach Age 82 and Beyond

According to a new book, Successful Aging by Daniel Levitin, the happiest people are those at age 82 becasue our intense work pressures are behind us and we can focus on faith, family and friends. Of course, you have to get to age 82 first.  Karl Pierson will share his life plan that helped him get to age 82 so we can all achieves that milestone.  

Karl was a Junior Rotarian his Senior year of high school in 1955 and went on to be a business and consulting titan.  He worked as a Human Resources executive for most of his career and most notably was the Director of Executive Staffing, Continuity & Development for ITT which at the time was the third largest employer in the world with 435,000 employees.   After early retirement in 2001, Pierson continued to consult with ITT on acquisition integration, senior executive coaching, and an international Ombudsman program. He taught negotiation courses for the HR Policy Association. He consulted with several organizations prior to becoming an executive search consultant with The Marymont Group. In 2012 he advised The Blackland Group, a private equity firm which was acquiring aerospace industry manufacturing companies, on acquisition strategy, due diligence, deal execution and integration. 

Karl has lived in Great Falls since 1988 and is still an HR consultant, executive coach, debate mentor, grandfather, and husband to his lovely wife Doris. 

Multi-media Presentation Oct 22, 2020 7:30 AM
Eradicating Polio
Bernard Gutnick Nov 05, 2020 6:00 PM
How to Be the CEO of You
How to Be the CEO of You
Bernard Gutnick has held senior positions in marketing for leading cloud services and communications technology providers for more than 30 years.  Join us as he tells his story on how cloud services are just scratching the surface, about how you can be the "CEO of Yourself" - leading to a life-long enjoyable career and life in any industry.  Bernard will use humor, story telling, jokes, and references to his favorite band, Kiss.  He is always interesting, entertaining and insightful.  
Bernard moved to the United State after earning in MBA in Canada in 1990.  He will share his experiences working for several tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and why it is so important to enjoy what you do.  Best of all, he'll share actionable ideas on how you can assess your own career and make the most our of every opportunity, have fun outside of work and enjoy both to the max.  Bernard retired from the corporate world in 2018, and spends time with his wife and two kids now in college.  He hopes they will have the same outstanding career opportunities ahead - and you too!!
Joann DiGenaaro Dec 10, 2020 7:30 AM
Center for Excellence in Education