RYLA in District 5060

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership development program run by Rotary. While participants can be any age, most events focus on secondary school students, university students, or young professionals. RYLA events are typically 3–10 days long and include presentations, activities, and workshops that cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Leadership fundamentals and ethics
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving and conflict management
  • Community and global citizenship


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RYLA participants are nominated/funded by their local Rotary clubs. To learn more about a RYLA event in our District, see the RYLA-5060 web site.



Strong Leaders are made, not born. Leadership skills are learned; not inherited. Rotary Clubs around the world are dedicated to helping young people develop their leadership skills to the fullest. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

Each spring local Rotary Clubs from across North Central Washington and the Southern Interior of BC present selected young adults the "award" of a leadership development seminar. The RYLA seminar will assist young people to realize their leadership potential and adapt their experiences to life in their communities.

For four days from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, a group of approximately 40 young adults (19-24) will gather at the Naramata Centre north of Penticton, BC. The weekend is a remarkable opportunity to meet and learn with outstanding young representatives from both the US and Canada.

Naramata is located on Okanagan Lake in a beautiful setting. It will be, as one RYLA participant said: "Spectacular! I absolutely loved it!"

For information about Naramata Centre go to http://www.naramatacentre.net/.