Contact: Dan Sulz
Kamloops Daybreak

Hey guys,  looking at planning a couple rides this year but thought this may be a great ride for the strong willed.   It is the Seattle to Portland bike ride.   It is 100 MILES for 2 DAYS  = 200 MiLES.   It is a relatively flat ride but there are a couple of hills.  There are typically 15,000 riders and just an all round fun ride.  This ride is not for everyone and i will be looking at organizing another one this fall.   I have done this ride four times and it is so much fun,  a real festival of bikes and cyclist of all shapes and sizes.     This ride isn't for everyone but it is a goof event.  Organized by the Cascades Cycling club and well supported,  good aid stations in between and fun events at the end.   Multiple options for accomadations.  Your ass will be sore but your will have a smile on your face.

If you are interested,  let me know and we can organize an evening where i can explain this ride in better detail,  Look at the website.

If i get any interest will set something up in the next week to discuss.   

We need to register early ad it selld out.   

The concept is to go down to Seattle Friday afternoon,  ride from Seattle to Centralia Saturday (there are aid stations), Sunday ride from Centralia to Portland.  There is a great beer garden and concert at the end and then we can go out and sample the craft beer festivals and have a great dinner (know an old speakesy).  Return home on Monday or you can stay longer for a holiday.   It is mostly flat but there a two maybe three hills that people struggle on but they are short.  


It is an a la carte event,  cost depends on what options you pick.   

Start point is the University of Washington.

There are buses and moving vans that return you and your bikes to Seattle on either Sunday evening or Monday

Lots of varieties of accomodations at mid point,  all from gym floors to class room floor at the college to halls and hotels.  You can even pitch a tent anywhere on the lawns of the college.

Your are allowed to transport 2 bags on the moving vehicles that will meet you each night.  I take one for clothes and one for my tent and sleeping stuff.