Granting Policy (Public)

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Granting Policy
Kalamalka Rotary Club
The Kalamalka Rotary Club encourages organizations to make application for funding for projects that will enhance our community.  Particular attention is paid to those applications that will positively affect a large number of people.  Projects need to be completed in a timely manner and if possible within a year.
Applications received from June through December will be considered in January. Subsequent applications received from January through June will be considered on a best effort basis as remaining funds may permit.
In all cases, the Committee will review grant applications with respect to how well they contribute to the greater good of the community and with respect to the total number of people who will benefit.
In general, successful applications will meet one of the following requirements.  They will be:
1.      Funds for capital items required to initiate or continue a program.
2.      Funds for scholarships to allow those who might not otherwise be able to participate in a program the opportunity to do so.
3.      Funds to enable the construction or renovation of a premise for community use.
4.      Funds to support a particular aspect of an existing program.
Projects NOT usually meeting Rotary Granting Policy are:
1.      Operating Budgets.
2.      Projects that span many years.
3.      A project that encumbers the club with liabilities or additional funding.
4.      Projects that fund an individual person other than scholarships.
5.      Projects that are normally funded through other government agencies.
6.      Projects that will profit an individual or company.
Interested organizations must apply by completing ALL sections of the application and attaching a complete budget for the proposed project. 
The completed application can be emailed to: 
Or mailed to the Secretary of the club:
Kalamalka Rotary Club
PO Box 113, Stn. Main,
Vernon, B.C., V1T 6M1