Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 12, 2017
Venture Training is hosting an art event, as outlined in the following poster:










Limited tickets (25) are available at the cost of $85.00 which guarantees the purchaser a unique piece of art, completed by individuals with developmental disabilities who attend the ACT program.  Call 250-549-7387 or 250-549-2744 for tickets.


How the evening works:

1. Attendees pick a number.

2. All the art pieces are displayed for viewing with a number attached to them.

3. Attendees identify their choices in the order of preference.

4. Door ticket numbers (balls) are placed in a bingo/lottery style draw vessel and as your number is called you get to select an art piece of your choice. 


There are at least 8 additional pieces to the number of tickets sold, so there is always a choice.


Proceeds from the event pay for art supplies for the ACT program.  Examples of the art can be seen below.