Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 26, 2018

Rotary member Morgan Rooney, on the right, is in this photo with Ken Finch. Ken has been a senior member of the Kal Tire management team for many years and recently spoke about the history of Kal Tire and the reasons for its success.  Part of that success was based in their motto "If we sell it, we guarantee it"  At the heart of Kal Tire is a culture steeped in values.  Seven guiding principles known as the AIMS provide a roadmap for the 5,000+ team members for how business will be conducted.  Included in those AIMS is a commitment to exceed customer expectations as well as a commitment to ensure the career of every Kal Tire team member is supported by quality leadership, training and opportunities for advancement.

There is more information about the Kal Tire history at this site -