This photo of Helen O’Donnell and Rotarian Rob Bauml was taken shortly after Helen finished her presentation on how soil, if properly prepared and included in our diet, could help to boost our immune system.  She referred back to healthier days when we were young and thought nothing of taking something from the garden, wiping off most of the dirt and eating it raw. Her presentation included an explanation of the research done to support this theory, the process that the soil goes through from digging it up to packaging it for sale and all of the health benefits that can come from consuming it. This was a very detailed presentation with lots of informative slides.

There were many questions after she finished, and she provided very qualified answers to all of them. She had provided small samples on all of the tables and invited everyone to taste the sample and provide some feedback. Many did and most thought the sample tasted sweet. After she was finished, a reasonable sized package of the soil was put up for auction with the proceeds going to the club ‘coffee fund’.  There were a number of people interested and it sold for $30.

After she was done and answered all questions, Rob presented her with a “Thank You” Certificate from the club.  He then announced that special funding for her project would arrive on April 1st, which would be appropriate since this whole presentation was an April 1st joke – “gotcha all”

This was one of the best April 1st pranks I have ever seen. Like many in the room, I would have bought the stuff if she was selling it afterward.  Well done!!