Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 26, 2018

From the left, this photo shows Club President Ryan Fairburn, Rotarian Rob Bauml, Dag Sharman and Zach O'Brien.  Dag and Zach are employed by B.C. Hydro and attended this meeting to discuss some of Hydro's recent projects in B.C.  A good part of the work being done now is to replace and upgrade outdated equipment.  An example was the idea many years ago of making cement hydro poles, expecting they would last much longer than the pine or cedar ones, however they found the cement would not hold up to weather conditions and are now being replaced.  They listed a number of local upgrade projects and where possible moving the lines underground.


Dag also showed photos of the new local Hydro building and explained how it had been planned as both a central work site for office staff and outside workers.  It also contains a bunker style work area that could control hydro through the entire province if needed.


The following site provided links to various areas in this province and the projects that are being completed in each, as well as links to other Hydro news and events -