Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 23, 2018

Jody Mitchell is the owner of a 3D Printing business that she created about four years ago.  She recently spoke to the Kal Rotary members about how this business came from her need to become self sufficient for herself and her children. An internet search surfaced this idea that she worked on and turned it into a profitable business for herself.  She started with one small 3D printer that was partially held together with duct tape, and now she has many larger ones that she can program and let them work while she is busy with other things. The samples she brought showed they can make pretty well anything, but she uses them mainly to produce topographical reproductions.  She is also very committed to being eco friendly with her products.  Look at her website to get a better idea of her products and how they may be of benefit to you or your business.

The photo shows Jody on the right with Rotarian Faith Wood.