Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 12, 2018

Jeremy Vandekerkhove is a member of the Vernon Search & Rescue Helicopter Winch Program. He attended our meeting today to speak about the program, the funding provided for it, the training each member receives and the types of calls they respond to.  They currently have about 65 volunteer members that are on call 24 hours a day.  They are kept busy with an average of over 80 tasks annually, equivalent to an average of some 6,900 man-hours annually, excluding training or administration.  Their tasks include such things as searching for lost or missing persons, rescue operations, evidence searches, body recovery and emergency evacuations.  There is much more information about this program and the volunteers at their website -  

Club President Ryan Fairburn is on he left in this photo with Jeremy and Rotary Member Vicki Topping. 
Helicopter Winch Program Rick Taylor 2018-07-12 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 05, 2018
Ryan Fairburn, on the left, is the Kal Rotary Club President for the 2018/19 year.  At the first meeting of this Rotary Year, he is introducing his Executive to the club members. 
2018/19 Kal Rotary Executive Rick Taylor 2018-07-05 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on May 25, 2018
Left to right, this photo shows Dauna Kennedy, executive director of the Vernon Public Art Gallery, Tannis Nelson, Manager of Community Services Parks, Recreation & Culture with the Regional District of the North Okanagan and Rotary Member Mike Stamhuis.  Tannis and Dauna attended a recent club meeting to talk about the process and progress being made to build a new Cultural Facility in Vernon.  There is a very good report on this at the following Facebook site -
Vernon Cultural Facility Rick Taylor 2018-05-25 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on May 24, 2018
At today's meeting, Kal Rotary member Carmen Larsen was awarded the District 5060 "Changemaker" Award for her work on the Starfish Pack program.  This program supplies weekend meals to school children in need.  Please look at the following site for more information about this program -  
The photo shows Carmen with Past District Governor Roger Perry.
2017 - 2018 "Changemaker" Award Rick Taylor 2018-05-24 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on May 22, 2018
Thanks to club member Brandi Shane for organizing its inaugural hike on Saturday May 19 with perfect weather conditions and outstanding views.
The group hiked Mount Rose Swanson (Armstrong) through a beautiful forested trail to rock bluffs with spectacular views of the Spallumcheen Valley.
Stay tuned for the next planned hike!
Kal Rotary Hiking Group Jerry Tellier 2018-05-22 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on May 10, 2018
The photo shows David Gibbs, General Manager of the Prestige Hotel & Resorts, and Gail Harrison, Grant Coordinator for Cops For Kids Charitable Foundation. Both spoke to the club today about their support and the development of JoeAnna's House.   Every year, thousands of families from across the interior of British Columbia must travel from their homes in order for a loved one to receive life-saving specialist care at Kelowna General Hospital.  For many families wanting to maintain a presence at KGH for the period of their loved ones treatment, the lack of affordable short-term accommodation in Kelowna adds significantly to their hardshipResearch shows that patients heal better when surrounded by their loved ones.  They get better when together.

The KGH Foundation has committed to raising $8 million to build and operate JoeAnna’s House, a home-away-from-home to keep families together when they need it most.  There is more information about this project at  

JoeAnna's House Rick Taylor 2018-05-10 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Patti Lefkos on May 09, 2018
Thanks to Kalamalka Rotarian Greg MacKinnon (centre in green shirt) and the team at Latitude Financial Services for their generous donation to the Vernon Starfish Backpack program which sends a backpack of healthy food home each weekend to hungry children in the Vernon area.
Starfish Supporter Patti Lefkos 2018-05-09 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on May 06, 2018

The photo shows Natalie Durham with Rotarian Brian Reid.  Natalie is a Regional Employment Placement Specialist with the British Columbia Construction Association.  The British Columbia Construction Association’s Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN) is a program that helps newcomers to Canada enter the construction workforce in British Columbia.  Natalie explained the process and aid available to anyone coming to Canada wanting to work in the construction industry.  There is more information about this program at this website -  

BCCA Integrating Newcomers Rick Taylor 2018-05-06 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 24, 2018
Keith Johnson, from Silver Star Rotary, and Nathan Lee a coach at Seaton Secondary school spoke at a recent meeting about the Rotary North Okanagan Athletic Awards.  These awards are sponsored by the four Rotary Clubs in this area. This annual event was started in 2014 to recognize local high school athletes and coaches. There is more information about this event on the website -
Left to right, the photo shows Nathan, Keith and Kalamalka Rotary Club President, Neil Perry.
Rotary North Okanagan Athletic Awards Rick Taylor 2018-04-24 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 19, 2018
Club President Neil Perry (left) and Jim Ferguson are introducing Marie Brown to the club members.  Marie is associated to the John Howard Society corporate group and a new member to Kal Rotary.
Welcome a New Member Rick Taylor 2018-04-19 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Mary Jackson on Apr 12, 2018

Kalamalka Rotary honoured Starfish Pack Program Partners today.  The Program provides a weekend backpack of food to elementary and secondary school children in the Vernon area.  Since the Program was initiated two years ago, the number of backpacks provided has increased from 20 to 93!


At the meeting, Brad Thorlakson, President and CEO of Tolko, presented an $8,000 cheque to the Program.

Photo - Salvation Army’s Warehouse Manager Dean Sauve, Save-On Foods Village Green Store Manager Robert Cashato, School District # 22 Superintendent Joe Rogers, Okanagan Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Kirstie Blanleil, Tolko’s President and CEO Brad Thorlakson, Kalamalka Rotarians Dr. Carmen Larsen and President Neil Perry.  
Starfish Packs Mary Jackson 2018-04-12 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Amber Anderson on Apr 12, 2018
Kal Rotary pays tribute to Humbolt with a moment of silence and a large number of Rotarians and guests sporting their jerseys.
Jersey Day Amber Anderson 2018-04-12 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 08, 2018
Some members of Kal Rotary recently put together a work crew to help clean up the grounds around the local transition house.  Below are some photos taken of that crew.
Work Crew Rick Taylor 2018-04-08 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 26, 2018

Rotary member Morgan Rooney, on the right, is in this photo with Ken Finch. Ken has been a senior member of the Kal Tire management team for many years and recently spoke about the history of Kal Tire and the reasons for its success.  Part of that success was based in their motto "If we sell it, we guarantee it"  At the heart of Kal Tire is a culture steeped in values.  Seven guiding principles known as the AIMS provide a roadmap for the 5,000+ team members for how business will be conducted.  Included in those AIMS is a commitment to exceed customer expectations as well as a commitment to ensure the career of every Kal Tire team member is supported by quality leadership, training and opportunities for advancement.

There is more information about the Kal Tire history at this site -  

Kal Tire Rick Taylor 2018-03-26 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 23, 2018
Club President Neil Perry, on the left, and Jim Ferguson are introducing Nancy Neustaeter to the club. Nancy is the business account manager at Prospera Credit Union, the most recent corporate group to join Kal Rotary.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 22, 2018
This month marks the 37th anniversary for Art Clark being a member of Kal Rotary.  During that time he has been Club President, very active in the Dream Auction creation and yearly auctions since, and the many committees as the club evolved. Today the club members recognized this commitment and the time spent with the various club activities over the years.
Art Clark - 37 Years With Rotary Rick Taylor 2018-03-22 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 13, 2018
Left to right, this photo shows President Elect Ryan Fairburn, Judd Buchanan, Janelle Hardy, Darrell Oshiro, James Mayne, Charmaine White, Jim Ferguson and Rick Danyluk.  Ryan, James and Jim are introducing these new members to the club, and outlining the benefits and expectations of being a Rotarian.  Darrell, Charmaine and Rick are employed at Prospera Credit Union, the most recent Corporate Group to join the club.
Quite a few new members to welcome Rick Taylor 2018-03-13 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 02, 2018

Gord Leighton is on the right in this photo with President Elect Ryan Fairburn. Gord spoke to the club about his life in radio broadcasting and how the style of radio has changed over the years. He prefers more of a community based station with a wider variety of music, more spoken word programs and involvement from the local population.


There is more information about Gord and the Vernon Community Radio Society at this site -
Vernon Community Radio Society Rick Taylor 2018-03-02 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 20, 2018
Brandi Shane is a new member of Kal Rotary.  She is in seen in this photo with Mike Stamhuis and President Elect Ryan Fairburn, on the left. Mike and Ryan have introduced her to the club members and presented her with the Rotary Pin.
Welcome a New Member Rick Taylor 2018-02-20 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 19, 2018

Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. Through Interact, you can:

  • Carry out hands-on service projects
  • Make international connections​
  • Develop leadership skills​
  • Have fun!

Every Interact club carries out two service projects a year: one that helps your school or community and one that promotes international understanding.


The photo shows some of the W.L. Seaton Interact Club members.  Left to right, they are Jack Cotter, Seth Martens, Kaila Smith, Cyan Ross, Sydney Gravatt and Avril Baldauf. Standing behind is Andy Erickson on the left and President Elect Ryan Fairburn.  Andy is the Kal Rotary member who assists the students.  This group of students recently attended one of our meetings and took over the President and Sergeant positions for that meeting.  They also provided an update on the programs they are currently doing to raise money.  Overall, they did an excellent job and showed us a well organized and mature group of students.

W.L. Seaton Secondary Rotary Interact Club Rick Taylor 2018-02-19 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 11, 2018
The photo shows a new member to Kal Rotary, Amber Anderson, with President Elect Ryan Fairburn and James Mayne, on the right. James and Ryan have introduced Amber to the club members and presented her with a Rotary Pin.
Welcome a new Member Rick Taylor 2018-02-11 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Patti Lefkos on Jan 26, 2018

Prem K Khatry, member of The Rotary Club of Mount Everest, Paul Harris plus 3, made a presentation at Kalamalka Rotary on January 25. Prem, managing director of Ace the Himalaya, one of the top ten trekking agencies in Nepal, told us about his NGO Sambhav Nepal which had many projects on the go in the Gorkha region of Nepal, an area at the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake. Sambhav Nepal builds schools, homes, water projects, toilet blocks and coordinates teacher training programs to support the people of this subsistence farming area. Sambhav Nepal has formed partnerships with two rotary Clubs in Sydney, Australia. With the support of Kalamalka Rotary and local non-profit Nepal One Day at a Time, headed by Rotarian Patti Lefkos, Prem is facilitating the construction of Devi Jal Kumari School in Aprik Village, Gorkha.


Left to right, the photo shows Patti Lefkos, Prem Khatry, Mary Jackson and Club President Neil Perry.

Prem K Khatry Visit to Kalamalka Rotary Patti Lefkos 2018-01-26 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jerry Tellier on Jan 19, 2018
Kiva gives you the chance to make small loans to borrowers working to start businesses and improve their lives.
Our club has been involved with Kiva since April of 2015. In that time we've made 1988 loans of $25.00 each.
We've lent out $50,275.00 in that period and we've made loans in 67 of 77 countries available.
Check it out:
KIVA - $25 Loan That Changes Lives Jerry Tellier 2018-01-19 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 19, 2018
Left to right, the photo shows Club President Neil Perry, Art Hayden and James Mayne. James has introduced Art to the club as a new member and Neil has given Art his Rotary Pin.  Art was involved with Rotary in the past, and recently joined Kal Rotary. 
Welcome a New Member Rick Taylor 2018-01-19 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Donna Koethler on Jan 18, 2018







Kal Rotary candidate Bridgette Peterson played the violin and won a spot in top 3 performances of the night.

Little Miss Carnivals performed a couple of dance numbers! 

In another picture with Bridgette in a top hat she was performing her skit about Kal Rotary club and she was an auctioneer for our Dream Auction and the bid up was the Kal Tire Jet Getaway :)








Kal Rotarian Cliff Lattery's daughter Olivia was also performing.


Queen Silver Star Excellence Program Tea Talent Show Donna Koethler 2018-01-18 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jacqueline Rivard on Jan 17, 2018

Sofia has enjoyed her stay in Canada so far. Coming from South America she was most excited about experiencing snow for the first time. Her favorite memory so far has been the Silverstar weekend with the other Inbound Rotary students & skiing for the first time. She is looking forward to the weekend in the Mountains with both Inbound and Outbound students in Revelstoke in February. She is attending Seaton Secondary, Gr. 11 & likes the school & the friends she has made so far. She is looking forward to the last half of her stay here in Canada.   Sophia is seen in this photo with Rotarian Jacqueline Rivard.


Quote from Sofia:   My exchange experience is one of the most incredible things that has happened in my life. I have been able to travel, become better at English, experience the Canadian culture, and be more independent. The biggest opportunity has been to build long lasting connections with really amazing people. The Rotarians are lovely and include me in different activities. My friendships with other exchange students are bonds for life. I am sad that already five months have passed, but I am excited for the adventures still to come.

I feel so good with the decision I make and I wouldn't it change it for the world. 

Exchange Student - Sophia Jacqueline Rivard 2018-01-17 08:00:00Z 0
Back by popular demand, we’re having another Kalamalka Rotary ski day at Silver Star!
Sunday January 8, 2018.
WHO - Any & All Rotarians, Friends & Guests/Spouses are WELCOME too!
WHAT – A day of fun in the snow downhill skiing at Silver Star Mountain Resort!
WHERE – Meet at the fire pit in the village at 9:00am to start the ski day and then at Long Johns Pub at 3:00pm to drink and eat!
WHY - WHY NOT? Come on out for some fresh air and exercise and enjoy the company of some pretty great people!!!
A reservation for Kal Rotary has been made at Long Johns Pub for 3:30pm. Even if you don’t ski, you’re more than welcome to come have a drink!
We're also planning on having a ski day on February 25, 2018 and March 11, 2018 so mark your calendars! 
Hope to see you there!
Kalamalka Rotary Ski Day Courtney Satchell 2018-01-10 08:00:00Z 0

Brad Swanson (WHL grad-turned teacher) along with Paralympic athlete Josh Dueck  and pro skier and coach Mike Shaw, spoke to the club about their youth program, Test The Waters.

Test the Waters, is a multi-sport adventure/life skill building camp held during the summer. The multi-faceted camp includes paddle boarding Kalamalka Lake and learning bike skills and tactics before biking the picturesque Okanagan Rail Trail.

The camp provides features brain activation strategies, energy management, shifting perspectives, balance (both physically and cognitively) and accountability to yourself and others.

Brad Swanson runs Kala Star Academic and Outdoor School and states the three all passionately understand the importance of pre-adolescent teens building their own positive base. 

More information can be found at

Inspirational Youth Leaders Jerry Tellier 2018-01-04 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Dec 09, 2017
This photo shows Rotary member Rob Bauml thanking Ellen Morrison for her presentation to the club.  Ellen works for the City of Vernon in the transportation section.  She spoke about the current bus routes and changes that have been made and are being planned to make these routes more efficient and easier to use. Their review of the system also included changes to the fare rates to make it easier to understand.
If you have any questions about these routes, fares or other aspects of the transportation system, please look at this site -
Vernon Transportation System Rick Taylor 2017-12-09 08:00:00Z 0

$40,000 from last years Dream Auction was used towards the construction of the triplex on East Hill that was built by Habitat for Humanity and on Saturday, the families officially took ownership.

But this was not just a hand out. The families had to put in 500 hours of 'sweat equity' and they will have a mortgage to carry.

Habitat has offered a no-down-payment, non-interest bearing mortgage at fair market value to the families who could not afford to get on the property ladder any other way. Families pay about one-third of their income toward the mortgage.

Glory Westwell, Habitat's North Okanagan chairperson, said many families applied for the homes, and each was thoroughly screened to determine the best candidates.

Dream Auction $$$'s at Work 2017-12-07 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Ferguson on Nov 17, 2017
The Seaton High Rotary Interact Club challenged Kalamalka Rotary to a Catching Cans Contest to support the Vernon Food Bank.  The students showed up their elder "peers" by amassing 479 food items compared to 302 for the Kakamalka Club.  The big winner, though, was the Food Bank with 781 items, worth over $1 500.00!  Great job, Seaton!  Kal Rotary Club member, Jim Ferguson, is subject of ridicule in the bin, with little sympathy from some of the Interact Club. 
Food Bank Challenge Jim Ferguson 2017-11-17 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 13, 2017
Leslie Rolling recently spoke to the club about the Clean Water for Haiti Program. Most of the water in Haiti is contaminated and the source of many diseases. This program is being used to help combat that problem.
Clean Water for Haiti is one of the largest, consistently running bio-sand filter projects in the world. Since it was started in 2001 they have installed over 24,500 filters, providing access to clean water at the household level for almost 2% of Haiti’s entire population. The best part? Over 95% of their filters are still in use after the first year.  For about $100 US they can build a filter, deliver and install it, and provide a year of support to the family who owns it. On top of that, they get to provide full time employment to local Haitians.  They want Haitian families to know Clean Water for Haiti as a dependable source for household water filtration in Haiti.
If you would like more information about this program, or wish to become involved with it, please visit this site -  
Clean Water for Haiti Rick Taylor 2017-11-13 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 13, 2017
Club President Neil Perry (left) and James Mayne are introducing Sarah Yerhoff to the club. Sarah has joined Kal Rotary as part of the John Howard Society group.
Welcome to a New Member Rick Taylor 2017-11-13 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Mary Jackson on Oct 27, 2017
This is a photo Kal Rotary member Andy Erickson presenting the WL Seaton Rotary Interact Club the $2000 they receive annually.  The Interact Club chooses activities each year, and these funds help them set up their programs. Their 2017-2018 year plan they have chosen so far is outlined below:


-Continuing to run recycling program at WL Seaton -New composting program just put in place this year -Catching Cans a Halloween Food Drive completion against Kalamalka Rotary Club with all donations going to the local food bank

-1250 dollar donation to Patti Lefkos’s Nepal Project to build a bathroom building in the Village of Aprik, Nepal -Running coat check for Kalamalka Rotary’s Dream Auction with tips going to relief in Puerto Rico  (possibly via a local Rotary Club in Puerto Rico or ConPRmetidos) -Windowsill gardens being created for WL Seaton Foods rooms -annual International Women's Day awareness campaign -Sonic Sound Fest charity concert in mid May

-more projects to come throughout the year 

Seaton Rotary Interact Club Mary Jackson 2017-10-27 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Mary Jackson on Oct 26, 2017
Photo Caption: (L to R) Kalamalka Rotary President Neil Perry joins Vocational Chairs Dr. James Mayne and Tanner Udenberg  to present the 2017 Vocational Service Award to Cheryl Heidt, Executive Director of Enderby Preschool. 
 Kalamalka Rotary’s annual Vocational Service Award has been awarded to Cheryl Heidt, Executive Director of the Enderby Preschool. 
“October is Rotary Vocational Service Month, which promotes the value of all professions and recognizes an individual in the club or community that exemplifies outstanding professional achievement while maintaining high ethical standards,” notes Vocational Co-Chair James Mayne.  
“As Executive Director of Enderby Preschool Society for over 20 years, Cheryl is committed to early childhood learning and providing the appropriate support to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed,” notes co-chair Tanner Udenburg.
At the start of her job, Cheryl ensured there was sufficient resources available for the children, developed policies and procedures to meet licensing standards and fundraised to support building improvements, and more recently, the construction of an outdoor playground.
Over the past two years, Cheryl’s time and energy has been focused on her vision of expanding the preschool to also provide full time daycare to meet the community’s growing needs.  The total cost: $625,000.  Cheryl’s fundraising efforts provided a significant amount of in-kind work for the new building, along with furnishings and supplies.  She was successful in receiving a Provincial Government Grant of over $424,000, under the B.C. Early Years Strategy, to create 32 additional licensed childcare spaces.  The new Daycare officially opened October 10 and three-quarters of the spaces are already full.
“Cheryl demonstrates her commitment to children and families in Enderby with her perseverance and significant investment of her own time.  Her ability to work on all aspects of the building – design, build and furnishing, all while running the existing preschool, is impressive,” adds co-chair James Mayne. 
     “Cheryl is a worthy recipient of the Vocational Award as she demonstrates time after time her commitment to her vocation – children and families,” shares Kalamalka Rotary President Neil Perry.  
      When asked why she does all this, Cheryl says: “I saw the need and was up for the challenge.  While I may have underestimated how much work would be involved to build a brand new daycare, on opening day I knew it was all worth it.  This daycare will enhance the lives of children, their families and the community and I am happy to be a part of that! It's an honour to receive the Kalamalka Rotary 2017 Vocational Service Award.”
2017 Vocational Award Mary Jackson 2017-10-26 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 14, 2017
Craig Broderick is the Economic Development Planner with the City of Vernon. He is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Richard Kerton. Craig spoke to the club about current multi-residential and commercial construction in the City. I would guess that most of us, when driving around town, have seen new larger buildings being constructed and wondered what they were going to be. Craig went through a slide show of about a dozen of these large constructions and explained what each one was and some details about the owners and when they were expected to be completed.
The following link will take you to the business economic development area for the City of Vernon.   There are links on this site to these new developments, and many other information sites about the City -
Economic Development Rick Taylor 2017-10-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 29, 2017

In 2014 Mel Spooner and her husband opened Paradigm Naturopathic Medicine – a healthcare clinic dedicated to providing individual health care. Information about this clinic can be seen at      Mel is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Rhona Parsons.  She recently spoke to the club about a number of health issues and how to obtain balance in your life to combat them.

She also spoke about how to provide an athlete with resources and answers to some of the questions that may arise when they venture into the world of endurance events.  There is more information about this on the website

Health and Balance Rick Taylor 2017-09-29 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 07, 2017

Brian Symonds is the water stewardship manager with the provincial ministry of forests, lands and natural resources, which oversees the handling of water levels of the valley lake chain system that includes Wood, Kalamalka, Okanagan, Skaha, Vasieux and Osoyoos lakes.  He spoke to the club today about the 2017 floods and why they were so high.

He said they have dam releases on many of those lakes and have the ability to make lake level adjustments, but what they were seeing at the start of the flooding were inflow levels exceeding what their ability was to let water out of the larger lakes. They had to also consider the negative downstream impact from water releases.

The excessive input levels came from heavy spring rains in the valley and snow in the upper elevations, followed by a warm spell that melted the late snowpack, which added to the water already running in the creeks. The dams were releasing water downstream but the amount coming in was far more than they could release. This lead to historic levels in all of the lakes.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board website provides access to information about the water systems in the valley, both current and historic, and links to many water related issues -

Brian is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Mike Nolan.

The 2017 Floods Rick Taylor 2017-09-07 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 07, 2017

Brian Symonds is the water stewardship manager with the provincial ministry of forests, lands and natural resources, which oversees the handling of water levels of the valley lake chain system that includes Wood, Kalamalka, Okanagan, Skaha, Vasieux and Osoyoos lakes.  He spoke to the club today about the 2017 floods and why they were so high.

He said they have dam releases on many of those lakes and have the ability to make lake level adjustments, but what they were seeing at the start of the flooding were inflow levels exceeding what their ability was to let water out of the larger lakes. They had to also consider the negative downstream impact from water releases.

The excessive input levels came from heavy spring rains in the valley and snow in the upper elevations, followed by a warm spell that melted the late snowpack, which added to the water already running in the creeks. The dams were releasing water downstream but the amount coming in was far more than they could release. This lead to historic levels in all of the lakes.

The Okanagan Basin Water Board website provides access to information about the water systems in the valley, both current and historic, and links to many water related issues -

Brian is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Mike Nolan.

The 2017 Floods Rick Taylor 2017-09-07 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 01, 2017

Rotarian Sarah Yerhoff is on the left in this photo with Kate Fish, the Regional Harm Reduction Coordinator. Kate spoke to the club about the current fentanyl overdose situation and the deaths related to this crisis.  She provided the following statistics about these deaths in this province;

• There were 525 illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected from January through May 2017. This is a 109% increase over the number of deaths (251) occurring during the same period in 2016.

• From January to May 2017, fentanyl was detected in 78% of illicit drug overdose deaths (525 of 669).

• Approximately 31% of those dying from January to May 2017 were aged 30 to 39, with 73% between 30 and 59. Males accounted for 82% of deaths.

• Fraser Health Authority had the highest number (173) of illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected from January through May 2017, followed by Vancouver Coastal Health (160) and Vancouver Island Health Authority (89)

• The Health Service Delivery Areas with the most fentanyl-detected illicit drug overdose deaths from January through May 2017 were Vancouver HSDA (133), Fraser South HSDA (80), and Okanagan HSDA (58)

• Preliminary data for January through May 2017 suggest that the proportion of apparent illicit drug overdose deaths with fentanyl detected (alone or in combination with other drugs) is approximately 78%.  In 2012 it was 4%

She also spoke about the agencies and programs currently being used to combat this problem.  The following website provides more information about this issue and links to the most common questions about it, as well as contact links -

Fentanyl Overdose Crisis Rick Taylor 2017-09-01 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 31, 2017
Club President Neil Perry (left) and James Mayne (right) are introducing two new members, Tom Lewis and Jennifer Cramer Lewis, to the club. They were sponsored by Faith Wood and have attended several meetings while their applications were being processed. 
Welcome to New Members Rick Taylor 2017-08-31 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 24, 2017
The Kalamalka Rotary Club is providing a $25,000 grant to the City of Vernon for the bike skills park being constructed in Becker Park this fall. Funding for this comes from the annual Dream Auction.
Photo: (L to R) Mayor Akbal Mund; Brian Reid, Kalamalka Rotary Club president; Nick MacDonald, director of North Okanagan Cycling Society; and Daniel Poulin, president of the North Okanagan Cycling Society.
Funding a Bike Skills Park Rick Taylor 2017-08-24 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 21, 2017

Paul Williamson has a committee chair position with the BX/Swan Lake Community Association. He recently spoke to the club about issues concerning the remaining 166.9 acres of the original BX Ranch located on East Vernon Road. This land was purchased by the North Okanagan Regional District (NORD) in 2016 for 2.315 million dollars.

There is a process currently taking place to divide this land into two sections. One will become a public walking space, also called a Linear Park.  The other section, about 137.1 acres, may be offered for sale. The BX/Swan Lake Community Association has approached NORD about keeping the property in ‘public ownership’ and using it for an Agricultural Park.

This association has been reaching out to Vernon area residents for input on this proposal.  This can be seen at their Facebook site -

or through the BX/Swan Lake Community Association blog site -

Paul is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Art Haycock.

BX/Swan Lake Community Association Rick Taylor 2017-08-21 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 20, 2017
This photo shows many of the Kal Rotary members who achieved 100% attendance for the past Rotary year – July 1st to June 30th of the following calendar year.  Club members are expected to attend as many of the weekly lunch meetings as possible, however they can get a credit for a missed meeting by doing a ‘make up’. This credit can be achieved by attending the meeting of any other Rotary Club, viewing on-line videos about Rotary programs both nationally and around the world, or being active in any of our committees.
Most of members in the photo were in the 1 to 10 year range for obtaining 100% attendance, however there were three who far exceeded these levels. Frank Anderson at the far right now has 27 years, Jim Burns was not present for the photo is now 30 years and Clark Brewer is at the top with 33 years – Clark is the second one in from the right.
100% Attendance Rick Taylor 2017-08-20 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 11, 2017

Ken Derpak is Managing Director of Silver Star Mountain Resort.  Ken spoke to the Kal Rotary members about the future expansion plans at the resort.  Showing an aerial view of the mountain, he pointed out the areas where they want to do new ski runs, some on the back side of the mountain.  New lifts would need to be installed for these runs, and some of those could come from the area where they are installing a new gondola, designed to take passengers from the village to the summit.

Ken also talked about the idea of a restaurant at the summit, possibly an eighteen hole golf course and how they could accommodate the increase in visitors and traffic.  Any question you may have about the year round activities at the resort can be answered at their website -

Ken is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Stephen Russell.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 30, 2017

Greg MacKinnon is seen in all of the following photos presenting Paul Harris Fellow awards to Kal Rotary members.  The donations these members have made to the Rotary Foundation will be used for a variety of programs - a list of these programs can be seen at this website -  


The members in the photos, from top down, are: Donna Koethler, Andy Erickson, Carmen Larsen and Frank Anderson.









































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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 06, 2017

Previous District Governor Roger Perry (left) is presenting Art Clark with a Paul Harris Fellow award for his support of the Rotary Foundation.  Art has provided this support a number of times in the past.  The history of the Paul Harris Fellow recognition can be read at this site -

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 04, 2017

From the left this photo shows: Club President Brian Reid, Roger Perry, Jerry Tellier, Andy Betschler, Mike Stamhuis, Mary Jackson, Carmen Larsen and Sarah Pruckl.


This was Brian's last meeting in the Presidential Role, and he wanted to recognize some club members who had put an extra effort into their club and committee work, making this a very good year for Kal Rotary.  These committees worked in areas like membership, club finances, advertising and the Dream Auction, which is the main event of the year.  This requires a considerable amount of effort from many people, from the initial planning to the actual event and the follow-up of providing funding for community programs.


Special recognition went to Carmen Larsen, who was chosen as 'Rotarian of the Year' for her work with the Starfish Pack Program that provides weekend meals to children in need. This program began in Abbotsford about 5 years ago and has been spreading across the province, thanks to Rotary Members like Carmen. If you are not familiar with the program, please look at the following website -    

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 30, 2017

Gladys Fraser is ‘Director of Friends of the Games’ for the 55+ BC Games being held in Vernon, September 12-16, 2017.  Over 3500 athletes, officials & supporters, and over 1200 volunteers and fans will converge upon Vernon & Area for one of the largest community celebrations sport has seen in many years.  This annual event showcases the outstanding athleticism of BC competitors 55+ and promotes the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.


Gladys presented a video overview of the games, answered a number of questions about the types of events and encouraged anyone interested in this to become a volunteer.  She is seen in the attached photo with Rotarian Mike Stamhuis.



Leave a comment below to let us know you're volunteering!!


The following website has more details about the Games, an event schedule and contact information to be a volunteer or participant -



55+ BC Games
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 26, 2017
Louise Legasse is this year's inbound exchange student sponsored by our club, and she will soon be returning to Belgium. Louise showed the club a photo presentation of all the things she had done and the people she met since her arrival a year ago. She had set out a number of goals she wanted to achieve while here, and felt one of the main ones was to become fluent in English.  It was obvious from her presentation that she had reached that goal.
She had stayed with four different host families while here and has developed a special affection for all of them. Overall, she enjoyed this past year, making new friends at school and experiencing things only available in Canada. She will be starting university in Belgium this Fall, and hopes to return here next Summer to visit friends.
Club President Brian Reid is seen in the photo with her, and is saying 'Goodbye' on behalf of the club members. 
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 23, 2017
Club President Brian Reid (right) and Kim Nasipayko are announcing that Jerry Tellier has been chosen as the Rotarian of the Month. Jerry has been with Kal Rotary for about 10 years and has served as Club President. He handles the Treasurer duties, oversees our Facebook page and for a number of years has been a mainstay in our annual Dream Auction Program. Jerry is involved in a number of our committees and has been a mentor and friend to many of our members.  
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 15, 2017

Rotarian Mary Jackson reported on the April 2017 trip to Aprik, Nepal with fellow Rotarian Patti Lefkos and her husband Barry Hodgins.  They were there to review the progress of the first phase of the new Devi Jal Kumari school which consists of a four classroom block.  This building is part of a larger project which will fully  replace the original school destroyed by the April 2015 earthquake.  The construction of the first phase, completed in June of 2017,  was funded by Kalamalka Rotary, Nepal One Day at a Time, among others, and coordinated by the non- profit organization, Sambhav Nepal, founded by Prem Khatry in 2007.


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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 12, 2017
Venture Training is hosting an art event, as outlined in the following poster:










Limited tickets (25) are available at the cost of $85.00 which guarantees the purchaser a unique piece of art, completed by individuals with developmental disabilities who attend the ACT program.  Call 250-549-7387 or 250-549-2744 for tickets.


How the evening works:

1. Attendees pick a number.

2. All the art pieces are displayed for viewing with a number attached to them.

3. Attendees identify their choices in the order of preference.

4. Door ticket numbers (balls) are placed in a bingo/lottery style draw vessel and as your number is called you get to select an art piece of your choice. 


There are at least 8 additional pieces to the number of tickets sold, so there is always a choice.


Proceeds from the event pay for art supplies for the ACT program.  Examples of the art can be seen below.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 02, 2017
From the left, the photo shows James Mayne, Club President Brian Reid, Neil Perry, Michael Finn and Brian Wilkinson. Neil is a co-owner of Wayside Printing and Michael & Brian are employees. They have joined Kal Rotary as Corporate Members and are being welcomed by James and Brian.  Neil is a current member of the club and wanted his employee group to also join and be involved with Rotary.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 27, 2017

Rhonda Catt is seen here with Rotarian Rob Bauml. Rhonda spoke to the club about the death of her husband, Peter.  He was a young, active and apparently healthy man who passed away from heart disease. She said there were many warning signs of this disease that they passed off to other causes, and especially in the last few months of his life when these signs became more obvious, they should have been enough to go to the doctor. But, like most young men, he was reluctant to talk about them with a doctor.  After his passing, she put his story in a video with the aim of warning men in his age range to be more aware of what their body is telling them.   This story can be seen at this link -

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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 25, 2017
Club President Brian Reid, on the left, and James Mayne, far right, are introducing new members Steve Wensley and Gen Acton to the club. As part of the induction process, James has outlined the responsibilities and benefits of being a Rotary Member.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 23, 2017
Kim Nasipayko and Club President Brian Reid, on the right, are announcing that Roger Perry has been selected as Rotarian of the Month.
As we are approaching the end of this Rotary Year, Roger appears to be the last selection and was reportedly heard to comment that Brian obviously saved the 'Best For Last'.  Looking at Roger's history with Rotary, he is probably right. 
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 22, 2017
Club President Brian Reid is presenting Mary with the Friendship & Fellowship Award and saying "Thank You" for all of her hard work in the club. There is a lot going on in this club, both internally and with the many programs it sponsors. Mary has been involved with a great many of these for quite a few years. She enjoys the club, the members and the people we interact with. She was Club President last year and continues to be a role model for our members. 
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 22, 2017
Roger Perry, on the right, is presenting Greg MacKinnon with the Citation For Meritorious Service. This is an annual award selected by the Trustees of the Rotary Foundation. Greg has been very active in raising awareness and funds for the Rotary Foundation. An example is in a previous story on this site about the Million Dollar Dinner.
The Citation for Meritorious Service recognizes individual Rotarians who have demonstrated outstanding active service to The Rotary Foundation for more than one year. Examples of eligible service include, but are not limited to:
• Service on Foundation committees at the club, district, or international level
• Participation in Foundation grants or programs
• Support of Ambassadorial Scholars, Rotary Peace Fellows, Group Study Exchange teams, or vocational training teams
Financial contributions to the Foundation, however notable, are not relevant considerations for this award.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 20, 2017
Club President Brian Reid, on the right, is presenting Roger Perry with the Harold Henderson Award.  The Harold Henderson Award is the most prestigious award in the club.  It is presented annually to a person who has been a member of the club for at least 10 years & who has shown a significant long-term dedication to the Object of Rotary.
Roger has been a Rotary Member since 2005 and has served as Club President and District Governor. He has been very involved with District and local club functions since he joined Kal Rotary.
To receive the District 5060 Harold R. Henderson Award, the recipient’s service with District 5060 must be on a broad basis and over an extended period of time, including at least three of the following activities, with a substantial level of activity in the past five years:
1. Serving on a District Committee or a subcommittee for a minimum of five years.
2. Providing significant leadership at district or multi-district training events (such as district assemblies or PETS).
3. Presenting Rotary programs at district or regional events (such as conferences, training and seminars.)
4. Providing significant leadership qualities in district projects and activities.
5. Participating in other special projects or activities that support all programs and activities within the district.
6. Provide a significant level of Leadership at the club level for a minimum of five years.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 19, 2017
Mary Jackson was surprised with a large birthday cake from Club President Brian Reid and Steve from 'The Lodge'.  Mary is one of the most active members of Kal Rotary and was Club President last year. 
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Posted on May 18, 2017
The 4th Annual RNOAA event is on Tuesday June 13, 7pm at the Vernon Lodge. Rotary believes in the potential of our youth and recognizes the importance of empowering them.
The Rotary clubs of Vernon and Armstrong are interested in promoting leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and literacy through the recognition of high school athletes and athletic programs in the North Okanagan.
Congratulations to all the athletes who will be recognized in this year's program. They have excelled in the eyes of their coaches, teammates and the community.
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Posted on May 16, 2017
A local senior's home in town was concerned about further flooding at their residence and made a last minute call to Kal Rotary asking for some help.
Kal Rotarians rose to the task and within a few hours a dozen volunteers had completed the sandbagging job by the creek next to Vernon Restholm.
Kal Rotarians Giving a Hand Jerry Tellier 2017-05-16 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Mary Jackson on May 11, 2017

Mary Jackson returned from Nepal and gifted President Brian with a Nepali hat and crafted wooden tie.  Mary and Patti Lefkos represented Kal Rotary at the Devi Jal Kumari school opening celebration held April 25 – the 2nd anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Nepal.


A presentation is planned for the club to provide highlights of Mary and Patti’s visit to Aprik.  Mary shared what a warm welcome they received and how grateful the community is for the club support in funding the school project.  She also brought regards from Prem Khatry, on behalf of our partner Sambav Nepal.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 04, 2017

Club President Brian Reid is thanking Bernadette O’Donnell for her presentation on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  FASD is also called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and can be the result of a woman drinking alcohol while pregnant.  Bernadette spoke about many of the results of this syndrome and also the misconceptions that frequently go with it. She especially wanted to point out that often someone who is diagnosed with autism, attention deficit problems or a variety of problems that are similar, are actually victims of FASD, but the examination did not go far enough to identify it. 

She is hoping that the recent opening of a clinic in Vernon will help to identify this problem and provide aid to victims of the syndrome – more information about this clinic can be seen at   

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TEAM Meeting Browns Socialhouse - Pictures Jerry Tellier 2017-04-21 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 18, 2017
From the left, Club President Brian Reid is saying welcome to new club members Krista Blankley, Steffie Brenner, Norm Brenner and Bjorn Allpas. Krista, Steffie and Norm are members of the Brenner Group of Realtors, the most recent Corporate Group to join Kal Rotary.
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Posted by Greg MacKinnon on Apr 14, 2017
The District 5060 Million Dollar Dinners were held in Wenatchee, Washington on April 7th and Kelowna, B.C. on April 8th. These dinners were a celebration of The Rotary Foundation's Centennial and "100 Years of Doing Good in the World". The photo shows Roger Perry, Past District Governor and current District Foundation Chair, Greg MacKinnon,  District Endowment Chair and Co-Chair of the Million Dollar Dinner, and Sarah Pruckl, committee member. The event was the celebration of a year long fund raising effort where Rotarians from our district were asked to think about The Rotary Foundation in there estate plans. Those that made a Bequest in their Will of a minimum of $10,000 USD or an outright contribution of the same amount or a commitment to make that donation to the Foundation over the next 3 years were invited to attend the Million Dollar Dinner. The event was an outstanding succuss, with over 80 people attending the dinner in Wenathcee and 109 in Kelowna. The final numbers reported where $1,571,684.03 USD which is $2,106,056.60 Canadian. There has never been so much raised in one event in our District's history. Special thanks to our sponsor's - Sun Life Financial and Latitude Financial Services Inc for sponsoring the event and to Wayside for the incredible artwork on our invitations and agenda.

To learn more about the Rotary Foundation go to .Charity Navigator ranks The Rotary Foundation with 4 stars - the highest level possible.

Greg MacKinnon's next goal for Kal Rotary is to have every member learn more about The Rotary Foundation and to make it their charity of choice by making at least one contribution per year by using Rotary Direct at .

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 13, 2017

This photo shows Andy Wylie (left) with Rotarian Rob Bauml. Andy attended today's meeting to speak about Vimy Ridge, the Canadian involvement and the 100th anniversary of that battle.  The details of that battle are very well explained at the Canadian War Museum site -

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 10, 2017

Greg MacKinnon (center) is a past president of the club and this month's Rotarian of the Month. He is with Kim Nasipayko and Club President Brian Reid in this photo. Greg has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Rotary Foundation and recently helped organize The Million Dollar Dinner.  Two dinners were arranged to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation. One was in Wenatchee on Friday, April 7, and the second the following night in Kelowna.  There are photos and more information about these dinners at 

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 01, 2017

This photo of Helen O’Donnell and Rotarian Rob Bauml was taken shortly after Helen finished her presentation on how soil, if properly prepared and included in our diet, could help to boost our immune system.  She referred back to healthier days when we were young and thought nothing of taking something from the garden, wiping off most of the dirt and eating it raw. Her presentation included an explanation of the research done to support this theory, the process that the soil goes through from digging it up to packaging it for sale and all of the health benefits that can come from consuming it. This was a very detailed presentation with lots of informative slides.

There were many questions after she finished, and she provided very qualified answers to all of them. She had provided small samples on all of the tables and invited everyone to taste the sample and provide some feedback. Many did and most thought the sample tasted sweet. After she was finished, a reasonable sized package of the soil was put up for auction with the proceeds going to the club ‘coffee fund’.  There were a number of people interested and it sold for $30.

After she was done and answered all questions, Rob presented her with a “Thank You” Certificate from the club.  He then announced that special funding for her project would arrive on April 1st, which would be appropriate since this whole presentation was an April 1st joke – “gotcha all”

This was one of the best April 1st pranks I have ever seen. Like many in the room, I would have bought the stuff if she was selling it afterward.  Well done!!

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 25, 2017
Cara Mann is fairly new to the club, and has just spoke to the members about her past, her family and their involvement in the community and why she was drawn to join Kal Rotary. President Elect Neil Perry has thanked her for the presentation and welcomed her to the club.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 17, 2017

From the left, this photo shows Club President Brian Reid, Ashley Jager, Boyd Goble and Rotarian Vern Belsheim.  Ashley and Boyd are from the Herbal Health Centre and spoke to the club about the history of medical marijuana in Canada and the products that are now available. The Herbal Health Centre is a members only cannabis dispensary that is focused on alternative medicine. Many people arrive with a doctor’s prescription but have no idea what form of cannabis is right for them. They see their role in this medical process as working with a client to find the best product and dosage to suit their individual need.

You can view their website for more information about the products available and contact information -

Medical Marijuana Rick Taylor 2017-03-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 10, 2017
From the left, this photo shows Jonathan Jones, Club President Brian Reid, Tracy Knight and James Mayne. Jonathan and Tracy are lawyers with the Nixon Wenger Law Firm and have joined Kal Rotary as corporate members of that business. Brian & James are introducing these new members to the club.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 09, 2017

Peter Wise operates a wildlife/pest control business in the north Okanagan. He spoke to the club today about some of the local animal problems he has encountered, and gave some ideas on how to avoid them. Almost any animal you can picture living in the woods, can venture into an urban area and become a problem – the list of these includes small ones like mice, rats and racoons, up to larger cats like cougars and bobcats, as well as coyotes, wolves, bear and deer.

He discourages anyone from leaving food outside for their pets or for animals or birds they think of as ‘friendly’, because this can also bring animals into their yard that they do not want. Putting birdseed out can also attract mice, rats and racoons – cat & dog food may bring coyotes or large wild cats.

Peter had some very interesting stories about removing small pests and snakes from homes and school yards and setting traps for animals like marmots that had over-populated an area.  You can see some interesting photos & video on his Facebook page -

The photo shows Peter, on the left, with Rotarian John Hogarth

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 06, 2017

In 1999 The Rotary Foundation Trustees approved the adoption of a bequest recognition society, The Rotary Foundation Bequest Society. Becoming a member is a simple process. Couples or individuals who have made commitments of $10,000 or more in their estate plans, such as in a will, living trust, or through whole or universal life insurance, can become Bequest Society members.


From the left, this photo shows Jerry Tellier, Brian Reid, Greg MacKinnon, Darryl OBrian and Roger Perry.  Roger is a past District Governor and has just introduced these four Rotarians as Bequest Society members and presented them with their Bequest Society Crystals.


There is more information about Rotary Foundation donor formats at

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 05, 2017
Left to right, this photo shows Greg MacKinnon, Sarah Pruckl, Carmen Larsen, Brian Reid and Art Clark.  Club President Brian Reid has presented these four Rotarians with their Paul Harris Fellow awards for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation. 
The following website provides more information about this award and links to much more information about Rotary -
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 02, 2017

Neil Perry, in the middle, is being congratulated by Kim Nasipayko and Club President Brian Reid for being selected as the Rotarian of the Month for March. Neil is very active behind the scenes with various committees and is President Elect for the club. He recently attended the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) for the Pacific Northwest and came back very excited about new ideas and information he had heard from other Rotarians in this area who are also training to take over their Club President position. 

There is a very good website with information about this seminar at

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 26, 2017

Kal Rotary member Ruby Sharma, on the left, is thanking Sam Samaddar for speaking to the club about the air services at Kelowna International Airport. Sam is the Airport Director and part of his job deals with the development strategy for the airport.

This strategy covers many topics dealing with the growth of the airport; including increasing service destinations and seat capacity and airport expansion to handle both an increase in the number of airlines using Kelowna Airport as well as the existing airlines flying to more cities. An example of this was WestJet expanding its schedule by adding weekly direct flights to Winnipeg this coming May. The main airlines in Kelowna are also looking at adding flights to more international hubs to improve and increase their business.

There is more information about the Kelowna Airport Leadership Team, the history of the airport and general ‘News & Events’ at the following site -

YLW - Kelowna International Airport Rick Taylor 2017-02-26 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 24, 2017
From the left, this photo shows Club President Brian Reid, Bradley Houghton, Kelly Fehr, Rhona Parsons, Randene Wejr and James Mayne.  James has outlined the benefits and responsibilities of being a Rotarian, and Brian has introduced these four new members to the Kal Rotary club.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 23, 2017
Another group of new members have completed the tasks needed to remove their Red Ribbons.  The ribbon is attached to their name tag when they first join the club, and is intended to identify them as new members. It is removed after they have performed a few duties, such as learning about the Rotary history and our local activities, our website where they can access club and member information and also do a short talk to the club members about their backgrounds and reasons for joining Rotary.  From the left, the photo shows Stephen Russell, Justin Sharma, Ryan Nickoli, Brenda Davis and James Mayne. James spoke about this process, then requested they take the ribbons off. 
Red Ribbon Removal Rick Taylor 2017-02-23 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Ferguson on Feb 17, 2017

The W.L. Seaton Rotary Interact Club again hosted the Kalamalka Rotary weekly meeting on Thursday, Feb. 16.  President Rowena Dunlop organized and hosted the activities, while fellow “Junior Rotarians” Annika, Lachlan, Aiden, and Lucas fulfilled various duties.  The PowerPoint presentation highlighted most of their fundraising activities (recycling, Sonic Music Fest, Dream Auction Coat Check) and projects (Breakfast Program, Nepal School, Starfish, Window Gardens, Food for Thought) 

They did a fantastic job of running the meeting, presenting a program, and generating “fine” money (via Sergeant at Arms Lachlan) for their club which consists of about 15 students.  The Club also conducts pizza sales to raise money, and gets involved in community endeavors such as making Christmas cards for seniors and caroling at a Senior’s Lodge.  The Kalamalka Rotary Club can be very proud of the high school Interact that they sponsor.

(Photo from left to right - Lachlan, Rowena, Rotarian Andy Erickson, Annika, Rotarian Jim Ferguson, Aiden and Lucas)

Seaton Rotary Interact Club Jim Ferguson 2017-02-17 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 05, 2017

Kathy Butler (left) is seen here with her partner Teresa Kisilevish and Rotarian Morgan Roney. Kathy and Teresa spoke to the club members about Okanagan College and the new Vernon Trades Training Centre. This new centre is a $6.2 million dollar investment from both Federal and Provincial Governments. The announcement of this funding can be viewed at the following link -

Kathy also talked about the ‘Women in Trades Program’ that is currently being offered in Kelowna, and will be coming soon to the Vernon Campus. This was designed to get more women involved with trades training in this province – more information about this program can be seen at -

Kathy and Teresa noted that the Aircraft Maintenance Program continues to be available through the College. This program has been a mainstay of the college and continues to be popular.  See info at -

A new program called ‘Youth at Risk’ has recently been started in conjunction with School District #22. They were very enthusiastic about this program as it has already shown that it can have a positive effect in changing the life of youth who need the assistance.  More information about this can be seen at -

Vernon Trades Training Centre Rick Taylor 2017-02-05 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 04, 2017

Left to right, this photo shows Pat Loehndorf, Richard Kerton and James Mayne.  Pat and Richard are newer members to the club, and when they first joined they received their name tags with a red ribbon attached to it. The red ribbon is intended to identify them as new members, so the older ones can offer assistance learning club functions and duties.

The ribbon is removed after they have performed a few duties, such as learning about the Rotary history and our local activities, our website where they can access club and member information and also do a short talk to the club members about their backgrounds and reasons for joining Rotary.  James spoke about this process and has asked Pat & Richard to remove the ribbons as they have completed those requirements.

Removing The Red Ribbon Rick Taylor 2017-02-04 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 12, 2017

From the left, this photo shows Club President Brian Reid, Rose Anne Van Meirlo, Steve Ross, Cara Mann and James Mayne.  Rose Anne, Steve and Cara are new members to Kal Rotary, and are being introduced to the club members by Brian and James.  James as also explained the benefits and responsibilities of being a Rotarian.

New Club Members Rick Taylor 2017-01-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 09, 2017
Kim Nasipayko (left) and Club President Brian Reid are introducing Donna Koethler to the club as this month's 'Rotarian of the Month'. Donna is fairly new to Kal Rotary and has shown a real interest in getting involved with a number of club programs. 
She was eager to help anywhere she could with the Dream Auction process and has been involved with our Starfish Backpack program, that provides weekend meals to school children.
Rotarian of the Month Rick Taylor 2017-01-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Dec 11, 2016

Left to right, this photo shows Kal Rotary members Kim Nasipayko, Sarah Pruckl and Club President Brian Reid. Sarah is being recognized as Rotarian of the Month for her work on this year’s Dream Auction.

As Committee Chair she oversaw many aspects of a very successful auction, and contributed considerable hours to achieve this goal.

Rotarian of the Month Rick Taylor 2016-12-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Dec 08, 2016

Steve Russell is a new member of Kal Rotary, and he is the owner of Roost Energy, a company that installs solar panels in the North Okanagan. 

Roost Energy was founded with the belief that technology can change the way we consume and produce power and contribute to a cleaner, better world.

Steve gave a short presentation today about how solar panels work, how they can be installed on a home or business and the potential cost savings in your hydro bill. 

The initial installation cost can be high, and they are looking at ways of stretching that out over time, but the long term savings can also be considerable, especially when you consider that the cost of buying hydro is probably going to keep going up. 

There is much more information about this, and the means of contacting Steve to answer questions or provide a quote, at his website -   (the photo shows Club President Brian Reid, on the left, with Steve.

Solar Photovoltaic Rick Taylor 2016-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Ferguson on Dec 06, 2016

Interact Club Focussing on Environment

This year’s version of the Interact Club has decided to make efforts to improve the environment.  Attendance has been up from past years, with President Rowena Dunlop pleased that 5-6 boys show up to complement the 8-9 girls who regularly attend. 

This group is continuing with recycling as a minor fund raiser, but new projects also reflect their desire to “save the earth”.  After the chief cook from the Lunch Program did a presentation, the Club decided to purchase paper plates to replace the styrofoam ones presently in use. 

They were just given the go-ahead for a composting project.  The Industrial Arts class will do the construction, and the art class is going to decorate the compost containers which will sit outside the Cooking class. 

Other upcoming community projects include making Christmas cards for seniors this Friday, caroling at the Daybreak Senior’s Lodge over the holidays, and helping out at the Bairsto School sponsored soup kitchen on Jan. 28. 

The last meeting of 2016 for this very dynamic group will be next Wednesday, Dec. 14.  Looking forward to what the new year brings.

Interact Club Update Jim Ferguson 2016-12-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 11, 2016
Dustin Stadnyk (left) and Greg MacKinnon are presenting Nathalie Merrill with her Paul Harris Fellow award for her donations to the Rotary Foundation.
This foundation uses these funds for projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. 
The history of the Paul Harris Fellow award can be seen at the following website
Paul Harris Fellow Rick Taylor 2016-11-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 10, 2016
Club President Brian Reid (left) and James Mayne are introducing Donna Koethler, a new club member. 
Donna was very interested in the goals of Rotary and community service.  She has been very active in some of the current projects; the Dream Auction and the Star Fish Pack program. 
Another New Member Rick Taylor 2016-11-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 06, 2016

Club President Brian Reid is announcing that Mary Jackson has been chosen as the current Rotarian of the Month. 

Mary was Club President last year and has consistently been involved in most of the programs and events done by Kal Rotary.

She has been part of the Club Executive for many years, is a big supporter of all aspects of the Dream Auction and pretty well is ‘there’ any time help is needed.

She rarely misses a meeting and always comes in with a smile that truly says how happy she is to be there and be with friends.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 01, 2016
Left to right, this photo shows Club President Brian Reid, Stephen Russell and James Mayne.
Stephen is a new member to Kal Rotary and has been introduced to the club members by Brian and James, who has also outlined the benefits and expectations of all Rotary members.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 30, 2016

Gina Watson (left) and Helen Armstrong are seen in this photo with Rotarian Mike Stamhuis.  Gina and Helen presented an update to the club members about NONA, which is the North Okanagan Neurological Association.

The role of this child development centre is to help families with their children’s development in areas such as speech, physiotherapy and autism. They also wanted to show the most recent developments in building the new Clubhouse.

Kal Rotary recently presented NONA with a cheque for $50,000 to be used for the construction of the Clubhouse. This was chosen as a major beneficiary of Dream Auction proceeds.

There is much more information on their website about the child development programs offered by NONA, their funding for the Clubhouse and the various ways to contact them for information or assistance.  This link will take you there -  

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 25, 2016
Mary Jackson and James Mayne (center) are introducing Richard Kerton to the club members.  
Richard is new to Kal Rotary and has just received the New Member Package that outlines the benefits and expectations of all Rotarians. 
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 20, 2016

Jerry Tellier is a Rotarian, the manager of the Vernon Restholm and this year's choice for the Kalamalka Rotary's 'Vocational Service Award'.  This annual award is given to someone who conducts their business and person life in a high ethical moral standard. Jerry won this year based on his service to the community through his occupation, his caring and his professionalism. Community service was also a factor, as he is a major part of the Kal Rotary Dream Auction, which has raised about $250,000 to $300,000 a year. Jerry was also instrumental in starting the North Okanagan Athletic Awards that recognize high school students for their academic and athletic achievements.

Jerry described the Restholm as a fantastic place that looks after low-income seniors. A place he is so proud of and proud of the staff that are working there that make it the special place that it is. He also commented that he is humbled and honoured that two of the greatest passions in his life -- Vernon Restholm and Rotary -- have garnered him this award.  (Jerry is in the center with Rotarians Mary Jackson and James Mayne)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 13, 2016

Rotarian Roger Perry is seen here with Sila Kisoso and Abdi Yusuf, who gave an update to club members about projects in the Horn of Africa. Some of these have been funded partially from money raised through the yearly Kal Rotary Dream Auction.  

Partners in the Horn of Africa works in Ethiopia, the largest country in that area of Africa, focusing on the areas of greatest need. The projects address community needs for education, basic infrastructure, gender equality, food security and sustainable livelihoods. The theme is “Empowering Ethiopians in Partnership” There is more information about this and the specific projects at their website -  

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 10, 2016

Left to right, this photo shows Rotary members Jim Ferguson, Club President Brian Reid and past president Greg MacKinnon.  Jim and Brian are being recognized for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Foundation is an endowment fund that was started in 1917. It is a non-profit program supporting Rotary International’s goal to achieve world understanding and peace, and is supported solely by voluntary contributions. You can read more about the Foundation and see links to many other Rotary sites at this website -

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 08, 2016

Kal Rotary member Dr. Carmen Larsen was recognized for her work with the local Starfish Pack Program, which is designed to provide food for a weekend to students in need. Some parents simply do not have the means to provide healthy meals every day for the entire family, and this was being seen by a number of teachers in the Abbotsford area who realized their students were coming to school Monday morning, having not eaten properly over the weekend. The local school board and Rotary Club looked at this problem and started the Starfish Pack Program to provide the students who needed it, a backpack loaded with food when they left school on Friday to get them through the weekend. This program has been successful and is spreading quickly through the province - there is a lot of information about this, and also a way to get involved, at the main website -  or at the Vernon website -    (Carmen is seen in the center of this photo with Rotarian Kim Nasipayko and Club President Brian Reid)

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Posted by Val Heuman on Oct 03, 2016

Kalamalka Rotary President, Brian Reid, guides Rotarian Morgan Rooney and RDNO Chairman, Rick Fairburn, as they prepare to install the sign on the new Picnic Pavilion in Paddlewheel Park. 

Okanagan Landing & District Community Association president, Ron Heuman and city councillor, Juliette Cunningham joined Landing residents and other dignitaries to celebrate the completion of a Picnic Pavilion in Paddlewheel Park. The open design is particularly useful in accommodating visitors from local senior’s residents who will need to accommodate wheelchairs in the facility. Situated in a shaded area of the park away from the more vigorous play areas ensures that all levels of activity can still be enjoyed by park visitors.  The success of this initiative by the Okanagan Landing Association was entirely due to the tremendous support given by the greater community.  The majority of the funds needed for the project came from the RDNO, the Kalamalka Rotary Club and the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan while the costs of  materials was offset by in kind donations made by Farrer Rentals, OK Ready Mix, Postill R.E. & Sons Ltd., Shepherds Home Hardware Building Centre, Home Building Centre and Central Hardware. Bourcet Engineering, Horizon Geotechnical and MQN Architects donated design and engineering services. This sturdy structure, designed to remind us of the original 1892 CPR baggage shelter which was once attached to the west end of the Stationhouse, is a clear representation of the strong collaborative spirit that has long been a part of our community.  “I am so proud to be a part of it”, said Val Heuman, project manager for the initiative.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 30, 2016
Dwayne Thomson, seen in this photo with Rotarian Kim Nasipayko, attended a recent meeting to explain the current status of the Rail Trail Initiative. He covered quite a few issues about funding, volunteers, time lines and construction.  There is an 'up-to-date' explanation & video of this at the following Facebook site -
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 26, 2016

Last year KPMG teamed up with the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce to recognize the top 20 local business talents that were under the age of 40. Three of those chosen are seen in this photo. Kim Nasipayko (center) is the owner/manager of Caulfield’s Engraving, and also a Kal Rotary member. She invited two others that were chosen to speak at a recent club meeting. On Ouchs is the owner of the Rice Box Restaurant &operates Social Lead Marketing, and Sue Solymosi is a mortgage broker & licensed assistant with White House Mortgages.  The stories behind these three and the others who were chosen can be seen at the following website -   This site will also show a link to this year’s group of business leaders under the age of 40.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 22, 2016
Vicki Topping had a few more perfect attendance pins to present for the past Rotary Year.  From the left, Frank Anderson, Brian Reid and Clark Brewer each received a pin that noted the number of years each had achieved 100% attendance. Special notice went to Frank for 26 years and Clark for 32 year.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 16, 2016
Peter Pogue (center) is with Kim Nasipayko and Club President Brian Reid. Peter has been recognized for the time he spends helping to organize club events and meetings. He handles the audio-visual equipment when it is needed and is routinely one of the first to volunteer to help with club activities.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 10, 2016

Rotarian Jacqueline Rivard (left) and Club President Brian Reid are introducing Louise Lagasse to the club members. Louise recently arrived from Belgium and is Kal Rotary’s inbound student this year. She will be staying with Neil & Rose Perry, whose daughter Kyla has gone to Belgium as our outbound student. Louise will be attending Kal Secondary School.

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Posted by Mary Jackson on Sep 08, 2016
Don Friesen and Wally talked about the game of pickleball and its growing popularity.  There is a club in Vernon that currently has about 350 members and a full schedule of week playing times along with events scheduled throughout the year.  They play in Sawicki Park but are hoping to relocate as the court noise and traffic has been a concern of nearby residents.
Vernon Pickleball is looking to build twelve pickleball courts at Marshall Fields at a total cost of $500,000.  The full build has the advantage of being large enough to host tournaments and bring revenue to our community.  This location is also ideal as it has a buffer between the courts and residential neighbourhoods.
Wally is 79 and continues to beat Don at pickleball, so while it may be less physical than tennis but it is still a game of strategy and technique!
“What is Pickleball” - Look at the following site to answer your questions about this game, and get involved if you want to try something new. (The photo shows Don & Wally with Rotarian Morgan Roney)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 06, 2016

Peter Evans first joined Rotary in 1997 in Calgary.  He has stayed with Rotary since then and has served as a Club President. Now due to his retirement from business and move to the Vernon area, it was an obvious decision for him to continue with a local Rotary Club.  He chose Kal Rotary and recently spoke to his new club partners about his past. Peter was born in a military hospital overseas and has enjoyed travelling back and forth to Ireland several times for family matters. He ran a business in the Invermere area until 1999, and of course was a member of the local Rotary Club during that time. That area also allowed him to be involved with outdoor sports, especially skiing, which has become a passion for him. Now living in this area he has lots of opportunity to continue with two of the things he enjoys most; being involved with a Rotary Club and being outdoors on a hill with a set of skis.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 01, 2016
Club President Brian Reid, on the left, and Rotarian James Mayne are introducing Margaret Bailey to the club members.  Margaret is a new member to Kal Rotary, but not new to Rotary as she was a member of the Woodstock Club in New Brunswick for about 24 years. Margaret mentioned that every club follows the same guidelines but each one has its' own character, and she was quite excited to meet the members here and get involved with the activities of this club.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 25, 2016
Ken Holland is centered in this photo with Kal Rotary President Brian Reid (left) and past president Greg MacKinnon. 
Brian and Greg are presenting Ken with a Paul Harris Fellow Award for this dedication to the community through his lengthy support for Rotary and the Kal Rotary Dream Auction. 
Ken has been the General Manager of the Detroit Red Wings for the past 20 years, and has his roots and hockey background in Vernon. 
There is an excellent article about his recent talk to Kal Rotary in the Morning Star - this can be viewed at 
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 22, 2016

Justin Sharma and Pat Loehndorf are not new to Rotary, but are new members of this club and both recently spoke about their backgrounds and what brought them to Kal Rotary.

Justin was raised in a Rotary family as his father, Ruby Sharma, has been a member of Kal Rotary for about 31 years.

Justin said that it was common when he was growing up for his father to bring visiting Rotary members home for dinner, and everyone in the family helped to entertain and make the visitor welcome. They also housed incoming Rotary exchange students, and later when Justin was in high school, he applied for the Rotary Exchange program and was soon heading to Austria to attend school.

Later, when he was married, he and his wife were frequently out of Canada because of their occupations.  During these times, he found that he frequently went back to his contacts through Rotary for assistance and advice. Now that he is back in Vernon, working with his father, he has returned to Kal Rotary with a desire to give back to the community and the many people in Rotary that have helped him in the past. (Justin is seen on the left in this photo with Rotary Member Morgan Roney)


Pat started by saying that some of his friends accuse him of ‘peaking early’ as he was chosen as the cutest baby in Surrey, in the year he was born.

Joking aside, Pat is very interested in community involvement through Rotary and through his job with Bannister Honda. He recently involved Bannister Honda with Papa Murphy’s Pizza and Sun FM to do a project called “Floating for a Cause”, which involved selling pizzas from a boat, to other boaters in our local lakes. This raised just over $2,000 for the Upper Room Mission.

He moved to Vernon about four years ago and joined Silver Star Rotary. About the same time, he became a manager at Bannister Honda and has been guiding that business to adapt some of the Rotary values in its daily operation.

He is very proud that during that time they have been acknowledged and received awards in customer service areas such as ‘Employer of the Year’, ‘Business of the Year’ and Auto Dealership awards for customer and community service.

Pat recently transferred to Kal Rotary as it is more suited to his business agenda, and has quickly become involved in some of our local projects. (The photo shows Pat, on the left, with Rotarian James Mayne)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 11, 2016

About 2 ½  years ago Kal Rotary member Pippa Shaw (now Pippa Forster) told the club that her son, Mike Shaw, had been involved in a skiing accident that resulted in a broken neck and that he was paralyzed from the neck down.  Over the following months, and now years, she kept the club updated on his progress as he went through surgery and was learning to walk again.  At today’s meeting Mike walked in and showed a video biography of his accident and the physical & mental processes he went through to learn to walk and ski again. The video he showed us can be seen at     This is a fantastic story of what the human spirit can accomplish with a determination that doesn’t quit, a positive attitude and really hard work. (The photo shows, from left to right, past President Mary Jackson with Mike and Rotarian Faith Wood)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 09, 2016

The photo shows Ravi Dhaliwal, on the left, with past Club President Greg MacKinnon. Ravi had recently attended ‘R.Y.L.A. – 2016’ and spoke to the club about his experience. “What is R.Y.L.A.?"  –  Rotary Clubs around the world are dedicated to helping youth develop their leadership skills to the fullest. The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a truly exciting opportunity for young adults, between 19 & 24, to participate in a four day leadership program with like-minded individuals where they will form lasting friendships, hear from professional speakers, develop as a leader, grow as a person and have fun.

Ravi mentioned that he was in the process of moving from a small town family run orchard to a very much larger college town, and he was finding it a bit uncomfortable. He felt that the RYLA experience really helped him cope with that situation. He really liked meeting new people with interests similar to his and found the lessons were aimed at learning to work together. He was also being taught that Leadership works best when it involves everyone, not one person in control. He noted that one of the best lessons he heard, came from Rotarian Calvin Hoy, who said “Never resist the temptation to shut up” – the message being, you can’t hear someone else if you talking.  There is more information about this event at the following site:     

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 06, 2016

Two of the newer members to the club recently did their Classification Talk. This is their opportunity to tell the club members about their backgrounds and the reasons they joined Rotary.

Brenda Davis grew up in ‘small town’ Alberta and was eager to travel. She moved to Whitehorse when the Alaska Highway was just a gravel road, and worked there as a Notary and Commissioner of Marriages for three years. The next move was to the Vancouver area where she ran an accounting business for the next twenty years. During this time she met and married David, a member of the Vancouver Police Department. They loved to travel and used a 36 foot motor home for the next thirteen years to see Canada and the U.S.A., working and touring as they travelled. Their journey ended in Vernon a few years ago and sadly David passed, but Brenda chose to stay. Wanting to give back to the community she started a search that led her to Rotary, and this club specifically because of our diversity of goals and achievements.  (the photo shows Rotarian Kim Nasipayko, on the left, with Brenda)


Graham Mann was born in Burnaby, and he recalls as a youth that they moved around a lot because of his father’s job as a banker. They lived in Coldstream for the first six years of his life. He also knew growing up that his father was a Rotarian. This was something he didn’t really understand or appreciate until later in life when he became a businessman and family man himself. After a number of moves, his family ended up in Vernon for his high school years. Shortly after school he met and married Cara, and they now have three children. He initially worked in construction, but about five years ago joined a partnership with the A. & W. in Golden. Four years later he became an area manager and returned to Vernon. This return also brought him back to recall that his father was one of the founding members of this Rotary Club and was also the first club president. It was a natural fit for him to follow in his father’s footsteps. (the photo shows Graham, on the left, with Rotarian Mike Stamhuis)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 04, 2016
During the first meeting of each month, one Rotarian will be selected for their activities during the previous month.  Most often these activities are 'behind the scenes' things that the Rotarian is doing to assist committee functions and the general weekly running of the club. There is a lengthy list of criteria considered to choose this member; a few examples are items such as their attendance record, involvement with committees, taking part and assisting in the meeting agenda, involvement with outside community events, being involved with the new member program and how they present them self as a Rotary Member.  The photo shows Jim Ferguson, the member chosen this month, with Rotarian Kim Nasapayko and Past President Greg MacKinnon.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 01, 2016
This photo shows Rotarian Mike Tindall with Gayle Voyer from the Canadian Blood Services.  Gayle spoke to the club about the local Blood Donor Clinic and an overview of "What You Must Know To Give Blood". Vernon has scheduled donor clinics at the Trinity United Church, 3300 Alexis Park Way - people can just show up and go through the process, or book an appointment on-line at their website -    Gayle outlined the process that everyone goes through at the clinic before the person is allowed to give blood, and explained that someone eligible to donate blood can do this anywhere from once a year to every 56 days. A person's blood type is identified at the clinic and they will later receive a card in the mail showing what type they have. There are many questions about the process, who can give blood and who is screened out of it and what to expect at the clinic.  These questions can be answered at their website -  
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 30, 2016
We had two separate Paul Harris Fellow Awards at our last meeting. The first photo shows past president Greg MacKinnon (left) with Rotarian Dustin Stadnyk (right) presenting Rotary members Barry Forster and Joyce Elderton with their awards.  The second photo shows Silver Star Rotary member Keith Johnston (left) with Greg MacKinnon on the right presenting Rotary member Pat Loehndorf with his award. Keith did this presentation due to Pat's previous affiliation with Silver Star Rotary.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 28, 2016
Left to right, this photo shows Rotarian Jacqueline Rivard, Kyla Perry, her father and mother Neil & Rose Perry and Club President Brian Reid. Neil is also a Kal Rotary member and was excited to announce that his daughter was chosen as the Kal Rotary outbound exchange student for this year.  Kyla will be going to the Arlon region of Belgium.  The Arlon Region is located in the south of Belgium in the Province of Luxembourg and has a population around 28,000.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 24, 2016
This photo shows members of Kal Rotary that achieved 100% Attendance for the 2015/16 Rotary Year.  This can be achieved by attending the weekly meeting, or performing a make-up in lieu of a missed meeting.  A make-up credit can be obtained by attending another Rotary meeting, regardless of the location of the Rotary Club, or being involved with the various committees in the club and attending meetings with that committee, or being involved with functions of the committees, such as preparing & handing out Starfish Packs or assisting with the Dream Auction preparations.  
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 21, 2016

Left to right, this photo shows Brian Sims, Faith Wood, Ayman Jalloul and James Mayne.  Brian, Faith and Ayman are newer members to the club.  When they first joined, they all received their name tags with a red ribbon attached to it. The red ribbon identifies them as new members, so that the older ones can offer assistance learning club functions and duties. The ribbon is removed after they have performed a few duties, such as learning about the Rotary history and our functions locally, our website where they can access information and learn how to do a make-up for missed meetings and do a short presentation to the club members about their backgrounds and reasons for joining Rotary.  James is now removing the ribbons as all three have completed those requirements.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 20, 2016
Club president Brian Reid (left) and Rotarian James Mayne are introducing Brenda Davis, a new member to the club. James explained to Brenda and the club the responsibilities, expectations and benefits of a Rotary Member.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 13, 2016

The photo shows Sherry Lukey with Rotarian Dustin Stadnyk. Sherry spoke to the club about stress and weight issues in her past that were not being addressed or corrected through doctor visits and various medications. Her search for a better way to deal with these issues led her to the Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly called ‘Tapping’ – she provides an outline of this at her website:

Tapping is an effective and simple technique somewhat connected to acupressure. It is easy to learn and it can provide instant relief for the stress issues in your life. A web search will surface a number of sites and videos explaining the method and showing how it is done – a good one to start with is

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 07, 2016

At the start of a Rotary Year, the new Club President introduces the person chosen to be the Sergeant at Arms for the coming year.  Don Thompson was introduced to the club as the person assuming the Sergeant’s role and was presented with the honorary Sheriff’s Badge.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 01, 2016

At the last meeting of this Rotary Year, Club President Mary Jackson spoke about the many things this club has achieved and presented a Presidential Certificate to three members for their contribution to the club. Left to right, Carmen Larsen for implementing the Starfish Pack Program, Greg MacKinnon for his Coast2Coast Walk and achieving the highest ever annual contribution to The Rotary Foundation and Jerry Tellier for his many contributions to the club with the Dream Auction and role as Treasurer. A Presidential Certificate was also presented previously to Neil Perry for chairing one of the club’s most successful Dream Auctions – Neil was not present for the photo.



Mary also completed the act of “Passing The Torch” to the next Club President, Brian Reid, by giving him the Presidential Pin.  Brian will start his year as Club President at the next meeting. Brian noted that it will be a real challenge to match how well Mary has handled this role for the past year.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 30, 2016
Kal Rotary is using money gained from the Annual Dream Auction and the club's membership to provide a donation to the Fort McMurray Fire Relief Fund. The photo shows the Club Executive with a cheque that will be dispersed by Rotarians in Fort McMurray.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 26, 2016

Rotarian Ayman Jalloul is seen in this photo with Angie Clowry.  Angie spoke to our club about the process that leads to Lumby winning Kraft Hockeyville 2016. She started by noting that she has had a long connection to hockey and the Pat Duke Memorial Arena in Lumby. She started playing hockey at age 9 on the boy’s team and stayed with it until Graduation. The idea of submitting Lumby as a contestant in the Kraft Hockeyville competition started slowly as just a conversation, then began to gain speed as more people got involved. They were finding that the word being spread to have friends and family call in to vote for them was becoming huge. They saw a large increase in votes as more hockey families got involved and used all of the social media systems to get their friends and family, virtually worldwide, to log on and vote for Lumby.

The NHL game is set to be played on Sunday, Oct. 2nd, but as yet a decision has not been announced if the game will be in Lumby, Vernon or Kelowna. A web link to the Hockeyville site is

Angie also wanted to mention that one of the other ladies involved with this process was Rhonda Catt. Rhonda’s husband Peter recently passed away as the result of a heart attack. Peter was a coach and both were very involved with hockey in Lumby. Rhonda has prepared a video about this and Angie asked that we provide a link to it – the video can be seen at

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 22, 2016

On behalf of the club, Rotarian Tom Christensen is saying Goodbye to our exchange student Jeffery, who will return to Taiwan soon. Jeffery gave a very passionate speech to the club about his past year in school here. He started last year with limited English in a strange school, and found as he became more involved with the sports and activities in the school, he found new friends and his spoken English improved quickly. During this time he was hosted with three different families, who he now regards as ‘new parents and grandparents’, and in one case had the opportunity to be the ‘big brother’ in the family – at home he is the little brother, so he really enjoyed the time being the oldest. He listed many new activities that he had the opportunity to do, and some of the unique foods he tried. He was very much liked in the club and was sent off with a standing ovation.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 16, 2016
The photo shows Club President Mary Jackson, Tanner Lorenson and Rotarian Doug Cuthbert. Tanner was the Kal Rotary exchange student for 2015/16.  She has just returned from Thailand, where she spent the past school year living with a family in Chum Phae, attending school and learning their language and way of life. Tanner gave an excellent talk about her time there, some of the things that she learned as well as how she took some Canadian things there. During her time there she kept a blog going with many photos and stories so that her friends here could keep track of what and how she was doing. This is a very interesting view into a students’ adventure in another country – it can be viewed at  
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 10, 2016
David Savage is a Rotarian, a businessman and the author of the book “Break Through To Yes”, which deals with understanding the importance of collaboration in business. He has been assisting businesses for the past forty years resolve failures that arise from conflict, misunderstanding, alignment of the leadership, wasted time and resources and lost productivity. His book outlines a ten step process that helps a leader and his/her team find success through conflict management, negotiation and collaboration. A Google search will bring up a number of websites about David and his book – one example is   (the photo shows David with Rotarian Annette Sharkey)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 09, 2016

July 1st is the start of a new Rotary Year. During the month of June the current club president starts the process of ‘passing the torch’ to the president elect, who will assume that duty at the start of July. This photo shows Club President Mary Jackson giving President Elect Brian Reid a ‘special apron’ – the torch will come later.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 09, 2016

Pauline came to our meeting to say Hi and visit old friends at the club as well as her previous host families.  Pauline was our inbound student four years ago. She is currently in her third year of medical school in France.

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 04, 2016

Bryan Burns recently spoke to our club about the Interior Provincial Exhibition & Stampede. Bryan has been the General Manager of the I.P.E. for many years and he explained how this fair runs in a ‘non-profit’ situation each year, as any money made goes back into developing the fair grounds and buildings. The first fair was a very small event in 1899. Last year it hosted about 158,000 people and has returned about 8.3 million to the community. This year’s fair runs from Aug. 31st to Sept. 4th – any question you have about the fair can be answered at their website   (Bryan is on the left in this photo with Rotarian Mike Stamhuis)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 03, 2016
Pat Loehndorf and his wife Julie are on the left in this photo. Pat is a new member of Kal Rotary and is being introduced to the club by President Elect Brian Reid in the middle,  and Rotarian James Mayne. James also outlined the responsibilities, benefits and expectations of a new member. Pat is associated to Bannister Honda.
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Posted by Jim Ferguson on Jun 02, 2016
Michelle Britch, a Grade 12 student from Charles Bloom School in Lumby, spoke to the Rotary Club about her experience in Prince George.  She was chosen to attend the Adventures in Forestry program sponsored by our New Generations Committee.  Michelle has always been interested in Forestry, having completed two terms of Forestry programs in high school.  After her Adventure, Michelle changed her plan of action to better suit her future goals.  She will now attend a university to become a Registered Professional Forester, and then switch schools to pursue a degree in Conservation Sciences.  She is really appreciative of Kalamalka Rotary for allowing her to attend Adventures in Forestry. (Rotarian Jim Ferguson is shown in the photo with Michelle)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 27, 2016

Faith Wood is a new member of Kal Rotary and recently she spoke to the club members about her background. Going right back to the start, she was born about one hour before her twin sister. She said that growing up with a twin was great, but the bond really shows up when it is time to start going separate ways. She faced that when she was a teenager taking flying lessons as an air cadet away from home. She must have felt a need to serve the public as she trained to be a paramedic, and later became a peace officer in Alberta. She now lives in Vernon and can list her current career as ‘speaker, trainer, entertainer, coach, author and hypnotist’. If you are wondering about this list, go her website and browse -  

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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 26, 2016
This photo, left to right, shows James Mayne, Cara Levesque, Graham Mann and President Elect Brian Reid.  James and Brian are introducing Graham, one of our newest members, to the club and outlining the benefits and expectations of a new member. Graham has already shown his eagerness to be involved with the club and its projects. Graham is associated to our local A.& W.  
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 19, 2016

Peter Wise has been a search manager with Vernon Search and Rescue for many years. He spoke to the club about the people who belong to Search & Rescue and the types of calls they respond to. It was important to note that they are 100% operated by volunteers and donations. They currently have about 65 members and are available for calls 24 hours a day and every day of the year. They conduct ground and water searches, rescues, recoveries for the Coroner’s Service and assist the RCMP with evacuations for fire or flooding, and evidence searches. They do searches in all weather conditions, from the summer heat to the winter cold, in the rain, wind, fog and snow. There is much more information about this group and how you can support them or join their team at   (photo shows Peter on the left with Rotarian Bob Sattler)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 13, 2016
Past Club President Greg MacKinnon and his wife Vanessa are leaving this Saturday for a trip to England, where they will do the Coast to Coast Walk. Greg told the club about this a few months ago, and as the planning took place for the trip and walk, he started looking at making it a fundraising walk with any money raised going to the Rotary Foundation. He thought it would be great if they could raise about $5,000 from this adventure, but after his idea became more widely known, and he also looked at an on-line way to raise funds, he found his idea to be more popular than he first thought. At our last 'send-off' meeting with them, he announced that he had raised just under $20,000 dollars - a last minute push initiated by Rotarian Kim Nasipayko brought the final total to $20,200. This photo shows Greg with his backpack that has labels related to the Rotary Foundation. There is a lot of information about this walk on the internet - one site describes it as a "Pub Walk" and is very informative about the complete walk, and Alfred Wainwright, the founder of the walk. Greg mentioned Alfred's comment that the walk was an ambition, and life without ambition is just aimless wandering. Greg and Vanessa have the entire club and many friends supporting this venture and looking forward to their stories when they return.  The internet site that notes this as a Pub Walk is
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 13, 2016
Club President Mary Jackson organized and hosted a meeting to recognize and honor the Charter Members of Kalamalka Rotary, which was formed 35 years ago. Thirteen of the original thirty six members were located and attended the lunch. They told stories of how the club started and their first efforts at fund raising. This ranged from selling Christmas Trees, from a questionable location, to the start of our Dream Auction. It was recognized that through their efforts, commitment and service that a strong foundation was formed which has seen the club grow and prosper. The first photo below was taken at the lunch.  The one below that was taken 35 years ago.
Kalamalka Rotary Charter Members
  1.          Terry Dyck              Music Instrument Retailing
11       George Smart   Insurance-Life
21       Don Heath                     Portrait
2      Les Dawson               Tax Service
12       Garth Macguire?
22       Rev. Gordon    Patch?
3      Unknown
13       Roy Ferris             Equipment Rental
23       John Kolodychuk     Restaurants
4      Terry Frizzell     Hospitals
14       Jake Spoor            Florist - Retail  
24       Art Clark                   Certified General Accountant
5      Gary Link    Physiotherapist
15       Dave Abbott           Travel Agency Service
25       Ed Blundell             Insurance Broker
6      Vern Hembling  Additional Active
16       Alfred Chan          General Practitioner
26       Wayne Mann            Banking - Charter
7      Alf Grahame    Automobile Retail Service
17       Joe Sasaki        Chartered Accountant
27       Brian Pattie              Solicitor Service
8      Alf Peters?
18       Herb VanGrootal  Hotels
28       Joe Orr                     Barrister Service
9      Bill Kirby               Grocery -Retail
19       Terry Quesnel  Veterinary Medicine
29       Bruce Blankley     Automobile Leasing
10    Tom Reed?
20       Peter McAllister Security Brokerage
30       Ron Fairburn         Insurance - Fire
Not Shown:  Ben Hoy and Peter Lockhart
Not Identified: Bob Sassville, Bryon Brandle, Harold Thorlakson and Vic Rantio
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Posted by Patti Lefkos on May 06, 2016

On Thursday, May 5 Kalamalka Rotarians were treated to a delicious and exciting offsite lunch meeting in the Drill Hall at the Okanagan Science Centre. The menu by Rotarian Sarah Pruckl of Gumtree Catering included chicken enchiladas, Mexican salad, fresh salsa, guacamole with tortilla chips and assorted desserts.


Steve Russel, a member of the Okanagan Science Centre Board of Directors spoke to us about the various offerings of the centre, including several new exhibits in the galleries such as the Edna and Bert the iguanas and the climbing wall. He shared that 20,000 public had visited the Okanagan Science Centre, now in its 25th year, in the past year. As well as 6,000 students had benefitted via field trips on on-site school visits. Big news, the dinosaurs will be back this summer.


Kevin Aschenmeier has been there since the beginning. Kevin entertained, terrified and surprised everyone with his physics demonstration (dropping whole eggs into water glasses atop toilet roll tubes). After blasting a flaming plastic pop bottle across the room he showed us how to make Elephant’s Toothpaste, a huge orange steaming tube rising and twisting out of a beaker. For his final demo, accompanied by much laughter and excitement, he taught us how to shoot film canisters at the ceiling and at a few unsuspecting lunch guests.


No Rotarians were harmed in the proceedings!!


Thanks to Morgan Rooney for his organization of the event.

Okanagan Science Centre Patti Lefkos 2016-05-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Patti Lefkos on Apr 30, 2016
Sixteen Rotarians, one family member and our exchange student Jeffrey celebrated Rotarians at Work Day on Saturday, April 30 by volunteering at Gleaners in Lavington, by cutting potatoes that would be mixed with other ingredients to produce dried soup mix for hungry children and adults around the globe. 
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Posted by Patti Lefkos on Apr 28, 2016

A true international partnership has formed to rebuild Devi Jal Kumari School in earthquake ravaged Aprik Village in the Gorkha area of Nepal. The cornerstone was laid on April 25, 2016, the anniversary of last year’s earthquake, that destroyed all the homes and the already partially condemned Devi Jal Kumari Kindergarten to grade 8 school.

Across Nepal the earthquake took 9,000 lives, injured 25,000 people and destroyed 775,000 homes.

The project to rebuild Devi Jal Kumari Kindergarten to Grade 8 School is supported by Kalamalka Rotary, Vernon, BC; Nepal One Day at a Time Society founded by Kalamalka Rotarian Patti Shales Lefkos; Sambhav Nepal founded by Rotarian Prem K Khatry, Rotary Club of Mount Everest, Kathmandu; and John Palatine from Oswego, Illinois, who has recently trekked to Everest Base Camp and joined the fundraising team. Land for the new school has been purchased by Aprik community members.

The first phase of the school building is targeted for completion in Spring 2017 and will accommodate one third of the 225 students. The remainder will continue to study in classrooms made of aluminum roofing supported by bamboo poles until funding for the next two phases is secured.

DJK Cornerstone Patti Lefkos 2016-04-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 25, 2016

From the left, this photo shows Annette Sharkey, Sila Kisoso, and Roger Perry. Annette and Roger are members of Kalamalka Rotary who travelled to Ethiopia in November 2014 to join a one week tour of ‘Partners in the Horn’ projects. They were particularly interested in viewing the projects that had received funding from Kal Rotary, and talking to the locals about future ideas that would also need funding.  The best way to understand what ‘Partners in the Horn’ actually means, is to watch this Facebook video -  

Sila is from Ethiopia and is now living in Canada. She attended a recent club meeting to give us an update on a number of the community initiatives sponsored by Partners in the Horn. She also wanted to bring attention to the 12th Annual Great BIG Run for Africa, being held on Sept. 24th   There is more information about this and the Partners in the Horn of Africa on their website

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 21, 2016
Left to right, this photo shows Club President Mary Jackson, Ruby Sharma, Justin Sharma, Ryan Nickoli and James Mayne. Ruby has been a Kalamalka Rotary member for many years and is the owner of City Furniture, which is the first business to become a Corporate Member of Kal Rotary. Justin and Ryan are involved with the business and will become Associate Corporate Members. James has just introduced Justin and Ryan to club members. The Corporate Member Program is new to Kal Rotary, with City Furniture being the first to join. Other local businesses have expressed an interest in this program and will soon appear at our meetings.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 15, 2016
Rachael Zubick and Gale Woodhouse spoke to our club about the “Off The Wall Project”, organized through the Vernon Community Policing Office.  The project was launched in Vernon in an effort to veer young students away from graffiti vandalism. The program and the results achieved are best seen in the following video -
Left to right, the photo shows Rachael, Gale and Rotarian Calvin Hoy.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 14, 2016

Left to right, this photo shows Sherry Brown, Randy Dhaliwal and James Mayne. Sherry and Randy are new members to Kal Rotary and have just removed the red ribbons that come with the name tag they received when they first joined the club. The red ribbon identifies new members so the older ones can assist them with club functions and rules. Once the new members have become familiar with the club and its' members, and completed a few simple requirements; such as learning about the club structure, attending a neighbouring club meeting and speaking to the club about their background, they can remove the red ribbon. James has just announced that they have completed those tasks and assisted with the red ribbon removal.

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Posted by Jim Ferguson on Apr 14, 2016

Sophie Sullivan from Seaton and Cole Jenkinson from Kal Secondary spoke to the Club about the Adventures in Tourism that was recently hosted in Kelowna.  They spent almost a full week with Rotarian families, traveling throughout the Okanagan visiting various places that depend upon tourism.  Traveling as far as Osoyoos to see N'Kmip Winery, other trips included hotels, golf clubs, goat farms, orchards, theme parks, etc.  Both students were very impressed with the whole program, and insist that it will help to guide some of their decisions in the future.  A big thank you to the Kalamalka Rotary Club for sponsoring them for the Adventure. The photo shows Rotarian Jim Ferguson with Cole and Sophie.

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Posted by Patti Lefkos on Apr 13, 2016
When Vernon resident Cera Brown happened upon an article about the Starfish program in a Rotary magazine, she knew the program was needed in Vernon. “So I emailed Starfish inquiring about how something like this could be started,” she says. “I meant to follow up but never did.”
But the seed was planted.  That email was re-directed to the North Okanagan Rotary Clubs and Kalamalka Rotary decided to take action.
Kalamalka Rotary is excited to launch a pilot project Starfish Program in Vernon. Starting on Friday, April 8 and running every Friday until the end of June, 20 students from a local elementary school will take home a backpack full of non-perishable food, enough for a weekend.
The concept was brought to British Columbia two years ago by the Abbotsford Rotary Club who named it The Starfish Program after the Parable of the Starfish, which illustrates the importance of helping even just one life in need.
Under the leadership of Kalamalka Rotary Community Service director Dr. Carmen Larsen a committee was formed to liaise with supporters School District 22, Alexis Park Elementary School, Save On Foods Vernon, The Salvation Army and the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.
Funding for this worthwhile pilot project was provided by 20 members of the Kalamalka Rotary Club.
Each year First Call, BC’s Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition, produces a report card on the state of child poverty in BC. The 2015 report states that 1 in 5 BC children grew up in poverty, in every part of the province. In the North Okanagan 21.1 % of children 0 to 17 years live in low-income families.
 “In 2014, more than 30,000 BC children relied on Food Banks.”
The cost of a healthy diet can affect individuals and families of all incomes but can have the highest impact among households with the lowest incomes. These are also the households that are the most food insecure and face numerous health and social challenges.
 “The monthly cost to feed a family of four in the Okanagan is $969.”
Save on Foods Vernon
 School District # 22 Vernon
 Kalamalka Rotary
Okanagan Boys and Girls Club
Hi-Pro Sportswear and Promotional Products
Once the pilot is underway, partners will be reviewing how the program might be expanded with more support from the community and local businesses.
Donations to the Vernon Starfish Pack can be made through the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club, 3300 37 Avenue, Vernon V1T 2Y5, or on line through their website noted above.  Please specify that your donation is for the Starfish Pack Program.  $525.00 feeds one child for one year.
Kalamalka Rotary President Mary Jackson unloading one of the first food boxes.
Kalamalka Rotary Starfish pack backpack
Kalamalka Rotary members at the first packing session, with Kirstie Blanleil from the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club on the right
Kalamalka Rotary members with Kirstie Blanleil and Save On Foods Assistant Manager Brad Boivin (L) - the Starfish packs are ready to go
Starfish Backpacks Patti Lefkos 2016-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 07, 2016

Roland Peltier, seen here on the left with Rotarian Rob Bauml, attended a meeting to explain his involvement with aquaponics systems. A quote from his website best describes what he is doing: "Through Vortex Aquaponics, I am committed to bringing an ancient aboriginal way of thinking back into the mainstream.  Our kids want to reconnect with their food, and aquaponics is a fascinating example of how nature provides the symbiosis which allows us to grow our own organic food up to TWICE as fast as conventional gardening while using up to 90% less water. This is one way we can take back our food security and live sustainably."  Roland has attended schools at various grade levels to teach these systems, and has assisted them with setting up small ones as class projects. There is much more information about these system, photos of existing projects and contact information at this website -

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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 02, 2016
Left to right, this photo shows Mike Nolan, Heinrich Metzger and James Mayne. Mike and Heinrich are new members to Kal Rotary and have just removed the red ribbons that come with the name tag they received when they first joined the club. The red ribbon is simply a way of identifying the new members to seasoned ones so they can offer guidance about club functions and rules. Once the new members have become familiar with the club and its' members, and completed a few simple requirements; such as learning about the club structure, attending a neighbouring club meeting and speaking to the club about their background, they can remove the red ribbon. James has just announced that they have completed those tasks and assisted with the red ribbon removal.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 01, 2016
This photo, left to right, is Club President Mary Jackson with Faith Wood and James Mayne. Mary and James are introducing Faith as a new member to Kal Rotary. Faith is a professional speaker and specializes in personal development. There is more information about her at     
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 25, 2016
This photo shows Ayman Jalloul, on the left, with Rotarian James Mayne. Ayman is a new member to Kal Rotary and he recently spoke to the club about his background. Ayman grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, and graduated from the Lebanese American University, School of Pharmacy in 2010. He moved to Vancouver at the age of 25, where he worked as a pharmacist in a variety of positions that eventually led to being a pharmacy manager. He currently operates the pharmacy at the Shopper in the Polson Mall, where he especially enjoys working with people. In the past few years pharmacists have taken on more responsibilities dealing with medical issues of patients. He finds this a very fulfilling part of his career. He likes to be involved with active sports and has found a new interest in hockey, so far just watching it – the first step is easy; put on some skates, grab a hockey stick for balance and let us know how you make out.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 17, 2016
Club President Mary Jackson is recognizing Rotarian Art Clark for his 35th anniversary with Kal Rotary. Art was a bit surprised when Mary announced this, then realizing that it had been 35 years since he joined, but wanted us to note that he was only about eight years old when he joined – ‘nice try’ Art, you are still looking young.  Art has been an active member of the club since he joined, those many years ago, and has held many key positions, including Club President. Thank you very much for your years of dedication to the club and community.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 17, 2016
Kal Rotary member Kim Nasipayko was recognized this year as one of the business professionals in the Greater Vernon’s “Top Twenty Under Forty.”  She is the owner & manager of Caufields Engraving. Kim asked three other professionals from this group to attend a club meeting and speak briefly about their business and community interests. Mark Zaino is the VP Finance & Partner at Westwood Electric, Ricardo Smith is the Owner and President of Sun Country Cycle Ltd. and Brett VanderHoek is a Corporate Services Supervisor at Tolko. All three showed a real interest in their profession and a desire to be a positive influence in this community. You can view information about all twenty professionals chosen for this group at   (From left to right the photo shows Kim, Mark, Ricardo, Brett and Rotarian Ryan Fairburn)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 11, 2016
The three Rotarians in this photo are (L-R) Paul Filippi, Heinrich Metzger and Andy  Betschler. Heinrich is a new member to Kal Rotary, sponsored by Paul and in this photo Andy is welcoming him to the club.  Heinrich spoke to the club about his background and how he came to Kal Rotary. He was born and raised in Germany and at the university level he chose studies to be a Structural Engineer. After completing his diploma he stayed with the University as a researcher and teacher. He and his wife Claudia came to Canada in 2011 as they were looking for a change in their life and wanted to try something new. After completing the process of getting his B.C. Engineers licence he met Paul Filippi, who was retiring from his Engineer’s business. Heinrich eventually took over Paul’s business, but in this process he was also introduced to Rotary. His experience with Rotary in Germany had taught him that Rotary members were honest people who could be trusted. He was quite happy to be introduced to Kal Rotary and is looking forward to becoming involved with club groups and projects.  He did comment that in Germany his initial thought about Rotary was that it was a secret society of professionals, but he didn’t know exactly what they did. He is now aware of how a Rotary Club is open and welcoming, and we do not have a secret handshake.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 02, 2016
This photo shows Rotarian John Hogarth with Dr. Britt Mills, who has a veterinary practice in Armstrong.  Dr. Mills described how she has adapted a variety of methods to handle the animals brought to her.  A quote from her business website best describes it: “Mills veterinary services provides an integrative approach to the care of companion animals and horses. We offer alternative methods including acupuncture, chiropractic, class IV laser therapy, extracorporeal shock wave therapy and prolotherapy to control pain and restore function. We manage many chronic disease conditions with herbs, nutrition and supplements as well as with conventional medicine.”  She noted that quite often she is the ‘last resort’ vet. This was a very interesting talk – anyone wishing more information about her services can find it at her website:
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 25, 2016
This photo shows Suzanne Bell, on the left, with Rotarian Vicki Topping. Suzanne spoke to the club about The Miracle Bucket Society.  Their website describes who they are as: “The Miracle Bucket Society is a local, registered and incorporated “non-profit society” which began in the North Okanagan in 2011.  We have a vision to make a difference for families experiencing socioeconomic and/or health challenges in our community. These are families who fall between the cracks and are not able to get assistance through other resources.”  And, their Mission as: “The Miracle Bucket Society’s mission is to give families in crisis a sense of hope – to let them know that they are valued, that someone believes in them.” 
There is more information about this society at their website – if you are interested in a fun evening out, a live auction with some great items and the chance to help a really worthwhile cause, look closely at the ‘Power of the Purse’ event coming in June.
The Miracle Bucket Society Rick Taylor 2016-02-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 18, 2016
From left to right, this photo shows Augustin Cisnros, Sophie Sullivan, Andy Erickson, Rowena Dunlop, Lena Deschner, Bailey Morin,  Jim Ferguson and Avril Baldauf.  Andy and Jim are Kal Rotary members and the students belong to the W.L. Seaton Rotary Interact Club.  They attended and ran our February 18th meeting, with Bailey taking the Club President position.  All of the students addressed the club and explained some of the projects they have initiated to raise money.  They were particularly interested in finding ways to assist refugees, improve water quality and provide better hygienic assistance for young girls in foreign countries.  I believe all of the club members were very impressed with the maturity and drive of these students.  Look at #worldhumanity and #Rotary Action on Facebook to get a better idea of their projects and interests.  Also, there is more general information about Rotary Interact Clubs at
W.L. Seaton Rotary Interact Club Rick Taylor 2016-02-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 11, 2016
From left to right, this photo shows Greg MacKinnon, Martin Vegt and Jerry Tellier. Greg and Jerry are past presidents of Kal Rotary and Martin has been a member of Vernon Rotary for over 30 years.  Martin attended our meeting to provide a background to the Israel Palestine conflict. Last October Martin went on a two week delegation to Israel-Palestine with a Christian Peacemaker Team sponsored by the East Hill Community Church.  Martin was very passionate about the Palestine situation there and provided a number of information sources regarding this conflict.  One in particular was – this would provide information for anyone who is interested or wishes to be involved with the humanitarian side of this situation.
Israel Palestine Conflict Rick Taylor 2016-02-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 11, 2016
From left to right, this photo shows Greg MacKinnon, Martin Vegt and Jerry Tellier. Greg and Jerry are past presidents of Kal Rotary and Martin has been a member of Vernon Rotary for over 30 years.  Martin attended our meeting to provide a background to the Israel Palestine conflict. Last October Martin went on a two week delegation to Israel-Palestine with a Christian Peacemaker Team sponsored by the East Hill Community Church.  Martin was very passionate about the Palestine situation there and provided a number of information sources regarding this conflict.  One in particular was – this would provide information for anyone who is interested or wishes to be involved with the humanitarian side of this situation.
Israel Palestine Conflict Rick Taylor 2016-02-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 04, 2016
This photo shows Rotarian Carmen Larsen with Bruce Beck, a member of the Abbottsford Rotary Club. Bruce spoke to us about the Starfish Pack Program that started there in 2013. It began in one public school with six backpacks containing two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners and snacks for a child.  It was given to a child in need on Friday to ensure they had enough to eat through the weekend. This program has grown to over 400 students in various communities throughout B.C. receiving weekly backpacks.
Bruce described how their club found that the children in some families were not getting adequate meals in a day mainly due to financial issues. They started the starfish pack program to help these children and soon realized there were more children in this situation than they thought. What happened from there was the effort to get local businesses also involved with helping, and that effort ‘took off’ once these businesses saw the problem. As it grew in Abbotsford, it also spread to other B.C. communities that realized this problem was not isolated to just one town. The idea has now been brought to Vernon and we are looking at the process of getting it started here.  Visit the website for more information.
The Starfish Pack Program Rick Taylor 2016-02-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 27, 2016
This photo shows Mike Nolan in the middle, a new member to Kal Rotary, being welcomed by Club President Mary Jackson and James Mayne.  Mike spoke briefly about being born and raised in Vernon, and being a third generation resident on both sides of his family. His family has a connection to Nolan's Pharmacy, located downtown, but he is a civil engineer currently working for Kerr Wood Leidal, a water infrastructure engineering company.  Mike has a Master's Degree in Water Resource Engineering and has over 25 years experience in municipal and agricultural water systems planning.  His is married with three children and has a passion for sailing.
Welcome to a New Member Rick Taylor 2016-01-28 00:00:00Z 0
​Ayman Jalloul is a new member to Kal Rotary.  He is shown in the middle of this photo with Club President Mary Jackson and Rotarian James Mayne.  Near the end of the meeting he took the opportunity to say how welcome the club members had made him feel.
Welcome to a New Member Rick Taylor 2016-01-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 14, 2016
All new members of Kal Rotary are asked to give a short talk to the club about their backgrounds and what brought them to join Rotary.  Randy Dhaliwal is a family physician in Vernon and recently joined our club.  He spoke at our last meeting about growing up in the Princeton area and his family being in the orchard business.  He had the option of staying in the family business but wanted to be more involved in working with people, so chose a career in medicine.  His career took him to many large cities in the U.S.A. and Canada, but he and his wife Navi eventually chose to settle in the Okanagan, where he has a family practice and they are raising two young daughters. His desire to help others and be more involved with the community were factors in him joining Kal Rotary.
Classification Talk Rick Taylor 2016-01-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 13, 2016
Alicia Hill-Turner has been Queen Silver Star for the past year.  She came to our meeting today to tell us about the Queen Silver Star Excellence Program and what the experience has meant to her. Probably the best way to describe this is with her words from the Winter Carnival Website ( - “Seize the moment because some opportunities do not come twice”. I truly believe that this quote captures my year as Queen Silver Star. It has been an absolute honour to be an ambassador and represent Vernon for this past year. My reign has been filled with countless memories that I will hold dear to my heart in the years to come. The Queen Silver Star Excellence Program has provided me with the opportunity to become more involved in my city. While it has been the busiest year of my life I have truly been blessed by the support of my community. I am grateful for the people I have met and the numerous connections I have made. I am also extremely moved by the hard work within our community, it really is the volunteers that make this community run. I spent this past summer traveling throughout our beautiful province of British Columbia representing Vernon as an ambassador. During this time I enjoyed experiencing what other communities had to offer and made many memorable friendships. I would not be where I am today without the immense support from my community and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have assisted me throughout my journey. My candidacy would not have been possible without the unconditional support from my sponsor, Betty Gallant of Kalamalka Rotary. Your expertise and advice guided me throughout my candidacy. You are a true leader of our community and a great role model.  There is much more information about the Excellence Program at the Winter Carnival site noted above.  (from left to right, photo shows President Elect Brian Reid, Alicia and Betty Gallant)  
Queen Silver Star Rick Taylor 2016-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
 A great crowd and a great time was had by all at the last meeting of 2015.   Thanks to Mary, Beth, Ian, Courtney, Kim, Mike and Doug for making our gift exchange a memorable one!

Yes, that is a 'snowman' on the left and Santa seems to be really enjoying his job!

Our exchange student Jeffery, club president Mary and Santa.

Some very 'interesting' gifts were exchanged.


"Wacky Gift Exchange" 2015-12-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Dec 03, 2015
Rotarian James Mayne, on the left, has just completed the ceremony of removing the red ribbons from two newer members to the club; Shannon Sakakibara and Scott Manjak.  The red ribbons are attached to a new member's name tag so they are easily spotted by the senior members, who can offer them assistance learning club protocols and duties.  The ribbons are removed after they have completed a list of tasks, such as attending another club's meeting, completing an on-line make-up and speaking briefly to the club about their backgrounds and reasons for joining Rotary.
Red Ribbon Removal Rick Taylor 2015-12-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Dec 03, 2015
The photo shows our newest member, Brian Sims on the left, being welcomed to the club by Club President Mary Jackson and Rotarian James Mayne.  Brian works at the radio station KISS F.M.
Welcome to a New Member Rick Taylor 2015-12-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 11, 2015
Rotary member James Mayne is seen on the left with Club President Mary Jackson on the right saying welcome to our newest member, Sherry Brown.  Sherry's husband, Bob Vanlerberg, also attended the meeting. Sherry was previously with a Rotary Club in the Kootenays.
A New Member is Welcomed Rick Taylor 2015-11-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 05, 2015
Left to right, this photo shows Kal Rotary members Troy McDonald, James Mayne, Patti Lefkos and John Guest.  James is congratulating the others on the removal of their red ribbons. The ribbon is attached to the name tags of new members so they are easily recognized by the older club members, who can offer assistance with club rules and functions.  The new members are encouraged to complete a few tasks before the ribbon is removed. These include activities like attending another club’s meeting, learning how to do a ‘make-up’ to offset a missed meeting and doing a short speech to the club about their past and the reasons they chose to join Rotary.
Just prior to this, John Guest spoke to the club about his past; growing up in England during the Second World War, seeing the bombing and fighter planes. Over the years he has moved back and forth between England and Canada several times for a variety of business and personal reasons. During these moves he has been a member of several Rotary Clubs in both countries. He is quite happy to be finally settled in Vernon and a member of Kal Rotary.  He noted this final move must have been somehow planned ahead, as his middle name is Vernon.  
Red Ribbons Gone Rick Taylor 2015-11-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Patti Lefkos on Oct 29, 2015
Next time you’re enjoying snow sports at Silver Star mountain Resort, cross country skiing on Sovereign Lake trails or walking or biking on the Kidston Bike Pathway remember that a local Vernon four generation company helped make your excursion possible.
Linsey Johannson and her husband James, owners of R E Postill and Sons Ltd since 2011, proudly continue a long standing tradition of integrity and excellence in their business which has served Vernon and Area for 68 years.
Builders of the road to Silver Star, maintenance operators of the first lifts and developers of The knoll subdivision, the company started by Linsey’s great grandfather Russell Eugene Postill. Founded in 1944 with one cable operated excavator truck, the company has grown from establishing the Douglas Ranch drainage system to a thriving business which produces and delivers gravel, excavates basements and builds roads.
In 2007 R E Postill and sons joined Braden Nixon, owner of Nixon Earthworks to form a corporate partnership Postill Nixon Earthworks to create underground service projects and commercial site preparation.
Kalamalka Rotary is especially thankful for their long-term support in the form of yearly donations for our Dream Auction.  There is more information about this company at their website -   (photo shows Linsey on the left with Rotarian Mike Tindall and Club President Mary Jackson)
R.E. Postill and Sons Patti Lefkos 2015-10-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 29, 2015
Left to right the photo shows Kal Rotary's newest member, Peter Evans with his wife Cathy. He is being welcomed by Rotarian James Mayne and Club President Mary Jackson.
Welcome to a New Member Rick Taylor 2015-10-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 22, 2015
Kalamalka Rotary’s annual Vocational Service Award has been awarded to Jack Gareb, manager of the Schubert Centre in Vernon. This award promotes the value of all professions and recognizes an individual in the community that exemplifies outstanding professional achievement while maintaining high ethical standards.  Jack Gareb has demonstrated his commitment to the community and has worked tirelessly for many years to make it a better place.  Jack has been providing services to seniors through the Schubert Centre for the past 21 years.
Jack is recognized as someone who regularly goes above and beyond in his efforts toward programs like Meals on Wheels and establishing a volunteer soup kitchen at the Anglican Church. He has also been involved with many fundraising events, like the Midsummer Night’s Eve, the Vernon Art Gallery’s fundraiser, the O’Keefe Ranch fundraiser for St. Anne’s Church and events at the Winter Carnival.  He has also assisted with Habitat for Humanity projects and helped individuals find housing by acting on their behalf with the rental board. Most recently he is working on the Catherine Garden Project, which will provide independent living for seniors.  (the photo shows Rotarians Tanner Udenberg on the left and James Mayne on the right with Jack Gareb)
Vocational Service Award Rick Taylor 2015-10-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 22, 2015
Honorary Member
Club President Mary Jackson is recognizing Rotarian Ron Fairburn for his thirty five years of membership with Kal Rotary.  Ron has been on numerous committees, including a long time in membership and helped out with many club projects.
Honorary Member Rick Taylor 2015-10-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 22, 2015
Barbara Levesque came to our October 22nd meeting to talk to us about the John Howard Society. The homeless people they deal with are often trying to manage drug addiction and/or mental illness. Barbara said they provide nightly housing for about 100 people. History has shown them that for every person being housed, there are two more spending the night somewhere outside, so by her estimate there about 300 homeless people in the Vernon area.  Sadly, many of them are seniors. Barbara outlined a number of programs they oversee and noted that in the past ten years the society has received about $210,000 in funding from our Dream Auction.  The John Howard Society in this area, and the local programs they are conducting are outlined at their website -    (the photo shows Barbara on the left with Rotarian Annette Sharkey)
John Howard Society Rick Taylor 2015-10-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 15, 2015
From left to right, this photo shows Dean Francks and Jan Shumay from North Okanagan Youth and Family Services, Mandy Humphrey from North Okanagan Child Care & Montessori Pre-School (Maven Lane), Glory Westwell from Habitat for Humanity and Rotarian Taylor Dedora, who was the committee chairman for last year’s Dream Auction. All three organizations received funds last year from money raised through the Dream Auction.  They were invited to attend this meeting to show the club some of the local groups that benefit from this event.
An overview of Habitat for Humanity can be seen at
The North Okanagan Youth and Family Services website is
The photos below show Mandy receiving the funding cheque from Club President Mary Jackson and Taylor Dedora.  The funds were used to perform renovations at the Maven Lane child care site. A major bathroom upgrade was essential and it would also allow them to add 40 new spaces. In appreciation, and with a sense of humor, Mandy presented the club with one of the old (well cleaned) toilet seats that had been signed by the kids at Maven Lane.
Dream Auction Recipients Rick Taylor 2015-10-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 08, 2015
Keith Johnson spoke at our October 8th meeting about Leadership Development.  His message is best outlined in the description of a book he recently published called ‘A Garage Full of Ferraris’. 
“Every organization needs leadership. The organizations that achieve the most are usually the ones who have the strongest leaders. This book highlights the careers of a group of people who have achieved significant success in their lives who understand leadership. You will learn:
• How ordinary people overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams
• What role mentors play in your success and how to find a mentor
• How to change culture and bring about change
• The importance of having a vision and how to create a powerful vision even if you do not believe you are a visionary.
• Practical, simple approaches to motivate your team
The stories in this book are not about the chief executive officers of multinational corporations or world leaders, but rather about people challenged to achieve significant goals by working through other people. These are the people who know how to lead and know how to unleash the potential in their high-performance teams to drive extraordinary results".  His book is available through Amazon. (the photo shows Keith on the left with Rotarian Jerry Tellier)
Leadership Development Rick Taylor 2015-10-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 07, 2015
This photo shows Rotarian James Mayne (left) with Club President Mary Jackson saying welcome to one of our newest members, Randy Dhaliwal.  Randy is an obstetrics physician in Vernon.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 01, 2015
Welcome to a New Member
Rotarian Paul Filippi recently brought his friend Heinrich Metzger to a Rotary meeting to introduce him to the club. Heinrich has attended more meetings and decided he wanted to join Kal Rotary.  This photo was taken at Heinrich’s induction to the club and shows, left to right; Paul Filippi, Claudia & Heinrich Metzger, Club President Mary Jackson and James Mayne.
New Member Induction Rick Taylor 2015-10-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 01, 2015
Paul Harris Fellow
Club President Mary Jackson is shown here with Rotarians Barry Forster, on the left, and Roger Perry.  Barry is receiving his Paul Harris Fellow Certificate.  This is in recognition of donations to the Rotary Foundation.  The donations are used worldwide by the Foundation to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.
Paul Harris Fellow Rick Taylor 2015-10-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 01, 2015
Recognizing Long Term Members
At this meeting, Club President Mary Jackson acknowledged two members who have been with Rotary for many years. The photo above shows Mary with Peter Lockhart, who has been a Rotary member for 35 years.  Below, she is with Ruby Sharma, who has been with the club for 30 years.
Long Term Club Members Rick Taylor 2015-10-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 24, 2015
Christine Kirby spoke at our September 24th meeting about the I.C.B.C. Road Safety Program.   I.C.B.C. and the R.C.M.P. are working together to analyze road safety problems and develop programs to save lives, prevent accidents and lower the costs associated to these issues. Their analysis of these problems has surfaced the need for a variety of programs at specific times of the year.  For example, impaired driving can be a consistent problem but has specific peak periods, such as long weekends and the Christmas/New Year’s period that may need more attention or actions to handle. Distracted driving, such as cell phone use and texting while driving, has become a more serious problem that is being addressed by increased police enforcement and information advertising from I.C.B.C.   Information about the Road Safety Program is available at the I.C.B.C. website   (the photo shows Christine with Rotarian Rob Bauml)
I.C.B.C. Road Safety Program Rick Taylor 2015-09-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 18, 2015








There were two Paul Harris Fellow presentations at the September 17th meeting. From left to right the photo above shows last year’s Club President Greg MacKinnon, President Elect Brian Reid with his certificate, District Governor Greg Luring and Roger Perry, who is a past District Governor.

The photo below, left to right, shows Roger Perry, Sarah Sharma Blundell, District Governor Greg Luring and Greg MacKinnon. Sarah is the daughter of Ruby Sharma, who has been a member of Kal Rotary for many years.


Paul Harris Fellow Presentations Rick Taylor 2015-09-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 17, 2015
Greg Luring is the District Governor for our District 5060.  He attended and spoke at our September 17th meeting.  Greg and his wife Jan live in Yakima, Washington State, where they own a number of McDonalds franchises. Greg has been with Rotary for 34 years and served as President of the Yakima Rotary Club, where his involvement with the community saw a club membership increase of over 20 people.  He was also the founder and past president of the Yakima Rotary Trust, which has grown in assets to about $20 million. He spoke about his history with Rotary and how impressed he has been with the activities and achievements of this club.  Greg is seated in the middle with Club President Mary Jackson
A Visit By the District Governor Rick Taylor 2015-09-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 03, 2015
Shannon Sakakibara is a new member to Kal Rotary, and she recently spoke to the club about her past and what brought her to our club. She started by saying that her day usually involves dealing with half naked people laying face down on a table. This got everyone’s attention, and she explained that she is a Registered Massage Therapist. She grew up on Vancouver Island and just after graduating from high school was accepted as a Rotary Exchange Student, going to Thailand for a year. This was a trip she described as ‘life changing.’ On her return, she attended Camosun College in Victoria, and met Kyle, who she would later marry. They both enjoyed travel and outdoor sports, but eventually had to settle down and ended up in Vernon, where Kyle’s family was located. Shannon chose to take a Massage Therapy course and is now working for North End Spine and Sports. She chose to join Rotary because she believes we all have a responsibility to make the place we live a little better, and she wanted to ‘give back’ and say “Thank You” for an experience in Thailand that changed her life.  
Welcome to Kal Rotary Rick Taylor 2015-09-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 27, 2015
Hans Pete Mayr recently joined us for lunch and gave us the background story to Sparkling Hill Resort. The idea was inspired by the European Resorts that offer similar body health and wellness choices. These were not common in Canada so finding the initial investment interest was difficult. This was overcome when Mr. Mayr was able to speak with the members of the Swarovski crystal family. The resort was built and opened in 2010 and is the first in the world to integrate 3.5 million crystal elements into its design. You can read more about the Swarovski crystal involvement with the resort, and all that it offers as a health and wellness retreat at     (Photo shows Hans on the left, with Rotarian Wilf Lunde)
Sparkling Hill Resort Rick Taylor 2015-08-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 27, 2015
We recently said ‘goodbye’ to our Rotary Youth Exchange out-bound student. Tanner Lorenson is an 18 year old female student heading to Chum Phae, Thailand to attend high school. The best source of information about her and her journey can be found at her blog -    Tanner is seen in the photo with club president Mary Jackson.
Youth Exchange - our out-bound student Rick Taylor 2015-08-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 27, 2015
Our club recently welcomed our in-bound student from the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.  Jeffery Huang is 16 years old and came here from Hsinchu County in Taiwan.  He was sponsored by HsinChu Chuchiann Rotary Club, and presented our club with a banner from the Rotary International District 3500 that oversees the Taiwan club. He will be attending school here for the upcoming year. Jeffery is seen in the photo with Rotarian Greg MacKinnon.
Youth Exchange - our in-bound student Rick Taylor 2015-08-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 20, 2015
This group photo honors the Kalamalka Rotary Club members who had 100% attendance through the 2014/2015 Rotary Year. Perfect attendance can be achieved by attending all club meeting during the year, or attending any other club meeting to get a ‘make-up’ credit toward this club’s attendance record. We had a total of 31 members who achieved this goal. There are too many people in the photo to identify everyone, whoever we want to note the members with the longest period of 100% attendance; Clark Brewer, second from the right in the front row, received his 31st year pin, Jim Burns, third from the right front row, received a 28 year pin and Frank Anderson received his 25 year pin - Frank is front row, center wearing the brown shirt. There were five members in the 6 to 10 year range and the rest were from 1 year to 4.    
100% Attendance - 2014/15 Rotary Year Rick Taylor 2015-08-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 20, 2015

Red Ribbon Removal – The photo (L-R) shows Rotary Members Andy Betschler, Mathew Brown and James Mayne. James is overseeing the ceremony of removing the red ribbons from the name tags of Andy and Mathew. New members to the club receive their name tag at their induction to the club and the tag comes with a red ribbon attached to it. This helps identify them to older club members, who can assist them learning club functions, introduce them to other members and help guide them to being involved with one the club’s committees. New members are also asked to perform a few tasks, such as attending another club’s meeting, learn the make-up system of on-line videos and perform a classification talk to the club, where they can speak about their background and what brought them to join Rotary.

Red Ribbon Removal Rick Taylor 2015-08-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Morgan Roney on Aug 12, 2015
Jim Elderton came to the Kal Rotary to speak about the Vernon Towne Cinema.
Vernon Towne Cinema is a big part of Vernon’s history. In 1931 it started as The National Ball Room, and in 1937 plans to convert it to a movie theatre began. When the new theatre opened it was hailed the most modern and complete theatre in the province.  Even though there have been renovations, you can still see the highest point of the original tower from outside. The names of past staff are written on the walls of the projection booth.
Guest Speaker: Jim Elderton Morgan Roney 2015-08-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 06, 2015

Scott Manjak spoke at our August 6th meeting and gave us a glimpse into his background and what brought him to the Vernon area. Scott was raised in the Kootenay area but came to Vernon frequently to visit family. After high school he worked for CPR for a few years then went to work at a saw mill. While working there he continued his education and around the same time the mill closed he was completing his degree in Arts & Justice. Scott decided to take a chance at politics and ran for a councillor position in Cranbrook – he won and held the position for three terms.

Approaching the fourth term he moved up to running for Mayor and won that position. At the end of that term he had the opportunity to run again, but chose to leave the area as his wife, Raeleen, had an excellent job opportunity in Sparwood. He said that he enjoyed his time in politics and felt he had many accomplishments with the Cranbrook Council, but it was time for him to relax and move on to something else. Raeleen’s employment opportunities brought them to Vernon, where Scott thought he could enjoy some semi-retirement time playing golf, but instead saw a chance to work with the Family Resource Centre. While there, a fellow employee introduced him to Kal Rotary. He was very impressed with the friendship he found at the club and is looking forward to being involved with Kal Rotary projects.

Classification Talk Rick Taylor 2015-08-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 06, 2015

John Guest and his wife Helen have returned to this area and John has re-joined Kal Rotary. John was a club member in the past but had to leave when he returned to Great Britain. John noted that over the years he has belonged to about six different Rotary Clubs due to his family moves, and on one occasion served as Club President. He is very happy to be back at Kal Rotary and looking forward to being here a long time as he is now a permanent resident. (L-R photo shows Mike Stamhuis, Helen Guest, Club President Mary Jackson, John Guest and James Mayne)

Returning Club Member Rick Taylor 2015-08-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 30, 2015
Brad Clements addressed our club a number of months ago about the Okanagan Rail Trail Initiative.  He returned at a recent meeting to give us an update.  All parties concerned have now come to an agreement to purchase this property. The original asking price was about 50 million, and the final agreement ended up at 22 million. The track and ties have been removed from some areas and plans are set to remove the rest soon. Plans for development of the cleared areas are now being set – there will be some paved parts and the others will be packed crushed gravel, as access to some stretches is difficult.  About 24 km. is ‘lakefront’ and there are approximately 23 points of interest along the entire route; these include parks, some shopping areas and a distillery. Considering it will be available to pretty well any form of walkers, joggers and cyclists, it is anticipated there will be many thousands of users yearly.  Please visit their website for more information -   (photo shows Brad (R) with Rotarian Rob Bauml)
Okanagan Rail Trail - Re-visited Rick Taylor 2015-07-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 30, 2015
Troy McDonald is a new member to Kal Rotary and he recently spoke to the members about his background and what brought him to the club.  He was raised in the Armstrong area and many of his family members still live and work there.  His parents divorced when he was five years old and his father works in Fort McMurry, but he has stayed close to his father, who he describes as the rock in his life. His mother and step-dad work at Colony Farms.  Troy is married and has two boys – Lincoln, almost 5 years old, and Shae who is 3.  He commented that any bad day can be forgotten when he sees their smiley faces after work.
He graduated from high school in 2002 and started working at Nor-Val Rentals when he was 18 years old. Within 6 months he was running the Armstrong location. Over the following years he and his wife Jen purchased a home and he took charge of the Nor-Val business in Vernon.  He left briefly to explore the possibility of becoming an electrician, but found it was a difficult trade to get in to and he had bills to pay, so he spent some time working in Fort St. John with his brother.  A few years later he was offered a job back at Nor-Val as the operations manager and he decided it was time to settle down. He has now been there for about five years and is happy with the career.  The business is very community minded and sponsors many local events and projects. He is also very interested in working to make the Okanagan a better place to live and plans to achieve that through his membership in Rotary.
New Member Classification Talk Rick Taylor 2015-07-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 25, 2015
Vocational Talk
Rotary member Greg MacKinnon spoke briefly at a recent meeting to tell us about his career and how he has assisted people through that vocation. Greg is an Advisor and Partner at Latitude Financial Services.  He described himself as a very lucky guy, and the three things that are most important to him were his family, Rotary and his career.  He saw the three most important things in his job as helping people build, protect and retire with confidence, and this is done through proper financial counseling, wealth building and insurance planning.  He gave a number of examples where he was able to assist people achieve retirement goals, even some who started with him late in their lives. Insurance and risk planning are also part of his vocation, and there are times when he must deal with people in crisis situations. He described a few of these times and how he was able to financially assist them.  If you wish to talk to Greg about any of these services, he can be reached at the website  

Vocational Talk Rick Taylor 2015-07-26 00:00:00Z 0
Guest Speaker: Ashley Piderman Morgan Roney 2015-07-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 09, 2015
Mike Macnabb spoke at our July 9th meeting about local government. He is a director in electoral area “C” with the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO). He described the background to Regional Districts in this province and some of the similarities and differences between them and municipal governments. The RDNO is responsible for providing basic local services such as community planning, regional services such as solid waste management and services to different combinations of municipalities within all electoral areas. Please visit their website to see descriptions of all services provided and contact information, if needed -  (photo shows Rotarian Rob Bauml, on the left, with Mike)
A 30th Anniversary
John Hogarth is celebrating his 30th year in Rotary this month, having joined as a member of Kalamalka Rotary on July 3, 1985.  His sponsors were  Floyd Varchol and Hugh Mori.  John is known as our Cowboy poet and he wrote a poem for Vernon Rotary’s 90th Anniversary.  He has been active in many areas of service over the years.  The trail ride he and his cousin offer as part of the Dream Auction is memorable.  John was president the 16th year of the Dream Auction.  During his year as President, he oversaw the construction of the Coldstream skateboard park and the cenotaph.  He and Janis were regular exchange student hosts and were active in this program for many years.  John also chaired Vocational Service and was our club historian for many years. (photo shows John with Club President Mary Jackson, who also provided this story)
Rotary Foundation Award
Roger Perry presented Rotarian Beth Marks with a very special Rotary Foundation Award for her support of the Foundation. Beth explained to the club how important it was to her to provide this support and how good it can make someone feel when they are helping others.  The Rotary Foundation transforms gifts into projects that change lives at home and around the world.  One site that gives you a good insight into this process is    (photo, left to right, shows Roger, Beth and last year's Club President Greg MacKinnon)
Regional District of North Okanagan Rick Taylor 2015-07-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 08, 2015
Kal Rotary Fireside Chat
Was held last night and is an annual tradition that has endured over the years as a fun, welcoming, social activity that provides new members with a history of the Club and an explanation of the various opportunities for involvement.
Hosted in a club member’s house, this is an entertaining, yet informal way to learn about community and international projects, club activities and find common interests. (Photo - back row, left to right: Jim Ferguson, Troy McDonald, Peter Moore, Raeleen & Scott Manjak - front row: Andy Betschler, Club President Mary Jackson and Shannon Sakakibara)
Fireside Chat Rick Taylor 2015-07-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 02, 2015
July 2nd was our first meeting of the new Rotary Year. The new club president for this year is Mary Jackson – she started the meeting with an introduction video of K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran, the new Rotary International President, with his message for the year “Be a Gift to the World”.  The banner with this slogan can be seen in this photo of Mary with her husband Gene – she is thanking him for all of his support in the past and in the coming year as Club President.  Anyone wishing to see more information about Rotary International can view it on the Facebook link -   If you scroll through this link there is a video about K.R. Ravindran, his past and connection to Rotary.
Next on Mary’s list was an introduction of this year’s Club Executive members.  The photo, left to right, shows Andy Erickson, Jim Ferguson, Carmen Larsen, Doug Cuthbert, Mary Jackson, Jerry Tellier, Kim Nasipayko, Art Clark, Beth Marks, James Mayne and Greg MacKinnon.
Last year’s Club President was Greg MacKinnon, who started every meeting with the same wording - "For those who don't know me, my name is Greg MacKinnon."   Mary thanked Greg for his commitment to the club and a very successful year as Club President.  She presented him with a T-shirt that showed his weekly opening comment.
Mary said a farewell to Patty Kuen, our exchange student from Austria.  She returns home next Thursday.  Patty has been an integral part of our club for the past year, attending many meetings to tell us about her weekly events.  Many club members added her to their daily lives and events, and many became very close to her. Patty was an honorary club member for the past year and will be considered as ‘family’ by many members.
A new year also brings a new Sergeant at Arms, and with it the power to assess fines – all in ‘good nature’   Beth Marks is our new Sergeant and she is seen here thanking Ian Jensen for holding that position last year.  Ian did a fantastic job last year and he raised quite a bit of money for the club using his unique fine system.  Some club members “may” have donated more than others and I think Beth is saying that with the presentation of his T-shirt.
A New Rotary Year Rick Taylor 2015-07-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted on Jun 25, 2015
This will be my last official message as your president. In this final note I will give you an update of the events that happened at today's Celebration of Kal Rotary.
First off, our club received three awards -
  • The 2014-15 Presidential Citation Awarded to Kalamalka Rotary for actively working to 'Light up Rotary' from Gary C.K. Huang, President of Rotary International.
  • District 5060 Award for the Highest Per-Capita Rotary International Foundation Increase for Large Clubs.
  • District 5060 Exceptional Performance Award 2014-15 for having attained the RI Presidential Citation, Achieving Foundation and Membership Goals & Serving our community through leadership and significant contributions.
This is an amazing achievement and I thank each of you for helping with your contribution to Kal Rotary.
As well, today I presented Pippa Shaw with the "Rotarian of the Year" award for 2014-15 for her support in building membership in Kal Rotary. Pippa has brought in 6 new members this past year. Congratulations to Pippa! I am so proud of you!
Roger Perry presented 9 new and multiple Paul Harris Fellowship Awards -
  • Don Thompson - PHF
  • Pippa Shaw - PHF
  • Sarah Sharma Bludell -PHF
  • Darby MacKinnon - PHF
  • Frank Anderson -PHF +2
  • Ruby Sharma - PHF +3
  • Art Haycock - PHF +4
  • Jerry Tellier - PHF +6
  • Bonnie Berry - PHF +8
Congratulations  - The Rotary Foundation thanks you!
As well, I announced that we surpassed our Rotary Foundation goals by giving a total of $20,056 USD to the Rotary Foundation this year. This is an all time high. We also achieved $204,285 USD in all time giving. I am so proud of our club as these are personal donations to the Rotary Foundation.
Our Dream Auction raised over $200,000 this past year taking our total to just over $3 Million in all time donations. Our Local Donations committee donated over $117,280 to local organizations and our International Donations Committee donated over $45,621 to worthwhile organizations around the world.
Today, Mary Jackson received her official 2015-16 President's Pin and announced that Neil Perry would be our club president following Mary and Brian Reid. Neil's year will start in 2017-2018. As I have mentioned many times before - our club has a long history of strong presidents and I look forward to supporting all of these fine people in the coming years.
I leave you with these final words -  Remember the Four Way Test in everything that you say and do, live Service Above Self and believe in the Fellowship of Rotary. This is all the World really needs! Thanks for 'Lighting Up Rotary'!
Yours in Rotary,
Greg MacKinnon
"It's great to do business with a Rotarian"
Year End Message From Outgoing President Rick Taylor 2015-06-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 25, 2015
It is Great to do Business With a Rotarian
Ken James spoke briefly at our June 25th meeting about his 41 year history in banking. The second half of that time has been with the Valley First Credit Union.  Many years ago Valley First was the result of a merger with three other smaller credit unions. He deals in a variety of commercial, small business and custom finances and covers an area that spreads out to Salmon Arm and Merritt.  He asked the question “Are you tired of paying high bank fees?” – he has the answer, come and talk to him -
Business with a Rotarian Rick Taylor 2015-06-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 21, 2015
At our June 18th meeting, Club President Greg MacKinnon spoke about the legacy of David Jones who recently passed away.  David was a Rotary member for many years and received a Paul Harris Fellow award for his work with an orphanage in Mexico.  David was a true believer in public service. At this meeting, Greg presented David’s wife Jo Jones with a Paul Harris Fellow award in recognition of David’s lifetime commitment to ‘community & service’   
A Special Paul Harris Fellow Presentation Rick Taylor 2015-06-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 11, 2015
Matt Scaife and Marilyn Byfield attended our June 11th meeting to talk about organ transplants. Matt received a liver transplant about 15 years ago and Marilyn received her liver transplant a few years ago.  Both transplants were life saving.
Matt talked about the very long wait and testing he went through before becoming eligible to be on the waiting list for a transplant, then carrying a pager waiting for a call that an organ was available. His main message was for more people to register their wishes to be a donor. In the past this was done through your driver’s licence, but that system was abandoned about 10 years ago.
It is now done on-line and linked to your medical card. Matt pointed out that it is also very important that you also inform your family members of your decision. You can complete this registration, see current stats about transplants and get your questions answered at their website -   (the photo from left to right shows Matt, Club President Greg MacKinnon and Marilyn)
The Club & Patty Saying Goodbye
Patty Kuen is our exchange student from Austria, and today she started the process of saying goodbye after spending the past year attending school here. Patty has attended many of our meetings to tell the club about her activities at school and with her host families.
Today she presented a photo slide show of her time with these host families and many of the things she did with them. It was obvious that she enjoyed being with these families and the new things she got to see and do. She has a very friendly & outgoing personality and I suspect she has formed many personal bonds over the past year.
I know she was very well thought of by the club members and will be missed. (photo shows Patty with Club President Greg MacKinnon
Organ Donation Saves Lives Rick Taylor 2015-06-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jun 04, 2015
June 4th meeting – Linda Yule is the Executive Director of the North Okanagan/Columbia/Shuswap branch of the United Way and also a member of our club.
Today she gave us a background history of the United Way and information about some of their current programs. She started by telling us that 125 years ago in Denver, a minister, a priest and a rabbi walked into a room.....sounded like she was starting with a joke, but it turned into three different groups looking for a way to work together at fund raising and doing programs for the public.  The United Way was the eventual result.
The United Way Mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. This creates a vision of a healthy, caring and inclusive community.  They are the largest non-government funder of social programs. She spoke about some local programs dealing with the Boys & Girls Club, pre-natal nutrition, funding for the Upper Room Mission, Mental Health Association and Senior Independent Living.
Their website details many more programs that they are involved with, and provides more information about the organization -   (The photo shows Linda with Club President Greg MacKinnon)
Induction – A New Rotary Member
This photo (left to right) shows Club President Greg MacKinnon with Raeleen & Scott Manjak, Barb Keith and Dave DeShane. Scott is one of our newest club members. He was sponsored by Barb and will be mentored by Dave.
It is Great to do Business With a Rotarian
Art Clark has been a Rotary member since 1981.  Today he told us about the path he took that eventually led to his partnership business: Clark Robinson – Certified General Accountants.
He started in Retail Management and attended U/Vic at night. He entered the accountant business in 1978 and saw many changes in partners and business opportunities before arriving at his current business. There are now 6 partners and 16 staff members serving customers. You can see more about this business at
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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 28, 2015

His Worship Vernon Mayor Akbal Mund joined us for lunch at our May 28th meeting and fielded questions from the club members. Most of the current issues in Vernon were raised and Mayor Mund was open to anything asked of him. The By-Pass issue is still being considered, but difficult to satisfy everyone involved, Stickle Road is still a safety concern but has no clear solution yet, the future of Kin Race Track still has not been settled but there is a sense that the interest in horse racing is declining so there are still many questions where this will end, the Civic Arena is not being torn down as the building is still solid and could be used for something like a museum or art gallery and the idea that the tourist booth could house a bicycle rental business was raised – this would allow large motor homes to be easily parked and a more enjoyable means of visiting the city available to tourists. When asked about the ‘best & worst’ parts of the position, he said the worst is the amount of reading necessary to keep up with all of the issues and the best was meeting the people and dealing with their issues and concerns. This was a very interesting and informative meeting. (The photo shows Mayor Mund on the left with Rotarian Dustin Stadnyk)

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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 21, 2015
Troy  McDonald is the newest member of Kal Rotary.  We welcomed Troy to our club at the May 21st meeting. The photo shows Club President Greg MacKinnon on the left beside Troy, his wife Jen and Peter Moore, who sponsored Troy and will be his mentor.
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Posted by Patti Lefkos on May 19, 2015
(The photo shows Sandy on the left beside Club President Greg MacKinnon)

Little did Sandy Treagus know when he came to Canada in 1985 as a Rotary exchange student thirty years ago that he would one day return to Canada and become CFO of the Mountain Equipment Coop, MEC. It is a rare day when he doesn’t think of life lessons and parenting advice learned during his year in Vernon sponsored by the Kalamalka Rotary Club.

Upon Return home to South Africa he studied Commerce and Law and later became a Chartered Accountant. Turbulent times followed in South Africa. Nelson Mandela was freed and became president, the apartheid system was over ruled and the gap between haves and have-nots widened. Fifteen years later, two life threatening experiences convinced him to marry his wife Jeanie and come to Canada.

As CFO of MEC he has brought the brand into the modern, more fashionable work, never sacrificing quality and durability of the goods.

His latest accomplishment, construction of the MEC Head office in North York, Ontario has achieved platinum status for energy efficiency. The multipurpose room featuring TRX work out stations, yoga and spin classes, cross fit and table tennis. Maybe that’s why he looks so fit!

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Posted by Rick Taylor on May 03, 2015
What is cider? Melisa Dobernigg from ‘The BX Press Cidery & Orchard’ came to our April 30th meeting to answer that question.  The orchard is about 35 acres in the BX area of Vernon and is now third generation family operated. Melissa gave us a history lesson on the farm and orchard, where “BX” came from and the people involved in this orchard since it was purchased by the grandparents in 1946. She also talked about the numerous variety of apples grown and how the apple orchard evolved to also include a ‘Cidery’  This is a very interesting story about a successful family business and I really encourage anyone interested in learning more about this, or interested in attending one of their Tasting Sessions, to look at their website –    (photo shows president-elect Mary Jackson on the left, Melissa in the middle and Rotarian Carmen Larsen on the right)
It is Great to do Business With a Rotarian
Matthew Brown spoke briefly about his career and involvement with Rotary.  Matthew has been an investment advisor for fifteen years.  He believes the term ‘advisor’ means to be a coach or counsellor to anyone seeking investment advice. He would sooner guide them toward a wise decision than push them into something they do not understand.  Matthew believes his success in the business can be seen by the number of long term clients he continues to help.  He joined Rotary to be involved and as a means to give back to the community.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 24, 2015
Gene Dolinsky is a retired orthodontist and one of our club members.  He spoke and presented a slide show at our April 23rd meeting about his Rotaplast trip to Cebu in the Philippines.  Rotaplast International is a non-profit, humanitarian organization founded in 1992 as a world community service project of the Rotary Club of San Francisco. Rotaplast is committed to changing lives through reconstructive surgery and has performed over 15,000 surgeries in countries around the world. Gene was with a group that represented about 23 different Rotary Clubs from Canada and the Philippines.  They were in Cebu for about two weeks and the surgeons in the group performed cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries on about 40 children from age 3 and up.  Every child who had this surgery received a homemade quilt that came as a gift from a variety of quilt clubs. One of Gene’s photos showed a quilt from a club in Nakusp. There is more information about Rotoplast International at  and Rotaplast Canada at   
It is Great To Do Business With A Rotarian
Don Gilowski spoke about his career as a realtor with Royal LePage.  Most of his work is residential in the city, but he has also been involved with farms and orchardists. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board and also volunteers with the Vernon Winter Carnival, helping organize the parade and Marti Gras. He has been with Rotary for nine years and was a Club President at the Tri Lakes Club, which was a supper club in Vernon. He enjoys the fellowship aspect of Rotary and is proud of the international and community work it does.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 17, 2015
Angela Yablonski and Tina Sorgen came to our April 16th meeting and told us about the Zimbabwe Project.  This started with Angela going on a Mission Trip to Africa in 2007 where she saw the families were doing the best they could with what they had, and they had very little.  Children were going to school in buildings that were close to falling down and trying to learn with parts of books.  She discovered that this area had a very high number of orphans and in many cases kids were being cared for by other slightly older kids.  She has returned yearly with other volunteers to help teach them how to develop basic projects. One example was a sewing project that resulted in making school uniforms for the area and the return from that was enough to buy better sewing machines. Tina was a volunteer last year and she helped teach some of the older boys how to build some basic wood structures.  She said they caught on really fast and were eager to ‘build more things’.  There is much more information about this at    (The photo, left to right, shows Rotarian Morgan Roney with Angela and Tina)  
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Posted by Patti Lefkos on Apr 17, 2015
Rotarian Patti Lefkos gave a talk, illustrated by slides operated by her husband Barry Hodgins, about her solo spring 2014 trip to Nepal. During her time there she volunteered for two weeks teaching English at Bhairabi School in Ratmate Village, a seven hour hardscrabble dirt road Jeep ride west of Kathmandu. At the end of the two weeks she visited an even more remote school four hours further west. There in Aaprik Village, she discovered a 54 year old mud and stone school called Devi Jal Kumari, crumbling down around its 225 students.
In January 2015, she and her husband Barry Hodgins, both former educators, and three friends, another educator, a retired banker and a paramedic, formed the BC registered non-profit Nepal One Day at a Time Society in oder to raise funds to rebuild the school and support education in the Gorkha District. They have presented several slide shows, produced and sold photo art cards of Nepal and will soon begin a crowd funding campaign to raise funds. They are collaborating with Rotarian Prem K. Khatry, a two time Paul Harris fellow, member of the Kathmandu based Rotary Club of  Mt. Everest - Lalitpur, who is founder of the Nepali registered charity Sambhav Nepal. Prem has successfully collaborated with the Rotary Club of Wahroonga from Sydney, Australia on several projects in a nearby area for the past eight years.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 09, 2015
April 9th -  At today's meeting we heard how our International Service Committee has recently provided 148 micro loans to individuals in 39 different countries around the world.  This is done through an organization called KIVA.   Every day, Kiva connects thousands of people to borrowers and partner institutions around the world, working together to create opportunity and alleviate poverty. It only takes $25 to get started. The complete program is explained at the website link below. You will be able to see how past loans have aided people in developing countries complete their goals, how the funds are repaid and how you can open an account and become involved with this program.  
New Member Induction
This photo, left to right, shows Club President Greg MacKinnon, Kyle & Shannon Sakakibara, Pippa Shaw and Peter Moore.  Shannon is a new member to the club, sponsored by Pippa.  Peter welcomed her to Kal Rotary and explained the benefits, rewards and obligations of being a member.
“It’s Great To Do Business With A Rotarian”
Rotarian Calvin Hoy spoke to us about his business as a private wealth advisor.  He spoke about family trusts, preserving wealth, capital growth and assisting families navigate multi-generational wealth. His services and contact information can be found on his website –
After talking about his business, he spoke about his passion – “Mama Hogg’s Salad Dressing”.  This is a Grilled Caesar Salad Dressing that he developed and offers for sale locally. It can be found at Cooper’s Food, Save-On Foods, Buy-Low Foods and Butcher Boys. It was obvious that he was very proud of this product and has enjoyed the process of getting it on the market.  He is now working on a vegan balsamic vinaigrette dressing that will soon be available.  He has yet to come up with a name for it – If you have any suggestions in the “Mama Hogg” style, give him a call.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 02, 2015
This photo was taken at our April 2nd meeting and shows Rotarian Tanner Udenberg, on the right, with Club President Greg MacKinnon.   Tanner is a Doctor of Optometry with Vernon Optometry and today told us about his part in the Volunteer Eye Care Mission that recently went to Haiti to provide eye care to people in need.  This group of volunteer include professionals in eye care, doctors, nurses, teachers and others who just went to help. In the past, these volunteers have been to Nicaragua, Mexico Fiji, Thailand and other developing countries to provide eye care.  Haiti is recovering from a massive earthquake five years ago and although a considerable amount of money was raised to aid them, we saw through Tanner’s photos and description that many people are still living in very poor conditions. The volunteer eye care mission provided eye examinations and glasses to about 2,200 people. There were many who needed more intensive work, including eye surgery, and this was also provided. The group visited three orphanages and a children’s hospital. His photos showed lots of smiling children that appeared to be well taken care of and were very happy to receive the attention and sunglasses given out by the volunteers.  He noted that the sad part is how many orphan children there were who needed this help.
Tanner explained that this mission was part of a V.O.S.H. project. V.O.S.H. is  short for Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity and there is much more information about this at their website –
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Posted by Morgan Roney on Mar 26, 2015
Beth Marks introduced Constable Kathy Szoboticsanec.
Kathy joined the RCMP in 2005 in Vernon, following working as a Vancouver policewoman since 1992.  She works with youth in Vernon in elementary, high-school, and alternative schools. One of her main tasks is to do talks. She has a big focus on internet safety and finds it’s as important to educate the parents as the children. Kathy also works with drug and alcohol abuse and works closely with the community.
Kathy told a story important to her about how she “checked in” on a student daily and he went from a child at risk, to an adult with a job and no drug abuse.
She believes it’s important to support the whole household and not just the child. It’s also key to keep children out of the criminal justice system unless it’s absolutely necessary. Early intervention is very important.
Even though Vernon has some of the best services she has seen, one of the main needs of the community is more treatment centers.
In thanks for her time for speaking to us the Rotary club donated to feed a family in need for three months.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 20, 2015
Sue Rossi is an Executive Director with the Canadian Mental Health Association in British Columbia.  She attended our March 19th meeting and gave us some background history about the association and outlined a few of the very many programs currently being done by the C.M.H.A.  It was started in Canada in 1918 by doctors trying to deal with World War One veterans who had returned home and were suffering from what was then called ‘Shell Shocked’ and is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (aka P.T.S.D.)   There are currently 135 branches in Canada and 19 in this province.  Since research and history have shown that about 1 in 5 people will deal with some form of mental illness/issue in their lifetime, and many will need assistance, the programs offered by these branches are essential. 
Sue described the local area branch as a very enthusiastic group of about 80 full-time, part-time and volunteer members, who are running many programs and really want more community involvement and more awareness by the community of what they are doing.  All branches run pretty much the same programs that deal with mental health issues, covering all ages and many situations.  She spoke about the need for depression screening in the schools, providing subsidized housing for young families struggling with mental health issues, lunch programs, promoting women’s wellness and the need for coaches who are sometimes face to face, but can also provide anonymous help.  There are too many programs to mention here, so if you want more information or need to contact someone, the Vernon Branch is available at and the main site for British Columbia is    (photo shows Rotarian Kelly Fehr with Sue)
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Posted by Patti Lefkos on Mar 14, 2015
Rotary Meeting Report for March 11, 2015.
It’s Great to do Business with a Rotarian
 “An accountant tells you about a problem you didn’t know you had, then charges you to fix it,” said George Agar, lightheartedly explaining his role as partner in the firm Agar, Schneider and Lett. In Vernon since 1996 and a partner since 1999, George values the extensive background of his partners, semi-retired Patrick Lett, who has worked in Vernon since 1964, and James Schneider, whose experience includes working with industry and the auditor general. George invites all Rotarians to come by for a coffee in the morning or something stronger in the afternoon.
John Hogarth Cowboy Poet
 Rotarian John Hogarth (aka Cowboy Poet Jesmond Jake) dropped by to read his moving historical poem honouring the Vernon Rotary Club at their 90th celebration evening. The poem reviewed the history of the Vernon Rotary Club. See below:
VERNON NEWS WAS THE TOWN'S LOCAL RAG                                                         
Welcome Back Andy Betschler
 Kalamalka Rotary Director at Large Peter Moore and Club President Greg MacKinnon officially welcomed back Andy Betschler to Rotary after an absence of several years. Andy was supported at his induction by Ken James, who serves as both Andy’s sponsor and his mentor. (photo left to right shows Peter, Greg, Andy and Ken)
Red Ribbon Ceremony
 James Mayne presided over the Red Ribbon Ceremony congratulating new members George Agar, Bill Spencer and Jacqueline Rivard (absent) on successfully fulfilling the eight requirements, such as visiting another club and attending a club social event, for removal of their ribbons. (photo left to right is George, Bill and James)
Paul Harris Awards
Roger Perry presented the Paul Harris Award to Carolyn Laidman-Betts in honour of her donations to the Rotary Foundation. Roger congratulated Carolyn on her assistance to others and on keeping Rotary such an important part of her life. He expressed thanks from the Foundation and Kalamalka Rotary for her commitment and generosity.
Roger presented a second Paul Harris award to Annette Sharkey, fondly known as the “Sharkey sandwich” to travelers who shared a jeep with her during a recent trip to Ethiopia where she and Roger were visiting several Rotary International projects funded by Kalamalka Rotary. “Annettte’s life exemplifies the humanitarian and educational values of Rotary,” said Roger, noting in particular her tireless, exacting and exemplary work in preparing successful matching grant applications.
Guest Speaker Kevin Poole
 Kevin Poole, Manager of Economic Development and Tourism for the City of Vernon, updated club members on growth statistics for Vernon and the Okanagan area. He highlighted several important commercial building permits including new premises in Vernon for Okanagan Spirits, Catherine Gardens Seniors Residence, Central Animal Clinic and BC Hydro. New items on his agenda include the renewal of the 2% hotel tax for 2015 to 2020, innovations in hotel guest accommodation tracking, and the annual Vernon Tourism Guide. Kevin is currently looking for volunteers interested in serving on the Economic Development Advisory Committee and would welcome participation from Rotary members. Contact Kevin at 250-550-3249. More information about this can be found at:    or    (photo shows Rotarian Morgan Roney (left) with Kevin)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 05, 2015
March 5th Meeting – Lisa Roberts spoke to us about the ‘North Okanagan Better at Home Program’ sponsored by the NEXUSBC Community Resource Centre. The program is aimed at seniors over the age of 60 who require some assistance to remain at home. The number of seniors in our general population is growing and will soon reach the 25% level. To ensure they continue to be an active part of our community, they often need support to live independently in their own homes.  However, many do not have friends or family nearby or available to assist them.  The Better at Home Program will help them with simple ‘everyday’ tasks, such as transportation for appointments & shopping, light housecleaning, minor home repairs and light yard work; they hope to add ‘Friendly Visiting’ in the near future. The program is funded by the Provincial Government and for the most part run by volunteers.  If you are interested in getting more information about any of these services, or want to know more about the volunteer aspect of the program, visit their website at    (photo shows Rotarian Annette Sharkey, on the left, with Lisa)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 26, 2015
A new member and a returning member spoke at our February 26th meeting and told us about their background and what brought them to Kal Rotary.  The photo shows Club President Greg MacKinnon (left) with Patti Lefkos and Andy Betschler.
Patti was raised in Ontario and spent her teenage years in Europe.  She started teaching in an elementary school in Toronto, then moved to Vancouver where she spent about 20 years with the Vancouver School Board as a teacher and principal.  She also obtained her Masters Degree in Environmental Education and has now moved into the ‘Freelance Writing’ field.  She currently supplies articles for ladies magazines and both a local and a U.S. based newspaper. She had a connection to a Rotary Club when she was working in Vancouver, and saw how that club helped the youth in a vulnerable area.  She is now settled in the Okanagan and very happy to be a part of Kal Rotary.
Andy told us about growing up in Bavaria, mountain climbing, skiing, experiencing their unique style of clothing and apparently learning to yodel; something he says he will do, but only with the ‘right prompting.’  His family moved to the Fraser Valley area when he was a teenager, and he eventually went into the Hotel Management business. When business slowed, he moved to a financial management career that eventually brought him to work at a local Credit Union. He recently decided to try his own business and has now started a Business Accounting Firm. Earlier in his career, he worked in Vernon and at that time joined Kal Rotary.  Now living back in this area, he was looking forward to his return to the club. Perhaps at some future function he can tell us some “old stories” about the club members, and we can figure out what ‘prompting’ is needed to hear him yodel.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 20, 2015
Hana Ouchi visited our February 19th meeting and described her trip to Lyon, France.  Hana was our Rotary Youth Exchange outbound student in 2013/14. Hana was a Fulton Graduate and is now at U.B.C. working on an Arts Degree.  She has also become involved with the Rotoract Club at U.B.C. and is really enjoying their activities.  She stayed with three Host Families in Lyon and has remained very close to all of them.  She described the school system there as very intense, but they have a ‘trade-off’ - for every very busy 6 weeks in school, they get a 2 week period off that allowed her to do a lot of travelling and sight-seeing. Two of these bus trips were planned by the Rotary Club in Lyon, and these trips took them to three different neighbouring countries. And, part of this was a chance to attend an Exchange Event where she met students from around the world. She has stayed in touch with quite a few of them and knows she can travel to a lot of foreign places and have a friend there to stay with.  She said that all of the students involved with this exchange have very high praise for Rotary International as their sponsor; it truly allows them to experience the “Global Community.” (photo shows Club President Greg MacKinnon with Hana) 
The Rotary Exchange Student website for this area has many links, photos and information about the program -
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 12, 2015
We had the pleasure of ‘Royal Visitors’ at our February 12th meeting.  Alicia Hill-Turner, recently crowned as this year’s Queen Silver Star, and Hannah Vas who was crowned as one of the Silver Star Princesses, came to our meeting for a short visit. Alicia was sponsored by Kalamalka Rotary in this event and she wanted to thank the club for the help and support she had received.  Kal Rotary member, Betty Gallant, has overseen our involvement in the Queen Silver Star Excellence Program for the past 15 years. Betty spoke to the club about this program and explained the process of selecting the girl who would represent Kal Rotary. Betty noted that over that 15 year period, 3 of the Kal Rotary candidates have been selected as Queen and 2 others were chosen to be Princesses.
Kal Rotary is provided with a list of candidates in the summer. After interviews are conducted, one is selected to represent the club and she is presented with the Kal Rotary Banner and Tiarra at Media Night in September. During the following months all of the candidates will take part in a Fashion Show, attend Toastmasters Club, attend a variety of scholastic courses, provide about 20 hours of volunteer time with a local charity, take part in a talent show and give a speech about their sponsor.  This process concludes in early February, where the top three winners from the Talent Show return for final judging and the Queen and Princesses are announced.  (photo shows, left to right, Club President Greg MacKinnn, Hannah, Alicia and Betty Gallant)
B.C. Conservation Officer Service
Conservation Officer Mike Richardson spoke to us about the history of the service and the job they are currently doing.  They started in 1905 as Game Wardens and in 1961 their title was changed to Conservation Officer. They currently have about 135 officers in the Province; about 80 are involved in enforcement or field work and the rest deal with the administration duties. They enforce approximately 25 Provincial Statutes and 6 Federal Acts that relate to things like the environment, conservation, boating, hunting and clean air & water issues. Dealing with problem animals is on top of their ‘call out’ list, the majority being bears, cougars, coyotes and deer. He felt it was very important to educate people to the fact each officer covers a very large area and they depend on support and assistance from the public in reporting the problems they encounter.  An example would be RAPP, which is the “Report All Poachers or Polluters” program.  There is more information about this and the Conservation Officer Service at   (photo shows C.O. Richardson with Club President Greg MacKinnon)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 07, 2015
February 5th meeting - Annette Sharkey and Roger Perry presented the photos and story about their recent trip to Ethiopia and outlined the results of our donations to projects there. Through the fund raising of our Annual Dream Auction our International Donations Committee donated $15,000 to these projects. This money was matched from a Rotary Foundation Grant which our club had applied for (now $30,000) and added to $18,000 that other clubs in our district had donated making it a total of $48,000! Annette and Roger explained how this money was used to help make a difference in the lives of others.
Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa and has about 88 million inhabitants.  It is the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second-most populated nation on the African continent.  It is a beautiful country with old architecture, churches and castles.  There is very little tourism.  Our involvement here was the assistance to two girl’s schools and a home for abandoned babies. 
The Ambo Mesk School is for girls in the primary grades.  The grants have been used to move the school from a very primitive structure with mud or cow dung floors to what we know as a modern school with proper sanitation.  The Jimma House provides the opportunity for girls to attend the high school grades. There are about ten girls currently there. Our Seaton High School Rotary Club also assisted in raising funds to support this house – that story can be seen at
The Bethel Home was started by a young couple trying to help find homes for abandoned babies. They currently have about 22 children ranging from new-born to about 6 years old.  They assist with adoptions through their government agency for local and international adoptions; most adoptions are completed locally.
Annette and Roger went to see how well the schools were progressing and how the grant money was being used.  They were expecting to meet with a small committee from the schools, but were greeted by about 700 locals who quickly showed how grateful the community is for this assistance.  They were a bit overwhelmed by the size of this welcome, but felt this really showed how the grants are having a huge positive impact on the families there.  (The photo shows, left to right, Roger, Annette and Kal Rotary President Greg MacKinnon)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 30, 2015
January 29 – Jacqueline Rivard is one of Kal Rotary’s new members and today she spoke to us about her past and why she decided to join Rotary.  She was born in Kamloops and raised in Vernon. Her parents ran a business in the downtown area of Vernon, and they lived on a farm. Jacqueline recalls growing up with lots of animals and hay around. In her high school years she became involved with ‘theatre’ and that eventually led to performances at the Powerhouse Theatre.  She was also very involved with Trinity United Church’s Camp Hurlburt. She was a councillor there and when she was 13 years old, her father brought her to a Kal Rotary meeting where she was asked to speak about the camp. I suspect her ‘theatre training’ helped her perform the impromptu speech.
After high school, she ventured away from Vernon to ‘see the world’ but ended up in the cold of northern Manitoba.  The decision to return to Vernon was an easy one. She is now a Manager of Client Care with The Royal Bank, and has decided to return to the Rotary where she first spoke about Camp Hurlburt.  She also mentioned that somewhere in this ‘growing up’ process, she picked up the nickname of “Bossy Jackie” – it is hard to imagine that, as she has been the same happy bubbly person at every meeting.  Welcome to Kal Rotary.
Paul Harris Award
This photo shows Rotary Members Paul Filippi, on the left, with Roger Perry.  Roger had presented Paul with a Paul Harris Award for his donation to the Rotary Foundation.  There is a very good description of this award at the following website:
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 22, 2015
Ken Waldon attended our January 22nd meeting and gave us a description of how Crime Stoppers functions. Ken has been with the North Okanagan/Shuswap chapter of Crime Stoppers for almost 20 years. The basic idea is to provide a non-profit community based crime solving program working in conjunction with the police, the media and the public to make the community safer. It empowers people to fight back against crime by submitting an anonymous tip regarding criminal events or the property associated to crime. The original program started in 1976 and it currently operates in over 20 countries worldwide.
The North Okanagan/Shuswap office was formed in 1989 and to date has overseen the recovery of property valued at about $760,000.  This amount jumps into the multiple millions when the value of seized illegal drugs is added to it. The information provided by Ken easily showed the value of the program, and he pointed out that the main reason for that is based on the 100% guarantee that tips are anonymous. Ken described the phone call system and encryption programs used to achieve that goal for tips coming in. They have also devised a system to ensure similar anonymity when the tipster receives a monetary reward for the information they provided.
The North Okanagan/Shuswap website has more information about the program, a list of current missing persons, wanted people and outstanding crimes. It also provides information about how to contact them with a tip – it can be viewed at .  (photo shows Ken, on the left, with Rotarian Rob Bauml)
North Okanagan/Shuswap Crime Stoppers Rick Taylor 2015-01-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 15, 2015
Our January 15th meeting was completely handled by five members of the W.L. Seaton Rotary Club.  This high school club is now ten years old and currently has about fourteen members.  The membership changes yearly as students graduate and leave the school, however, according to these young ladies, most of them will continue to have a connection of some sort to Rotary. (photo shows the five students, left to right, Kristen Morgan, Bailey Morin, Sophie Sullivan, Meighan Kerr and Jenna Smith. Rotary members Andy Erickson, on the left, and Jim Ferguson are our liaison members to this club)
Their club president, Kristen Morgan, ran our meeting and very quickly showed she was a confident impressive speaker. She will graduate this year and has plans to attend U.B.C.O., where she will also continue with Rotary if there is a club there. She was later asked what she would do if there is no Rotary Club there – her answer was quick, “Then I will start one!”
Bailey and Sophie spoke on behalf of the Seaton Club and gave us an update on the programs the club has been doing. The money raised from these programs  remain with the club for future use.
  • They did the coat check at our Dream Auction and raised $800.00 in tips.
  • ‘Catching Cans’ resulted in 1600 cans of food for the Food Bank
  • Their recycling bins gain them about $100 per month
  • The ‘Jimma Scholarship House’ provided food for women in the Horn of Africa
  • Christmas Backpacks filled by donation gave backpacks to kids who needed them
  • The ‘Little Books Literacy Program’ provided free books for children
  • A ‘Community Garden’ taught basic food growth & value to students
  • ‘Indie Fest’ was organized for local bands to play in the Seaton Gym
  • ‘Just Teenagers’ focused on the value and potential of all teenagers, including the “odd” ones who may be called rebels because quite often these are the ones who change the world.
Meighan and Jenna performed the “Sergeant at Arms” duties and did an excellent job of ‘Pulling Dollars From Pockets” through their question and answer test, and the usual ‘Happy & Sad Bucks’ – all the money they raised went to their Club.  
All of these young ladies very effectively made the point that the Seaton Rotary Club has met the challenge of “Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk”, and they are very proud of achieving this goal.
Paul Harris Awards
Rotary members Bruce Shepherd and Art Clark were presented with Paul Harris Awards for their donations to the Rotary Foundation.  Roger Perry made the presentations and explained the work done by the Foundation as well the advantages of being involved. (photo shows, left to right, Kristen Morgan from the Seaton Rotary Club, Roger, Bruce and Art)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 10, 2015
January 8, 2015 – This was our first meeting of the New Year and also the Annual General Meeting to establish the Executive Positions for the next Rotary Year starting July 1st, 2015.
Patty Kuen is our exchange student for this school year; Rotary Baden initiated her trip to Vernon.  Patty is from Austria and today gave us a presentation about her home country.  She lives near Vienna, a city known for its connection to the music of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss.  Austria is a small country that borders many other countries – her native tongue is German and her best friend lives in Turkey.  Historical events and wars have altered Austria’s borders many times over the years.  It is very mountainous with many forests and is involved in many winter sports.  She described it as a ‘pretty country’ that has all four seasons.  The school system is different from ours as they start to choose their career path after grade 4.  She gave us a very good overview of the country and the style of life there, and left us with a quote that she felt describes the people – “Let others wage war. You, lucky Austria, shall marry.”  (the photo shows Club President Greg MacKinnon with Patty)
A new member is introduced & welcomed
Patti Lefkos is the newest member to join Kal Rotary.  She was sponsored by Rotarian Pippa Shaw.  The photo shows (left to right) Club President Greg MacKinnon, Patti, her mentor Jim Ferguson, and Peter Moore.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Dec 04, 2014
Dec. 4 – Rodney Goodchild spoke at today’s meeting, and gave us the history behind the development of Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery.  It was founded in 2004 with the aim of using the fruit that was being left to rot in the many Okanagan valley orchards and distill these into fruit brandies and liqueurs.  Okanagan Spirits is recognized as a Master Class Distillery and many of their products have been recognized for their high quality.  They maintain this high quality by ensuring no artificial flavours, colourings, stabilizers or preservatives are added to their products, some of which are now available in liquor stores and restaurants throughout Western Canada.
Okanagan Spirits has been responsible for causing many positive changes to the Craft Distillery business in this province over the past ten years.  These changes have seen the industry grow to 24 licensed Craft Distilleries in British Columbia. In 2015 they will be moving to a new location in Vernon that will allow them to expand their business and production. They currently have 25 different products, and offer a variety of tours and tastings to introduce you to them.  Have a look at their website –    (photo shows Rotarian Steve Alexander-Pope on the left with Rodney)
Take Off That Red Ribbon!
A new member of Kal Rotary will receive a name tag that displays their name and occupation.  This tag also comes with a red ribbon attached to it. The purpose of the red ribbon is to show other club members that they are new to the club.  This allows the seasoned members to step up and assist where they can to welcome them and introduce them to the various club functions.  The red ribbon can be removed when the new member has completed a list of tasks that are fairly easy, but will require some effort.  A few items on this list are: attending a different Rotary meeting, becoming familiar with the various Rotary websites, completing an on-line make-up and doing a short presentation to the club.  This presentation is called a Classification Talk and it allows the new member an opportunity to introduce themselves and give a bit of their history and the reasons why they wanted to join Rotary.
The photo shows James Mayne, on the left, welcoming the new members to the club just after they have removed the red ribbon. Left to right, beside James, is Carmen Larsen, Morgan Roney, Cliff Lattery and Anna Shultz.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 20, 2014
The main topic at our November 20th meeting was an overview of our 30th Dream Auction.  Neil Perry, chairman of the Dream Auction Committee, told us that the final tally for funds received was just over $197,000 dollars. This exceeded last year’s amount and will allow this club to benefit many worthwhile causes in the coming year.  Obviously this type of event takes months to organize and needs many hours from a lot of people to have such a successful result.  Neil pointed out that all club members were involved in some way and thanked everyone for their efforts. This really was a job well done.
New Member Sponsor Recognition Program
This photo shows Rotary members Pippa Shaw with Mary Jackson (on the right).  Mary oversees Membership issues and is presenting Pippa with a silver Level 3 award from Rotary International for sponsoring four new members into our club.  Mary pointed out that Rotary International believes “every new member contributes to the difference Rotary can make in a community and throughout the world.”  Congratulations to Pippa – I think she still has a couple of potential new members yet to bring and will soon be eligible for the gold award.  Information about this award program and others available through Rotary International can be viewed at
Classification Talk
Matthew Brown is one of our new members and he completed his Classification Talk at this meeting. Matthew grew up in the Lavington area; his family has a farming background.  He graduated in the mid-90’s and shortly afterwards went on the trip of a lifetime. He described heading to Nairobi but not getting there as the boat he was on floundered, putting him in the water.  This lead to a long hike and ending up in limbo in a foreign country with passport issues. He eventually made an escape by hiding in a moving grain bin.  That must have been quite an adventure for a young guy.  He has now settled down to a much calmer life as a financial advisor and is a family man with two children.  Welcome to Kal Rotary.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 13, 2014
The Kalamalka Rotary Dream Auction is considered by many to be the premier event of the year in Vernon. This year it is also notable for being the 30th annual auction. It will be held at the Best Western Hotel this Saturday, November 15, 2014.   A considerable amount of volunteer hours have been done by many of our club members to make this a successful event. We are all anticipating a fun evening for all who attend and look forward to seeing how the money raised will be used to benefit the many local and international projects that we support.
This year’s Dream Auction Committee was chaired by Neil Perry. The photo below shows him with the other committee members. Many thanks to this group and the others who gave their time for this event. A special "thank you" has to go to Jerry Tellier, who gives us many, many hours of his time to deal with the auction donations. He personally oversees all of the items received and the 'paperwork' needed to account for the items and who gave them. He organizes our work crews dealing with the handling of these items that eventually results in the creation of our Dream Auction Booklet, that lists and describes all of the items.  This is provided to everyone who attends the auction so they know exactly what they are bidding on and who donated it.
(from left to right – Rotary members Greg MacKinnon, Brian Carpenter, Betty Gallant, Kim Nasipayko, Art Clark, Sarah Pruckl, Neil Perry, Riley Twyford, Taylor Dedora, Andy Erickson and Brian Reid)
North Okanagan Youth & Family Services Society
Our November 13th meeting had two speakers from the North Okanagan Youth & Family Services Society. Jan Shumay and Dean Francks told us about the renovations done to an older home that the society is using to house eight youth. Part of this work was funded by our club using funds from an early Dream Auction. NOYFSS is a non-profit charitable organization who’s mission is to serve our community by providing a broad range of programs which promote, nurture, and protect the healthy development of our children, youth and their families. Please look at their website for more information about the society and the youth & family programs available through them –   (photo shows Rotarian Courtney Satchell on the left, with Jan & Dean)
Our club welcomed Jacqueline Rivard as a new member. Jacqueline works in Financial Services at the Royal Bank of Canada, and was sponsored by Kim Nasipayko.  (photo, left to right, shows Club President Greg MacKinnon, Tanner Udenberg, Kim, Jacqueline and Peter Moore)
R.I. District 5060, stretching from Chase and Revelstoke in the north to Prosser and Yakima in the south, recognizes those of its 59 clubs which have made significant financial contributions to Rotary's campaign to cure polio worldwide, End Polio Now.  Kal Rotary was one of two clubs in the North Okanagan which, under the 2013-2014 Rotary Foundation leadership of Dustin Stadnyk and Sarah Pruckl, was recognized for its contribution to this cause. (photo shows Peter Moore on the left with Dustin)
This banner draws attention to the Rotary ‘E’ Club.  The idea of an internet available club is to extend Rotary services to people who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to attend a regular meeting.  And, visits to this club can be used to get a ‘make-up’.   This site is a good one to “bookmark” – I think you will be surprised at what is available, pretty well anytime and anywhere.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Nov 06, 2014
Zee Marcolin attended our November 6th meeting and spoke about the Greater Vernon Water Master Plan.  Zee is a professional engineer employed by the Regional District of North Okanagan as the Manager of Greater Vernon Water. She currently manages water supply and distribution for over 55,000 customers in the Greater Vernon service area. Part of her background involved assisting communities who rely on well water sources to be compliant with the B.C. Drinking Water Regulations.
She gave us a background history in the issues of safe water management. There are many examples in the past of poor management, one of the worst being the problems that happened in Walkerton in 2000 that resulted in the death of seven people.  Over the past fifteen years, Vernon has moved from a community with many water sources to having only two main ones that are strictly monitored.  About three years ago, Greater Vernon Water started to establish a Master Water Plan to minimize health risks, comply with regulatory requirements and reduce the impacts of drought on the community.  The Province of B.C. requires public approval of long-term borrowing for water system upgrades. On November 15, 2015, G.V.W. will conduct a borrowing referendum on how to fund water system improvements.
All Greater Vernon residents are encouraged to take part in this referendum. Information about the Greater Vernon water system, the Master Water Plan and the 2014 vote can be viewed at  (photo shows Zee on the left with Rotarian Beth Marks)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 30, 2014
The Rotary Vocational Service Award is presented each year to a worthy candidate that possesses a variety of qualities and outstanding attributes that stand apart from the rest, who has achieved a high level of excellence in their vocation and through their vocation has rendered outstanding service to the community.
The recipient this year has displayed honour, ethics, dignity and a true compassion towards their clientele and friends, and by doing so has improved the quality of life in this community.  It feels like home being around them, and they have instilled this feeling for generations.  Their family business started almost 80 years ago as a second hand store and as it was moving from one generation to the next, it transformed to a hardware store, all the while maintaining excellent family values and work ethic.  Over many years the Fisher families saw great changes happen around them as Vernon grew and developed.  Over those many years they held on the old-fashioned idea of ethical, honest customer service.
Herb Fisher took over the store in 1956 and enlisted the help of some younger family members while they were still in grade school.  This early start helped Larry, Kelly and Leslie learn the family business and the dedication that went with it.  Kelly Fisher attended today’s lunch and was presented with this year’s Rotary Vocational Service Award. (photo shows Kelly on the left with Rotarian Brian Reid)
Classification Talks
 Two of our newer members spoke today about their history and how they ended up at Kal Rotary.
First up was Cliff Lattery, who talked about growing up in central Alberta and starting a contracting business at age 19. He also had an interest in the youth and wanted to be involved with programs that help and teach.  This lead him to be involved with building a ‘Dream Home’ to benefit a Children’s Fund.  He later became involved with doing Mission Work and has travelled to Honduras, Cambodia and India to help wherever he could. His contracting business is now located here and he has found Kal Rotary has many projects where he can be involved with helping people. (Cliff’s photo is above left)
George Agar grew up in a family very involved with hockey, and this meant moving around a bit.  He was born in the U.S.A., raised in Nelson and ended up in Germany for five years.  He spent a number of summers in the Okanagan visiting grandparents and it appears the ‘Okanagan Life’ stuck with him as he ended up here. Although he started down a path leading to a career in medicine, he found more of an interest in the area of accounting, which led to more university to become a Chartered Accountant.  His connection to hockey resulted in two sons playing and him coaching. (George’s photo is above right)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 23, 2014
Ryan Chambers spoke at our October 23 meeting.  I am certain anyone who drives has seen one of the large D.C.T. Chambers trucks on the road.  Ryan is the General Manager and is third generation in the family business that runs this huge trucking operation.  It is a name synonymous with forest products transportation that was created in 1964 to provide a rail alternative for efficient, reliable wood product hauling.  It has grown with its investment in people, technology, efficient trailer designs and product handling systems.
Ryan talked about the family history and that the early business motto was “there is no such thing as can’t.”  To illustrate the size of their truck fleet, he noted that in a period of one year they will drive about 43 million kilometers and use around 23 million liters of fuel.  They are extremely concerned with safety, so have installed a GPS tracking system on all trucks which allows them to monitor how each is being driven.  This is fine-tuned to the point they are notified if any driver is operating too fast for the road conditions or location.  The environment is another issue they have taken seriously, and addressed issues like the fuel economy of each truck, ensuring they only move with full loads, tire recapping and ensuring their operation is using the newest equipment.
There is more information about their operation at  (photo shows Rotarian Peter O’Callaghan (left) with Ryan)
The Rotary Foundation transforms donations into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, it taps into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into its priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.  Three club members who have made such donations were honored at this meeting with a Paul Harris Award.  Roger Perry presented Betty Gallant, Peter Moore and Greg MacKinnon with the awards. (left to right the photo shows Peter, Betty Greg and Roger)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 16, 2014
Leigha Horsfield, a Business Services Coordinator with Community Futures, attended our October 16th meeting.  Community Futures North Okanagan is a community based not-for-profit society offering a comprehensive selection of business and employer services, employment assistance services, and economic development as determined and required by local and regional communities.
Leigha spoke about ‘The Enterprize Challenge’ which is a program to encourage entrepreneurship by creating a contest to develop a new business.  The contest will be open to two groups; one from the high schools and the other is everyone else.  The goals are to start new businesses and to engage the youth in this educational process as there is little or no business training in the schools.  It is their intention to start this in March 2015 and all available social media methods will be used to advertise and explain it.  Mentors will be available to assist in the process, and the eventual winner will see his/her business actually get started with the support of existing local businesses.   There will also be a trade show set up at the end so all applicants can show their business ideas.  More information about Community Futures is available at  (photo shows Leigha (left) with Rotarian Beth Marks)
George Agar is a new member to the club and was inducted at this meeting.  Dave DeShane oversaw this process and introduced him to his club mentor, Peter Lockhart.  George was initially introduced to us by Rotarian Pippa Shaw.  (Left to right, the photo shows Dave, George, Pippa and Peter)
President Elect, Mary Jackson, stepped into the leaders role at this meeting and did an outstanding job.  One of her tasks was to recognize the club member who has done the most in the July/August/Sept. period for sponsoring new members by bringing guests to the meetings.  Pippa Shaw won this honor and received a bottle of wine for her efforts.  (photo has Pippa on the left beside Mary)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 10, 2014
Dan Rogers was the guest speaker at our October 9th meeting.  Dan and his family recently moved to the Okanagan from Prince George for him to take the position of General Manager of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.  He  started as a sportscaster in Prince George, then decided that he wanted to ‘get more involved’ so entered politics as a Councillor on the Prince George Council.  He worked on Council for about 15 years, serving one term as Mayor.
He spoke about what can be accomplished when people work together and are passionate about their goals.  An example was the effort needed by their Council to build the Prince George Multiplex, something initially thought not possible.  It now houses the Prince George Cougar hockey team and once hosted an Elton John performance; two things not dreamed of when the idea of building it first came up.  He also gave us a five point ‘list for success’ that could apply to business or government:
  1. Be open to the opportunities presented to you
  2. Measure the results of the project, and then;
  3. Communicate the results to the people involved
  4. Be passionate about the project  
  5. Find any excuse to celebrate the achievements
Information about the Chamber of Commerce and the services it provides are available at its website -    (Photo shows Dan with Rotarian Annette Sharkey)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Oct 03, 2014
Dave Facey spoke at our Oct. 2nd lunch.  Dave is a member of The Society For The Protection of Kalamalka Lake, and today wanted us to have a closer look at the Kalamalka Lake Lookout just south of Vernon on Highway 97 at Kalamalka Lakeview Dr.  This lookout has a spectacular view of the north end of Kalamalka Lake and Coldstream Valley. Dave presented the idea that this lookout could be developed into more of an introduction and information site for Vernon & Coldstream.  He was thinking of new tourists to the area and had some ideas on how to encourage more of them to stop at the lookout.  Currently there is a sign there that gives a bit of the history of the Coldstream Valley.  He would like to see better signs providing more information about what people are actually looking at from that site, and what is available to them in this area.  Perhaps a better structure for parking and the addition of tables would encourage more uses for the site.  A walking trail could also be developed and perhaps connected to the Rail Trail below.
The view from this site is beautiful.  For many people just arriving here, it gives them their first impression of the area.  Our locals have used it for things like the backdrop for wedding photos, somewhere peaceful to have lunch or just a nice spot to sit and think.  Dave thinks there is much more that could be done here and would welcome any ideas or support - he can be contacted at  The website for The Society For The Protection of Kalamalka Lake is  (photo shows Dave (left) with Rotarian Rob Bauml)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 26, 2014
District Governor Bruce Falkins spoke at our September 25th meeting. Bruce joined Kelowna's Sunrise Rotary in 1998 and was President there in 2004-2005.  He received a District Foundation Service Award in 2009 and was one of the founding facilitators of the Rotary Leadership Institute.  He is also a multiple Paul Harris Foundation and Bequest Society member.  Bruce talked about the importance of keeping the clubs active and some of the simple methods to encourage mew members to join.  One was a challenge to our members to wear the Rotary pin daily and see how often someone approaches to say they also belong to a Rotary Club and just want to say 'Hi', or someone just asking what the pin is about.  Be aware of the need to encourage new members and be patient with anyone who has been asked and said 'No, not interested'.  Bruce pointed out that he was asked several times to attend a meeting and see what Rotary was about, and he said 'No' several times before deciding to try it - and look where he is now.
I thought one of the most impressive points he made was the reference to a Confucius quote; "It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness."  He went on with the idea that one person lighting one candle can light a room, many people lighting a candle each can light up a house and if the 1.2 million Rotary members around the world each lit a candle, we could light up the world.  (photo shows Bruce (left) with our Club President Greg MacKinnon)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 19, 2014
Sept. 18. - This meeting started with the announcement that we had the best ever start to this year's Dream Auction.  Some groups jumped way ahead, and some not so much.  Part of this may be due to the number of new members we have that are not fully aware of the collection and storage process for auction items.  New members are encouraged to contact any 'seasoned member' for help or assistance with this process so that available items are not missed. 
Two new members gave their Classification Talks today.  Bill Spencer was first and spoke about his background in Scotland and England, and a family very involved with music.  His opportunity to remain in the music field was there but he chose to explore a business career in accounting and investment.  He eventually settled in the Okanagan, a nice place to raise his two children, and develop a business in the private equity field. Putting his home together here led him to our member Pippa for decoration help and she obviously saw someone who would be a good addition to our club. Bill said he has very much enjoyed meeting the club members and looks forward to being involved with Rotary projects.
Jeff Boschert spoke next and talked about his family background in the U.S.A. and in Pt. Alberni where he was raised.  He mentioned growing up in the 80's when the two most popular TV shows were M.A.S.H. and L.A. Law.  He felt there was an influence from these shows to either be a doctor or a lawyer.  He chose the legal one and is now a lawyer with a local firm.  On the family side, he is finding that raising two young 'rough and tumble' boys can result in a number of hospital visits for minor injuries.  His introduction to our Rotary Club came as a result of his wife having a previous connection to our Dream Auction, and that has now led him to become one of our new members.
(photo shows Jeff (left) and Bill (right)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 11, 2014
Sept. 11th - There were a number of topics touched on at this meeting.  The main speaker was our member Dustin Stadnyk, who gave us an update on The Rotary Foundation and how some of the funding works.  Rotary receives money from a variety of sources and uses it for both local and international projects.  They offset administration costs by investing each year's donations for a three year period.  This process allows them to use all of the donation for projects, not administration. The complete story about The Rotary Foundation, and a link for making donations, can be found at
We were also given an update on this year's BC Thanksgiving Food Drive. A number of Kal. Rotary members helped out with this last year and have volunteered again for this drive.  The message here is that local food banks need our help.  Over 100,000 people in the province are fed each month through food banks, and they rely solely on donations from the public. The drive this year will be held on Saturday, September 20th.  Volunteers will drop off bags earlier that week and ask people to place the bag on their front doorstep Saturday morning by 9:30 a.m.  There is more information about this at
Doug Cuthbert and our exchange student, Patty Kuen, spoke about the Youth Exchange Student Orientation held last weekend in Penticton.  It appears that Patty is enjoying herself and is looking for 'new adventures' - Kal Rotary members, please keep her in mind to join you with anything you are planning.  Doug took a few photos of the orientation session:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENE!!  Rotarian Gene Dolinsky recently celebrated his 82nd birthday and wanted us all to join him with a birthday cake.  I guess being 82 means a huge cake and this one was both large and tasty.
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Sep 04, 2014
Our first meeting in September was the kick-off for this year's Dream Auction.  The club membership has been divided into 8 'dining table groups' that will stay the same through to the end of the event; some of these groups are seen in the following photos.  There will be a friendly competition between tables for a weekly prize based on which one brought in the highest total valued auction items.   Neil Perry has taken the Chairman position for this event.  He gave us the first process update & pep talk, and announced the auction goal this year is $250,000.  He made a good point that this is probably the biggest yearly event in Vernon, and given the quality and history of our club, this goal can be achieved.
Mary Jackson and Vicki Topping presented pins to members with 100% attendance. Since this can be achieved by attending other Rotary Club meetings, doing make-ups or being involved with any of our committees, it isn't necessary to be at all of our lunches.  The list for the 2013/2014 year was almost 30 members and ranged from one to thirty years perfect attendance. The photo shows Mary (far left) and Vicki (far right) with the pin recipients.
Kim Nasipayko introduced Dory Geelkerken to the club; she is our 2014/2015 Rotary Exchange Student. Dory told the club she was soon heading to Spain, hopefully in time to start the school year there, and she has been working on her Spanish.  She will stay in contact with the club through Kim and anyone else here who would like to talk to her through her blog -
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 29, 2014
Cleo Corbett was the guest speaker at our Aug. 28th meeting.  Cleo is a Long Range Planner for the City of Vernon and has been dealing with Vernon’s ‘Parks Master Plan’.  On January 1, 2014, Vernon took over responsibility for local parks and has been developing a plan for their future use.  Cleo gave us some of the economic and social reasons why parks are so important to a community, and explained the consultation process currently underway to get the public’s opinion about the variety of possible uses for these parks.  To date, they have heard from about 2,500 residents and found the suggestions very wide ranging, depending on each person’s interests.  There is much more information about our local parks, the consultation process and ways the public can get involved at Vernon’s website -
This meeting also saw the introduction of two new members to our club.  Rotarian Dave DeShane welcomed Matthew Brown and Jeff Boschert, introduced them to the attending members and explained some of the expectations of a new Rotary Member.   The photo, from left to right, shows the new members with their sponsors and mentors: Pippa Shaw, Matthew Brown, James Mayne, Jeff Boschert, Peter Moore and Dave DeShane.  
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 21, 2014
Our August 21st meeting had the much anticipated “Chicken Talk”.   Club President Greg MacKinnon has been priming our members for the past month or so, about the facts behind chicken production in B.C. dating back to the mid-40’s.  Not sure why this one caught his attention, but he was going to make sure we all knew the history of chicken farms before the speaker came to our lunch.  Mark Bartel has a fairly large chicken production farm in Armstrong and spoke to us about the B.C. Chicken Growers Association – I am certain he was impressed about how much we already knew about the industry, thanks to Greg.
Mark started his talk by showing us a video about the ‘Chicken Squad’ – you can see this fast paced action video at    The important message here is that for more than the past 50 years, chicken production in Canada has been done without the use of steroids or hormones.  There is more information about this at and if you live in this area and plan to attend the I.P.E., look for their information trailer – Mark said they will have lots of information and videos at the trailer about the industry in B.C.  (photo shows Greg (left) with Mark)
Kim Nasipayko, the club director for our Youth Exchange Program, introduced Patty Kuen to the club members.  Patty is from Austria and is our inbound student for this school year.  Patty spoke briefly to the club and is seen here with Club President Greg MacKinnon.  She was warmly welcomed by the club members and probably a bit overwhelmed by the size and pace of our meetings.  She handled the meeting and lunch very well considering the jet lag from a 17+ hour trip to get here. 
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Aug 14, 2014
Patrick Simpson spoke at our August 14th luncheon and provided us with an insight into the Safer Homes Society.  This is a non-profit group that is funded by the Provincial Government and is aimed at improving building practices to go beyond the minimum code requirements.  If you watch the Mike Holmes TV show, this will be easier to understand.  Patrick gave us some background information about why homes have been built a certain way for many years.  For example, electrical switches and plugs have been placed in each room to either accommodate a height above things like wainscoting or to meet a requirement to have a certain amount in a specified distance; e.g. put a plug every 12 feet in a hall and one on every bedroom wall.  The better way is to look closer at what they will be used for and adjust to those requirements.  I have been doing house renovations for many years and never considered the idea of putting an electrical outlet near the toilet.  After listening to Patrick, I can now see how our aging society will be looking for things that assist in this area and some of these aids will need to be plugged in.  Now that you are wondering why a toilet plug could be useful, you can get much more information on this at the Saferhome site
The economic side of this is that a home built using these standards is a better product on the market.  It tends to sell quicker and for more money than one that follows old building standards and/or just meets minimum code.  This is better for the builder, buyer and seller.  (photo shows Rotarian Jan Schulz with Patrick Simpson)
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 31, 2014
Carmen Larsen and Morgan Roney are two of our new members and after the July 31st lunch was finished they completed their Classification Talks to the club members.
Carmen was raised in a Rotary family and in 1990/91 she was an exchange student from the Comox Valley area, going to Belgium.  Travel and education have been a huge part of her life.  She spoke about a degree in Education, working in China with the gold mining industry, moving to Vancouver and working with the United Way and the Big Sisters program, and later returning to school to obtain a medical degree.  She is now happy to be settled in Vernon and being re-connected to a Rotary Club.
Morgan works in the I.T. software construction industry and also spoke about a life of travel and education.  He started in rural Saskatchewan, spent time in northern B.C., visited Spain and apparently due to a female influence ended up staying about 4 years longer than intended, went to New York and later ended up in Calgary long enough to become a 'Rider's Fan'.  He also mentioned trips to Cuba,  Africa (which included climbing  Mount Kilimanjaro with his parents) and doing the Machu Picchu trek in Peru.
Welcome to Kal Rotary.  Your enthusiasm and desire to be involved with this club and it's many programs was very obvious.   
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Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 19, 2014
Colin Williams spoke at our July 17th meeting and gave us an account of his experience with the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards session that he attended in Naramata, B.C. this past May.  The theme behind RYLA is that 'Strong Leaders are made, not born and Leadership Skills are learned, not inherited.'  RYLA is an exciting and challenging Leadership Training program for leaders and potential leaders between the ages of 19 and 24.  It is a three and a half day seminar sponsored by Rotary District 5060.  The RYLA program enables young people to debate issues of professional responsibility and human relations, improve leadership and communication skills, understand Conflict Resolution and while learning these skills they are meeting like-minded youth and, as Colin pointed out, they are having FUN.  I know the audience was impressed by Colin's relaxed, informative and professional presentation. 
More information about the RYLA Program in District 5060 can be obtained at
R.Y.L.A. Rick Taylor 2014-07-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 10, 2014
The speaker at our July 10th lunch was Vincent Van Wieringen, President of the Vernon & District Métis Association.  Vince gave us a history lesson for the Métis, going back to the Selkirk Settlement of Red River, Manitoba in the early 1800's.  For many years they were not viewed as truly aboriginal because only one of their parents was Native, and they were called derogatory names like 'half-breed'.  Recent court rulings have changed their status in the eyes of the Provincial and Federal governments to be viewed at the same level as Aboriginal or Inuit. 
Vince said there are about 600 registered Métis people in the greater Vernon area.  Attendance at the Métis Association meetings has grown as they have become more involved with issues like funding for foster care and teaching cultural and heritage issues through their Community Connection for Aboriginal Youth Program. There is more information on their website -   (photo shows Rotarian Julie Knobloch with Vince)
Club President Greg MacKinnon is presenting a cheque for just over $2400.00 to the recent 50/50 winner, Rotarian Jim Burns.  Of course the next draw has already started as the sale of 50/50 tickets is a huge benefit to the club.  I wish I could have seen the one a few years ago that got down to the last two cards - that must have been an exciting draw.  Maybe again..........
The Vernon & District Metis Association Rick Taylor 2014-07-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jul 03, 2014
Kal Rotary's new President Greg MacKinnon is obviously eager to start our first meeting of this new Rotary Year with a resounding "bell ringing".   Greg oversaw a very up beat meeting and was backed up by our new Sgt. at Arms, Ian Jensen, who showed he is more than capable of dragging 'dollars from pockets' - it appears we should all bring lots of change to future meetings; no complaints as it all goes to a good cause.
Our speaker for this luncheon was Brad Clements, who represents a volunteer group of people who are very interested in making the Okanagan Rail Trail public land.  This abandoned railway line runs from Coldstream to Kelowna, following a similar path as Hwy. 97 beside the three lakes; Kalamalka, Wood and Duck.  This section of railway line is no longer suitable for train traffic and will not be upgraded for that purpose.  It is now following a legal route that will end in it either becoming public or private land.  Brad was very passionate about the many reasons this land should end up in public hands.  The full story, video of the railway line and the option to support this cause are available at   (The photo shows Brad (r) with Rotarian Art Haycock)
Starting a New Rotary Year Rick Taylor 2014-07-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson
As Incoming President Greg MacKinnon takes the lectern, he announces the theme of the upcoming Rotary year "Light Up Rotary".
Greg also comments on his goals for the new year in addition to introducing his Executive Board Members.  
Congratulations Greg, we look forward to supporting and working with you throughout the upcoming year.
Light up Rotary Frank Anderson 2014-06-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Jun 19, 2014
Kalamalka President Jerry Tellier, recently proudly announced Mary Jackson
s the recipient of the  2013- 2014 "Kal Rotarian of the Year" award.
Congratulations Mary - well deserved! 
Kal Rotarian of the Year Frank Anderson 2014-06-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Jun 19, 2014
Outgoing Kalamalka Rotary President Jerry Tellier presented Kal Rotarians and Guests with his year end, closing report. Admittedly, Jerry went into the position with some trepidation, but with the confidence and support of the Club's Past Presidents, as well as Executive Board Members, he enjoyed a very successful year.
Congratulations Jerry and simply..."Thank You" from all the members of the Kal Club for your hard work and dedication to the "Family of Rotary".
Parting Words Frank Anderson 2014-06-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson

The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of Rotary International to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programs. 
Congratulating Kalamalka Rotarian, Bonnie Derry, on her being a multiple donor to the Foundation, is Kalamalka Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, Dustin Stadnyk, who presented Bonnie with her Paul Harris Pin - "Plus 7"!
If you would like more information about the Rotary Foundation and/or would like to make a donation, please contact Dustin for further information. He would be more than pleased to assist you. Congratulations once again Bonnie
The Rotary Foundation Frank Anderson 2014-06-06 00:00:00Z 0
Marty Stein gave us an overview of life as a professional hockey scout, working for the highly successful NHL - Detroit Red Wing franchise. It was a very informative presentation.
Marty commented the players now breaking the junior ranks generally meet the "S" criteria - being the players now a day are BIG in Size, Strong Skaters and exceptional Stick Handlers
No doubt the occasional smaller in stature player may make the transition to the professional ranks, but it takes dedication and hard work if one wishes to pursue a professional hockey career regardless of size. Thanking Marty (r) for his presentation, is Kal Rotarian, Rob Bauml. 
Life as an "National Hockey League" Scout Frank Anderson 2014-06-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson
Kalamalka Rotarian - Beth Marks is recognized and congratulated by Dustin Stadnyk - Kal Rotary Foundation Committee Chair, for her multiple donations to the Rotary Foundation over the years.
If you would like more information about the Rotary Foundation and/or would like to make a donation, please feel free to contact Dustin and/or one of his Committee Members.
Or, if you would prefer, check out the information on the attached link as put out by Rotary International where you may wish to place your donation online
Congratulations Beth and many thanks for your ongoing support and contributions to the Rotary Foundation
The Rotary Foundation Frank Anderson 2014-05-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson

On behalf of the Kalamalka Rotary Club, Tori O'Keefe - Nield was selected to attend the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship Program as sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ottawa
Tori provided the Kal Club members and guests with a power point presentation and overview of her experience. 
Following her presentation, Kal Rotarian, Vern Belsheim thanked Tori for her talk.
If you would like more information about this program and perhaps have someone in mind who may be a potential candidate for next years program, check out the following link, as posted by the Rotary Club of Ottawa she=7975&pid=80372
No doubt this experience will serve Tori well as she complete her education and goes on to become a member of the RCMP
Rotary Adventures in Citizenship Frank Anderson 2014-05-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson

Rotarian Michael Stamhuis, introduces Bill Spencer to the Kalamalka Rotary Club as proposed and sponsored by Pippa Shaw
Maurice D.W. (Bill) Spencer is a Private Equity Specialist currently working for Twin View Financial. He worked for KPMG Bristol when he became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales in 1992.  Later that year he moved to KPMG Bermuda in order to expand his financial services experience.  During his 20 years in Bermuda he held several positions gaining experience and knowledge in the investment industry.  For the last 13 years he worked for Delphi Management LTD assuming the roles of Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer.  Delphi offers private equity investment management among other services with a focus on the Russian and Asian markets.  During Bill’s time at Delphi the company grew to reach total assets under management of $1.5 billion.

Bill moved to the Okanagan with his family at the end of 2012 to be closer to Family and passed his Canadian Exempt Securities Exams. Bill is looking forward to focusing his professional efforts in investments within the Private Equity Space in Canada while working diligently to enhance wealth of Canadians to provide for a solid financial future for his clients. If you would like to contact Bill, please click on the following link . Congratulations Bill, and welcome to the Kalamalka Rotary Club and the Family of Rotary! 

Welcome to Rotary! Frank Anderson 2014-05-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson
Darren Battensby is the managing partner of Finance Matters.
Finance Matters is a different type of consulting firm. They help early and growth stage companies bridge the gap between your public accountant and your bookkeeper. All three principals of Finance Matters are Chartered Accountants with years of "hands on" expertise in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Finance Matters is here to help companies who either do not need or cannot afford full time senior financial and accounting services. 

Darren provided some particularly interesting and informative information with respect to the work he is doing in the entertainment business, especially the field of animation. If you would like to know more about this aspect of his business, contact Darren direct by email at and/or check out their website at 

Following his presentation, Kal Rotarian Michael Chase (pictured L) presented Darren with a Certificate of Appreciation, adding a donation to those in need will be made on his behalf.




Finance Matters Frank Anderson 2014-04-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 17, 2014
We had a very pleasant and impressive presentation at our April 17 lunch.  Grade 12 students Gwyneth Evans and Emily Beatty spoke to us about their involvement with the W.L. Seaton Rotary Club.  This club was started about five years ago and currently has about 15 active student members. Some of the fund raising projects that club has done in the past year are: Halloween For Hunger (collecting canned goods for the Food Bank), Coldest Night of the Year ( fundraiser for the Upper Room Mission), Tides of Change (coin drive that gave the winning class a pizza lunch and provided about $1400 for typhoon relief in the  Philippines) and Indie Fest (set for April 24th - Seaton and V.S.S. students gather for a music day to raise funds for the Upper Room Mission). The club has also done bake sales to raise funds for a senior's residence, arranged for a Christmas Basket for a single Mom with children and arranged lunch time events to teach other students the value of recycling.  An upcoming event is a 12 hour music marathon set for June to raise funds for War Child.
These two mature young ladies showed they understood the goals of Rotary and what can be accomplished when people work together. (photo shows Rotarians Jim Ferguson on the left and Andy Erickson on the right with Gwyneth and Emily between them - Andy was instrumental in the start of this student Rotary Club)
W.L. Seaton Rotary Club Rick Taylor 2014-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Apr 10, 2014
April 10th.  The speakers at today's lunch were Gay Jewitt and Joanne Kineshanko from the Whitevalley Community Resource Center, which is a community-based, non-profit organization located in Lumby.  It has served the area since 1989 with numerous social programs for all ages and involves many volunteers, who are described as the 'driving force' behind the organization.  Gay and Joanne spoke about programs that involve family counselling, mental health support programs, outreach programs and addiction counselling for adults and youth, and many programs for children.  To get a idea of their "need in the community", consider that they have recorded over 16,000 calls or walk-ins, about 2,300 client contacts and in excess of 15,000 email enquiries.  There is much more information at their website - funding concerns and the "Legacy Tree" are also explained. (photo shows Gay, Joanne and Rotarian Beth Marks - left to right)
Kal Rotary welcomes Morgan Roney to our club.  Rotary members Darryl O'Brian and Mike Stamhuis present him with the 'New Member Package' and explain the basics of what membership means. (photo shows Darryl, Morgan and Mike - left to right)
Whitevalley Community Resource Centre Rick Taylor 2014-04-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 28, 2014
Jessica Bridgeman attended our March 27th lunch and explained her involvement with the local Street Nurse Program.  'Harm Reduction' was the main theme and was explained as a program that includes policies, programs and practices that aim to  reduce the negative health, social and economic consequences that may arise from the use of legal and illegal drugs without necessarily reducing drug use.  It provides education to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C, and it connects those who misuse drugs to local services.  Jessica noted that many of her 'street clients' could be described as marginalized and would not receive any health or social help without this program.  She deals with youth at risk as well as people who are drug users, involved in the sex trade or have mental illness issues.  The Street Nurse Program is also involved with a needle exchange program that helps reduce the spread of diseases that are common when needles are infected and are shared.  More information is available at or do a google search for Cammy LaFleur Street Nurse Program.
The Cammy LaFleur Street Nurse Outreach Program Rick Taylor 2014-03-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 20, 2014
March 20th luncheon - the speaker today reminded all of us that tend yards or gardens about the number of plants that cause problems and that we really do not want.  Evan Rafuse explained the objectives and actions being taken by the 'Invasive Species Council of British Columbia' to educate the public and sellers of plants and plant products about the problems with invasive plants that cause damage.  Their "PLANTWISE PROGRAM" includes a number of components aimed at dealing with this problem.  One of these is the 'Grow Me Instead' booklet that is used to identify invasive plants frequently found in gardens across B.C. and to provide suitable alternative plants that are specific to the various growing zones in this province.  The council is also actively reaching out to nursery owners and other plant sellers to educate them about some of the invasive plants they are currently selling.  The following link to their website provides much more information about this problem, other steps they are taking to deal with it and access to things like the 'Grow Me Instead' booklet - 
The PLANTWISE PROGRAM Rick Taylor 2014-03-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 13, 2014
Cindy Masters and her 'tech support' Karen Truesdale attended our March 13 lunch and gave us an update on the Kindale Developmental Association.  Kindale is a non-profit, charitable, community supported society that provides a wide range of services to people with developmental and other disabilities throughout the North Okanagan.  They started in Armstrong in 1959 as a school for children with special needs and have grown into a large and diverse organization serving people in the Okanagan.  Cindy noted that there annual budget is now 9 million, they serve about 400 families, volunteers give Kindale about 6,700 hrs. yearly, but Kindale gives back about 10,000 hrs in a year.  They are operating Thrift Stores in Armstrong and a new one in Salmon Arm to raise funds for their operation.  Visit their website at for more information or ways to get involved with them. (From left to right, the photo shows Karen, Rotary member Val Heuman and Cindy) 
Kindale Developmental Association Rick Taylor 2014-03-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Mar 07, 2014
Cameron Sorensen, Matt Ball and Mark Downhaniuk from the the North Okanagan Cycling Society attended our March 6th meeting and gave us an overview of the Society, its function and goals.  It currently has a membership of about 220 adults and youth, who participate in weekly group rides.  Their 'motto' is to "Create Positive Trail Experiences in The Okanagan" and they list a number of goals, which include; the protection of existing trails & the creation of new ones, being a voice for club biking, building the culture of riding and encouraging the youth to be more involved with this 'fun' experience.  They are creating partnerships with local bike shops, B.C. Trails, B.C. Parks, and other bike riding groups to improve the 'riding experience' and hopefully increase their membership and add new trails to explore.  Visit their website at to get a closer look at this group, their past trail rides and how you can get involved with them.  I think most in our audience were not aware of the size of this club or the extent of riding trails that are out there. (The photo shows Rotarian John Hogarth with Matt, Mark and Cameron)
Also at this meeting, Rotarian Dustin Stadnyk (Foundation Chair) presented Club President Jerry Tellier with a multiple Paul Harris Fellow Award.  I am absolutely certain that everyone in the room is well aware of Jerry's dedication to the membership of this Rotary Club and the Rotary Foundation.
 Mike Stamhuis welcomed new members Carmen Larsen and Cliff Lattery to our Rotary Club.  Carmen was sponsored by Sarah Pruckl and Annette Sharkey sponsored Cliff.  Annette was not available for this meeting (& photo), so Treasurer Jamie Hinton stood in for her.
(The photo shows, from left to right, Jamie, Sarah, Carmen, Cliff and Mike)
North Okanagan Cycling Society Rick Taylor 2014-03-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 27, 2014
Aaron Deans, the current executive director of the Allan Brooks Nature Centre Society, joined us for our February 27th lunch and gave us a very interesting presentation about the Society and its involvement with the community.  Aaron is obviously very passionate about social partnership development and programs to increase public awareness of "nature".  He spoke about goals that aim at engaging the public, particularly the youth, in learning more about nature and hopefully getting more involved in preservation programs. It was encouraging to see photos of the various youth oriented programs, such as the Yellow Fish Road Project, the Jr. Nature Sketch Club and the photo workshops for youth. If you want to learn more about these projects or get more involved with nature, please visit the Centre at 250 Allan Brooks Way (google it or call 250-260-4227 for their daily schedule).
Janice (Ouchi) Buick also attended our lunch.  She is also involved with the Centre as an Event Coordinator.  She asked if we could help advertise their Allan Brooks Dinner & Auction scheduled for April 4th.  Tickets can be reserved at, and anyone interested in donating an item for the auction or getting more details about it, can contact Janice at 250-306-7945.
Allan Brooks Nature Centre Rick Taylor 2014-02-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 20, 2014
The guest speaker at our Feb. 20th lunch meeting was Daryl Warnick from Tolko Industries.  He gave us a very interesting explanation of the Cogeneration System used by the Tolko plant in Armstrong.  Cogeneration refers to the production of both steam and electricity, and their system uses about 42 semi-truck loads of hog fuel daily to operate.  This process supplies the electricity needed to run the plant, the steam needed to dry the wood products and the surplus electricity created goes to B.C. Hydro.  We were surprised to learn that the amount of electricity fed back to Hydro would supply about 50,000 users.  This was a good investment for them as the move to this system has proven to be more profitable and efficient than previous operation methods.  It was also interesting to learn that the demand for people trained in these systems is extremely high and this has created a manpower shortage locally due to the number that have moved to the 'oil patch' for the higher wages.
Also at this meeting, Dustin Stadnyk presented Daryl O'Brian and Art Clark with Paul Harris Fellow Awards.  Dustin also said that Daryl's was a +6 and Art's a +3.  I asked him to clarify this and he told me that when you donate $1,000 you receive a Paul Harris Fellow award, and if you donate an additional $1,000 you get a Paul Harris Fellow +1 award, and so on.  So, during Art's tenure as a member he has donated $4,000 and Daryl is at $7,000.   Now we all know.  
(I had taken photos of these presentations, however they were not useable - sorry - new camera (works good), old photographer (needs practice with new camera)
An Excellent Update From Tolko Rick Taylor 2014-02-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 13, 2014
Jim Ferguson gave his Classification Talk at our February 13th meeting/lunch.  Jim and his wife Piet recently moved to Vernon from Whitecourt, Alberta, which is about a two hour drive northwest of Edmonton.  Jim was a school teacher & principal there for about 34 years, and was also involved in sports as a coach and referee; I think it was very evident to all of us that he really enjoyed being a teacher and working with youth.  He had been a member of the Rotary Club of Whitecourt for about 8 years and was president of that club for about 1 1/2 years, before retirement from teaching and a move to live in Vernon.  Jim and Piet had spent many summers in Vernon visiting friends, so the decision to retire here was an easy one. (especially coming from anywhere in northern Alberta)  It was also very clear from Jim's talk that he loves music and was very much a member of the Beatles' Fan Club.
Kal. Rotary Welcomes Jim Ferguson Rick Taylor 2014-02-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Feb 09, 2014
Anja Rietdorf was the guest speaker at our February 6 meeting.  She gave us a background to her bicycle ride across Canada and the creation of the Wheels To Empowerment Society.  Her ride was just short of three months long, from early May to early August and she travelled a distance of 8,290 kms.  The purpose of the Society is 'To provide a mechanism by which mentally and physically challenged individuals across Canada can actively raise funds in support of programs which enhance their opportunity for meaningful integration into their communities'  She has set a number of goals to meet; including the creation of a national membership, inspiring members to ride regular or stationary bicycles, creating partnerships with commercial gyms & recreational facilities, establishing sponsors, administering donations, creating a national brand and a network of support for riders.  Val Heuman has asked that anyone interested in assisting this society or looking for more information about it, to contact her.
Wheels To Empowerment Rick Taylor 2014-02-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Rick Taylor on Jan 16, 2014
The guest speaker at our January 16th lunch was club member Cheryl Schmidt.  She showed us a beautiful slide show of a hiking trip in Peru that she did with her travel partner, Liz MacArthur.  Her story outlined their walk with a small group along a trail used by the Inca many years ago - this was overseen and catered by local guides.  This area is considerably higher than here and it took awhile for them to acclimatize to the elevation.  Even so, what they found a challenge seemed to be easily done by the locals.  She described a lifestyle there that we may see as 'poor', but people who were happy and very much welcomed visitors.
She said there were three specific things she learned from following the trails of the Inca, and they are:
-1.        The value of good friendship, and how good it is to be able to laugh and laugh.
-2.       Our bodies are meant to be active, and trekking will definitely be included in holidays of the future
-3.       We have nothing to complain about – our problems are for the most part “first world problems”.  And yet we have lost something along the way – traded in some essential spirituality for our possessions and lifestyle.  We could all learn something from the Incas and their strong connection to the earth and the world around them. 
She also noted that Peru was one of the best trips of her life – and while for her the hike was fantastic, it would be a great trip even for those who don’t want to take the hike on.
Cheryl and Liz have another adventure planned - they are auditioning for the next Amazing Race Canada; their audition video can be seen at
The Trails of the Inca Rick Taylor 2014-01-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Dec 26, 2013
What a wonderful time for Kal Rotarians and Guests to celebrate the season and close out a very successful Rotary Year.
Merry Christmas to one and all and may everyone enjoy a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! 
See you all in... 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Frank Anderson 2013-12-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Dec 12, 2013
Kal Rotarian, Michael Stamhuis introduced the latest Rotarians to "The Family of Rotary" along with their Sponsors. We look forward to meeting all of you and welcome you to the Kalamalka Rotary Club.
Pictured in the photo from left to right are Michael Stamhuis, Anna Shultz - Wilf Lunde, Sponsor, Erol Bortucene - Mary Jackson, Sponsor and Doug Cuthbert - Pippa Shaw, Sponsor).
Welcome once again and congratulations to you all! 
Welcome to Rotary! Frank Anderson 2013-12-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Dec 12, 2013
One of Santa's Elves, aka Barb Keith, graced the Kal Rotary Club's recent luncheon and gift giveaway. This annual event is full of fun and surprises - to say the least!
Chaired by Kal Rotarian, Darryl O'Brian, the hilarity broke loose as the members selected and later opened their gift. There could be some "re-gifting" next year. Stay tuned! 
Crazy Christmas! Frank Anderson 2013-12-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Nov 22, 2013
Dream Auction Committee Chair Taylor Dedora provided the Kalamalka Rotary Club members with a wrap-up of the Club's recent 29th Annual Dream Auction. Thanks were extended to all who worked so hard to make this event the success it was, including the volunteers, donors and of course the buyers. Taylor reported that $180,000.00 was raised for the various charitable projects the Kal Club supports! 
Taylor extended thanks to Chris and Cheryl Heidt for the work they put into securing the exceptional number of donations they did. Taylor also extended his personal thanks to Kalamalka Club President Jerry Tellier for his help and support throughout the planning and preparation of this and past years auctions. In recognition of his dedication and work Taylor presented Jerry with a Paul Harris Fellow Award - well deserved!
The Club in turn thanked Taylor for all he has provided the Dream Auction as the Committee Chair the past couple of years. The bar has been set high as Neil Perry takes over the Committee Chair position from Taylor for the Kalamalka Club's 30th Annual Dream Auction!
Plan to be there. It is sure to be an exciting evening with good food, active bidding followed by wonderful music and dance.  
Dream Auction Wrap-Up Frank Anderson 2013-11-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Nov 15, 2013
Dustin Stadnyk provided the Kalamalka Rotary Club members with a very information presentation with respect to the Rotary Foundation, accompanied with a video emphasizing the work the Foundation supports. If you would like to make a donation to the Foundation and/or would like additional information about the Rotary Foundation itself, please speak to one of the club's Foundation Committee Members or check out the attached link to the Rotary International website 
Following Dustin's presentation Kal Rotarian, Darryl O'Brian made a donation to the Foundation based upon the succesful sale of "garlic bulbs" Darryl and his wife Karin generated this past summer. Many thanks Karin & Darryl !
November is Rotary Foundation Month Frank Anderson 2013-11-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson
One of Kalamalka Rotary's newer members, Rick Taylor, spoke to the members recently about his career in the RCMP and what brought him to Vernon and The Family of Rotary. It was a very enlightening presentation!
As pointed out by President Jerry, Rick has himself immersed in the Club's activities and has been of great benefit to the Dream Auction Committee as we prepare for the Club's upcoming Dream Auction.
Welcome to Kal Rotary Rick
Kal Rotary welcomes Rick Taylor Frank Anderson 2013-11-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Oct 31, 2013
A number of members of the Kalamalka Rotary Club took up the "Halloween Challenge" attending the October 31st club meeting in costume. It made for a colorful and exciting meeting trying to guess who was dressed as what.
Thank you to everyone who supported this "fun" event! 
Happy Halloween! Frank Anderson 2013-11-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Oct 31, 2013
What is "Vocational Service" you ask? 
Well, Vocational Service focuses on the following;
 Adhering to and promoting the highest ethical standards in all occupations 
 Recognizing the value of all useful occupations, not just those that are pursued by Rotarians 
 Contributing one’s vocational talents to meeting the needs of the community
That being said, Kalamalka Rotarian, Greg MacKinnon recently presented the Vocational Service Award to Ruby Sharma,  Co-Founder of City Furniture and Applicances.
Greg provided an overview of Ruby's work within our community and as well read a number of testimonials in support of Ruby's nomination where one must agree he is a very worthy recipient of this most prestigious award.
Supporting Ruby's work, and active in the community in a variety of ways herself, is his lovely wife, Nenette.
Congratulations and "thank you" Ruby and Nenette
October is Rotary Vocational Service Month Frank Anderson 2013-11-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Oct 31, 2013
Christine Parsons, Executive Director of the Partners in the Horns of Africa, provided an update on her recent travels to Ethiopia. It was a moving presentation and one in which the Kalamalka Rotary Club has supported, along with Past District Governor and Kalamalka club member, Roger Perry and his wife Judith.
Thanking Christine on behalf of the club for her presentation is Roger PerryIf you would like to know more about this organization and/or would like to support it in some way, please click on the following link 
Partners in the Horn of Africa Frank Anderson 2013-11-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Oct 24, 2013
Our Inbound Exchange Student, Matheus Bonitatibus recently provided the Kal Rotary members with an update on his past weeks activities. Matheus is an avid soccer player and his team will be playing in the local high school finals next week. Good luck Matheus!
Matheus also shared with us some of the things he would like to do during his stay in Canada. as outlined on his "Wish List".
That being said, all Kal Club Members are encouraged to meet Matheus and get him involved with your family's activities, hobbies and/or outings. If you have any questions with respect to the Rotary Youth Exchange program and/or would like to get ahold of Matheus, please contact Kim Nasipayko, our club's representative.
Matheus' "Wish List"! Frank Anderson 2013-10-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Oct 24, 2013
Craig Schelter, Manager of the Summerland Trout Hatchery, gave us an overview of the work he does there.  The Summerland Trout Hatchery is the oldest continuously running trout hatchery in BC. The facility was established in 1928, but fish rearing at the hatchery dates back to 1918. This hatchery is the only trout hatchery that relies on spring water as all others in the province use groundwater by way of pumps.
If you would like additional information about the hatchery and/or would like to take a tour of the facility at some point in time, then check out their website by clicking on the following link - 
Thanking Craig (L) for his informative presentation, is Kal Rotarian Darryl O'Brian
Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. Frank Anderson 2013-10-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson on Oct 24, 2013
Michael Stamhuis (L) along with Darry O'Brian(R) welcome Rick Taylor to the Kalamalka Rotary Club and the Family of Rotary.
Rick is a retired was invited to join and introduced to the club by Darryl, and inducted recently by Michael. We welcome you Rick and look forward to getting to know you beter over time. 
Welcome to Rotary! Frank Anderson 2013-10-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Anderson
Silver Star Rotary Club President, Keith Johnston, introduced a new program partnering with the Rotary Clubs in Vernon and Armstrong.
Essentially, the "Recognition Program" will be acknowledging high school students in the local area for their athletic and scholastic achievements at an awards ceremony next year.
The groundwork for the program has been established, but there is a considerable amount of work to be done. If you would like to get involved as a volunteer and/or sponsor please speak to our Club President, Jerry Tellier for further information.
No doubt we will be learning more about this program as time moves ahead.
The Club Presidents in the photo from left to right are Shirley Fowler (Armstrong Rotary Club), Greg Kalyniuk (Vernon Rotary Club), Jerry Tellier (Kalamalka Rotary Club) and Keith Johnston (Silver Star Rotary Club).
Rotary Recognition Program