Ballinger Rotary Club joined with the Ballinger Lions Club, the Ballinger Girl Scouts, and the Methodist Youth Group to renovate the aging building.  This project was funded by each group and District 5840 Donor Advised Fund grants.  We have had several work-days so far and have several remaining to complete the project.  This project serves over 45 girl scout of the troop, whose members are from Ballinger, Winters, Miles and Rowena in Runnels county, Texas.
Members from all groups involved joined together on several work-days to repair and renovate the existing building.  The exterior is receiving new cement board siding, new windows and doors and a complete new painting of the building.  Air conditioning units will be installed along with a complete interior remodel.  Plumbing and electrical repairs and refurbishment are to be completed in a second phase during the 2015 year.  We have received great coverage in our local newspaper of the volunteers working on the project.