Join the Rotary Club of Roseville and StayFIT for the Get FIT, Stay FT with Rotary competition!
We have designed this competition for 2 reasons – first, to help our members get into their best shape for 2019, and second, to raise funds to send a family to the Me-One Summer Camp in Ruth Burgess’ name. For more details on the Me-One Foundation, click here!
What Is It?
A 10-week weight loss competition starting on January 17 and ending with a 5K on March 30th! There will be prizes giving for most pounds lost and biggest percentage lost. The entry fee is $25 which goes towards the fundraising and a few supplies (plus a bit of commitment will help keep you honest!). (The 5K will also have an entrance fee but there will be more info on that coming soon).
How Do I Sign Up?
Sign up on ClubRunner or respond to this email. We’ll get you on the list!
When Is the First Weigh In?
Thursday, January 17th at Sierra View, starting at 11:15. Breann Zweck, StayFIT’s owner, will be there to weigh you in. All measurements will be kept by Breann so they will remain confidential!
Some More Details:
  1. Breann and StayFIT are offering membership to her gym for the 10 weeks for $75. StayFIT is a small, friendly gym in Granite Bay where you can go to lift weights and use their cardio equipment. They are also offering private training sessions for $35 which is an amazing deal!
  2. We will be offering some tips and tricks throughout the competition, and feel free to do the same to your fellow competitors (or not, if you want to keep all the glory to yourself!)!
Any questions, please feel free to email Steph Hill at Good luck all!