Posted on Apr 19, 2019
Uptown York Rotary Club awarded a total of $3,500 in grants to four nonprofit organizations to help support the York community. This is the first time in the club’s eight-year history that grant applications were solicited from the public, and the Community Giving Committee is excited to announce the results.
Susquehanna Service Dogs (SSD) was awarded $500 towards the education of trainers and handlers in York County. SSD provides service dogs for mobility, autism, post-traumatic stress, seizure response, hearing impairment, facilities, in-home service and companionship.
Bell Socialization Services was the recipient of a $1,000 grant to stock over-the-counter medications and diabetes monitoring kits to help alleviate general physical ailments for adults, children and infants in residence at Bell Family Shelter. Having cough or cold medicine available for an adult going to a job or housing interview can make a huge difference for these families.
Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy, part of York City School District, received $1,000 towards an outdoor classroom designed by the students, filled with native plants that will be transferred to community gardens in York City. Students who attend the STEAM Academy live in urban settings with limited access to hands-on gardening and sustainable living opportunities. Participating in this project will educate the students on creating and maintaining a healthy community for both the native wildlife and residents of the City of York.
York County Literacy Council (YCLC) was awarded a $1,000 grant for materials and supplies for their Partners in Conversation class. The class gives an opportunity for individuals to improve their English-speaking skills and build their confidence in daily interactions. The materials include an English Ready newspaper and app for tablets that YCLC uses in the class. With significant changes in the demographics of York County, more individuals have been seeking YCLC’s services.
All grants approved by the Uptown York Rotary Club support programs that service York and the York County community. Many of the funded initiatives support Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus: Maternal and Child Health, Basic Education and Literacy, Economic and Community Development, Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Water and Sanitation.
Uptown York Rotary Club attracts a diverse group of professionals who share a passion for giving back to our community and making a difference in the world. Our service focus areas are downtown revitalization, environmental sustainability, and community and youth development.
Although we are serious about our service, we are a fun-loving and welcoming group!  As a happy hour club, we gather weekly to celebrate our service, share professional and personal successes, and learn about businesses, organizations and programs that impact the quality of life in York City, York County and the global community. Uptown York Rotary Club meets at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays on the second floor of Rockfish Public House, 110 N. George Street, York, Pennsylvania 17401.
From L to R: David Corman, UYRC President; Judy Chambers, UYRC Community Giving Co-Chair; Paul Bradigan, Edgar Fahs Smith STEAM Academy.
From L to R: David Corman, UYRC President; Marcella Kinard, Bell Socialization Shelter Services; Judy Chambers, UYRC Community Giving Co-Chair; Patricia Graham, Bell Socialization Shelter Services.
From L to R: David Corman, UYRC President; Bobbi Anne DeLeo, Executive Director of York County Literacy Council; Judy Chambers, UYRC Community Giving Co-Chair
From L to R: David Corman, UYRC President; Judy Chambers, UYRC Community Giving Co-Chair; Kerry Wevodau, Susquehanna Service Dogs; SSD Philly and SSD Nellie.