World Affairs Seminar 2018!

Innovation: Shaping the World You Will Inherit

The Rotary Club of Two Rivers has scholarships available to support the attendance of high school students
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At WAS 2018, you will

  • Look at innovation from many points of view.
  • Take field trips to places where innovation
    takes place.
  • Work with fellow delegates to define issues and
    problem areas related to innovation.
  • Discover what you can do to make the changing world a
    better place.
  • Explore how traditional roles and new opportunities come together as
    international societies adjust to the needs of the future.
  • Learn how existing social systems are affected.
  • Ask what part individual personal behaviors play.

The 2018 World Affairs Seminar will include experts sharing insights and views ranging from cutting edge science to centuries old traditions. Your role is to distill information, identify priorities, and develop skills to both lead and collaborate with others from different cultures to reach conclusions.