Rotary Opens Opportunities
May 11th, 2021
May is Youth Service Month. 2020-21 RI President Holger Knaack – using the Theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities, encourages Rotarians to seize the many opportunities Rotary offers to enrich their lives and the communities they serve   Craig Burnett  is our  District Governor 2020-2021
  1. (Betty B.)  Pledge of Allegiance; 4-way Test recited collectively.
  1. (Betty B.) Today’s Greeter – First come, first served. (Designated greeters will have the responsibility to share a warm welcome to kick off each meeting.)
  1.  (Betty B.) Welcome/Announcements – Detailed Zoom instructions/tutorial have been provided on our web site.   This week we had 16 in attendance at the District Conference.  “Very nice!”
  1. (Betty B.) May Junior Rotarian – Coleman Slattery…introduction to a stellar student building on his Rotary supported Eagle Scout project.
  1. (Betty B.) Happy Bucks (Quips and Quotes) - The opportunity is given (once again) for each member to share their personal “quips and quotes” of experiences over the past week – i.e. Happy Bucks. Please participate by both sharing “verbally” and noting your “donation” in the Zoom chat area for Jeff Z.   
  1. (Betty B.) Program Chair: Kim Henning has invited Jim Knickelbine, Executive Director – Woodland Dunes.
  Adaptation – as it is in nature, so it has been in the past year with Woodland Dunes.  Many of the programs have been reinvented to reach people in new and innovative ways.  Jim Knickelbine proceeded to highlight the actions of 2020 building into 2021.  All of these are based on the recognition that WD is a globally important habitat with a unique ridge and swale environment.  Use of the Nature Center and building has been restored.
  • The Dorothy Star Butterfly/Wildlife garden is nearing completion - Rotary’s contribution to the new building and gardens was noted and appreciated.
  • Expansion of environmental education programs, both live and virtual, will serve to fulfill its mission
  • Events aplenty: from the successful Tropical Blast to birding events/annual breakfast to grants and tree planting…all provide opportunities to participate, learn and support.
  • Communication continues with its new You Tube channel to continuing Ripples From the Dunes column.
  • 2021 plans:  From summer camps to various habitat projects to ongoing bird banding – The best is yet to come.
The phrase, “A mind stretched, never returns to its original shape”, certainly applies to the innovative ways that the pandemic has worked to shape the programming of Woodland Dunes.The constant, however, has been the land and the stewardship shown by the staff and volunteers at Woodland Dunes.
Ripples 5/13/21
What a joy to finally emerge from the cold, at least some days, and see nature’s green again.  Early morning’s in May, when not too cold and a calm wind are my favorite days of the year.  The haze of green new growth, reddish buds, and white flowers paint the forest canopy in gentle springtime hues, and the songs of returning birds are the perfect accompaniment.  
  1.  (Betty B.)  Member news…
  • Jerry Juckem is recovering from surgery this week…well wishes
  • Brenda G. and Stanley P. shared appreciation for the return of warmth/nature
  • Betty B. provided an update on the 2020 District Grant in support of the Butterfly garden at WD noting that there is a photo-op associated with the placement of the educational signs
  • Dennis S. shared the tidbit that our Club was in the top 3 in District Conference participation – 29%!
Yet another Rotary “perk”. Contact Betty if you need a current Chamber member card…as a member of our Club – you are entitled to fabulous discounts and services.
  1.  (Betty B.)  Restoring “in person” meetings - The time has come for us to determine "rules of engagement" for resuming live "in-person" meetings at the Lighthouse Inn. 
A hybrid meeting format, combining in-person with distance technology capabilities, has been encouraged by District leadership.
Initial discussions with the Lighthouse Inn have indicated a change in our meeting time will need to be considered. Options include – a. moving the morning meeting time back to 7:30am (from 7:00am, if you remember), b. changing our breakfast meeting back to a lunch meeting (high noon), or c. investigating other meeting venues if the 7am time slot is preferred. Informal Member input was provided at this meeting in support of returning to an in-person format at 7:30am.  Issues, however, remain to be resolved – Junior Rotarian participation in the fall and testing of AV technology to facilitate remote participation by speakers and members.  That mind stretched concept, again…
We are also considering one outside meeting each month (probably just the warmer months)…featuring the courtyard at the Cobblestone Inn and/or the Woodtype Museum.
Quite a bit to consider – from arranging meals/time/venue to program technology. Stay tuned and engaged!
  1. (Betty B.) Board of Directors Report/Actions...highlights from the last meeting. These include scholarship concepts going forward and recommendations for technology upgrades to enable in person meetings. 
  1.  (Betty B.) Meal on Wheels – Thanks to all that are serving...we will have June off for good behavior.
  1. (Betty B.) Senior Center Volunteer Appreciation Carry Out Luncheon – the final financial commitments from our Club will be forthcoming.
  1. (Betty B.) Kiwanis is looking for volunteers for their Fish Derby (and Snowfest as well). It’s the weekend of the Volley ball tournament …
  1. (Betty B.) District Grant 2021 planning meeting - application due on June 1st…keeping our “winning” streak going.  Grant criteria focus on environmental, humanitarian and educational aspects for any potential project.  The Arboretum concept will continue to be refined to reflect this preference.  All Club members are encouraged to join in the effort to advance the project.  Focusing on the environmental aspects, project details would include assembling a tunnel habitat and associated plantings by members of our Club.  Planning meetings continue with one scheduled for this Wednesday…an invitation will be distributed.
  1. (Betty B.) 2021 “Spring Fundraising” planning will be shifted to focus on conducting our Dinner/Auction this fall. 
Meanwhile, our Club will be concentrating fundraising activities around this summer’s community events.First up – Volleyball on the Beach (July 10th and 17th) to be followed by the real coup of the summer - our selection as sole beverage vendor for this year’s Celebrate TR on August 28th.Two tents and good Club participation will be needed for this one. These activities will be supplemented by our participation as beverage vendor for this year’s Bands on the Beach festivities.All of these activities have been critical in raising funds in support of our Club’s programs.
  1. (Betty B.) Scholarship process/program status … The 2021 award has two (2) $1000 winners providing a satisfying end to the search.  Both recipients are committed to their field of study – one at LTC for fire/EMT training and another at NWTC in nursing.  We look forward to meeting them at an upcoming meeting to hear their stories and plans.  Thanks to Stanley P. and esteemed panel of judges for their time/expertise!
  1. (Betty B.) Committee Structure “resurrection”…
A structure involving “chair(s)” in each area of activity is being considered. This would replace previously used “standing” committees.Each activity (i.e. Dinner/Auction, Senior Luncheon, Bands on the Beach, Adopt a Family, etc.) would be accompanied by an instruction manual outlining tasks/timeline. Areas of activity will be identified over the next couple of weeks and shared with Club membership.Each area of activity will have resource material in a turnkey toolkit.
  1. (Betty B.)  Looking ahead…
  • Complete 2020 District Grant activity – a final report is expected within the next week.
  • Road Rally Reprise:  Let the planning begin…a “Fall 2021” event is in the works…let Jean A. know if you are interested in being a planning part of this tour de force.  First planning meeting is May 26th – all three area Clubs will be participating in this event.
  • Beach Volleyball Tourney plans – this is our baby with responsibilities for concessions.
  • Reserve park shelter for end of year celebration
  • Solicit board members/officers for 2021-22
  1. (Betty B.) District Activities –
  • Opportunity 2021 joint district conference event took place virtually this year on May 1st, and May 3rd – 6th via Zoom.  Member thoughts/impressions…all programs will be available for viewing on the District’s You Tube channel.
  1. (Betty B.) Lisa Van Lanen is working to maintain our Facebook social media presence.  She has requested input for content – our message and ways to improve, engage, support and promote the Rotary Club of Two Rivers using social media.  Please share your pictures of Rotarians in Action!    We are also reminded to “like, comment, and share” posts.  Look for an Earth Day posting of Rotary in Action – creating a Butterfly Garden/pond habitat.
  1. (Betty B.) COVID actions:
  • While RI is apolitical, we are urged to follow the actions that science lays out…promoting vaccine uptake and other preventative measures.
  • Communication will use group e-mail, eBulletin, website, and Facebook tools.  Options for returning to live in-person meetings are being discussed at the board and club member levels.  Great links have been provided on our website to both share strategies for success and identify potential program topics.
Status updates – Data Drives Decisions
  • Tips for conducting/improving meetings at the Club level.  District suggestions/strategies…program chairs are now being listed 4-6 weeks out on our site and eBulletin (in addition to a link on our site).
  • Please inform our Club of any personal needs as we strive to maintain our connections – caring for each other and our community…and get vaccinated when it’s your turn.
  • Meeting Programs … One of the "silver linings" with our virtual meeting experience has been the expanded variety of speakers and programming offered.  As such, the capability of offering remote speakers/programming is being considered for integration into our portfolio of programming options.
  • Please devote some thought to possible programming to keep our meetings informative AND let Betty/Brian know in advance.  When considering your topic, remember – we have the world at our fingertips.  Next week – program chair is Colleen I. who has invited two former exchange students to speak on the impact of the program on their lives.
  1. (Betty B.)  Event Sign-upPlease note program assignments and greeter assignments for 2021 are posted (online)…in addition to a personalized notification accompanying your eBulletin!  
  1. (Betty B.) Reminder:  Read your Rotarian and Visit our Club’s website…every member, every week.  Meeting responsibilities have been added to the site and reported out individually with your weekly eBulletin.  Have you registered for
  1.  (Betty B.) Birthday/Anniversary Report:  Birthdays – Jerry Juckem (5/9); Betty Bittner (5/16) Anniversaries – none to speak of…
  1. (Betty B.) Next week’s program chair – Colleen I. has invited two past exchange student to speak about the impact of the program on their lives.