Business Meeting Agenda

July 10, 2018



2018-19 RI President Barry Rassin wants Rotary members to Be the Inspiration. RI President Rassin is Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. Kola Alayande 2018-2019 District Governor
  1. (Bob G.)  Pledge of Allegiance; Prayer led by Jim L.; 4way Test
  1. (Bob G.) Thank you. Today’s Greeter is Brian J., Bob G. For pictures, Brian J. for notes from our last meeting and for our newsletter. Tim W. for technical support.
  1. (Bob G.) Welcome/Announcements
Presenter(s):  Kola Alayande, 2018-19 District Governor, Rotary District 6270  
Guests: Kola Alayande (DG); Karen White (ADG);  Greg Buckley (CM); Mark Bittner (CP)
Birthdays: Dan G. 7/14; Tim W. 7/16; Betsy B. 7/19; Tom C. 7/25; Bill W. 7/2 (What hot events go on in November?)  
Anniversaries: Stanley P. 4 years; Kim H. 30 years
  1. (Bob G.) Meals on Wheels this week, July 17-20. Just a reminder, no more volunteer needed.
  2. (Bob G.) Volleyball Tournament is July 20-22 (Fri-Sun).  Tim W. is coordinating our involvement.  A signup was passed.  Our cut in the proceeds is based on hours served.  The more the merrier – sign up on line.
  3. (Bob G.) We are asked to collect hard plastic caps in support of the Haven.  We are providing a collection box at Rotary.   Please see the details concerning items to be collected and their use in support of The Haven … on our website and in the eBulletin.
  4. (Bob G./Debbie P.) Thanks to everyone that turned in their Rotary Shirt sizes to Debbie – the shirts are being crafted as we speak and should be available in time for the Volleyball Tournament event.
  1. (Bob G.) Next Meeting – Ned Jacquart is our program chair.  Greeter is Debbie Pitsch
  1. (Bob G.) Happy Bucks-facilitated by Brian J who passed the buck to Betty B.
  2. (Bob G./Greg B.) – Greg was introduced by Mark Bittner for a review of the water trail status.  Greg also provided a review of the many projects that Rotary has spearheaded in support of our community.  As we “turn our face back to the water”, numerous examples of Rotary’s impact were outlined --- from the Mariner’s Trail Overlook to the Beach Pavilion to the Water Trail to the Vets Park project.  Hearty appreciation was extended.
  1. (Bob G.) Program – Kola Alayande, 2018-19 District Governor introduced by Karen White (Assistant DG)
A water trail "show and tell" with Kola
Dr. Alayande is driven to service as a passion of the heart.  His message emphasizes increasing the   impact of Rotary at all levels.  As he reviewed the story of our club, the phrase “small, but mighty” was shared.  We are an exemplary club and a model for clubs of similar size. Rather than resting on our laurels, he urges us to consider the question, “What can we improve on?” followed by “How can Rotary help?” 
The District emphasis for the next year will focus on three areas:
  • Public Image – using RI tools to standardize branding
  • Membership (growth and engagement) – “each one, bring one” to learn about Rotary.
  • Contributions – support fuels impact
Hold the date – DualCon 2019 to be held in the Dells May 17-18. 2019…A “Celebration”
  1. (Bob G.) Last verse of America.
Coming Up:
Mobile app (ClubRunner) for iPhone and Android
(Tim W.) Two Rivers Optimist club’s held a presentation on Human Trafficking. A follow up meeting is planned. 
July 20-22, 2018 (Fri-Sat)- Volleyball Tournament (Tim Wester coordinate)
July 20, 2018 (Fri)- Sheboygan Early Bird Lobster Fest
September 2018 Spirit of the Rivers project: gave $500 for 8x16 brick.
September 2018 District Grant $2800, beach cleanup, recycling, education with TR 8th grade
2018-2019 Board Members:
President: Robert Gahl
                President-Elect: Steve Romero
                Secretary: Colleen Inman
                Treasurer: Jeff Zimmerlee
                Past President: Brenda Georgenson
                Members at large: Betty Bittner, Jeff Zimmerlee
Club Organization-Program Chairs:
Marketing- Michael Ditmer & Brenda Geogenson
New Members- Kim Henning
Community Projects- Fundraising- Betsy Benz & Tim Schroeder
Youth- Dennis Swetlik
International- Jeff Zimmerlee
                Membership: Increase by 2 (23 to 25 members) - Engagement: Increase by 17 (23 to 40 participations)
Communication:  Increase by 2 (4 to 6 socials) - Public Relations: Increase by 4 (2 to 4 media stories)
Have as much legal fun as possible
Plant at least 25 trees
Increase membership by 2
More sophisticated jokes
August social celebrating the beginning of summer in TR
Grant for 2017-2018
Add benefactor to Rotary Foundation
Look for dollars from outside TR
Create an alumni chair
Formalize club archivist
Joint venture with MTWC clubs
Encourage members to join fellowships
Think about starting fellowships of our college alumni
Investigate Rotary associate/shared/partial memberships
Encourage frequent visits to the RI website
Did I say have fun?
Continue 5th Tuesday socials