As an ongoing supporter of GMRP, our Club has a connection to the people of Oliveros...through active team participation and ongoing financial commitment.  Included is another be continued.
The need is great and the people there are so incredibly grateful and are extremely disappointed that we aren't coming this year!
Flory's (our Oliveros touchpoint) Story...
Flory, our health care promoter in Guatemala, entered the hospital in Antigua on Thursday, April 15, after trying to fight Covid symptoms at home for some days. They tried several treatments, but on Sunday, April 18, they called me to say the doctors said she needed Remdesivir, as she was really struggling to breathe and nothing else had helped. Two of Flory’s sons, Jhonatan and Emilio, initially were able to obtain 2 doses of the medicine Remdesivir late on Monday, after a day of searching, in Antigua (where the hospital is and Emilio lives) and Guatemala City, with the promise of paying on Tuesday from our group. Meanwhile I was working frantically with our bank, trying to figure out a way to get money to them immediately. (Finally, Western Union, using a bank credit card, got the funds to them within a couple of hours.) They went to pay for the first 2 doses on Tuesday with our Western Union transfer of funds and found that they couldn’t get any more doses. This medicine is really working for whoever can get it, is in super-high demand and is very scarce. They couldn’t find anywhere in Antigua or Guatemala City that had the last 4 doses they needed, or that would sell it to private people. Late Tuesday night they got in touch with a doctor friend in Quetzaltenango who said he had two doses he could sell them. They left by car at 10:00 pm that night and got there at 1:00 am. They got the medicine, turned around and drove back, arriving in Antigua around 4:30 am. After grabbing a couple hours of sleep, Jhonatan dropped off the medicine at the hospital and headed off to work in the capital. Our funds have also paid for any other medicines Flory has used in the hospital, IV fluids, plasma and any other supplies. The actual stay and nursing care is free in national hospitals, but the family needs to be able to afford whatever supplies and medicines the doctors call for.
"I talked to Flory in the hospital Saturday night, April 24, for almost half an hour, and then she had a coughing fit and had to hang up. She was close to sounding back to normal, however she can’t do without oxygen yet. She said the doctors said the Remdesivir that we paid for and her sons were able to purchase saved her life."  She is eternally grateful! It is in very high demand there and usually only available for private hospitals that are really expensive. It is a real miracle that she was able to get it in time.

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