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We meet Tuesdays at 7:00 AM
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1515 Memorial Drive
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Two Rivers, WI 54241-0272
United States of America
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June 2020
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"Now More than Ever, Rotary Connects the World: The 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention"
When: 20-26 June

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General sessions

Saturday, 20 June

General Session 1: Together, We Connect

  • 08:00-09:15 in Chicago, USA (UTC-5)
  • 14:00-15:15 in Lagos, Nigeria, and London, England (UTC+1)
  • 21:00-22:15 in Taipei, Taiwan (UTC+8)

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Sunday, 21 June

General Session 2: Together, We Learn 

  • 08:00-09:15 in Chicago, USA (UTC-5)
  • 14:00-15:15 in Lagos, Nigeria, and London, England (UTC+1)
  • 21:00-22:15 in Taipei, Taiwan (UTC+8)

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Featured Breakout Sessions

Monday – Friday, 22- 26 June

Each day, one breakout session will be offered at each of the following times*:

  • 8:00 – 9:00 Chicago Time (UTC-5)
  • 12:00 – 13:00 Chicago Time (UTC-5)
  • 18:00 – 19:00 Chicago Time (UTC-5)

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Business Meeting Agenda
May Theme: Youth Service Month  2019-20 RI President Mark Daniel Maloney’s theme for 2019-20, Rotary Connects the World, asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.  Steen Sanderhoff is our District Governor 2019-2020
  1. (Betty B.) Welcome/Announcements – We had 13 members in attendance.   Detailed Zoom instructions/tutorial have been provided on our web site.
  1.  (Betty B.) Program: Out of respect for our speakers (and the fact that we will not be served breakfast), we will start schedule our speaker presentation prior to the business portion of our meeting.
Today’s Program: Jean Andrews has invited Curt to present the status of the TRivers branding project and efforts to put the plan into motion.Curt described the efforts directed by a 13 member branding committee (with strong Rotarian representation) over an 18 month period.  Terms such as: Timeless and True; Creative and Entrepreneurial; and Comfortable were used to describe our community.  A video has been developed and was shared with Rotary for use in telling our story.   He went on to describe a multi-year implantation strategy – True to Two.  What can Rotary do to help breathe life into this brand?  Our help is being enlisted as brand ambassadors.

"People who visit or live in the city of Two Rivers feel a difference here.

Nestled along the placid shores of Lake Michigan in Manitowoc County, Two Rivers has a long history that connects with the water and offers numerous annual events and attractions.

Why Two Rivers? Quite simply, our little spot on Lake Michigan is a great place to live, work, run a business or to just … be."

  1. (Betty B.) COVID actions:
  • Communication will use group e-mail, eBulletin, website, and Facebook tools.  We will continue to have virtual meetings scheduled on Tuesdays 7am. 
  • Club Connections (Quips and Quotes) - The opportunity is given for each member to share their personal “quips and quotes” of experiences over the past week – i.e. Happy Bucks.  Please share your random acts of COVID kindness!   
  • Status updates -
  • Club support for the TRMS “rebound” plan…specifically for a contribution to the prize “pot”. 
  • Senior Banner Recognition Project - $250 donation
  • District Grant 2020-21 – applications are due June 1st.  Let’s keep our streak alive by sharing and supporting ideas for the $3000 grant opportunity!  It looks like the project will involve plantings at Woodland Dunes scheduled for later this year.  A final plan will be provided this week.  Thanks to that dynamic duo, Brenda and Betty, for completing the training.
  • Board Meeting – Wednesday at 7:30am
  • Tips for conducting/improving virtual meetings at the Club level.  District suggestions/strategies…program chairs are now being listed 4 weeks out on our site and eBulletin (in addition to a link on our site).  
  • Please inform our Club of any personal needs as we strive to maintain our connections – caring for each other and our community.
  • Virtual Meeting Programs … Future programming ideas can include virtual speakers or recorded programs that can be shared through the same platform.  Please devote some thought to possible programming to keep our meetings informative AND let Betty/Brian know in advance.  When considering your topic, remember – we have the world at our fingertips.  Next week – Program Chair: Michael D.   Please see our site for your upcoming responsibilities.
  • Other Club activities:  Plans for a monthly virtual social event…
  • Establishing plans for restoring in-person club meetings/events…
  1. (Betty B.) COVID Club Community Service Project (s) - First up … 40 gift cards have be purchased from 15 restaurants – each in the amount of $25, and distributed to the first responder groups identified.  This pilot cost would be funded entirely from Club funds.  Steve D. provided an update on use of the COVID District Grant funds awarded to our Club.  He expressed appreciation for the tangible benefits of expanded washing facilities stating that “the guys don’t stink”.
  1. (Betty B.) – Virtual Food Drive for TREP “Show Us Your Food”  In recognition of the challenges that TREP is facing in these extraordinary times, our Club is encouraging members to provide food/supplies/cash, show us the collection at next Tuesday’s meeting and then deliver the items to Betty’s porch by next Tuesday evening.  Michael D. will transport the items to TREP the following Wednesday.
  1. Other service ideas are welcome! 
  1. (Betty B.) RI Foundation – programs and opportunities at a Club and District Level… for board consideration and Club action.  “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”
  • Foundation Minute – a weekly feature highlighting the role/impact of RI’s Foundation…a $4.4 billion force for good.
  1. (Betty B.)  Event Sign-upPlease note program assignments and greeter assignments for 2020 are posted (online)…in addition to a personalized notification accompanying your eBulletin!
  1. (Betty B.) Reminder:  Read your Rotarian and Visit our Club’s website…every member, every week.  Meeting responsibilities have been added to the site and reported out individually with your weekly eBulletin.  Have you registered for
Join in the Rotary Virtual Food Drive for TREP!
Identified TREP Needs include:
Toilet Paper
Mac N Cheese
Hamburger or tuna helper
Meals in a can
Soups especially chicken noodle...
and, of course, cash!
Show us your food at Tuesday's meeting then deliver the items to:
Betty's Porch
3311 Monroe Street by Tuesday evening.
A special thanks to Michael D. for his TREP delivery service!
Help us, Help others!

Rotary Youth Exchange students benefit from service
Rotary Youth Exchange students learn valuable skills and make vital connections when they have a chance to take part in their host district's service projects. While these projects have taken on a new shape during the COVID-19 pandemic, clubs are still finding innovative ways to keep their youth involved. Also, for Youth Service Month, read a blog post about how to help your Youth Exchange students face the uncertainty of these extraordinary times.

In light of COVID-19 mandates, The Rotary Club of Two Rivers will be hosting virtual meetings on Tuesday mornings until further notice.

This is the link to the meeting: 

The virtual greeter will provide either the thought, a Rotary minute, share a family moment or a cultural tradition ... anything they would like to start off the day positive.

Upcoming program chair assignees:

  • Steve Denzien  (5/26)
  • Michael Ditmer (6/2)
  • City of Two Rivers (6/9)...Jim McDonald
  • Bob Gahl (6/16)

Note: If you are unable to act as"program chair" assignee when scheduled please arrange for your replacement.



While some are familiar with Zoom, there are others for which this will be an opportunity to experience something new

Helpful Resources:

It's as easy as one-two-three. Honest! (You may want to check off the first two steps in advance of the meeting start time)

  1. Device connected to the internet - Check
  2. Zoom app installed on your device - Check
  3. Click "Join Meeting" button below - Check

The “waiting room” will open at 6:50 AM with our meeting starting at 7:00 AM. Attendees should mute themselves when not speaking, or if they have background noise. Attendees can communicate with one another through the “Chat” icon. 

Hope to see you Tuesday!

Staying connected during the COVID-19 pandemic
It seems that all around the world, not a single person or community is unaffected by COVID-19. In Rotary, the pandemic has changed our daily routines and forced the cancellation of many in-person meetings and events. But for more than a century, Rotary has connected the world through fellowship and service. Even when we can’t hold our usual events as planned, we can still stay engaged, connect with one another, and continue to serve our communities.

Here are just a few ways clubs have adapted:
  • A psychologist and member of the Rotary Club of Roma Polis in Italy spoke to the club in an online meeting about how to focus on mental and emotional health during the COVID-19 crisis. The meeting was open to everyone. 
  • To help people stay connected despite social isolation, the Rotary Club of Metro Bethesda in Maryland, USA, is creating a list of members and neighbors who live alone and developing a “telephone tree.” Volunteers will contact five people by phone, daily or weekly, and drop off colorful plants at their doorsteps, which can be left outside or brought into the home.
  • Members of the Rotary Club of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates in Illinois, USA, made the difficult decision to reinvent their biggest fundraising event of the year. Instead of an in-person gathering, they hosted a Facebook Live event, which brought in more than $120,000 — about the same amount they would have raised with their usual fundraiser.
  • After canceling its weekly in-person meetings, the Rotary Club of Singapore hosted its first webinar. A medical epidemiologist and an infectious disease specialist responded to members’ questions and concerns. The club, which plans to continue holding online meetings as needed, is also hosting a donation drive to collect essential items for the community.
  • The Rotary Club of Brescia Veronica Gambara in Italy researched and purchased urgently needed equipment for frontline medical workers at local hospitals.
We encourage you, as leaders in your community, to find creative ways to connect with one another and local residents, and to find innovative, safe ways to provide whatever assistance your community needs at this time. Contact your local health authorities to learn what your Rotary club can do to help respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. Check with local education officials to see how you can support teachers or schools offering alternative learning options. Connect with your local labor bureau to find ways to support small businesses and their employees. Research what local nonprofits are doing and explore opportunities for club members to get involved safely. Get inspiration from other clubs’ projects or share your own service story on Rotary Showcase.

How is your club or district keeping members engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic? Share your ideas and resources or join a discussion in the Meeting Online group in learning topics.

Read Rotary International’s latest update on COVID-19.
District Governor Steen Sanderhoff has elected to recognize the top seven clubs in our district.  These seven clubs have shown the largest net percentage growth thus far during this 2019-20 Rotary year.  Great clubs are composed of great Rotarians.  Congratulations to these Rotary Clubs and their Rotarians!
In three parts, the April 2020 CLUB RECOGNITION EDITION of the District 6270 Membership Newsletter provides a profile of each of these seven growing clubs that DG Sanderhoff has elected to recognize.
Two Rivers Growth. +12.4%; + 3 net increase in members Meets: Tuesday at 7:00 AM President: Betty Bittner; Secretary: Colleen Inman
How did the club grow? We just started asking newer professionals to town to come to one of our meetings and they liked the friendliness and sense of community they received at our meetings.
What recent changes has the club made? In 2016 we were losing members and our long-time treasurer resigned. We made a drastic change of holding our meetings from Monday at noon to Tuesdays at 7 AM. The trial started April 2016 and it is still working today. More people can attend as it doesn’t interrupt their day.
Why did the last two members join? One joined because co-workers were talking about how great Rotary is. They were in another area club and she wanted to join a different club so joined our club. It was sealed when she saw that Dr. Bob Gahl was in our club. The other joined because he really liked the group and welcoming he received when he came to a meeting to check Rotary out. 
What is unique about the Club? We are known as the little club that does big things! We have a beautiful pavilion on the beach with our name on it of which we are very proud.
What is fun in the Club? On the 5th Tuesday of the month we hold a 5th Tuesday social instead of a morning meeting. This is open to spouses and potential new members. We meet at someone’s home or bar/restaurant. It’s a great way to get to know the spouses and we have a lot of fun. We also have fun working together at fund raisers. We are a Rotary family who truly care about one another. We really have a good time together!
What secrets does your club have? We don’t share secrets! ���� None that we know of.
Who is the most famous member of the Club? We had a District Governor in 1934.
Who are the longest serving Rotarians? Bill Webster joined in August 1963 and will celebrate 57 years in August. Jim Lester joined in October 1965 and will celebrate 55 years in October. Both of these members have been great assets to the club. Jim is still very active. We honored them in 2016 at one of our socials for their 50 years of service.
Who is the youngest Rotarian? Our youngest member is Tim Wester who is 43. He joined in 2014.
How do you source members? We look for professionals that are new to the area.
Rotary clubs help fight the COVID-19 pandemic 
Rotary members are taking the lead in their communities during this pandemic to care for those affected by the virus and stay connected. With Rotary's experience in fighting disease, members are at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, from sharing information about hand-washing to securing critical supplies for first responders. Learn how you can join Rotary in helping fight COVID-19

District grants

Districts can use district grant funds to support local activities, like purchasing thermometers, protective medical gear, or other items to donate to medical professionals who need them. Districts can also use contingency funds from an open district grant or repurpose previously planned activities as a COVID-19 response. As districts prepare to submit new district grant applications for 2020-21, we encourage you to designate funds for COVID-19 responses. As a one-time exception, the Foundation will allow expenses related to COVID-19 that were incurred since 15 March 2020 to be reimbursed through 2020-21 district grants.

The Rotary Club of Two Rivers was recently successful in obtaining a District Grant  in support of the Two Rivers Fire Department - Infection Control.

View outside our meeting room - taken before our March 17th Meeting.
In the absence of our regularly scheduled meetings, club communication will use group e-mail, eBulletin, website, and facebook tools.   
and remember...."let's be careful out there"

Districts 6270 & 6220 Million Dollar Journey 

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has received the highest rating- four stars- from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S. More Rotarians, and others, see the wonderful results of our projects and scholarships worldwide, and they are using TRF as their “Charity of Choice” in their annual giving and their estate plans. 
So, in cooperation with District 6220 to our North, we decided to have a little fun and have set out on a Million Dollar Journey.  The goal for our two districts together is to find and recognize NEW Major gifts to the Foundation.
Our goal is to raise at least $1,000,000 via the following gift types during this campaign period which will wrap up in late October 2020:
1.  Outright gifts – funded with cash or appreciated securities
2.  3-year pledge funded with cash or appreciated securities
3.  Life Income agreement funded with cash, appreciated securities or real estate – this can include
     a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, or a pooled income fund
4.  Bequest commitment via a will, life insurance policy, revocable trust, or retirement plan.
The minimum gift amount for each of the above gift types is $10,000 to qualify for a Rotary Legacy Million Dollar Dinner to be held in November 2020.

2020-21 Presidential Theme Announced

Rotary International President-elect Holger Knaack is encouraging Rotarians to seize the many opportunities Rotary offers to enrich their lives and the communities they serve. Knaack, a member of the Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, Germany, revealed the 2020-21 presidential theme, Rotary Opens Opportunities, to incoming district governors at the Rotary International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA, on 20 January.
Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” said Knaack, who becomes president on 1 July. He emphasized that Rotary creates pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects.
“We believe that our acts of service, big and small, create opportunities for people who need our help,” Knaack said. He added that Rotary creates leadership opportunities and gives members the chance to travel the world to put their service ideas into action and make lifelong connections. “Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere,” said Knaack.
Program presentations are available:
1.  Rotary Foundation ... the $1 Million Journey - see Betty B. for details
2.  Matthew Johnson Marsy's Law for Wisconsin-Political Director Phone: 715-919-3169 Email:
3.  End Polio Now - web based program
4.  Groundbreaking Workforce Education - Julie Mirecki | Vice President-Outreach LTC
Office: 920.693.1193| Mobile: 920.946.3552 Email:
5.  Robert Beezat has spoken to over 125 Rotary Clubs in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois about his book in relationship to Rotary's motto and Four Way Test. The name of his book is Knowing and Loving: The Keys to Real Happiness. You can find out more about him, his book, and the presentations he has made to other Rotary Clubs at his website for the book: He would be delighted to have the opportunity to speak to our Rotary Club.  Robert Beezat 630-747-5028 (C)
6.  The "Emerald Hills" Arboretum Project - see Betty B. for details

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It will be our challenge to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service. 
The Rotary Citation recognizes Rotary clubs that support our strategic priorities by completing certain activities. Clubs have the entire Rotary year to achieve the citation’s goals. Rotary can automatically verify many of your club’s achievements as long as you keep your club and member information up-to-date in My Rotary. To be eligible for the Rotary Citation, clubs need to begin the year as active clubs that are in good standing and remain so throughout the year. Achievements will be compared with membership figures from 1 July 2019 and will be recognized after the 1 July 2020 numbers are final, on 15 August 2020.
UNITE PEOPLE  Achieve the following goals:
l Appoint an active club membership committee comprised of no less than five members and report the chair to Rotary International
l Achieve a net gain in membership
l Maintain or improve your club’s retention of current and new members: ¡ Improve your club’s retention rate by 1 percentage point or ¡ If your club’s retention rate was 90 percent or more in 2018-2019, maintain it
l Achieve a net gain in female members or members under the age of 40
TAKE ACTION Achieve  the following goals:
l Increase the number of members involved in service projects
l Contribute at least $100 per capita to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation
l Hold an event to raise funds for, or to increase awareness of, Rotary’s work toward polio eradication
l Conduct a significant local or international service project in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus
l Post successful club projects, with details about activities, volunteer hours, and funds raised, on
l Continue or establish a partnership with a corporate, governmental, or nongovernmental entity and work on a project together 
Promote your club with new Rotary resources

How do you communicate with your community about your club? Are prospective members hearing about who you are and what you do? If your club is looking to promote its unique culture, events, and service projects, you can customize a club brochure. Edit the content or upload your own photos to make a distinctive promotional pamphlet. 

Use the Discover Rotary presentation and the Impact Begins With You prospective member brochure to introduce Rotary’s values and history, the benefits of membership, and what makes Rotary stand out.

Does your club sponsor an Interact or Rotaract club? You can customize your own promotional cards for Rotary’s programs for young leaders through our Brand Center. This is a great opportunity to show potential members all the ways they can get involved through Rotary.

The Object of Rotary

The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster:

  • FIRST. The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service;
  • SECOND. High ethical standards in business and professions; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society;
  • THIRD. The application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life;
  • FOURTH. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

Avenues of Service

For years, Rotary’s commitment to Service Above Self has been channeled through the Avenues of Service, which form the foundation of club activity. 


The Four-Way Test

The test, which has been translated into more than 100 languages, asks the following questions:

Of the things we think, say or do

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?


The mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through its fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.