Posted by Michelle Kendall on Dec 11, 2018
President Aidan welcomed members and Guest Speaker Vicki White and Alan Thomson to Ascot’s breakfast meeting today
Vicki is from LaurenKate, Australia’s first Chronic Health, and she spoke to members about her journey and how she is creating change by helping others make changes in their lives and to be a guiding light when their world has been turned upside down as she has  ‘been there done that’. Vicki said that living with a chronic condition herself and following a series of one in a million events over 24-hours.  Vicki was a regular blood donor however one day the procedure sent her heart into Cardiac Artery Spasm and she was flown to Perth for an angiogram. Only when they rolled her me over to take her back to her room did the doctors realise they had ruptured an artery. Her gut was so full of blood she looked pregnant. To save her life she was given blood transfusions, triggering a whole range of symptoms no doctor could explain for another three years while caring for two sons (one terminal). Throughout all this, and coupled with 20+ years of nursing experience, She learnt ways in which to turn the tables on ‘chronic’.  By providing a ‘keeping it real’ approach to managing chronic conditions, with practical advice and a support system built on experience and empathy. Her mission is to help others make changes in their lives, giving them the tools so that they can concentrate on getting the work done and improving their quality of life. As an Australia Day award recipient with an extensive volunteer history including being a Justice of the Peace, founder of Medical Equipment Buy Swap & Sell WA and author of 2 e-books Viks Tips and Getting Sh*t Done - ‘Keeping it’ real tips & tricks to save time, energy & money she had  much to share with Ascot’s  members. She does not charge to talk to service groups; it is my way of giving back to the community. To learn more about Vicki visit her website -   facebook  -  instagram and if you have any questions Vicki can be contacted on 0427 779 335.