This morning we had the privilege of listening to Kim Wedge from Ngala who spoke about a programme they run to support their staff.  This programme is called "Reflective Practice". 
Kim spoke about the Reflective Practice Programme they run at Ngala; and how it has impacted on the lives of their staff.  It has provided support for staff, enabled them to find a way of thinking about their interactions with their clients and increased their job satisfaction.  Ngala deals with the children and their families that present themselves to the organisation for support.  It is critically important that the staff have the skills to be able to deal with whatever situation presents to them.  This programme enhances the work of their staff members.  They provide seminars on a number of topics, including "failure - learning from our mistakes".  By being able to take a step back from a situation and cast a reflective lens over what just happened, staff can consider the implications not just for the child, but their family and also for how they themselves have dealt with the situation.  Understanding and managing your own emotions makes it easier to understand the emotions that others are showing.  Reflective Practice provides staff with a safe environment for them to be able to say something about what just happened; and deal with it from a different perspective.
Thanks Kim, a very informative talk.  The programme sounds like one we should all be participating in.